Catmann T-18 Evo Mini – description and properties

Catmann T-18 mini tractor.

In 2017, in the market of special equipment in the work of the Belarusian factory MZKG was presented a new model of mini-tractor. The novelty is known as Catmann T-18 and perfectly combines an affordable cost, quite good in its class operating parameters, economy and high reliability of all structural elements and units.

Under the characteristic differences of the drive athlete Catmann T-18 Evo-Mini from previous models should be distinguished:

  1. Improved frame and increased reliability of the transmission system.
  2. Power of the power unit is brought up to 18 hp.
  3. Increased service life of the V-belt drive.

Thanks to the sufficiently compact overall dimensions and excellent maneuverability, the technique is particularly in demand among farmers, small construction sites and supply companies.

The Katman T-18-Mini actuator has a wide range of functions, which have been achieved through the ability to mount a large selection of percussion and exclusion devices to the machine. This was also aided by the advanced hydraulic system on board, which has an increased load capacity. As add-ons, the manufacturer offers a three-point audio system, which is mounted in the rear of the tractor. The model uses wide bikes that provide good cross-country ability on various types of floors.

Planned Purpose.

Catmann T-18 Evo-Mini Actractor tractor is an indispensable helper to perform some work in such areas as agriculture, supplying businesses, small construction and use in gardens, vegetable gardens, vineyards, greenhouses and personal plots. The tractor can perform quite a wide range of different tasks, including many types of agricultural work, transporting goods over certain distances, cleaning various places and areas of garbage and snow, mowing lawns and various vegetation, shredding wood waste and more.



Katman T-18 is equipped with the following attachments:

  1. Double plow. The device is mounted on 12 hp machines. The width of the plowed area is 400 millimeters. The smallest plowing depth is 200 millimeters. The greatest depth of plowing – 250 millimeters. Weight of plough is 80 kilograms.
  2. Floor plow. The device is installed on machines with an output of 12 horsepower. The working width is 1000 millimeters. The smallest working depth – 120 millimeters. The greatest processing depth is 160 millimeters. A total of 22 knives were installed. Weight of the floor fires is 192 kilograms.
  3. Discator (disc – harrow). The device is installed on machines with a power of 12 horsepower. Twelve discs were installed. Weight of the disc harrow is 200 kilograms.
  4. Cantilever mower. Fitted to 15hp machines. The cutter bar is installed with a sectional pallet with a movable knife and fixed tines with contracing plates. Drive from the rear selector shaft is used through a belt drive. The width of the area to be registered is 1400 millimeters. The smallest cutting height is 60 millimeters. The maximum cutting height is 80 millimeters. Required rotation speed is 540 rpm. Overall dimensions in working condition: length – 2400 millimeters, width – 670 millimeters, height – 660 millimeters. Overall dimensions in transport condition: length – 880 millimeters, width – 670 millimeters, height – 1650 millimeters. Weight of the mower is 106 kg.
  5. Rake mounted. It is mounted on machines with power of 12 horsepower. The smallest width of grasp of a site – 2100 millimeters. The biggest width of the plot – 2600 mm. The smallest number of installed tines – 28 (the weight of the equipment – 51 kg). The largest number of tines is 34 (the weight of the equipment is 56 kg).
  6. Wingless rake ribs. Installed on vehicles with 12 horsepower. Number of rake discs – 5. The grip of the platform is 3300 millimeters. Diameter of each disc – 1500 millimeters. Diameter of tines – 7 millimeters. Weight of rake is 155 kg.
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Technical characteristics


  • The structural length of the mini-disc is 2,350 millimeters.
  • Full width – 1100 millimeters.
  • Full height – 1500 millimeters.
  • The smallest width of the front panel – 900 millimeters.
  • The smallest width of the rear row – 900 millimeters.
  • The greatest width of the front is 1,100 millimeters.
  • The largest width of the rear gauge is 1,100 millimeters.

Engine characteristics:

  • Type of engine installed – diesel, in order.
  • Brand of the installed engine – Kama.
  • Number of cylinders – 2 cylinders.
  • Total working volume of the cylinder – 903 cubic meters.
  • Maximum power – 18 hp /13,24 kilowatt.
  • Maximal rotational speed of the crankshaft – 2400 rpm.
  • Type of cooling system – liquid.
  • Type of injection system – direct fuel injection.
  • Type of starting system – electric starter.
  • The lowest fuel consumption per working hour – 2.5
  • Highest fuel consumption per working hour – 4.6

Transmission properties:

  • Type of transmission installed – manual.
  • Type of drive – stern.
  • Differential lockup – automatic.
  • Number of forward gears – 6.
  • Number of rear gears – 2.
  • Type of clutch – dry, disk permanently closed.

