Caterpillar D6R Bulldozer – description and characteristics

CAT D6R Bulldozer

The CAT D6R bulldozer belongs to the class of special construction machines for outdoor work. It will be equipped with reinforced units and parts, the creation of which was based on previous experience and modern technology. This has given the tractor such characteristics as performance and efficiency. It is designed to perform excavation work of varying complexity, used in heavy and mining industry, utilities and agriculture.

Photo of Cat D6R

features and benefits

Due to the excellent undercarriage characteristics, the tractor can be used on unstable ground with high viscosity and moisture content. The tracked base is responsive to the operator, and the hydraulics are precise. Also, the main advantages of the Caterpillar D6R bulldozer include reliability, productivity, efficiency and low cost. The standard equipment is equipped with a fairly voluminous working body, which transports a large amount of material.

technical specifications and dimensions

The high performance of the Cat D6R dozer is based on innovation combined with proven solutions. Crawler drive reduces the pressure on the base, it is now 0.35 kg/cm2. At the same time, the machine weight is 18.67 tons.

fuel tank 424L.
hydraulic tank 51.5L
outlet pressure 69 bar
pump capacity 217 l/min
length 5.6m
Wide 3.3m
height 3.9m
wheelbase length 2.66m
track 1.88 m
sight 0.38m

Main general characteristics include:

The unit is capable of remaining operational in ambient temperatures from t-50 to +50 degrees.


130 kW or 175 hp and a displacement of 8.8 liters is installed as standard, and it consumes about 16.5 liters of diesel fuel per hour of operation. The fuel tank has a capacity of 424 liters, which allows to work for a long time without refueling. Shaft speed is 2000 rpm.

Cat D6R Bulldozer is equipped with a single-row six-cylinder engine C9 (d = 112 mm) of its own production. It is equipped with a hydraulic drive and electronic fuel system. The device has an advanced Acert system, which doses the amount of diesel fuel, controls it electronically and regulates the quality of cooling, which has a positive effect on its work.

Exhaust quality meets Stage IIIa international standards. The engine can run on low-quality fuel, is repairable, has a simple, but reliable design. The main characteristics of the engine are:

  • The presence of an additional fan, which reduces fuel consumption by 4% and increases performance by 3%;
  • grille mounted in front of the radiator protecting the engine compartment from dust;
  • high quality brass tubing connections and thick-walled manifold that prevents leaks;
  • The modular design of the radiator of the Cat D6R bulldozer, which guarantees high speed of repair, also contributes positively to this factor, as there is a service indicator on the side wall for service work.
  • electronic control and diagnostic system;
  • the presence of an intercooler, which increases the efficiency and durability of the engine;
  • electronic fuel system, which makes the machine economical.


The advantages of the equipment include not only high technical characteristics of the Caterpillar D6R, but also durability. It is able to withstand high moments and dynamic shocks due to forged elements in the design.

The frame 3 is capable of reducing the force of shocks during driving and dynamic impacts. The front cross members are welded to withstand torsional loads. The body is cast, which has also had a positive effect on durability. The VPAT frame is equipped with side rails and a PTO shaft mount, through which the load from the implement is transmitted.

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The kingpin is also bolted to the main structure and connected to the rear rollers. It evenly distributes the stress caused by dynamic forces, thereby greatly reducing it. In addition, diagonal brackets can be dispensed with in this design.

Movement of the Cat D6R dozer roller frames is leveled by a special rod. With this technique is characterized by high traction, driving comfort and minimal vibrations in the cabin.


The shoes are hardened to ensure long, trouble-free operation. Differential control system guarantees power distribution to the undercarriage when the tracks rotate at different speeds when turning. The track chain is characterized by high precision. The front guide roller has a long service life compared to its predecessors, its service life has been doubled. The same applies to the guide rollers and sprockets.

Maneuverability of the equipment allows you to overcome any obstacles. A planetary gearing is installed as standard and can be controlled under load. It has 3 forward gears and 3 reverse gears. The transmission of Caterpillar D6R tractor includes clutch with oil cooling system. The transfer case provides maximum operating power and is used as a hydrodynamic element transferring power from the engine to the transmission. It has a block design, which ensures high speed of maintenance and simplicity.

The Caterpillar D6R undercarriage has a wider track, which provides stability on any surface and facilitates turning. It can be equipped with larger width shoe, if it is not a modification LGP VPAT.

hydraulic system

The engine power is transmitted to the implement for maximum output. In this case, the engine rotates at 2120 rpm. The unit requires a higher shaft speed of 2440 revolutions in the same time interval to control the unit.

