Caterpillar 428F Excavator – description and properties

Caterpillar 428f Excavator

The main application of the Caterpillar 428F excavator is the mining industry, the special machine is also used in agriculture, construction and industry. It is a loading and unloading equipment, which can work in confined spaces and with large volumes of work. When laying technical networks – ditches and trenches. In addition, the equipment is easy to load, unload and transport loose materials.

Backhoe-loader Caterpillar 428f

Caterpillar 428f Excavator

The loader is most often used for:

  • Quick loading and unloading;
  • Beautification and embankments;
  • Land leveling and landscaping;
  • Loading and transporting loads with forks and buckets;
  • Digging trenches under time pressure;
  • Moving large quantities of soil.

The Cateller 428 is characterized by functionality, high productivity, power, maneuverability and working time. A comfortable working environment is created for the operators.

Features and benefits

To ensure the maneuverability of the loader there is a different diameter of wheels on the front and rear axles. The advantages of the model include:

  • Great functionality;
  • Versatility;
  • Easy maintenance;
  • High efficiency;
  • Possibility to adjust fuel consumption;
  • Increased viewing angle.

The manufacturer positions the CAT 428 as a high-speed vehicle with a maximum speed of 40 km/h. This makes it possible to get to the construction site alone. For transport over long distances, a tractor with towing net is provided.


In developing the equipment, experience from previous modeling, modifications and modern developments were taken into account. As a result, we received a modification of the standard equipment – CAT 428F2 model, which differs by productivity of hydraulic system and design of the cabin. Characteristic features of the new loader include some operating parameters and complete offer.

Specifications and dimensions

Cat 428f specifications include:

weight 8.72 t;
maximum depth of the trench 5.77 m;
Rear bucket capacity 0.24 m 3;
Front bucket capacity 1.03 m 3;
Cutting edge length 2.41 m;
Maximum dumping height 2.8 m;
Load capacity 3.32 t.

length 5.744 m;
Wide 2.35 m;
height 3.77 m;
Wheelbase length 2.23 m;
Span 0.32 m;
Front wheel width 1.9 m;
Debris width. 1.71 m.

Fuel consumption

The improved fuel tank has a capacity of 160 liters of diesel fuel, which does not guarantee operation during the layer. Fuel consumption of the KAT 428 is 7.6-9.5 liters/hour at light load and 12.4-16.5 liters/hour at serious operation.


According to its own production, the model is equipped with a power plant with a capacity of 68.5 kW or 93 hp. The 3054c Dit features a four-stroke operating mode and is equipped with 4 cylinders with a diameter of 105 mm. The unit has a capacity of 4.4 liters and a speed of 2200 rpm. An option is the installation of an engine with a capacity of 73 kW.

engine Cat 3054C DIT
performance 68.5/93 kWhp
cooling type liquid
fuel type diesel
cylinder 4
volume 4.4L
tank capacity 160L
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The unit is equipped with direct injection and a pre-start heater, which guarantees trouble-free operation in temperatures as low as e-26 degrees Celsius. To ensure the durability of the power unit, a powerful water pump and gear drive is provided. Exhaust emissions are EU Stage II compliant.

Cat 428 engine features include:

  • Dust extraction air filtration system for quality cleaning;
  • A quality filter is provided for fuel purification. This ensures easy part replacement and fast maintenance, but shortens engine life;
  • Charging and starting occurs at 12 V voltage;
  • high torque is provided for high performance;
  • High-strength alloyed cast iron is used for the cylinder head;
  • easy cold starts thanks to a self-priming fuel pump;
  • cylinder block is cast and equipped with a deep sump;
  • pistons are made of AlSi alloy, which guarantees high strength and thermal conductivity;
  • intake valves are made of steel with silicon and chrome admixtures, exhaust valves are coated with stellite;
  • Crankshaft is made of steel with the addition of chromium and molybdenum.


The Caterpillar 428F backhoe loader has a reversible transmission that guarantees shifting under load. As an option, a hydraulic transformer with lock-up clutch can be installed, which reduces travel time and fuel consumption.

