Catmann T18 EVO Mini Actionor. Overview, characteristics, instructions

Catmann T18 EVO Mini Actionor. Overview, characteristics, features of use

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Review of the Catmann T18 EVO Mini Actionor

Catman T18 EVO

Not so long ago at the MZKG factory in Belarus, the production of budget mini-tractors Catmann T18 EVO began. This new product has high technical parameters, budget cost, inexpensive service and quality spare parts.

  • The Catmann T 18 EVO has an improved frame, which gives the transmission increased reliability.
  • The diesel engine of the Catmann T 18 has an output of 18 hp.

The most common problem with minitractors is the V-belt transmission, which regularly fails. The manufacturer has improved this point and installed durable belts.


The Catmann T 18 EVO mini tractor has small dimensions. This allows for better control and maneuverability of the machine. The Catmann T18-NOW can perform tasks in covered storage areas or large greenhouses.

The Katman T 18 EVO can work with a variety of attachments and aggregates. Thanks to its hydraulics, it can handle even the toughest stops.

T18 tire tread is wide with special relief, which allows to work in the conditions of viscous soil and snow cover.

Due to its properties, the device is used in agriculture and municipal services.

Technical features

Manufacturer Katman
Country of production Belarus
Federal State но
performance 18.0 (p.)
engine displacement 903,0 (cubic meters)
tank capacity 8.0 (l)
wheel drive type rear
wheel formula 4×2
transmission manual
fuel consumption 350.0 (g/kWh)
color green
weight 530.0 (kg)
Theoretical forward speed 30.0 (km/h)
Theoretical speed in reverse 10.0 (mph)
ground clearance 300.0 (mm)
engine type diesel
differential lock no
cab availability no
Type of power steering no
R rated shaft speed 540.0 (speed)
number of programs 6 forward/2 forward
Additional Features
lifespan 96 months
Rear wheel size 6.50-16
track width (adjustable) 900-1100 mm
Front wheel size 5.00-12.00

Features of usage

A wide range of different attachments can be installed on Catmann T 18 EVO mini-tractors.

Creating a garden

Catmann T 18 EVO small tractor

 Catman T18 EVO

The hydraulic system of this model is located on top, so there is no accumulation of dust and dirt. The hydraulic drive of the mini Catmann T 18-Nach is capable of fixing devices weighing up to 150 kg.

Some Katman T 18 Evo stores offer a tiller or plow. Other articulated implements can be purchased additionally: dipsticks, lancers, potato cutters and potato peelers, mowers, harrows, trailers, etc.

Owner’s Manual

Every new owner of a Catmann T 18 EVO should study the Operator’s Manual. It shows how the machine works, how to assemble, start, operate, maintain, etc.

If you are buying a Catmann T 18 EVO Mini Tractor by hand, be sure to ask the previous owner for the owner’s manual.


The Catmann T18 Mini Tractor features high quality parts. The Catmann T 18 Evo has been made from durable materials that are hard-wearing and highly durable.

The gearbox of the Katman T18 mini tractor has 6 positions.

The Catmann T 18 Mini Tractor is characterized by its small size, so this model does not have a cab. It is not recommended to work on it in bad weather, but it takes up much less space when it is stored.


Catmann T 18 machines are unpretentious in terms of maintenance.

  • In order to extend the life of the engine, it is enough to change the engine oil every 80 hours of operation. For this purpose, it is recommended to use semi-synthetic lubricants 10W-40.
  • Transmission oil should be changed much less frequently, just once every 1000 hours of operation or once at the beginning of the season. It’s best to use the time-tested TAD-17i.

Katman T18 mini tractors run on diesel fuel. When refueling, use only clean and fresh fuel.

Video review

A video review shows the Katman T18 operating with an active tiller:

Owner Reviews

Below are reviews of people who managed to get acquainted with the Katman T18 mini-tractor in operation:

Outboard engine from a chainsaw: instructions for making


Bought the machine for personal use. I have a garden of 6 acres, and work on it takes most of the time from spring to fall. I used to have a manual tractor, but it’s very difficult to work with it, you have to walk behind it all the time, and the older you are, the more problematic it is. I’m happy with the work of the Catman. Pulls well, works great with the outboard motor. Motor is quiet, no problems so far.

Catmann T-18 Evo claytractor review. Machine purpose, features, equipment and maintenance

Minitractor Catmann T-18 is a versatile machine, which is produced by the Belarusian production of MZKG. Models of Catmann devices are in demand and respected by farmers, as these machines are sold at an affordable price and combine the best technical properties and engine reliability.