Characteristics of current selection shaft:

  • Type of PTO installed – independent.
  • Number of current wave speeds – 1.
  • Number of splines – 6.
  • Control is mechanical.
  • VOM rotation speed – 540 rpm.

Operating characteristics:

  • Operating weight – 530 kilograms.
  • Fuel tank capacity is 8 liters.
  • The highest forward speed is 30 kilometers per hour.
  • Maximum speed of movement is 10 kilometers per hour.
  • Type of attachment – three points.
  • Size of front wheels is 5,00-12.
  • The size of the rear wheels is 6.50-16.

Features of the device

Mini excavator has a simple device in the device and in operation from the Kama in Kama. The engine has quite enough power for this class, namely 18 hp. Among the main characteristics of the engine there are the following:

  1. An effective liquid cooling system is used.
  2. The unit has a combined system of lubrication.
  3. Starting is carried out with the help of electric starter or manual lever mechanism.
  4. The service life before the first overhaul has been extended to 4,000 operating hours.
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In addition, this power unit has very flexible traction properties, allowing the use of a double plow and other productive agricultural machines. In addition, the tractor is capable of pulling trailers and special 1.5-ton tractor carts.

The transmission system includes a friction disc clutch and an auxiliary transmission with six forward gears and two reverse gears. Working equipment mounted on the rear cultivator uses pf shaft drive.

The Katman T-18 uses large-diameter wheels, which, together with the manual differential lock, provide a fairly high carrying capacity on various floor categories. The equipment is easy to move on both uneven terrain and unpaved roads. In order to expand the functionality of the mini-tractor, the manufacturer also offered the driver the opportunity to choose the most suitable track width both in front and rear.

Compared with previous models, this mini-tractor has a more advanced onboard hydraulic system. Its main advantage is the increased charging capacity and the presence of a dual-circuit hydraulic control valve, which allows you to control in parallel the front growth devices with an external hydraulic cylinder.

The Catmann T-18 Evo tractor is very reasonably priced and perfectly combines compactness, productivity, maneuverability and economy. According to these indicators, the model can compete with more productive machines of a higher class.

Its other features are also worth highlighting:

  • Wheels with a wide profile and the structural weight of the mini-tractor of 530 kilograms allow you to work the soil without damaging the fertile layer.
  • By adjusting the width of the lane, you can effectively use the capabilities of the mini-tractor when working on steep areas.

As additional equipment, the manufacturer offers a rear three-point suspension, which is compatible with some types of steerable tractors.


The power unit can work perfectly under absolutely all operating conditions. The device easily withstands high loads and ensures uninterrupted operation for a long time. All other elements of the minitractor have considerably extended service life. The manufacturer provides a three-year warranty on new units.

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Repair functions

Katman T-18 is characterized by high repairability, which determines the possibility of complete elimination of failures and malfunctions by the owner himself. This reduces the dependence on the service centers located in the regional centers.

The Catmann T-18 EVO mini-tractor is notable for its low cost, both new and used. The cost of a new tractor begins from 110 000 rubles and up to 165 000 Russian rubles, depending on the year of manufacture, configuration and version of the model.

A used mini-drive has a price tag of 60,000 rubles and up to 90,000 Russian rubles. The final cost of the used version is formed taking into account such factors as the year of manufacture, general condition, installed folding systems, and the number of working hours.

Catmann T-18 EVO Mini Drive Chinese station wagon of Belarusian assembly

The Belarusian plant MZKG began serial production of the budget mini-unit brand Catmann T-18. The novelty of the market of contract minis in 2017, organic in its parameters and cheap with optimal for its traction class parameters, combines cost-effective operation with the reliability of units and assemblies.

Characteristic differences from the previous model:

  • improved frame and increased reliability of the transmission;
  • powerful, 18 hp power plant;
  • increased service life of V-belt drive.

Compact size and high maneuverability determine the use of mini-tractor of this model in agriculture and in the municipal sector.

Catmann T-18 EVO mini drive

Photo: Power plant Catmann T-18 EVO Mini

Machine operating capabilities are expanded by a wide range of loosened and excluded units, on-board hydraulics with increased capacity, the use of pneumatic Weitwaldrad and optional three-point hitch mechanism.

Functionality and application features

The Catmann T-18 EVO Mini Actuator has successfully passed the full test cycle. This was aided by the experience of operating the basic production equipment over the last few years. Recommendations of owners and service specialists were also used.