The basic equipment includes a return-to-dig system. It positively affects cycle times by providing a return function when the boom control arms are lowered.


The excavator has 4×4 wheel configuration, which is a feature of many of the manufacturer’s loading and unloading machines. A distinctive feature of the Caterpillar 428 is a smooth motion control system, which eliminates the swing of the machine when driving on uneven terrain and reduces the dynamic impact when loading and unloading materials.

Each wheel has a mechanism that provides effective braking. A booster braking system is part of the basic assembly. Two-wheel drive is possible, and all mechanisms are active when braking. This guarantees safety when driving on uneven or wet surfaces, as well as when driving downhill. This has a positive effect on tire durability.

The loader features an extended wheelbase for a rational center of gravity and comfortable operation. The turning radius of the Caterpillar 428F backhoe has remained small, which makes the machine maneuverable.

Gears can be shifted manually by the operator, as well as automatically.

hydraulic system

The hydraulic system includes manifolds that control the flow of hydraulic fluid. They are responsible for efficient use of power. By using modern design solutions, the breakout force has been increased by 10%.

driver’s cab

The machine has a comfortable and ergonomic driver’s cab. It is attached to the main frame with elastic mounts that absorb noise and vibration.

The standard equipment of CAT 428 excavator includes climate and ventilation systems that ensure comfortable work in any weather. Cab benefits include:

  • Aesthetic finish with insulating properties;
  • Low noise and vibration level;
  • Increased pressure in the cab, which prevents dust from entering when the door is opened;
  • Panoramic visibility;
  • Ergonomic layout of controls;
  • Informative dashboard;
  • Comfortable air-suspended seat manufactured in-house;
  • Hydraulic booster control levers;
  • Accu-Grade system, which is responsible for selecting the angle and depth of burial, as well as the operation of the attachments.
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The windshield has a curved shape that has increased cab space and perspective. A cleaner is installed on the rear window, allowing you to work in the rain and in high air dustiness.

Additionally, vibration-free equipment is installed to prevent vibration during operation.

The lighting system of the Caterpillar 428 backhoe loader is adjustable. As a result, work at any distance from the machine is possible with maximum ambient light.

The control system

You can control in different ways:

  • Universal (X-pattern);
  • Excavator (ISO);
  • Backhoe loader (SAE).

Easy operation and maintenance

Provides an installation that facilitates service work:

  • Collapsible cooling unit;
  • User-friendly enclosure;
  • Support and telescopic spoon control system.

This guarantees a high speed of repair and a pleasant working environment.

To service the CAT 428 mechanism, it is not necessary to disassemble the handle, only the wedge mechanism is required. The support legs are externally adjustable. Due to the installation of a cast truck frame, the deep spoon is not dismantled even during maintenance. Replacement sockets are installed in special holes that are accessible from the ground.


Buy CAT 428 Standard equipment with low spoons, multi-purpose spoon and telescopic boom with extended rod.

As optional equipment, the manufacturer offers:

  • Planners for pavement paving;
  • Serpentine auger;
  • Hydraulic hammer;
  • Rüttelplatte for compaction of embankment and soil.

The backhoe loader’s carefully redesigned design includes a large hood that provides easy access not only to the engine compartment, but also to the attachments. Crabbing and track-to-tracking are possible for increased maneuverability. These advantages contribute to the high popularity of special equipment.

The cost of new and used

The price for a Caterpillar 428f in standard assembly without running costs is 5 million rubles. Often machines with mileage cost from 3.5 to 4.5 million rubles. Subject to its release in 2013-2014. Earlier models cost about 2.4 – 2.8 million rubles.

It is possible to rent a loader for an hour for 1100-1200 rubles, for a layer – for 9500-11000 rubles.

Cat 428 backhoe loader review

The giant Caterpillar® Machin e-Bau is known worldwide as a supplier of reliable special equipment. Backhoe loaders are a particular success. The new model CAT 428 was developed on the basis of the popular among Russian customers F2 series. Unmatched performance of the machine successfully combined with adaptive design.

