Case 695s excavator-loader t-description and properties

Excavator case 695 st specifications and description

The company Case was founded in America in 1848, namely in Wisconsin. Throughout time, the brand has been developing various devices, which were designed for technological processes. Currently, this company is known worldwide, and its products are very popular and in demand. It is worth noting that the equipment of this manufacturer represents a certain level of high quality.

Description and functions

The enormous popularity of technology is due to the fact that it gave the opportunity to use the unique biodiesel fuel. All machines are equipped with an advanced stabilization system called Ride Control. Improved hydraulic system allows for increased efficiency. Most models are equipped with PowerShift transmission system, but some modifications have a retractable bucket.

One of the most popular models of this brand is excavator case 695 in, which stands out for its high quality, as evidenced by the many licenses, warranties and certificates. The distinctive advantage of this model is the improved hydraulic system, which has a replaceable hydraulic pump and increases the efficiency by 10 percent. It is the latter figure that was achieved due to changes in the hydraulics.

The standard equipment includes a special anti-iron system and reinforced locks in the engine compartment, on the battery and on the fuel tank lid. All this reliably protects the equipment from external factors. The fuel tank has a modified design, with the help of which it is possible to control the fuel level from the ground, which reduces the time for refueling. The tank itself has a capacity of 145 liters of fuel, which increases the time of work without stopping for refueling.

This model is in the greatest demand on the Russian market, and therefore the excavator case 695 can be found almost at every construction site. The machines perfectly combine the equipment of a front loader and pneumatic wheels, which initially provided a high versatility of the model. To improve this indicator, instead of the standard buckets, you can install other additional devices in the front, rear and rear. Thus, it is possible to configure the most suitable variation for specific tasks.

Domestic construction companies are particularly interested in machines of this family. The index case 695 shows one of the characteristics, in our case it is the presence of the same wheels (ST). This chassis provides increased ground clearance and, therefore, cross-country ability, which allows using the machine in hard-to-reach areas. In general, the model was specifically designed for the mass of various works with a dirty degree.

The characteristic feature of the excavator 695st is high efficiency, which was influenced by the following:

  1. A special function that acts on the bucket when it is lifted, which works in automatic mode.
  2. The hydraulic system has a high capacity and is equipped with an axial piston hydraulic pump.
  3. The loader’s working equipment and the excavator arm are controlled with a handy joystick.
  4. There is a system that automatically returns the bucket to its original position at the end of the entire work cycle.
  5. The front equipment is equipped with a double-jaw bucket, which can be additionally equipped with folding forks.
  6. The backhoe loader is equipped with the RideControl stabilization system, which also has a positive effect on the stability of the equipment when driving on uneven surfaces.
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All of these advantages allowed this model to surpass some analogues and even to be a serious competitor to more powerful special equipment.

The model features unique characteristics achieved through the use of many innovative solutions developed by the brand.

The increased level of security is due to the presence of several systems. To prevent vandalism, the hood lock for the power unit was located in the operator’s cabin. To prevent theft, the battery was installed in a special locking box. In addition, the equipment is equipped with an anti-theft system, which provides additional protection.

The 695 was fairly easy to operate and maintain. All the points through which lubrication and refueling are done are in a very convenient location. They can be reached from the ground, so maintenance time is greatly reduced. The equipment has an exclusive proprietary design, namely the electronic service tool. This system allows you to quickly diagnose the power unit and fuel line, reducing unnecessary waste of time. The braking system of the backhoe loaders works through a hydraulic system, so that a special reservoir for the brake fluid is eliminated. With a sufficiently large fuel tank, the equipment can be in operation for a very long time, increasing efficiency and power.

Over the entire period of the company’s existence, impressive experience has been accumulated, which has made it possible to produce highly profitable machines in the future. The same applies to this model. The hydraulic system of backhoe loaders has many solutions, among which it is necessary to highlight:

  1. Curved boom formula, thanks to which the working parameters of the excavator when loading soils and various materials have been improved. This solution also improved the efficiency of the machine in cramped conditions.
  2. All circuits of the hydraulic system were reliably protected from the environmental factors, as well as from mechanical damage. This resulted in increased service life.
  3. The hydraulic cylinders pay off after the end of the working stroke, which not only improves the smoothness and accuracy of operations, but also smooths shock loads, thereby prolonging the service life of these elements.
  4. The excavator boom is equipped with overlapping hydraulic cylinders, because in the transport position the equipment has a relatively low height. In addition, this solution additionally provided an improved view of the working area.

The main focus in the development of this model was to improve the operator’s safety and comfort. To keep the driver focused on the work process, the cab has been equipped with high-quality sound insulation that keeps the noise level in the cab to no more than 77 decibels, which is good enough. Under the thumb there is a button to return to idle mode, which is very practical if you are performing basic processes. The driver’s seat, steering column and equipment controls have a very large adjustment area to suit the preferences of even the most demanding driver. In addition to several adjustment modes, the seat is equipped with air suspension, which eliminates vibration in the work process.