The hydraulic tank holds 51.5 liters of fluid.

driver’s cab

The basic assembly includes not only the installation of basic mechanisms and units, but also a radio with two speakers and an antenna, as well as air conditioning. Work safety is due to the high visibility. Tapered hood, improved shape of the fuel tank, narrow single-caterpillar track provide good visibility of the working area. Large windows give a clear view of the blade and sides. The rear view mirror adjustment to a low height allows you to control the position of the ripper.

The D6 R-Kategroverse requires not only high performance, but also operator comfort. The cab has a comfortable seat with adjustment system, raised high cushion and folding edge. Armrests can also be set according to individual parameters. Side support is convenient when working on a slope.

ROPS serves as a safety system. Noise and vibration level is reduced and electrical system for 12 or 24V is installed. The dashboard is equipped with indicators and sensors that show the state of the machine at any given time. They can be seen even in direct sunlight.

control system

The ergonomic layout of the controls increases the quality of work and guarantees the comfort of the operator. The coolod switch is used to change the engine shaft speed when idling, also the brake pedal should be used.

The m-Cateller D6R bulldozer controls include a steering wheel setting. The Differentials control type allows changing direction, steering angle and reference point (gear shifting with a single control handle). There is a special button on the lever for this purpose. This has a positive effect on maneuverability and allows you to use the tractor in conditions of limited space. The machine is equipped with an automatic gearbox which does not distract the operator from his main tasks.

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The refuse collector and looter control levers are hydraulically actuated for easy operation and precise execution of the working operation.

Easy operation and maintenance

For locking the articulated bodies Caterpillar D6R bulldozer uses a Culow switch, operated by an electric drive. This ensures safety and prevents accidental activation.

The power unit oil filter is located directly on the engine for convenience and reduced downtime. It is mounted on the right side. A special device is used for service operations to change the oil, reducing vehicle downtime.

Quick-release interfaces reduce transmission and hydraulic system diagnostics. They are also mounted in the engine compartment on the right side.

Equipment without mounting

The bulldozer can handle loose soil and frozen ground. The standard equipment includes the installation of a straight blade with cross and rotational skew.

You can buy Caterpillar D6R with additional equipment:

  • three-tooth and ripper;
  • middle and side cutting blade;
  • swiveling standard and hemispherical blade with hydraulic transmission;
  • Universal non-condensable straight S type blade with low volume;
  • High-volume hemispherical Su-shoulder.

When installing the VPAT blade, the tractor is used to create a platform for building floors.

Fixed parallelogram slings can work at the depth not more than 0.5 m, with a burial force of 65.6 kN and separation force of 116.5 kN. The width of such a unit is 2.19 m.


LGP – extended base with wide tracks (3 feet), XL – simple extended base, STD – short base.

Cost of new and used

Prices for new CAT D6R are quite high, they are not less than 9 million rubles. The price for a used CAT D6R bulldozer is 4.5 million rubles if it was produced in 06/08 year. When choosing equipment, one should be guided by such parameters as design, equipment set and availability of additional units.

It is possible to rent a machine for 14-16 thousand rubles for one hour.

Analogue of

Caterpillar D6R bulldozer is an analogue of T-17 and T-170 machines, which cost much cheaper, but their technical characteristics are about three times worse than those of their competitors. The counterpart cannot show the same performance when working with a frozen floor.

Cat D6R track planer: technical characteristics

Bulldozer Cat D6R: technical characteristics

Cat D6R is a versatile medium-class bulldozer, which is designed to work on soils of categories I-III and move significant masses of material in large-scale construction work or in quarries and mineral deposits. High level of safety, powerful and modern devices allow you to work successfully with frozen ground or rock. Among the special equipment of medium performance, the Cat D6R bulldozer is a strong competitor and one of the “protagonists” in this market niche.

This model is characterized by years of proven and strengthened design, the presence of advanced technical solutions, precision and sensitivity of control, high profitability, efficiency and profitability.

