Catmann XD-65.4 JD 4x4WD Mini Tractor – description and characteristics

Catmann XD-65.4 JD 4x4WD minitractor

Catmann XD-65.4 JD 4 on 4WD is a novelty in the line of the manufacturer. Mini-tractor with a cab and all-wheel drive is considered one of the flagships of the line and is designed to carry out large-scale operations. The machine is equipped with a proven Japanese engine with increased traction.

The manufacturer of the Katman XD-65.4 JD is a Belarusian company. Due to this, the series is highly trusted by consumers and is of good quality. The mini-tractor is assembled at Minsk plants, most of the parts and equipment are bought in other countries (the main supplier is China). At the same time, the final product undergoes additional testing and certification according to the Belarusian standards, which guarantees high quality and reliability.

The Catmann XD-65.4 JD represents a new series with updated design, improved usability and modern look. The main advantage of the model is the driver’s cabin, which allows to operate the machine in difficult weather conditions. In the basic configuration, the owner of Katman XD-65.4 JD gets a useful load on the front beam and loads on the rear wheels. With enough power, the mini-tractor has a compact size, which allows it to work in a limited area.


The main area of application of the Catmann XD-65.4 JD is agriculture. But the special equipment also finds new application in construction, procurement and forestry.

The operations performed by the machine:

  • tillage (cultivation, plowing);
  • plant care (planting, mounding, watering, fertilizing, harvesting);
  • forage harvesting;
  • grass mowing;
  • Transportation of cargoes of various weights;
  • Cleaning of territories from snow, stones and dirt;
  • leveling of territories;
  • Digging pits, ditches and trenches.

Modifications and features

Catmann XD-65.4 JD compact tractor with cab is available in a version with many options. This series is one of the brand novelties. It embodies modern solutions, while retaining the main advantages of its predecessors, the main ones being affordability and functionality.

Model features:

  • an updated, attractive design sets the car apart from other packages;
  • the improved seat and power steering make the mini-tractor driving more comfortable;
  • enlarged rear fenders, supplemented with handrails, protect from dust and dirt;
  • All-wheel drive with front-wheel drive disconnect and large W wheels make the XD-65.4 JD Katman incredibly passable;
  • A driver’s cab with a spacious interior protects the driver from precipitation and wind;
  • A wide range of attachments allows for multiple functions.
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The manufacturer of the Catmann XD-65.4 JD could not completely eliminate all defects. The mini-contractor is characterized by shortcomings inherent in domestic equipment. Despite quality control, individual assemblies can regularly cause problems. In addition, the reliability of articulated devices does not always matter.

Technical Data


  • length – 3300mm;
  • width – 1400 mm;
  • height – 2300mm;
  • Ground clearance – 450 mm.

The operating weight of the equipment is 1,550 kg. Min i-Actionor can accelerate up to 50 km/h, which allows it to reach the place of work independently.

wheel size:

  • Front 6.5-16;
  • Rear 11.2-24.


The Catmann XD-65.4 JD is equipped with a Japanese Kubota engine known for its reliability and efficiency. The unit is adapted to heavy-duty operating conditions and shows high efficiency when using Russian fuel. The engine elements are highly durable, and the optimally thought-out operation of the nodes allows it to cope with any task.

The four-stroke diesel unit has a water cooling system, powerful electric starter and combined lubrication. Average fuel consumption (about 1,8 l/h) and a large fuel tank allow to operate the equipment for a long time without refuelling.

Characteristics of Kubota engine:

  • displacement – 2,415 cc;
  • Rated power – 65 hp;
  • Number of cylinders – 4.

Here the engine can be equipped with a mechanism for pre-fueling, which facilitates its start in cold seasons.

Design and operating functions

Katman XD-65.4 JD is a new model with increased functionality. The mini-tractor is an all-wheel drive machine with the ability to disable front wheel drive to save fuel, allowing the operator to choose the wheel configuration (4 x 2 or 4 to 4). There is also special equipment with a forced locking rear differential.

The undercarriage is characterized by high reliability. Large wheels with W-profile tires allow to overcome potholes, irregularities and potholes, which makes the model suitable for use in any terrain. In the initial configuration, the mini-tractor has a front beam load and rear weights.

The braking system includes ring-type brakes with internal pads. A separate brake is used on the rear wheels for increased efficiency.

