Caterpillars for the Neva motoblock. Review of caterpillar modules

Chosen for the Nevsky walk version of the behavior of the tractor

Motobobs have already become familiar with Russian machinery. They are produced by a variety of factories, the power and functionality of the devices also differ. However, in order to provide increased cross-country capability, you need to use tracks – and choose them first.

What is needed?

A quality Caterpillar engine isn’t just a way to “go where others get stuck.” It’s a way to make a tractor more stable to walk in all conditions. Such an addition is indispensable when you have to work in loose snow or wet ground. Even when clearing large amounts of snow, such machines cope with it perfectly.

Proper selection of tracks for the Neva Walk behavior tractor allows a significant increase in u200bu200b contact area with the surface, even when compared with the performance of the best wheels.

What variations of the track system can there be?

In one case, the module is made with beads in the shape of an axle. This is supplemented by four rollers. And already the rollers are used to form the desired mechanical tension of the caterpillar belt. There are several gears on the left and right. Once in the track slots, pull on them and let the unit move.

The horizontal cog is moved by a special frame. It is attached to the screws. One side of the shafts equipped with gears is supplemented with a pinion. It transmits forces to the Caterpillar unit through a special chain. The V-shaped parts are built into the treadway, the sharp edge of which looks down on the stepping tractor.

There is another advance in the drive. The caterpillar arrangement does not reflect this in any way. Only the wheels are replaced by a large gear on the axle. At the bottom, the frame comes with eight rollers. The purpose of using these rollers is to keep the belt taut and ensure uninterrupted movement.

About the manufacturers and characteristics of the devices

Before choosing a particular brand, we must say unequivocally: the attachment always comes in a factory-assembled design. This eliminates errors and problems associated with self-assembly.

The differences between individual models concern:

the value of the tape with tracks;

launching methods.

Among Russian companies are perfectly proven “Muravy”, “Lynx” and “Buran”; of the foreign suppliers is worthy of preference Talon.

Caterpillar installation is possible only on motor blocks with powerful four-stroke engines capable of locking axles. This solution offers lapless turning.

Rubber tracks can be put on the Neva Walk tractor for about 28,000 rubles.

If a driver’s seat is installed, you can bring the design closer to a Caterpillar mini-tractor. If the design lacks the ability to add a driver’s seat, however, it will cost somewhat less.

Despite the weakened functionality, such cross-country vehicles work quietly in winter conditions. They confidently overcome both off-road and snowy lanes. A big problem is the relatively high structures. Often they struggle with them, trying to make tracks with their own hands.

A sharp mowing or some lawn and hedge care tips

independent work

Experts advise to try yourself first

Make a track out of an ordinary conveyor belt. It will only be necessary to supplement it with a roller chain. The tools required are limited.

To make the conveyor belt work as long as possible, the edges are stitched with a fishing line in 1 cm increments.

Preparation of the flow from the belt is done by stitching at the ends or by using a loop.

How thick the conveyor belt should be, all owners determine for themselves. The thickness is usually chosen depending on the load on the device. In most cases, it is recommended to choose structures no thinner than 0.7 cm. It is also necessary to put 1 auxiliary wheel on each side. You can take wheels from cars, but their diameter will be arbitrary.

Sometimes you can hear that caterpillars for walks are made from car tires. However, in order for the design to be reliable enough, you need to choose these tires carefully. The most suitable products are those removed from tractors or heavy vehicles. Such tires have an optimal tread pattern. It should be remembered that cutting tracks for tracks is quite a long and tedious work, but you can’t do without it.

The cutting is done with a carefully sharpened cobbler knife. Experienced people always keep a bucket of soapy water nearby: a single knife there occasionally makes the work easier. Cutting sidewalls out of tires is easy with a fine-toothed jigsaw. Very hard tires need to be freed from the reinforcing inner elements.

Sticks made this way cannot be longer than the length of the tire.

What is better to buy?

The history of self-made tracks shows that making them is not as easy as it seems. Therefore, the vast majority of people still buy ready-made products. Many farmers and residents of country houses prefer caterpillar kits under the brand name “Sam”.

It is important to remember that each product line is designed exclusively for a specific brand of walker.

No need to worry about installation: everything is described in detail in the instructions to the walker motors and crawler kits. And for technically savvy people, everything is intuitive. Walkers with a triangular contour are popular for sure. Your advantage is the increased stability in the longitudinal plane.

Experts always recommend considering:

What height of snow cover the tracks are designed for;

what the capacity and slushiness is;

what is the carrying capacity (taking into account the behavior of the tractor crawler and its application);

The planned speed of movement.

About how to make tracks for a recreational tractor, see the following video.

Homemade caterpillars mounted on a recreational tractor

Starting the review of caterpillar modules to walking tractors, I want to say that these attachments justify themselves not only during agricultural work. The modules are no less relevant in winter, when walking on snow-covered terrain is quite problematic.