Larger versions

  • The base model Cat D6R;
  • CAT D6R Series II – 15-tonne version, specially adapted for work in quarries;
  • CAT D6R LGP Series II – modification with operating weight of 21.6 tons, with chains with increased surface area, which allows to work in swampy and wet areas;
  • Cat D6R Series III – dozer with 18.7-ton operating weight;
  • CAT D6R XL Series III – dozer weighing 19.9 tons, equipped with a heavy-duty engine;
  • CAT D6R XW series III – special 20-ton dump version.
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Features and operation

Features of the device and operation

Bearing structure of CAT D6R bulldozer is a solid main frame, which absorbs very high shock loads and torsional momentum. Cast parts guarantee an impressively strong main sump and compensation rod seat. The clever modular design makes it easy to remove and reinstall important components for maintenance and/or overhaul.

The planer warning frame features a welded crossbar and reinforced brake caliper. The main crankcase components are welded. A support bolt bolted to the main frame and connected to the rear bogie frames provides independent bogie swing and optimum distribution of shock loads. The flexible compensating weight attachment allows the cart chain frame to oscillate freely in the vertical plane, thus ensuring stable contact with the floor.

Swivel-bearing pendulum axles connect the main frame to the roller frames and ensure independent movement. This provides exceptional durability and optimum ground clearance. The heavy machine follows the contours of the ground precisely and thereby guarantees maximum traction and comfortable working conditions for the machine operator.


CAT D6R skimmers are equipped with Caterpillar’s own in-line 6-cylinder 4-stroke CAT C9 Acert diesel engine. This engine is equipped with electronic control unit, hydraulic drive, direct fuel injection, lightweight cylinder block design, advanced patented “Heui” fuel system and turbocharging with air-air-cooled rear end. The CAT C9 Acert engine meets international IIIA emission standards. It does not care about the quality of diesel fuel. In one hour of work it consumes about 17 liters of fuel.

The electronic system of diesel fuel injection into the combustion chamber works very accurately and provides moderate fuel consumption for any type of dozer blade. Special software “CAT Electronic Technician” provides full information about the state of the working part, simplifies diagnostics and detection of possible malfunctions.


The CAT D6R engine has a modular radiator design, which simplifies maintenance. You can replace the part you need without time-consuming disassembly. There is a special network at the air inlet to the engine that protects it from contamination. The fan is large and the cooling system consists of aluminum slats. All brass tubing connections are of very high quality. The manifold has thick walls, which eliminates the possibility of leaks.

The single-stage torque converter, which forms the output torque, transfers 70 percent of the engine torque through the torque converter and the remaining 30 percent through the planetary gearbox to increase ground performance.

Some engine specifications:

  • Maximum power (standard) is 169 kW or 230 hp at a crankshaft speed of 1,800 rpm.
  • Nominal net power (standard) – 148 kW or 201.2 hp.
  • Compression ratio – 16.1.
  • Cylinder diameter – 112 mm.
  • Piston stroke – 149 mm.


Electronic planetary gearing, used on other CAT models, has three forward and three reverse gears. Optional automatic shift configuration provides two additional forward speeds. Heavy-duty, large-diameter, oil-cooled clutches are fitted. They provide high torque and longer service life. The modular component structure is specially designed for easy maintenance access.

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Automatic shift mode is available as an option. Automatic shifting allows the tractor to shift down at the right moment depending on the work load for maximum efficiency and economy.


The tractor chassis includes rollers and track rollers, an enlarged integral balancer, a roller with built-in continuous lubrication function, drive chain wheel, chain guard and hydraulic chain tensioner. Each side of the dozer has 39 slabs and 6 street bikes. Ground pressure (ISO 16754) with a straight sign is 62.4 kPa. Total track-to-surface contact area is 6.4 square meters. Space is 203 mm. Standard shoe size is 915 mm.


Turning control is different in that it increases the speed of the crawler belt and decreases the speed of the other. As a result, turning is only precise and fast, even when the bulldozer blade is under maximum load. This provides excellent maneuverability and shorter cycle times, and precise speed control when working on soft ground. The Sat D6R bulldozer chassis uses more than justified solution – high drive and enlarged main star. The bulldozer has a low focus position. The design with an enlarged drive wheel protects the most important components from possible heavy shocks and offers a modular structure that is easy to maintain.

The chassis of the special machine is designed for long-term operation in conditions of constant exposure to abrasive materials and serious impact loads. For example, in the logging industry or when working on side slopes in rocky or rugged terrain.

hydraulic system

The hydraulic system of the SAT D6R dozer has two separate piston pumps for the implement and control circuits (you can move the blade with the steering). This increases accuracy and maneuverability, which is necessary in tight spaces.

D6R hydraulic system has load-dependent control function (variable pump performance for optimum work equipment and maximum efficiency). Working equipment hydraulic pump cycle rate is 203 liters per minute. Lenk hydraulic pump is 199 liters per minute.