Catmann t-18 evo mini tractor

The mini-tractor Catmann T-18 EVO is the machine with the engine capacity of 18 hp. It has the diesel engine “Kama”, the number of cylinders – one. The fuel tank holds 8 liters of diesel fuel. “Kama” engines are known to Belarusian, Russian and Ukrainian farmers for their unique parameters, namely:

  • Economical fuel consumption;
  • High-quality engine liquid cooling;
  • Two starting options (starter or lever);
  • High maintainability and long service life without failures.
The main purpose of the minitractor Katman T-18 Evo:
  • Agricultural work;
  • Public function (cleaning areas, collecting hay from the field, snow removal);
  • Planting and sawing;
  • Harvesting;
  • Cargo and passenger transportation (small tractor driver);
  • Other work with highly specialized attachments (chopping branches, drilling, etc.);
  • Watering, fertilizing.

The task of the Katman T-18 EVO mini-tractor is to work on plots with a total area not exceeding 1 hectare. Thanks to the reliable engine “Kama” on the mini-tractor can work longer than on tractors with manual control or digging, the continuous operation time is 5-7 hours.

Basic equipment of Catmann T-18 Evo Kleintraktor

The manufacturer bundles the Catmann T-18 with two types of attachments, viz:

  • Scharpee (double-walled);
  • Rototiller with a wide handle (1 m).
Plants that change their color

In addition to the attachments, the following components are included:

  • pneumatic wheels;
  • instruction manual for Katman T-18 evo;
  • manufacturer’s warranty certificate;
  • driver’s seat;
  • hitch for coupling with attachments and trailer / cart;
  • a set of tools for assembling the mini-tractor.

Catmann T-18 evo minitractor – technical characteristics

The Catmann T-18 minitractor runs on 8 gears (6 forward gears, 2 reverse gears). Dimensions: length 2505 mm, width 1100 mm, height 1500 mm. Gearbox is of V-belt type. The design of the gearbox makes it possible to reduce the time of maintenance by the owner of the mini-tractor. In general, the machine is easy to operate and is equipped with large wheels: 5 × 12 at the front and 6.5 × 16 at the rear. The weight of the mini-tractor is 530 kg.

The payload capacity of the Catmann T-18 evo small tractor is 500-800 kg. Do not exceed this mark, as excessive weight can cause the tractor to slip, and engine wear will occur much faster. The mini tractor is equipped with a more advanced hydraulic system than its predecessors.

Of the special technical and performance characteristics, the following can be highlighted:

  • medium-powered mini-tractors, such as the Catmann T-18 evo, do not damage the soil, leaving its structure intact;
  • the track can be adjusted using the stepless adjustment mode, so the Catmann T-18 works well on sloping terrain as well;
  • high maintainability of the machine;
  • laconic exterior design, good quality of coating and metal parts of the body;
  • easy access to the engine and oil pan.

Features of use and maintenance

The main features of using a small tractor Catmann T-18 evo:

  • The unit is designed for all types of work, especially on light soils;
  • It is recommended to attach additional weights to the mini-tractor for cultivation of new lands.
  • Compactness allows you to manage the device even with a small turning radius (up to two meters).
  • The steering column is located so that it is convenient for the operator of any height;
  • there is no three-point hitch, which is compensated for by a wide range of factory attachments suitable for the Catmann series;
  • When used on large areas the unit shows increased productivity due to the track adjustability or a large area can be cultivated in a shorter time;
  • Having a cultivator and plow as standard equipment saves the farmer the additional cost of other attachments, as the cultivator and plow are the most popular and frequently used attachments.
Ventilation of the lawn in the spring

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When it comes to maintenance, the owner of a mini-tractor should pay special attention to oil changes and checking engine performance. Use only the oil recommended by the manufacturer, i.e. synthetic or semi-synthetic H. oil for water-cooled diesel engines.

Maintenance should be performed before each operating season and also during the use of the Katman mini-tractor, namely at the end of the working day. After parking the machine, inspect it for external damage, remove dirt from the body, store the tractor under a shelter, avoiding the ingress of moisture. Every few months the moving parts of the mini-tractor are lubricated with a special rust-preventive grease.

Working video review

Owner Reviews

Ivan, Smolensk region:

“Before the Catman 18 I had a Scout T12. It coped well with all tasks, the maximum weight was about 1.5 tons. When I saw the Catman on sale, I sold my Scout and took the new one. The 2016 turned out to be the bomb!

Pros: First of all, the design is much more thoughtful, the engine is powerful, good belt drive. What particularly caught my eye when buying it was the 36 month warranty. Of the additional pluses – factory assembled.

Cons: No ability to install sun visor and safety bar.

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