  • Caterpillar-driven engine unit can be used throughout the year. Operation is relevant when:
  • Skilled work on heavy or swampy soils;
  • clearing areas of snow with a snowplow attachment;
  • Transportation of goods through impassable areas;
Daewoo DLM 5100 Benzingasmäher - Owner review and feedback

And also as a vehicle for winter fishing or hunting.

  • The main advantage of Caterpillar vehicles is the following:
  • better traction on the ground, which means better cross-country capability;
  • greater stability of the unit due to a more even weight distribution;
  • ability to work with a variety of attachments;

Quick conversion of wheel drive to track drive and vice versa.

We suggest you watch a video about caterpillar tractors with manual drive:

How to make tracks on a manual crawler tractor with your own hands

  • In order to assemble homemade chains for a hand-powered tractor, you will need the following tools:
  • welding machines;
  • drill;
  • Electric jigsaw;
  • A jigsaw;
  • Standard tool kit (pliers, wrenches, screwdriver);
  • Knife;
  • Grinding Bundles;


There are different ideas on how to make tracks yourself. One is to make a track drive from a conveyor belt and roller chain. Making the track involves stitching together the sides of the chain and the belt. This can be done both on the machine and by hand. The thickness of the belt should be chosen according to the capacity of the single axle tractor. A thicker belt (7 to 15 mm) is required for a heavy hand tractor.

There is also a technique for producing tracks from automobile tires.

Crawler platform, types, modifications

  • These devices are produced by both domestic companies and foreign manufacturers. In this regard, there are many modifications that differ from each other:
  • inform;
  • according to the principle of installation;

according to the method of use.

Forms of modules

  1. Of the variety of models, two main forms can be distinguished:
  2. Rectangular axial;

Triangular toothed.

  • Axial mounts consist of:
  • Platform;
  • Axis;
  • Four roles;
  • two gears;

two tracks.

The platform is attached to the single axle tractor with screw connections. Four rollers are attached to the underside of the axle. The rollers create the necessary chain tension. Two gears on either side of the track, falling into the slot, drive the platform in motion.

  • The triangular transmission reinforcement consists of the following elements (for each track separately):
  • main equipment;
  • rigid frame;
  • 8 rollers;

Crawler chain.

The large triangle gears are assembled on an axle that comes from the tractor gearbox with manual control. The rollers are attached to the bottom of the rigid frame; they are arranged in pairs on both edges of the rail. This design allows for the necessary tensioning of the track during movement. By unlocking the differential, the manually controlled tractor can perform various maneuvers – turning, turning, etc.

This is important to know!

  1. Once you have decided to buy (or make your own) a track drive for the hand-held tractor, you need to consider the following properties of the attachment:
  2. Optimal speed of the hand tractor on the cup chain. Powerful models can offer a speed of 18 to 20 km / h.
  3. Stability of the attached equipment. In most cases, buy models with a load capacity of 200 kg, but each owner of equipment has the right to choose and select this property, taking into account the performance of the engine of the motoblock, for their needs.
  4. The maximum permissible height of snow masses (if you want to use the attached equipment and hand tractor as a snowmobile). The main limiter is the height of the engine. With modern attachments, you can easily move through snow up to 50 cm in height.
Kamaz-43118. Properties and description. Care recommendations, owners reviews

The allowable amount of liquid mud and water is also between 45 and 50 cm, the reason is the same – the height of the engine.

  1. To ensure the duration of operation and functionality of all elements of the module, it is necessary to perform the following activities regularly (before and after each trip):
  2. Check the track fastening before the trip.
  3. Check the tension of the bale.
  4. Check reliability of fastening elements.
  5. Pay attention to the integrity of the tracks and the condition of the tracks.

Regularly lubricate all moving units and parts of the track structure.

Manufacturer of crawler equipment for NEVA

  • Currently, the market offers a large number of different tracks. All of them are similar in design, but may differ in the size of the track belt, the number of rollers, the quality of materials and operating principle. They can be attributed to the domestic mobile units of domestic production:
  • Lynx;
  • ants;


Products of the manufacturer Talon and its models are obliged to foreign models: Talon 380, Talon WT and others.

  1. All of these models are simple and reliable in operation. However, for a long and proper operation, you should follow a few simple rules:
  2. Periodically check the degree of tension on the track belt. If it becomes loose, retighten it immediately.
  3. All gears and rollers should be regularly lubricated for smooth tensioning.

Visually check the condition of the caterpillar module before each outing.

The Caterpillar module is ideal for any surface, including asphalt:


  • A caterpillar attachment for a recreational tractor is not as complicated a design as you might have thought before. It can be made from improvised materials, incorporating a welding machine and some fixtures (tools). In homemade attachments, the tracks can be made from the following materials:
  • Chains;
  • Belt with a wedge-shaped profile;
  • Truck tires;


Choosing the appropriate drawing for the future construction, it is necessary to consider and ensure the convenience of mounting and dismounting the camping console. The whole work lasts no more than 10-20 minutes. The second criterion is the ease of assembly, because the tractor operator must assemble the attachment himself.

