Catmann XD 300 4x4WD Minitor – description and properties

Universal minitractor Catmann XD-300. The basic version

* For specification of cost and technical possibility of installation of additional options contact the representative of the manufacturer of the device. Universal minitractor Catmann XD-300 is a model, which has a number of useful functions and features. Given the low cost.

Every consumer can buy such a stationary machine, regardless of the planned tasks. The three-point hydraulic system mini-drive design offers a wide range of stored equipment for municipal, construction and agricultural purposes.

Planned Purpose

Compact dimensions make the model optimal for use on medium-sized farms or homesteads with an area of not less than 0.5 ha. The mini-tractor with attached equipment performs the following processes:

  • Cultivation and plowing the soil;
  • Planting of various plants;
  • Fertilizing;
  • Hillering;
  • Harvesting;
  • Mowing;
  • Clearing snow or mud;
  • Pumping water with a pump;
  • Printing straw;
  • Carrying loads.

Many consumers are attracted by the affordable cost of the model combined with practicality and efficiency. The money given for the purchase of the machine pays for itself in 2-3 seasons. In terms of profitability Katman XD 300 4x4WD is one of the leaders, which explains the great popularity of this technique.

This model is currently out of production. It has been replaced in the product line by the Catmann XD 35.4 series.

Order the universal mini-tractor Catmann XD-300

-Manufacturer and official importer of Catmann mini-tractors in Russia, including Moscow, Moscow region.

and other cities and towns. You can order the selected model with delivery to your location. After preparation before sale, the equipment is provided with a warranty, which once again confirms the performance of high quality.

In addition to mini devices, there is a large selection of glue machines at bargain prices. To help with the choice, contact the manager on the contact number or through the online form. A specialist will answer all your questions, explain in more detail the advantages and disadvantages of a particular technology and quickly help to place an order and delivery to your address.

Modifications and functions

The Catmann XD 300 4x4WD is available in modifications. Min i-tractor-full-wheel-drive has the ability to improve functional devices and additional attachments.

Compared with other models of the brand, the series received new legs, pneumatics, crosses and other structural elements, which had a positive impact on the service life and reduced the number of negative reviews.

Under the characteristics of the model stand out:

  • Replacement of the V-belt transmission, which has been replaced by an electric transmission;
  • The most important working systems, which experience high dynamic and statistical loads, received an increased strength span.
  • Modernized transmission and revision of a number of elements of the undercarriage increased the life of the excavator Mini;
  • Multifunctional 3-point hitch allowed using a wide range of connectable devices, which made the technique more multipurpose.
  • Full differential lock improved off-road capability;
  • The ability to change the track width increased the machine’s efficiency in the corridors;
  • The powerful Kubota diesel engine provided the necessary traction properties.

The Catman XD 300 4x4WD has the disadvantages of almost all Chinese machines. Powerful fixed mount regularly leads to the inclusion of 2 speeds at once. Quite a lot of complaints about the pivoting devices, the quality of which does not always matter.

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The informativeness of the manual in the kit is very low. For the owner of the Mini drive is difficult to collect the primer and troubleshooting.

Reviews of owners

Leonid, Brest region:

“I am the owner of the Mini drive Katman MT-242. The engine is Yanmar (Japanese). Very pleased with this tractor, although its power is not the biggest, only 20 horses.

Advantages: Very high quality, works well and also looks great. Appearance is decent and not left behind in functionality. It’s been two years since purchase, only oil has been changed. No repairs, so nothing has broken.

Disadvantages: Not a budget model that was designed for people with average to high income. “

Technical Specifications


  • Length – 3120 mm;
  • Width – 1510 mm;
  • Height – 1960 mm;
  • Radiator base – 1720 mm;
  • Front track width – 960-1350 mm;
  • Rear track width – 960-1350 mm;
  • Street freedom – 350 mm.

Construction weight of the equipment – 1200 kg, operating weight – 1330 kg. Traction – 6.9 kN. Speed range:

  • Forward-1.4-32 km/h;
  • Backward-1,78-11,83 km/h.


  • Front-6.00-14;
  • rear-9.5-20.


Catmann XD 300 4x4WD is equipped with a 4-stroke from Kubota Super 03-M D1970-M. This unit is original and imported from Japan. The engine has a unique design with spherical type and forced liquid cooling mechanism. Here the power plant with nozzles is also equipped with connected PRE-jet and anti-fill valve, with the help of which the engine can be started in severe frosts. The Kubota Super 03-M D1970 m engine stands out for its low maintenance cost and economy.

