Caterpillar D9R Bulldozer – Description and Features

Caterpillar D9R Bulldozer (Caterpillar)

Caterpillar D9R represents the category of heavy bulldozers. American brand introduced the model model in 1954, the first versions of the machine came out a little later. The modern Caterpiller D9R is a profound modernization of the classic Buldozer D9.

The model was widely used in the 1960s, when the Israeli army needed heavy machines for construction works and evacuation of the population. The Cat D9R began its development from the front, where the machine proved itself from the best side. Initially the trucks received an armored cab, hydraulic and engine roof, but in 2000 the modification with additional armor was premiered. Weight increased to 65 000 kg and the probability of threat was minimized (bulldozer was hit even by RPG).

The transformation made the Kat D9R very effective in combat conditions, which led to its wide application. The machine was used to clear high-explosive munitions and evacuate damaged equipment. At the same time bulldozer had a stable demand not only during the war. Caterpillar D9R showed its effectiveness in extinguishing fires, demolition, land clearing from debris and forest. At the same time, the model was not intended for swampy terrain or floors with high humidity.

Another application of the machine was in the mining industry. The bulldozer was also used in the following areas:

  • Working with soils of categories 1-3 (standard mining);
  • Transportation, unloading and loading materials;
  • Work in agriculture and forestry.


Modifications and features

Cateller D9R is a modified variation of the classic model of the category D9. Global improvements have included protection of the equipment and individual components, which increases performance and service life. This bulldozer has only one modification.

The first CA T-D9R model received armor protection of several elements (cabin, engine compartment and hydraulic system). In 2000, a version with an improved degree of protection appeared, which became a “tru-tank”, increased efficiency and significantly increased safety. Such changes were delivered only by special order.

Characteristics of the CAT model D9R:

  • one of the brand’s heaviest products;
  • Low maintenance and operating costs;
  • Increased ruggedness and reliability;
  • High tractive power to handle demanding applications;
  • Low fuel consumption;
  • Resistant to aggressive environments.



  • Length – 8100 mm;
  • Width – 4500 mm;
  • Height – 4000 mm;
  • Width of space – 2250 mm;
  • Street freedom – 507 mm.

The technique is capable of moving backwards at speeds up to 11.9 km/h – up to 14.7 km/h. The operating weight of the Bulldozer is 48784 kg, and the tractive force on the hook is 71600 kg.

The main equipment – grader blade with a capacity of 13.5 cubic meters (length – 4310 mm, height – 1930 mm). Maximum loading height is 1010 mm, maximum depth is 1420 mm.

Design and operating functions

The CAT D9R is based on a strong supporting frame, which is represented by an improved frame with heavily rolled longitudinal members. Cast-steel components are available for increased durability. Due to the unique design of the crankcase, it is possible to install a significant height of the side gear, which reduces the contamination, the risk of mechanical damage and corrosion. The frame is made of a closed rectangular profile.

An articulated balance beam and a rocker axle are used to optimize the positioning of the body in the room. Excellent stability is also achieved by the large mass of the dozer blade stabilizer, which eliminates the need for diagonal spacers.

The bulldozer uses full suspension and enlarged drive wheels for smooth operation and increased traction. Special bogie design reduces ground pressure by 15%. Rollers are mounted on tubular frames, which means they cannot bend or twist. Additional reinforcements are available in areas of high stress.

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The gearbox is a 6-speed mechanical type planetary gearbox with the same number of front and rear speeds. The main advantage of the gearbox is the ability to distribute loads among a large number of gears. Spiral bevel and bevel gears are mounted in the rear crankcase, and the noise level in the cabin is reduced. Thanks to the transmission’s block design, you won’t have to buy gears and gears for repair.

The transmission includes a torque divider that is exhausted at a 3-to-1 ratio. Most of the output is delivered through a drive valve to the hydraulic system. The transfer case provides the necessary performance during operation.

The D9R’s reliable, load-sensing track-mounted hydraulic system makes the most of its functionality. Reversible hydraulic group is responsible for rational distribution of services.

The bulldozer is used with the following equipment:

  • Front dozer blades: SU (semi-universal) and U (universal);
  • Ground stabilizer is used to increase the accuracy of work with the load;
  • Earthmoving units: single and multistage with the function of setting the depth from the cabin.

The Cateller D9R cab is impressive in size. Basic equipment includes ROPS and FOPS safety systems.

Cab benefits:

  • Dampers absorb vibration and noise, allowing you to work in maximum comfort.
  • Low rear window location increases control area over the ripper;
  • Wiper switches and door lock lever are mounted on the steering wheel.
  • Availability of a first-aid kit in the base;
  • Side areas can be inspected through the door glass.
  • Availability of holes for containers, converter, antennas and speakers as standard;
  • Comfortable seat with multiple settings.