A standard transmission is used for the Catmann XD-65.4 JD, including a gearbox with significant reliability with 8 front and 2 rear speeds. The clutch type is a dry disc clutch. Torque is transmitted through the gearbox. Surface cemented hysters and steel shafts contribute to increased transmission life.

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A standard 540 rpm current selector shaft is used for attachment operation. Multifunction hydraulic products allow machinery to handle a wide range of devices. The mini-drive is equipped with a basic 3-point hitch system that makes it easy to mount and dismount equipment. Conventional obstacles and other units are used with the Katman XD-65.4 JD, various agricultural types. Additional hydraulic power is used to connect special equipment.

The operator’s cabin for the Catmann XD-65.4 JD series is an option, but is available in most models, because it greatly expands the use of the equipment. The operator’s cab has panoramic glazing, providing an excellent view of all working areas. The cab is equipped with a heating system for work in cold seasons. The operator’s cab protects from precipitation and bad weather, so the units can work regardless of the working conditions.

The cab has a comfortable, adjustable seat that reduces operator fatigue. The intelligent positioning of the control lever and hydraulic steering cable makes the machine more comfortable to operate. Rearview mirrors have a rigid bracket that reduces vibration, which maintains a clear image. Thanks to the modern look, you can perform operations as accurately and efficiently as possible, but still work in the dark. Large rear fenders protect against dirt.

Katman XD-65.4 JD spares and parts are available in a wide range of retailers. Scheduled unit maintenance operations can be performed by an operator with a basic level of knowledge.

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For comparison

Brief description:

Engine Brand. Favure
Engine model 4DW91-63ng2
Engine power kW. 46
Engine power hp. 63
Number of cylinders 4
Total cylinder capacity, cc. 2545
Cylinder diameter / stroke, mm 90 x 100
Hydraulic pumps drive directly from engine
Alternator drive Belt from engine
Type of cooling liquid
Coolant circuit Forced pump
Maximum torque, nm 155
Rated speed, rpm 3200
Specific fuel consumption for performance, g/kWh – h ≤ 276
Traction class 0,9
Fuel capacity, l 46
Manual adjustment of engine rpm (speed control) Yes
Weight of the engine, kg. 270
Mains voltage. V 12
Engine starting system: Electric starter
Authorization from battery Option*.
Enable from external 220 V mains. Option*.
Light type and repeater LED, intensity
Dashboard Sensors Coolant temperature gauge, noble battery, engine oil pressure gauge, system air pressure gauge, fuel level gauge, metric gauge, rev counter, minor electrical display
Axle drive, wheel configuration 4×4 plug-in
Power transmission from engine Direct connection between engine and transmission via LUK clutch assembly
transmission Mechanical in oil
Reversing motion available no
Number of forward gears 8
Number of gears backwards 2
Basic equipment Spiral bevel gears
Final Gears Multilevel transmission with spiral bevel bracket
Forward speed km/h. Minimum. / Max. 0.6/52
Rearward speed km/h. Minimum. / Max. 0.6 / 7.4
Liability type. Two-disc single level, dry, with permanent hook
Coupling LUK double clutch
Brake system:
Brake system type Sealed, separate drum brakes for each wheel
Separate brake pedal on both axle wheels Yes
Rear axle lock – differential lock Forced locking of rear axle planetary mechanism
Type H-E-AUTOMATIC SHEET – Passing through on the clutch basket
Options Ø35 with rectangular longitudinal grooves
Speed of rotation approx. 540/1000
Hydraulic system:
Type of coupling attachment devices Three points
Loose rear suspension hook, kg. 740
Number of hydraulic pumps for equipment service, units. 2
Hydraulic pump capacity, l./min. 28
Capacity of hydraulic system, l. 20
Presence of power steering Availability of fully hydraulic steering with separate hydraulic circuit
Hydraulics Yes
Quick hydraulic connection Yes
Dimensions and weight:
Overall length, mm. 3220
total width, mm. 1530
total height, mm. 2440
Weight (excluding fuel and lubricants, weight and these fluids) kg. 1940
Wheel size:
Front wheels, inches/mm. 7.5 “x16 /205×422
Rear wheels, inch/mm. 11.2 “x24 /305×1190
driving width:
Front wheels min/max mm. 1200/1400/1530
Rear wheels min./max. 1200/1400/1530
Ground clearance, mm. 380
Minimum turning radius, mm. 3200
Location of control handle in the cab: left (vehicle type).
Interior sealed against dust and low temperatures (lever seals, trunk magazines, conduits, torpedo): Yes
Structural size of door: Half-size door
Structurally level cabin floor (cooling transmission components under the feet): Yes
Noise isolation of the cabin (semi-amortization): Yes
Manual parking brake (of car type): Yes
Brake pedal lock when parking: no
Fan: Yes
Rear window open: Yes
Manual with manual throttle with position locking: Yes
On-board Audio Recorder: Yes
Optional equipment:
rearview mirror Yes
horn Yes
Emergency light alarm Yes
Back hydraulic system light Yes
Weight of rear wheels, kg. Yes
Weight of a front bumper, kg. Yes
backup camera Option*.
air conditioner Option*.
Webasto Option*.
Orange beacon (flashing light) Option*.
sun protection no
Optional exterior lighting Yes
heating Yes
Complex re-equipment:
Cabin installation option Basic configuration
Possibility to install front loading devices Option*.
Option to install front three-point hinges Option*.
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* Contact the manufacturer’s representative for pricing and availability of additional options.