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Thanks to the following solutions, a high level of safety has been achieved:

  1. The hydraulic system is equipped with special valves that prevent the loss of working fluid in the event of a hose rupture. The valves are controlled by a lifting hook, which is an optional kit for charging the machine.
  2. The most important plate brakes of the braking system are located in the oil bath. They provide increased safety when working in a variety of conditions.
  3. There is a special system that shuts off all working equipment if there is a long period of inactivity. Reactivation takes place automatically after the first touch of the controls.
  4. Stabilization system supports have additional safety valves.


Case 695st backhoe loader is especially in demand in urban and industrial construction areas, as well as by supply companies. In addition, the model is actively used in agriculture, street repair services and in the reduction of small objects.

With this model, you can perform excavation work, loading and unloading, transportation, and even cleaning of any places from large amounts of garbage, waste and products.


In addition to the Case 695st model, there is another version of the backhoe-loader – Case 695. It is worth noting that this version is the basic one, as it has a classical chassis with much bigger wheels. In order to increase passability and traction, the model with the index ST has been developed on its basis. The rest of the manufacturer has left unchanged, as all elements of the equipment fully meet modern requirements, and do not cause dissatisfaction among consumers.

Technical characteristics

Technical characteristics of the shovel:

  • Type of mounted spoon – frontal two-cheeked.
  • The capacity of the installed frontal spoon is 1.2 cubic meters.
  • The maximum front shovel distribution height is 2,750 millimeters.
  • The width of the front shovel is 2430 millimeters.
  • The type of spoon installed is the spoon excavator.
  • The smallest capacity of the built-in rear shovel is 0.36 cubic meters.
  • The largest capacity of the built-in backhoe is 0.9 cubic meters.
  • The maximum depth of the grave is 5,810 millimeters.
  • Maximum shovel discharge height is 5270 millimeters.

Engine characteristics:

  • The type of engine installed is inline, diesel.
  • Mark of the engine installed – 445ta.
  • Engine manufacturer – CNH.
  • Number of cylinders – 4.
  • Full working volume – 4500 cubic meters.
  • Rated power output – 82 kW / 110 PS (at 2000 rpm).
  • Nominal crankshaft rpm is 2000 rpm.
  • Maximum torque is 516 Newtons per meter (at 1400 rpm).
  • Type of cooling system – liquid cooling system.
  • Type of injection system – direct fuel injection.
  • Type of starting system – electric starter.
  • Type of turbocharging – gas turbine with subsequent cooling of the pumped air.
  • Lowest fuel consumption per working hour – 11.3 liters.
  • The highest fuel consumption per working hour – 17.5 liters.
  • Maximum speed of autonomous movement is 40 kilometers per hour.
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  • The structural length of the backhoe loader is 5560 millimeters.
  • Full width of the front shovel is 2430 millimeters.
  • Full cab roof height is 2950 millimeters.
  • Full height in transport condition is 2950 millimeters.
  • Rada base (longitudinal section) is 2200 millimeters.
  • The smallest outreach is 480 millimeters.

The body of the 695 excavator in a new technical condition has a price from 4.5 million rubles and up to 5 million Russian rubles, taking into account the year of manufacture and configuration.

The used machines can be bought at cost price, namely from 2.9 million rubles to 3.5 million Russian rubles.

Excavator-loader case 695st: description, properties, features of operation


In a series of articles about excavator devices in combination with a loader, it is impossible not to mention the American case 695 in. It is designed to work within the city limits in utilities and in agriculture on construction sites.

The manufacturer has tried to produce a machine with the highest backhoe separation and lifting capacity.

Due to the use of energy-saturated hydraulic system, the speed of actuators and the productivity of the device compared to similar manufacturers.

Model History

The first mention of the hull brand dates back to 1842. At that time, Jérôme Cais founded a company to produce innovative triers that separated straw from grain. As the company developed, it began to produce steam and gasoline tractors.

An interesting fact: the world’s first machine with an internal combustion engine, developed in 1892, was not used for almost two decades.

It did not come on the market en masse until 1911, when the steam engine failed a bit.

Today, the company works on producing apparatus primarily for agricultural purposes. But there are also all-purpose, hard-built construction machines and excavators under the line-up.

The latter includes the 695 body with the “S” index. The letters mean the same bikes are mounted on the chassis. The design is based on the company’s earlier developments in backhoe-loader manufacturing and assembly.

Tractor case 695


The machine is mainly used in the bulk and soil-noise shop. However, the attachment equipment allows to slightly expand the area of responsibility. To increase efficiency, developers have used a number of features that can make the machine easier to operate.

  1. Maintaining bucket orientation when lifting.
  2. Hydroin system with increasing capacity.
  3. Electromechanical control of mechanisms.
  4. Independent return of the bucket to initial position.
  5. Use of stabilization system Ridecontrol.

In the basic configuration, the excavator is equipped with vandal-proof protection. It consists of equipping the machine with a hood with a lock that can be opened from the cab, a special lockable battery box and other mechanisms that prevent unauthorized access.

operating parameters

The manufacturer tried to create an efficient machine, able to compete with similar models. To this end, the power-to-weight ratio was increased – a steeper engine and a more efficient hydraulic system were installed, and the frame was reinforced.