The operating mode of the KAT D9R is set automatically. Operation of the bulldozer is maximally simplified, the driver can perform the main processes with one hand. To turn, a tracked braking system or manual elements (steering wheel and lever) are used. The control system continuously analyzes machine operation, processes data from various sensors and ensures timely unloading.

The D9R Cateler has the following operation and maintenance functions:

  • The taps that drain the cooler and hydraulic tank are at the best point for these operations.
  • The machine requires regular refilling if used over a long period of time. A full tank is enough for 2-3 work layers (no more than 22 hours).
  • Quick-disconnect fittings allow for quick diagnostics;
  • Machine is controlled from the cab.


“The heart” of the caterpillar D9R is an engine of its own production (model – 3408e). The unit meets EU, JMOC and EPA standards for emissions. As an option, a system of direct fuel supply to the combustion chamber is available. The basic version of the engine includes a turbocharger and a cooler. Electronic mode settings and fuel optimization improve efficiency and environmental performance.

Features of the Capillar 3408E powertrain:

  • high torque;
  • electronic protection in cold weather;
  • low number of connections;
  • State-of-the-art features in long-lasting operation;
  • Chromed steel valve stems reduce thermal deformation and wear;
  • Cylinder block made of gray cast iron contributes to increased resistance to tensile forces.

The optional Heui system acts as an on-board computer and allows for real-time monitoring of the machine’s condition.

Caterpillar 3408e Engine Features:

  • Working volume – 18 liters;
  • Rated power – 354 (474) kW (hp);
  • Rated speed – 1900 rpm;
  • Number of cylinders – 8.

Per hour of work, the bulldozer consumes about 40 liters of fuel. The fuel tank capacity is 908 liters.

It is difficult to buy a new Caterpillar D9R bulldozer on the Russian market. The cost of versions without mileage starts from 22 to 26 million rubles.

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There are almost no used offers, and price tags range from 8.5 to 17 million rubles.

Cat D9R Bulldozer

Caterpillar D9R bulldozer belongs to the category of heavy tractors, which are equipped with crawler tracks. The prototype of this machine came off the assembly line in 1954, after a while a modified model – D9R was released. Modern special construction machines have improved engine protection, and improved models D9R are available with redundancy.

Photo of Caterpillar D9r

Caterpillar D9R photo


The main application for the Caterpillar D9R dozer is in the mining industry. The bulldozer is also ideal for demanding work in agriculture, forestry, quarries and construction of large buildings and structures. As standard, the machine is equipped with an impressive width front blade and rear loose box. With their help, the technique efficiently copes with transportation, loading and unloading of materials, land leveling, garbage collection, earthworks, etc. When working on the floors relaxation is not yet needed (except category IV floors). In the development of the latter provides for the use of standard mining.

In addition, the high performance of the machine is determined if it is used for demolition of construction devices, scaffolding removal and as auxiliary equipment for firefighting.

Photo of Cat D9r

Features and benefits

The excellent performance of the a-D9R crawler bulldozer is due to the advantages of the machine, such as reliability, strength and durability. It is also worth noting the low operating costs, low fuel consumption and resistance to corrosive environments. The bulldozer has a large size and high durability, and is popular all over the world.

Large construction organizations prefer these machines because of their high productivity, cost-effectiveness and efficiency. The choice of machine model is of great importance, among which the best model with changeable class and rear locker is the d9r. The bulldozer is one of the company’s most serious products.

Specifications and dimensions

One of the specifications of the CAT D9R is the power of the power plant, which is 474 hp. It provides a pull of 71.6 tons. This machine consumes about 40 liters of fuel per hour (the figure depends on the mode of operation). Therefore, the installation of a 908-liter diesel engine tank is provided.

The grader blade has a capacity of 13.5 m 3 of working material, which can be soil, construction materials and other cargo. Maximum speed of the machine is 14.7 km / h in reverse and 11.9 km / h in forward movement.

The characteristics of the D9R crawler also include the size of the machine and working bodies. The technique is characterized by dimensions of 8.1 x 4.5 m 4 m. In this case, the front attachment has a width of 4.31 m and a height of 1.93 m. The maximum trench depth is 1.42 m and the maximum loading height is 1.01 m.

Caterpillar d9r dimensions


The CAT D9R engine is an in-house produced unit, model 3408e, characterized by 354 kW. The unit has a capacity of 18 liters. The durability and reliability of the unit is determined by the complex operation of the control point with the ability to control under load and torque divider.