When there is a need to have a powerful and functional helper in agriculture and municipal services, the Catmann XD-65.4 mini-tractor is an ideal option. The basic equipment of the machine comes with everything you need to get to work right away. Due to the quality performance characteristics, the mini-tractor can easily help meet the needs of construction, land and municipal services.

Key features and benefits of the Catmann XD-65.4 Lexon Stage I Mini Tractor

According to user reviews, the XD-65.4 Lexon Stage I is one of the best models in the line of Catmann mini-tractors with an optimal combination of price and quality. The machine is reliable and durable, highly productive and most comfortable for any type of work.

The main characteristics of the Catmann XD-65.4 Lexon Stage I:

  • Reliable and technologically advanced 65 hp FAW engine. C. and 2,540 cm3;
  • PTO shaft, which provides more stable and durable work of the tractor and attachment;
  • 4×4, characterized by high reliability;
  • Frame and guide axle with increased safety margin;
  • Equipped with lighting system for working in the dark;
  • Stop light, brake light and indicators for normal road travel.

Convenience and comfort for the driver

The tractor is equipped with power steering for ease of operation. This system relieves the burden on the driver during long hours of work, as he doesn’t have to strain to turn the steering wheel.

The ergonomically designed instrument panel in the steering column contains all the gauges needed to monitor the condition of the unit during operation. The well-placed control levers and rearview mirrors, as well as the absence of shifting elements under the feet, provide the driver with even greater comfort.

A wide door with maximum glazing provides good visibility from the inside, making it easier and better to work. Thanks to the conveniently located step, the driver can easily and safely get in and out of the machine at any time. Openable windows allow airing of the cab when necessary, and heating nozzles are installed on the ceiling to maintain a comfortable temperature for driving.

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Good off-road mobility and maneuverability

The XD-65.4 LEXon Stage I minitractor is positioned by Catman as the most torquey and cross-country machine. This is because it has a mechanical differential lock and wide, active profile wheels that offer extra durability. High maneuverability of the mini-tractor is also provided by a separate brake pedal, which minimizes the possible turning radius, which allows you to work even in the tightest of places.

Wide range of applications

The XD-65.4 LEXon Stage I mini-tractor is equipped as standard with a three-point hydraulic linkage with 540/1000 rpm PTO. It comes standard with 2 hydraulic outlets that can be used for absolutely any attachment. A one-piece manifold is used to control the hydraulic outputs. Its handle is conveniently located to the left of the driver’s seat.

Any active and passive attachments can be connected to the mini-tractor:

  • rototillers;
  • ploughs;
  • mowers;
  • cultivator;
  • ranges;
  • seeders;
  • sprayer;
  • branch chopper, etc.

Reinforced hitches with hooks with load capacity of 740 kg are provided to mount rear attachments on the tractor. The hydraulic lifting mechanism is controlled with a separate lever on the right side of the driver’s seat.

Buy CATMANN XD-65.4 LEXon Stage I with delivery

Company katman.rf offers to buy reliable and multipurpose minitractors Catmann. All devices are delivered at once from manufacture that guarantees high quality and reasonable cost. After purchase delivery in Moscow, the Moscow region and Russia is possible.

You can buy a minitractor with attachments, which are represented by no less than a wide range. You can complete the technique with any device: power tiller, mower, cultivator, trailer, etc. If you need help in choosing, contact the manager by calling on the contact number or writing in the online chat. A specialist will answer all questions about the description and properties, select the right attachment and help with ordering.

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