Characteristics of the unit:

  • Combined lubrication system;
  • Powerful electric starter;
  • Large fuel tank of 25 liters, providing autonomy in remote areas.

Properties of the Kubota Super 03-M D1970-M engine:

  • Working volume – 1,624cc;
  • Rated power – 25.7 (35) kW (hp);
  • Number of cylinders – 3 (in order);
  • Bone dryer – 158 kg;
  • Specific fuel consumption – 244-252 g/kWh.

Design and working functions

When creating the Catmann XD 300 4x4WD, no frame construction is used, which makes the mini excavator unique for its segment. The model is all-wheel drive, to which devices and units from different countries are attached. This solution provides the strength of the design and reduces the cost of the model. Reliable chamber tires made in Vietnam (Commandant Chỉ Huy) are used for the bikes.

Chassis Katman XD 300 4x4WD is a four-wheel drive chassis with 4×4 wheel configuration and cylindrical side gear. A feature of the model is an adjustable front and rear crawler, which expands the machine’s capabilities to work on surfaces with steep terrain and inter-row terrain. Drum brakes are used for equipment. The braking system has the ability to lock the wheels individually. The rear axle is supplemented with a new automatic differential lock system (engaged when skidding or increasing the load), the front axle is used to control the machine.

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CATMANN XD 300 4x4WD is equipped with a transmission from the excellent 244 series. This decision was made due to the fact that the high engine power requires reinforcement of the standard gearbox. The gearbox has eight gears and a range of downshifts (six forward gears, two reverse gears). The reinforcement is transmitted to the axles with the gearbox. The gearbox itself is equipped with high-strength steel shafts and surface-hardened gears, which increases the service life of the element.

A rear 6-spline PTO shaft (540 rpm) is used for attachment operation. Hydraulic outlets allow the use of several types of equipment. The Catman XD 300 4x4WD has a classic 3-point hitch for quick attachment and detachment of additional equipment.

Almost all cables and batteries of the mini-tractor are made by Russian companies (similar elements are used in “Uralets” models). Plasticity and softness of the insulation layer make the electrical connections frost-resistant.

CATMANN XD 300 4x4WD is a basic tractor, which does not need to be equipped with a driver’s cab. The operator is offered a comfortable seat with additional adjustments. When installing the steering system, increased attention is paid to freedom from backlash when turning the steering wheel. Steering is simplified when the tractor is equipped with power steering, which is driven by an independent hydraulic pump with an engine-driven air reservoir. This option is indispensable for long-term operation.

Necessary gauges are located on the dashboard, which makes it much easier to control the machine. Katman XD 300 4x4WD is suitable for use on public roads and rough terrain. The machine is equipped with a full set of lights, parking lights, indicators and brake lights. This, in turn, allows you to control the device in the dark. Functionally it is possible to install additional lighting (headlights, beacons and light bars).

Maintenance and work with CATMANN XD 300 4x4WD does not cause any special problems. Most of the consumables and spare parts for the mini-tractor are always available.

Application Overview

Catmann mini-tractors are very popular because of their wide range of farming applications with attachments. In the forums, you’ll find reviews from owners who have also used these machines as backhoes and front-end loaders. Below is an overview of the most important attachments for Catmann mini-tractors.

Cutters, harrows, cultivators, tillers

Millers are used for mixing the top layer of fertile soil. Many stores offer their customers mills as part of a Catmann Mini Tractor. The width of their recording is one of the main features of the Mini tractor.

Soilmill 1.4 meters.

After working the floor there are large blocks of soil on the surface to remove it.

To avoid tilling the surface with a Catmann Mini tractor, you can install double tines. They not only mix the floor, but also break up large chunks of rock immediately.

Harrows are also 3.

Cultivators are used to mark the surface before sowing agricultural plants.

This sticky equipment is used mostly on unprepared ground. The plow enters the ground by about 20-30 cm and lifts the bottom layer of soil.

Mycorrhiza: a natural vaccine for plants

The three-section round plastic plow has two

Katman Mini applications have more motor power that can drive two and three units to increase the simultaneous recording of the surface to be machined.