The engine meets modern requirements for the quality of exhaust gases (EU, EPA, JMOC). Depending on the customer’s wishes, the model may not be equipped with a system of direct combustion mixture feeding into the combustion chamber. The standard equipment includes a cooler and turbocharger. This guarantees performance when operating under conditions. A small amount of smoke during engine operation is ensured by the CAT D9R’s optimized fuel consumption and electronic mode settings.

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Every component of the powertrain has features such as reliability, durability and longevity. This is due to the mechanized manufacturing and assembly process, meticulous dimensional alignment and quality assurance of the parts. The standard equipment includes electronic protection when starting in winter. The advantages of the engine include:

  • low number of connections;
  • high torque for efficient operation under heavy loads;
  • The cylinder block is made of gray cast iron, resistant to tensile forces and equipped with 4-pin heads.
  • Long term stability of the D9 R-KAT;
  • elimination of opening due to permanent coating of the block valves and smooth synchronous rotation;
  • Chromium-based valves are available to reduce wear and thermal distortion.

As an option, the engine can be fitted with the HEUI system, which acts as an on-board computer. With its help, the driver can monitor the condition of the car at any time.

The volume of the engine cooling system is 125 liters.


The CAT D9R bulldozer is based on a robust load-bearing frame that does not transfer dynamic loads to the machine or the operator. To increase durability, there are steel casting elements as well as numbers obtained by rolling. The gears are mounted at a considerable height due to the unique design of the main crankcase. This reduces their contamination, corrosion and mechanical damage. A closed rectangular profile is used to construct the frame.

A pivoting axle and a pivoting beam for the balancer are necessary to optimize the position of the supporting structure in space and ensure smooth movement. Timely lubrication is essential for proper operation of the mechanisms. It is produced by a single lubrication point, the plug of which is located on the left side of the engine compartment. Pins, end joints, bearings and balancers are lubricated through it.

The stability of the equipment is ensured by the high weight of the D9R track. Important role is played by the blade stabilizer, which increases maneuverability and digging force, and ensures the bulldozer is balanced on any foundation. The stabilizer eliminates the need for diagonal braces. This is due to the lateral force being transmitted directly to the supporting structure instead of the moving parts.


The CAT D9R crawler has a 6-speed mechanical planetary gearbox, which has the same number of gears for forward and reverse travel. Its advantage is the ability to distribute the load between a large number of gears, while transferring the control point to one gear with an intermediate shaft.

Bevel and spiral gears are mounted in the rear crankcase, as this significantly reduces noise in the cab.

A torque switch is provided to improve the efficiency of the powertrain. Its function is to divide the torque in a 3/1 ratio. In this case, most of the power is transmitted through the hydraulic system and less is connected directly to the drive shaft. The transfer case guarantees performance and the ability to operate in second speed for a variety of tasks.

The a-D9R crawler bulldozer has enlarged drive wheels and full suspension for increased traction and smoother movement. At the same time, dynamic impacts from the load carrying structure on the side gears, axles and control systems are not bound, which are unrecoverable mechanical impacts. This provides for increased efficiency and duration of non-phase movement.

The special design of the carriage reduces the pressure on the base by 15%, eliminates belt slippage, rationally distributes the bulldozer’s weight and ensures smooth movement. The rollers are mounted on a tubular frame, which prevents them from twisting or bending. Additional reinforcement is provided in the areas of the highest stress.

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The roller guards are needed to reduce the amount of aggressive substances entering the undercarriage and to reduce wear and tear. It is equipped with rubber inserts.

hydraulic system

The excellent properties of the CAT D9R dozer are achieved in particular by the installation of a high and reliable hydraulic system. Depending on the load on the implement, it can be adjusted automatically. The hydraulic system includes a return hydraulic circuit from the main equipment to the hydraulic pump. This guarantees a rational distribution of power depending on the selected job.

The hydraulic system contains 77 liters of fluid.

Operator’s cabin

Due to the impressive size of the Caterpillar D9R it is possible to install a more comfortable and roomy cabin. Safety systems, including FOPS and ROPS, are installed as standard. Noise levels in the cab have been significantly reduced for comfort and reduced fatigue.

Cab benefits include:

  • Front window activation and separation, door locking lever, soft-touch dashboard;
  • Connector and converter that is available on the front panel, mounts and holes for containers and cups, speakers and antenna;
  • The bulldozer is equipped with the first kit in the basic assembly.
  • Provisions are made to install dampers to absorb intoxication and vibration.
  • Comfortable, adaptable seat that doesn’t restrict movement and reduces fatigue.
  • Excellent visibility of the cab through uniquely designed hood, recessed fuel tank and narrow rear implement frame;
  • The reduced rear window position allows you to control the Looser functionality.
  • Door glazing is provided for viewing the side areas.