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The machine is designed to service utility plots of up to one hectare. The mini-tractor will perfectly cope with plowing, tillage and cultivation of the soil, planting of vegetables, harvesting and transportation of adult products to warehouses.

The list of basic equipment of the unit includes a two-row mouldboard plough and a wide-cut body cutter.

The modern design of the new Mini-Universal combination itself:

  • original exterior design;
  • access to components and units for maintenance and repair;
  • optimal comfort of the driver’s workplace.

There is also an interchangeability of spare parts with the repair stock of previous models. The high quality of the new machine allowed the manufacturer to extend the warranty period for unrestricted repair of detected defects up to 36 months.

Technical characteristics

Dimensions of the Catman T-18 drive mini-sleeper do not exceed those of other manufacturers, which are typical for the machines of the same type.

Torque transmission from the flywheel of the power unit to the gearbox is carried out by using a V-belt transmission. This design affects the layout of the machine and its cost, which reduces the time and complexity of self-maintenance.

model T-18
engine 1 cylinder, diesel, Kama
Power, hp. 18
Fuel tank capacity, l 8
Transmission, forward/reverse 6/2
Wheels front/rear 5×12/6.5×16
Dimensions, mm length x width x height 2505x1100x1500
weight 530


The power unit of the mini-drive is a simply beautiful and effective in work, 18-horsepower diesel of a brand Kama. The peculiarity of this unit:

  • effective liquid cooling;
  • combined lubrication system;
  • electric or stick-shift starting;
  • long overhaul life (up to 4000 m/h).

The engine’s elastic transmission properties are sufficient for tillage with a two-plow plow and other productive agricultural machines, as well as for pulling one-and-a-half-ton followers and tractor carts.

Transmission and running gear

Transmission consists of sliding friction clutch and multi-stage gearbox with 6 forward gears and two reverse gears. Active technical devices and stationary units are driven via the integrated PPM.

Passability of the mini-tractor on rough terrain and unpaved roads is provided by the increased wheel diameter, availability of manual differential lock and chevron stalk pneumatic wheels. Smooth track width adjustment is designed for tractor operation between rows and on difficult terrain.

Hydraulic System

The on-board hydraulics has been significantly improved in comparison with previous models. In particular, the capacity is increased, the presence of two hydraulic control valves allows you to manage in parallel the front wheels with external hydraulic cylinder.

Catmann T-18 Evo

Advantages of the new model

By its properties, affordable Katman T-18 combines compactness and economy of small-capacity tractors with productivity of higher-capacity minicombines.

  • High level of maintainability determines the possibility of complete elimination of errors and faults by the owner himself. This reduces dependence on services located in regional centers;
  • The pneumatics of the small machine weighing 530 kg do not damage the structure of the machine during mechanized tillage;
  • Thanks to the smooth adjustment of the track width, you can effectively use the possibilities of the mini-tractor when working on heavily sloped areas.
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Main disadvantages

The low weight of a lightweight machine negatively affects the soil when ploughing or towing. In the case of more advanced machines, this disadvantage is compensated by the presence of all-wheel drive or ballast weight. These attachments are not included in the factory equipment of the tractor “Katman” T-18.

The optionally installed three-point suspension device is compatible only with the attachments of “Motobloc” series.

Price of new and used mini-tractor

Most of the total sales account for the Belarusian market of agricultural machinery and the near abroad. In Ukraine, this machine costs 62-65 thousand hryvnia ($2,300 – $2,400) in full equipment.

Since this is a new model, there are no offers to sell used machines in the information space of the domestic ones.


In this category fall several branded mini-tractors, which are identical in their characteristics and purpose to the basic development of the 18th Katman model. This is a mini universal cart Kentavr T-18 and Chinese mini-tractors Scout and Xingtai with a capacity of 18 hp.

Reviews of owners

The new Catman model T-18 caused cautious excitement with its moderate cost, engine power and the presence of two branded attachments. The car pleased with the instant start and crisp operation of the electric unit, minimal vibration, comfortable seating, thoughtful place in the steering column and other controls. The only drawback – the lack of information on the Internet about the functions of the company. Alexey Ivanovich

I fully trust the Belarusian assembly, so without any doubts I bought the Katman T-18. This machine has a significantly modified V-belt transmission. With a hydraulic dealer with a floating mode, you can control the front and rear fasteners in parallel. The frame of the tractor itself and the front axle reactive design are also reinforced. The optional installation of a three-point hitch is not entirely clear. On other manufacturers’ machines, these costs are included as part of the factory price. Kirill

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