Suspension and Bogie

Supports are used to transport loads with Catman n-Min i-Ctractors. When selecting, pay attention to the maximum payload capacity of the vehicle. It is best to use support legs with folding pages. This makes loading and unloading much easier.

Suspension source dolly TM-650

Row and rake.

If necessary, remove weeds from the plot with Katman mini-tractors Use rotary rakes. You can cut large weeds and medium sized shrubs.

Use a 1-meter-wide border rake to then collect the grass clippings.


Catman n-Mini tractors can work with 2 attachments at once, so you can use a mower and immediately collect the grass with a rake.

Potato chaff and potato diggers

Potatoes are a sought-after crop. However, planting and harvesting require an investment of a lot of physical labor and effort. Catmann miniloaders can make this job easier with their special harvesting attachments.

Potato digger with a Catmann minibrator

Snowplow and shovel pit

Catmann mini-tractors are most commonly used for snow removal by municipalities. You shovel a layer of snow to the side.

Front debris

Rotor snail.

When you need to throw snow away for a distance, it’s better to use a snow blower. It picks up the snow cover and throws it away with a rotor for a distance of 15 to 20 meters.


Spreads seed or can sprinkle sidewalks and street roads in winter during icy conditions.


Brush is used to remove snow and debris. Widely used because of service programs.

The brush is smart.


The Rear Degree is used in landscaping work, effectively leading soil or other mounds. Its advantage is that the mounding pulls behind it and doesn’t press in front of it.

What else can you use?

Catmann mini-tractors present their owners with the ability to combine an excavator, loader, crop cabinet or pump. Thanks to it the sphere of application of these machines extends considerably.

Universal minitractor Catmann XD-300. The basic version

For comparison

Brief description:

Engine Brand. Yto
Engine model YD385T
Engine power kW. 17.6
Engine power hp. 24
Number of cylinders 3
Total cylinder capacity, cc. 1532
Cylinder diameter / stroke, mm 85×90
Hydraulic pumps drive directly from engine
Alternator drive engine belt
cooling type liquid
coolant circulation Pump forced
Maximum torque, Nm 91
Rated speed, rpm 2350
Specific fuel consumption at operating power, g/kWh h ≤ 247
traction class 0,6
Fuel capacity, l 32
Manual adjustment of engine rpm (cruise control) Yes
Weight of engine, kg. 175
Mains voltage. V 12
Engine starting system: electric starter
Battery preheating Yes
Preheating from external 220 V network. Capability*
Light type and repeaters LED, intensity
Dashboard gauges Coolant temperature sensor, fuel level sensor, oil pressure sensor, battery charge sensor, tachometer (engine speed sensor), external light repeaters
Axial drive, axle configuration 4×4 pluggable
Power transfer from engine Direct connection between engine and gearbox via clutch
transmission manual in oil bath
Reversing motion available no
Number of forward gears 6
Number of gears backwards 2
basic equipment Spiral bevel gears
Final gears Multistage spur gearbox
Forward speed km/h. Minimum. / Max. 0.7/47
Rearward speed km/h. Minimum. / Max. 0.7/8
liability type Single-disc, dry, constant-clutch
clutch Single disc, dry, constant mesh with metal rim
Brake system:
Brake system type Sealed drum brake, separate for each wheel
Separate brake pedal on both axle wheels Yes
Rear axle – differential lock Positive locking on rear axle planetary gear
Type Non-autonomous cogwheel-assist on the clutch basket
options Ø35 with rectangular longitudinal grooves
rotation speed m/min. 540
Hydraulic system:
Type of paired attachment connection. Three points
Unladen to the hook of rear suspension, kg. 420
Number of hydraulic pumps for equipment service, units. 2
Capacity of hydraulic pump, l./min. 12
Capacity of hydraulic system, l. 14
Presence of power steering. Availability of fully hydraulic steering with separate hydraulic circuit
Hydraulics Yes
Quick hydraulic connection Yes
Dimensions and weight:
Overall length, mm. 2630
total width, mm. 1270
total height, mm. 1850
Weight (excluding fuel and lubricants, weight and these liquids) kg. 1212
Size of wheels:
Front wheels, inches/mm. 6 “x14” / 160×630
Rear wheels, inch/mm. 9.5 “x20” / 240×915
fare width:
Front wheels min/max mm. 1030 /1200 **
Rear wheels min. / max. mm. 1050 /1200 **
ground clearance, mm. 240
Minimum turning radius, m. 3630
Optional equipment:
rear-view mirror Yes
horn Yes
Emergency light alarm Yes
Back hydraulic system light Yes
Weight of rear wheels, kg. Yes
Weight of a front bumper, kg. Yes
backup camera Capability*
air conditioner Not structurally available in this model
Webasto Not structurally available in this model
Orange beacon (flashing light) Capability*
sun protection Yes
Optional exterior lighting Capability*
heating Not structurally available in this model
Comprehensive conversion:
Ability to install a cabin
Possibility to install frontal chargers Capability*
Possibility to install front three-point hinges Capability*
Pond in fall and winter