The new line of multifunction devices is still manufactured in Leicester, UK. Using a single platform, it is possible to combine machine components. The feature offerings remain similar, although the new generation models have undergone some improvements. An evaluation of the Bagger-Cat Cat 428 will help assess the improvements.

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Scope of special devices

  • Creation of highways:
    • Movement and tension of materials;
    • Laying of soil and inert bases;
    • Construction of gvels and slopes;
    • Retraction and compression of trenches with a vibratory plate;
    • Excavation work on the roadside.
    • Destruction of old pavements with a hydraulic shaft;
    • Cleaning of drainage gaps, street edges, dividing strips;
    • Taking care of leveling buckets;
    • Snow removal.
    • Cleaning of construction sites with brushes;
    • Developing trenches for technical communications;
    • Manipulation of construction materials in temporary warehouses;
    • Installation of reinforced concrete elements of water accumulation networks.
    • Removal of old causes;
    • Arrangement and repair of technical networks;
    • Cleaning and landscaping.

    Technical characteristics

    With closed center


    The CAT 3054C industrial engine is a fuel-efficient, mechanical electric unit. Useful power is 88 hp. The diesel engine’s reliability has been proven over several generations of technology. Exhaust emissions comply with Tier 2 (U.S.) or stage II (EU) standards.

    The backhoe loader engine is designed with a torque limiter. Automatic overturning occurs if there is a risk of overload. The technology prevents the engine from stalling in critical situations. Cylinder load control prevents premature wear of parts.

    Standard offer, Animal Equivalent 2

    38% at 1400 rpm

    Fuel consumption

    The CAT 428 fuel tank has an improved design and holds 160 liters of diesel fuel. With such a volume, you can ensure continuous operation throughout the entire operation. Fuel consumption ranges from 7.6-9.5 liters per hour to 12.4-16.5 liters per hour, depending on job complexity.



    The machine is equipped with reliable axles, which are designed for difficult operating conditions. Transport speed of backhoe loader reaches 39.9 km / h. The advantage of the model is unpretentiousness to the quality of road surfaces. The equipment is easy to move even on difficult terrain.

    Thanks to the revolutionary rotation of each wheel and manual differential locking of the rear axle, CAT 428 cattle truck increases. The standard feature prevents slippage and improves traction. With its help it is easy to control the machine in difficult road conditions and confidently overcome rough and sticky areas.

    The front axle of the new backhoe loader is equipped with a swing arm. Sealed construction with three axles of camber is designed for a lifetime of wheel devices without maintenance of the undercarriage. Lubrication is automatic. The axles are designed to save on operating costs.

    hydraulic system

    The backhoe loader hydraulics are powered by an axial piston pump with a variable power supply. Separation of flows allows several tasks to be performed simultaneously. With an efficient solution you can reduce the load on the hydraulic system and ensure optimal power distribution.

    The CAT 428 carrier excavator can perform mixed operations and move freely around the site. Oil is supplied to the functional units in the right volume and does not require frequent changes. The operation requires lower engine speeds. It saves fuel, reduces wear and tear on parts, and shortens the work cycle.

    The control system

    The controls have a cheap layout. Sufficient standard qualification to work on the excavator. Mechanical system can be used to operate devices with minimum effort. Cab ergonomics and equipment ensure safe and comfortable operation in road and weather conditions.

    The manufacturer provides a choice of modes between excavator and loader. Operator is available gearbox in neutral, differential retainer button and auxiliary control. Transmission power is available as an option. A service lever simplifies the operation of the special device.


    Features of the upgraded version

    • Improved visibility due to relocation of the battery to the right side.
    • Equipped with ZF axles.
    • Husco valves installed.
    • Protected radiator shell.
    • Load shifters as standard.
    • Pilot control options, PowerShift transmission, enlarged boom cylinder.