Operating equipment

L-shaped push rods have an advantage over diagonal ribs because they bring the blade closer to the vehicle. This guarantees better stability, increased maneuverability and higher blade penetration properties. This design also provides lateral stability and the best positioning of the hydraulic cylinders, where replacement power is maintained regardless of the blade position. The Tsapfa connection design does not require any additional adjustment for tight blade adjustment.

Working Equipment

Bulldozer – Blades for Sat D6R are made of high line steel with multi-section technology. For working in the toughest conditions. This blade is ready to work in the toughest conditions and has a high wear resistance that prevents wear. The cutting edges are also hardened. The bolt-on corner pads provide good ground penetration, can be easily rotated and/or replaced and increase blade life. The company’s range includes half blade, straight blade, and rotary blade, as well as special dozer blades for land clearing and large blade operations.

Working equipment-01

The basic model of CAT D6R dozer is equipped with 3.26 m wide front blade with a volume of 5.61 cubic meters. Rear working equipment of CAT D6R bulldozer is a parallelogram shovel with one or three teeth and curved or straight legs. The design has a minimum number of lubrication points to reduce maintenance and increase service life. Ripper length – 2.202 m; Maximum penetration – 500 mm. You can also equip the bulldozer with rear counterweights (for better balance on steep terrain); towing and recovery hitch; winch; bumpers (rear and front).

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Additional special configurations

The CAT D6R bulldozer can be additionally equipped with special equipment for working in specific conditions and solving specific tasks. For example, additional shields and shields protect the cab, roof and sides of the special machine used in the forest industry.

Reversible fan (to regulate air flow through the radiator); battery and alternator adapted to the cold; double-glazed cabin with electric seat heating; one-piece hood with additional protection against ice and snow; seals and oils specially designed for extremely low temperatures are provided for continuous work in severe cold weather.

Additional special configurations

Special shields are available for the bulldozer working with waste in the landfill; Splash guards and gaskets to protect the special vehicle from dirt, impact, negative environmental impacts; Cooling system and heat shield for working in dusty environments; Special air treatment functions before it is fed into the machine; Special landfill site for storing waste; Running shoes with holes in the middle.

Additional technical data in numbers

Dimensions (in basic version):

  • Length – 5.6 m;
  • Width – 3,3 m;
  • Height – 3.9 m;
  • Wheelbase – 2.664 m;
  • ground clearance – 0,383 m;
  • track width – 1.88 m;
  • track width – 0,56 m.


  • diesel fuel tank – 424 l;
  • cooling system – 59,4 l;
  • engine crankcase – 28 l;
  • transmission – 146 l;
  • on-board gears – 13,5 l;
  • ram rollers – 24.6 l;
  • hydraulic tank – 51.5 l;
  • Pendulum axles – 5 liters.

CAT D6R bulldozer cabin

The bulldozer cab has been redesigned and is equipped with an integrated rollover protection system (ROPS) and a Falling Object Protective System (FOPS). The ROPS provides a good working environment with full all-round visibility, low noise level, and sealed components with excellent dust protection. The standard driver’s seat is spring-loaded, has 8 adjustments and adjustable armrests, and can be moved 15 degrees. The seat has a seat belt with a retractable pulley that is 76 mm wide. The cab is equipped with a powerful and productive heater and air conditioning.

The bulldozer cabin was d6r

The dashboard is extremely simple and easy to use. Diesel fuel level, engine crankshaft speed, transmission oil, hydraulic oil and engine coolant temperature gauges are all displayed.

The CAT Electronic Monitoring System warns with light and/or sound signals of restricted air supply to the engine intake manifold, transmission or fuel filter failure, or water in the diesel fuel.

The operating equipment and application controls are easy to use. They feature good ergonomics for easy operation. Only one lever is needed to switch direction and gears. The control lever guarantees high precision in confined spaces, near buildings, other machines and other obstacles to the facility. Gear shift control is a push button; Crankshaft speed is a rotating school disc.

The cost of the “Bulldozer” was sitting in Russia.The cost of the bulldozer was sitting in Russia

A new Sat D6R bulldozer costs about twenty million rubles. There are only a few used versions on the market, and they do not cost a lot in all regions of Russia and the CIS. A used bulldozer of this model from 2010-2014 edition is offered for 12 to 16 million rubles. The production of the early 2000s is from 6 to 10 million rubles.

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