* For cost and technical feasibility of additional options, please contact the manufacturer’s representative.

Universal mini automatic Catmann XD-300 is a model that has a number of useful functions and features. Due to the low cost, every consumer can buy such a stationary machine, regardless of the planned tasks. The three-point hydraulic system mini-drive design offers a wide range of utility, construction, and agricultural equipment storage options.

Important features of the Catmann XD-300 universal model

Universal mini-tractor Catmann XD-300 is a small but maneuverable and economical unit, which is ideal for work on private farms and farms, as well as for the maintenance of streets and territories. According to reviews and descriptions, the model is far ahead of its counterpart, and ordinary tractors are not inferior in functionality. Everything is due to the fact that the mini-tractor has a number of functions:

  • high-performance engine;
  • A reliable transmission;
  • High maintainability and ease of maintenance;
  • Wide application;
  • Large selection of fasteners.

High performance engine

The Catmann XD-300 Universal Mini engine has a YTO YD385T three-cylinder inline unit. With a total displacement of 1,532 cm3, the engine output is 24 liters. C. Such properties allow them to demonstrate high traction. The engine is protected from overheating by the mandatory liquid cooling system. This makes it possible to work in difficult conditions for a long time, even 2 layers in a row.

Reliable transmission

The mini-drive is equipped with a reinforced mechanical transmission, providing 6 speeds and 2, taking into account the reduced mode. Robust steel waves with surface coupling provide the mechanical transmission with an extended service life, allowing it to operate for long periods without problems. The planetary mechanism automatically locks up if load or slippage is exceeded.


The Catmann XD-300 Universal Mini Reactor has a reliable, yet simple design. All necessary components are available to every consumer, which allows repair work to be carried out. It is enough to buy the necessary spare parts, which are sold even in small Russian cities.

Hedge trimmer - battery or electric?

Convenience and wide business qualities

A reliable electric starter combined with preheated nozzles makes it easy to start the mini-drive at sub-zero temperatures. The Vortex Camer blend contributes to the most economical fuel consumption – no more than 247 g/kWh. The fuel tank holds 32 liters of fuel, which is enough for a full day’s work without refueling. This greatly extends the possibilities of operating a mini-gate in a remote area.

Not to mention a high level of comfort for the driver. The seat is adjustable. Control and monitoring controls, including gauges, are conveniently located on the dashboard. The minitractor is equipped with everything necessary for driving on ordinary roads and working in the dark. Easy steering is provided by the power steering which allows you to turn the steering wheel with just two fingers.

Wide choice of attachments

Depending on the task, the owner can connect a variety of attachments to the Katman XD-300 UNIVERSAL:

  • mower,
  • potato planter,
  • cultivator,
  • disposer,
  • seeder,
  • sprayer,
  • drill,
  • utility brush,
  • transport trailer, etc.

A 3-point hydraulic hitch system is provided to install the listed equipment on the mini-tractor. Load capacity at the rear suspension hook is up to 420 kg. The system is equipped with two hydraulic pumps for equipment service, the capacity of which is 12 l/min.

Order the universal mini-tractor Catmann XD-300

Company “Katman.rf” is a manufacturer and the official importer of Catmann mini-tractors in Russia, including Moscow, the Moscow region and other cities and towns. You can order the selected model with delivery to your region. The device comes with a branded warranty and preparation before sale, which once again confirms the high quality of workmanship.

In addition to mini devices, there is a large selection of glue machines at bargain prices. To help with the choice, contact the manager on the contact number or through the online form. A specialist will answer all your questions, explain in more detail the advantages and disadvantages of a particular technology and quickly help to place an order and delivery to your address.

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