Control System

Caterpillar D9R fuel consumption depends on the mode of operation, which is automatically set by the bulldozer.

As standard, controls such as the brake system, on the side clutches and as a lever to determine the direction of movement and speed are installed. Easy operation is due to the ability to manipulate by hand. Manual controls (lever and rudder) can be used when turning, as well as a brake system for the left and right tracks.

Automated control system of Katerpillar D9R bulldozer provides continuous monitoring of the state of the equipment, which guarantees timely detection of problems and their elimination in the shortest possible time. The system processes signals from temperature sensors, pressure indicators, data on the status of electrical networks and the degree of filter pollution.

Easy operation and maintenance

The bulldozer transmission is easy to maintain. The modular design ensures that components are replaced quickly. No need to buy gears and sprockets when repairing the gearbox. Due to the high accuracy of these products, they are unified and interchangeable.

Before you buy a Caterpillar D9R, you should familiarize yourself with other advantages of the machine. This is the installation of the transmission oil tank, which is not connected to the onboard transmission tanks. At the same time, this design eliminates contamination of all systems and allows you to change oil separately in each system.

The filter is screwed onto the fuel system components and the engine itself. This reduces downtime for changing these components. Almost all electrical connections are sealed in the form of tugs, which reduces contamination and wetting during insertion.

Fluid drain valves for the hydraulic tank, radiator, and other components are installed to provide maximum comfort and safety when changing fluids.

Quick and accurate diagnosis of the hydraulic system is possible thanks to the installation of quick couplings. The large capacity of the fuel tank means you don’t have to refuel during the entire shift. The fuel tank is equipped with a shut-off device, when the pressure value exceeds the permissible value, this prevents overfilling of the tank.

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Technical characteristics of the Cat D9R bulldozer also depend on the work tools that are used for a particular type of work. The versatility of the machine is due to the large number of additional equipment, which does not take much time to replace.

The dozer blades are durable, rigid, with a box section in the frame and high-strength steel in the construction of the blades. This makes it suitable for any kind of application.

  1. The dozer blade in ball form is characterized by high load capacity, which is used for long-distance transportation of bulky loads.
  2. Hemispherical dozer blade is used when working with very dense materials when digging force is not enough.
  3. The blade tilt system is responsible for the angle of the front attachment.
  4. Blades and ledges are made of high strength steel. Use in very difficult conditions.
  5. Special purpose dozer blade for narrow profile and high complexity operations.

You can buy Cat D9R with different types of rippers. Single-support model is used in difficult working conditions and at great digging depth. The operator does not have to leave the cab to set the tool and parameters. Multi-pillar model is used in light duty applications and guarantees high productivity by setting 1-3 tines.

blade capacity 3.89m3
inclinometer width 4496.0 mm
Direct blade capacity 5.89m3
straight blade width 4545,0 mm
blade capacity 6.86m3
Hemispherical blade width 3693,0 mm
Maximum penetration 85,0 kN
Tilt adjustment, ripper down – reverse 10.0 degrees
Tilt adjustment, ripper down – forward 15,0 degrees
Breaking effort 176.6 kN
Maximum depth 748.0 mm
total beam width 2210.0 mm

The CapSure system is used to secure the tooth on the back of the implement and includes a device to support the shank guard parts. This ensures reduced downtime for work equipment changes, ease of operation and operator comfort.

Rear counterweights are installed when bulldozer tasks are performed, and there is a need to reduce the time to install them. Specialists recommend installing them when there is no ripper.


The price of the Caterpillar D9R is much higher than that of its prototype, the D9 model. The latter has undergone significant changes, all systems in it have been improved, components have been optimized, and interconnection between components has been adjusted. The result was a machine with a high degree of protection, increased life and high performance parameters.

After that another modification appeared – an armored tractor. At first there was only the engine compartment, hydraulic system and cab behind the armor. Then there were some more changes, and the weight of the bulldozer increased to 65 tons. Despite this, the technique copes with all tasks and has an impressive speed. This change can be purchased only by special order.

Cost of new and used

The price of the new Cat D9R bulldozer is at least 20 million rubles. The last shift costs more than 25 million rubles. It is quite difficult to buy this equipment, given its small volumes on the Russian market, as well as its high cost. Caterpillar D9R is used, it costs about 8.5-15 million rubles.

It is possible to rent a machine for an hour for 1500-3500 rubles.


Among the analogues of the CAT D9R bulldozer, it is worth noting Komatsu D275A, which is slightly inferior in power, but differs in a lower cost.

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