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Table No. 1. Technical specifications

Name value
engine 445TA/EGH
Power, hp (kW) 110 (82)
Forward/reverse speed, km/h 42/29
drive unit 4×4
Turning radius (on outer wheels without brakes), m 4,5
Sound level in cab, dBA 77
Digging radius (with telescopic arm extended), mm 6965

Excavator case 695


The loader is equipped with a four-cylinder in-line water-cooled diesel engine produced by FPT Industrial. It is assembled on an assembly line of the latest generation, which ensures accuracy and cleanliness of assembly. The engine has been equipped with a turbocharger and intercooler to improve yields and reduce toxicity.

Table No. 2. Engine characteristics

Name value
RPM, rpm 2100
Volume of cylinders, l 4,5
Max. torque, Nm (crankshaft rpm) 516 (1400)
emission standard Stage III
injection system electronic

gearbox, chassis

  • The transmission of rotation from the engine to the wheels is carried out through a separating clutch, gearbox and drive axles with differentials.
  • The first one is represented by a multidisc design operating in an oil bath.
  • The excavator is equipped with the Powershuttle transmission, which provides four speeds for forward travel and the same number for reverse travel.
  • Steering is provided by all four steering wheels. Crab Move” and “Track to Track” functions are incorporated in the design of the loader.

Thanks to this solution the machine can move in cramped conditions and narrow aisles. The excavator’s main brakes are oil-immersed multi-disc brakes. The parking mechanism is also of the “wet” type, but with a separate mechanical drive.

hydraulic system

Actuators in the 695ST are hydraulic. Earthmoving equipment and loading mechanisms are actuated by cylinders of increased diameter. As a result, the breakout force of the bucket and backhoe can be increased.

To compensate for the increased volume of working fluid and to increase the speed of mechanisms, a powerful axial piston oil pump was installed on the excavator. The compressor delivers 165 l/min at 20.5 MPa. The hydraulic system, together with the reserve tank, holds 118 liters of hydraulic fluid.

The pump has a variable capacity control to save fuel in transient conditions and the hydraulic system has a closed center.

Tractor case 695


The Case 695ST design is not unlike other models of the similar class.

  • The front loaders are in the front, and the excavation equipment is in the rear. The latter was placed strictly along the axis of the machine.
  • The driver’s cab was installed above the rear axle.
  • To the right and left of the excavation equipment are retractable supports, which give the excavator stability during excavation work.
  • The streamlined hood is sloped for better visibility when loading.


The cabin ergonomics has been thought out: the controls are grouped according to their functions, which does not complicate the work with tools. However, the air-conditioning configuration is installed not as a standard equipment, but as an option for a separate order. However, the heating and ventilation system quickly raises the temperature when it is cold outside.

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The cab is equipped with machine operator protection against machine rollover and falling objects of ROP/FOPS standard. For the operator’s comfort, large windows are installed all around, making it easy to check, and electrical targets have been fitted in the front and rear. Thanks to the vibration and sound insulation, the sound pressure to the driver in the closed cab is less than 77 dBA.


The dimensions of the 695 body are not very large. However, with its modest size, the effective range of the devices is impressive. Developers have achieved this due to the optimal location of actuators and equipped with a telescopic handle.

Table No. 3. Dimensions

Name value
Service weight, kg 9110
Transport length (with standard bucket), mm 5560
Overall height, mm 3785
Width (without loading bucket), mm 2430
Radius base, mm 2200

The manufacturer specifies the limit depth of the trench with a backhoe with a telescopic handle 5880 m to load the excavated material to a height of 6965 m.

Tractor case 695 st.


Case creates several versions of the excavator.

  • The line of models includes: 570st, 580t, 580st, 590st, 695 Super R. Provision is made for increased engine power and performance.
  • The 695st model closes this range.
  • The hydraulic system of the 570st and 580t is of gearbox type.

In addition, not all vehicles have the function of locking the front or rear difference.

Service Functions.

The 695 series unit has proven to be easy to maintain and operate. All locations, designed for daily and scheduled locations, are located at a level that is accessible from the ground. This reduces the time it takes to service the equipment.

In addition, all routine operations are described in detail in the owner’s manual, which has been translated into Russian. However, little attention is given to instructions for repairing areas, but this is a typical practice of Western companies, which believe that the equipment should be restored.

Price, analog

To find out the price of a new Fall 695st, you need to contact dealers or official representatives of the company. You calculate the price depending on the requirements of the customer, the range and method of delivery of the equipment.

You can only name an approximate amount for which the buyer can expect – 4.5-5 million rubles. This figure is approximate and may vary depending on the exchange rate.

Analogous to the 695 std.

On the secondary market for a machine with a large issue of motor equipment asking about half the price of a new car. Those that are in better condition cost about 3-3.5 million rubles.

Of similar models from other manufacturers with similar engine, hydraulic system and performance parameters, only JCB 4CX can be affordable.


Backhoe loader can be found at any, even a very modest construction site. The main feature of the machine is a combination of earthmoving and loading devices. Thanks to the installation on the bike, you can effectively perform tasks according to the case 695.

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