We offer you a scheme with a four-calf engine a-Blo k-adapter:

Pay attention to the weight of the future attachment: the higher the performance of the block engine, the heavier the attachment can be; If the engine is low, the attachment should be as light as possible.

Air heater - which model to choose?

How a homemade behavior track looks and works – we offer a video:

How to create a track module for a walking tractor with my own hands?

Material costs for making a crawler with their own hands is much lower than buying ready-made devices. Therefore, you can try to assemble it yourself.

Usually this unit works by installing an additional pair of wheels and connecting to the track with a belt.

  • Here are the most common variants of such models:

Making car tires.

  • In this case, everything turns out to be a solid width. Often they have to be adjusted to the right size by hand. This is a time-consuming procedure. However, the final version retains a solid model.

Massive Strap Rooms.

  • This is a very simple option if several primary supports are connected by a strap. This design is simple to make, but not reliable enough. After all, the connecting strap often tears.

Chains with steel plates

  • This is a very cheap version of the “Caterpillar”, and anyone can make it. After all, consumables are almost always on hand.

Conveyor belt and sleeve tank with rollers

This option is the most popular. It can be used in any season. This type of track module is very simple to make, but the connections are not very reliable.

Choose an option based on the functions that the track module performs and the power of your undercarriage.

For small capacities, simple designs that can withstand standard loads can be used. But for more powerful units, stronger models should be used.

Materials and tools needed

  1. There are several options for making caterpillars for motor-blocks for independent production. To the most famous can be attributed the following:
  2. From autoworkers. In this case, it is necessary to have in stock tires from large trucks or tractors to work. A tractor with a gearbox with a reducer is also needed. If we talk about tools, it is necessary to prepare a grinder, drill, screwdriver, welder, sliding tape and fasteners.

From the conveyor belt. The thickness of the belt depends on the characteristics of the motor unit. You will also need thick fishing line for the work. As for tools, you should prepare a sturdy shoemaker knife, a welder and a milling machine.

When choosing the materials used to make the tracks, it is advisable to consider that it should not be very important. If this is not taken into account, the engine of the device of small power will not be able to cope with the large weight of the tracks.

Advantages and disadvantages of a track engine unit

  1. The presence of caterpillars on a motor block of this type completely expands its functionality. Of the advantages of such equipment, the following can be highlighted:
  2. Increased speed.
  3. The crawler moves steadily.
  4. Force of pressure of tracks on the floor decreases.
  5. Can move through the swamp.
Daewoo DABC 420 Gas Lawnmower - trimmer test, owner reviews

The maneuverability of the machine increases.

In addition to the advantages, the technique on the crawler has some disadvantages. For example, when the tracks are high, there are difficulties during movement.

The design of the Raupillar module

There are currently two ways to build a track module. What is your design and function?

The first option.

The track module is an axle. At the end of this axis are connected 4 rollers. These rollers serve to load the track belt.

Track module for NEVA power tillers

There are 2 gears on the left and right edges that go into the track slots and serve to get the tracks and module in motion. The gears move horizontally with a special frame that is secured with screws after installation.

A pinion with gears is welded to the shaft on one side.

The pivoting gear drives the entire track set by means of a chain.

The caterpillar belt has a V – shaped use. These are to be determined by the tip of the V in the movement of the undercarriage.

Second option.

This design has something different. Instead of wheels, the axle has a large gear and the frame has 8 rollers (two on each side of the belt). You keep the caterpillar belt taut, and the Neva walking tractor moves without interruption.

The Caterpillar attachment is sold ready-made. This means there is no need to assemble it on site. And you can eliminate surges due to improper assembly.

Exploded looks and works like this NEVA Walk behavior crawler. Take a look at the video:

Homemade Motorcycle Crawler

Among the house making, track making is very common and making car tires. For this purpose, tires are selected with a suitable tread pattern selected from trucks.

To make such a track, you need to cut the sides of the tire and leave a running track. This is quite labor-intensive work, requiring a good stock of patience, as a sharpened shoemaker knife is used.

To make the job easier, you can occasionally moisten the knife blade with a soapy solution to cut the rubber faster. One option is to use a homemade cutter or use an electric planer with a fine-toothed file.

If the tread proves to be too stiff, you can remove the extra layers of rubber in the resulting ring. If the tread pattern is not suitable for the operating conditions, a new floor surface structure is cut.

The undoubted advantage of the domestic tire track over the conveyor belt track, inherently closed circuit and, as a consequence, reliability. The disadvantage of this bead is the limited width of the part, which can be corrected by using the Dual in Width option.

Ribbon caterpillars.

This option for making a track is attractive because of its relative simplicity. It involves joining the belts with wedge-shaped profiles into one piece using screws or rivets, transferring the bottoms attached to the belts from the bottom.

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