    Benefits of the cat CAT 428 excavator

    • The strength of the supporting structures is increased by the quality of welded connections of the crawler tracks.
    • The corrosion-resistant fuel tank is equipped with a metal casing for added protection.
    • The CAT 428 engine, transmission and hydraulic system are synchronized with the torque limiter.
    • Cardanic transmission and transmission of backhoe loader in the full version is equipped with a system of protection.
    • Standard functionality includes a full differential lock at the touch of a button on the control lever.
    • The wheel hubs of the backhoe loader are secured by ten stones, and the valve is protected by a metal stern.
    • The open machine design of the backhoe prevents environmental pollution, simplifies maintenance and reduces wear and tear.
    • The hydraulic cylinders of the front attachment system equipment are equipped with larger diameter rods.
    • The model is equipped with high hydraulic hoses and an efficient electrical system.


    • The power of the electrical system combines with the efficiency and provides the best fuel efficiency in the class.
    • The overall performance of cat 428 backhoe loaders allows for increased lifting capacity of the working equipment.
    • Rear axle differential lock can be combined with all-wheel drive mode, which switches while driving.
    • Full equipment includes front boom damping, which reduces loss of material.
    • Optionally, the model can be equipped with a 4-speed powershift transmission with power shift.
    • An optional larger boom cylinder diameter can increase the loading capacity by 25 percent.



    • A torque converter with lockup clutch increases fuel efficiency and torque.
    • Low-cost, replaceable axial piston pump helps reduce engine RPM and fuel consumption.
    • The new design allows the CAT 428 cab to be equipped with a flat glass window, which is cheaper and easier to replace.
    • Thanks to the compatibility of working equipment with earlier series of backhoe loaders from CAT, you save the cost of new tools.
    • Service points are grouped and conveniently located to reduce the time it takes to regularly service special equipment.
    • CAT® Product LinktM remote equipment monitoring is standard on this model to reduce operating costs.
    • Increased service life ensures long equipment life with the possibility of a profitable resale.
    • CAT 428 Backhoe Loaders feature an ergonomically designed cab, considered best in class.
    • The basic package includes a heating unit, full air conditioner package.
    • The operator has excellent visibility. A curtain with wide openings is attached to the window for protection from the sun.
    • The clever design and layout of the backhoe loader cab reduces noise and vibration.

    Operating equipment

    Universal devices successfully perform the tasks of a loader and excavator, and cope with other functions when using additional attachments. Basic configuration of backhoe loader includes front and backhoe shovels with a capacity of 1.03 or 0.24 cubic meters.

    A parallelogram boom is provided for front loader tasks. The front shovel automatically returns to its initial position and helps to save time due to increased accuracy. The device has optimal characteristics in terms of lifting capacity, lifting height and flash capacity.

    The excavator functions by means of a curved boom. This design makes it easy to load hollows and move soil in areas with obstacles. The excavator is equipped with a telescopic arm. Two high-pressure lines are standard on the model.


    Quick-change devices provide a quick change of essays. The manufacturer’s range includes double-lock wedge variants with automatic adjustment to help use backhoe loaders with a variety of work equipment. The backhoe loader of this model can be fitted with:

    • An extended boom for loading and lifting operations;
    • A universal spoon with a hydraulic baking handle;
    • Planing, rock and other specialty buckets;
    • Bulldozer and grapple blades;
    • Vibratory plates for soil compression;
    • Road milling machine;
    • Snail drill;
    • hydraulic hammer;
    • Brushes of various designs;
    • Forks and other handles.

    Purchasing of CAT® equipment in Russia

    Zeppelin represents Caterpillar brand in Moscow and Russian regions as an official dealer. You can buy modern special equipment and spare parts from the manufacturer through the company’s website. More photos and properties of backhoe-loader CAT 428 can be found in the catalog. The complex of dealer services includes:

    • Professional information support for customers;
    • Sale of machinery without mileage and with running hours;
    • Selection of the appropriate financial plan for payment in installments;
    • Delivery of original components, spare parts and accessories;
    • Organization of qualified maintenance in service centers.

    Credit, leasing, trad e-in purchase is possible. Our managers will help you to choose a loyal financing program. Leaving the contact information on the site you can ask for advice on the purchase, operation, maintenance and repair of backhoe loaders. We wait your inquiries!

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