Case 580T Backhoe-loader – description and characteristics

Case 580T Backhoe Loader

The backhoe is made in America, but has found use in many countries around the world. Case 580T backhoe-loader has gained popularity due to such features as: B. integrated backhoe-loader, wheels of equal size on both axles, powerful engine and fuel injection system. Axle locking and all-wheel drive are provided for easy operation in various conditions.

Backhoe-loader Case 580t. Photo

Case 580T backhoe loader. Photo

It should also be noted that the differential can also be blocked. This is done by pressing a button on the controller. To reduce downtime for repair and maintenance, the developers used new technology. It consists in the installation of brakes and rear axle gears in the hub. In addition, this arrangement eliminates the need to dismantle the rear axle in case of failure or other necessity. This model has modifications in which the differentials are mounted on the axles of the machine. The increased friction in the differentials improves lift capacity of Case 580.

The technique is able to work on small plots, as well as on large construction sites. In this case, it provides a high productivity during work operations.

features and benefits

The first feature that catches the eye is the low height of the cabin at a fairly large boom. Reducing the height was made possible by the use of overlapping cylinders in the working body. In addition, the boom has narrow parts that do not obstruct the driver’s view during operation. This increases the safety and productivity of Case 580T backhoe loader. The technical characteristics of the working body should include the safety margin and a large lifting capacity. The boom is made curved for ease of operation. This allows you to freely control the load during loading operations and simplifies the excavation of pits for excavation work.

Case 580t backhoe

Case 580T Excavator.

Cushioning is provided to increase the accuracy of aiming the implement. This feature is activated when the endpoints are reached when turning and controls the boom and joystick.

The support elements of the machine are of high quality and reliability. They are used to increase stability during operation. There is a large choice of handles, which allows the devices to be used for various jobs. They can be standard or telescopic.

Backhoe-loader case 580t

Case 580T Backhoe Loader

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The undeniable advantages of the Case 580T loader include the ability to work in any climate conditions. The type of base also does not matter, because the all-wheel drive and wider front wheels provide increased cross-country capability. The machine is very maneuverable due to the large steering angle of the front wheels. This also reduces the turning radius. Compared to previous models, this machine guarantees higher productivity and is more economical. The efficiency has been increased by 20%.

specifications and dimensions

Because the equipment is versatile, the developers have taken care of all the nuances, whether it is the implement, the driver’s cab or the wheels. The latter can have three types of tires – for use in agriculture, industry or on difficult terrain. Universal tires increase buoyancy on loose soil and off-road. The machine has a 4×4 wheel configuration.

Key features of the Case 580T include:

parameter. value
weight 7.95 tons (8.05 tons with extension bucket);
stability 1.05t;
Shovel capacity 0.23 cu. m;
bucket edge 2.25m;
breaking effort 66,5 kN;
digging force 53.2 kN;
travel speed 40 km/h;
Reach of the boom during loading 4.4m;
loading height 3.46m;
digging depth 5.89m;
grave area 6.24m

The battery is characterized by a voltage of 12 V. With all the above features, the machine with a standard bucket has the following dimensions:

parameter. value
length 5.56m;
width 2.43m;
height 2.95m;
Height of boom equipment 3,455m;
wheelbase width 2,175m

Fuel consumption of Case 580T is 14-17 liters per hour, and the diesel fuel tank has a capacity of 145 liters.


A 4.5-liter four-cylinder engine is installed. The CNH 445TA / ML5 has an output of 73 kW, which corresponds to 97 hp. The engine has a turbocharger and a direct injection system. The maximum torque of the unit is 400 Nm. All the exhaust systems of the plant meet the international standards. The engine speed is 1400 rpm.

parameter. value
engine manufacturer New Holland
model 445TA or ML5
number of cylinders 4
output 73 kW / 97 hp
displacement 4.5L
cooling type liquid
torque 400 Nm
fuel diesel
Fuel Tank Capacity Case 580 145L


Backhoe-loader case 580t

Case 580T Backhoe Loader

The stabilizer supports are equipped with cushions. They are made of rubber and act as noise and vibration isolation. In addition, when using the technique on asphalt or other hard surfaces, the quality of coverage is not affected. The telescopic handle provides increased durability and resistance to damage. They are designed to prevent wear and tear on the working elements and reduce maintenance time. The Case 580T boom body is reinforced and highly durable. A joystick in the cab controls the attachments. Located to the right of the operator, it controls the position of the boom in space, as well as the opening and closing of the bucket. Thus, Case 580 backhoe loader can be used as a bulldozer, excavator, loader or grapple, that is, universally.

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Operator's workplace Case 580t

Case 580T operator station

operator cab

Operator's office of Case 580t. Photo

Case 580T operator’s cabin. Photo

As already mentioned, it has been thought out to the smallest detail. First of all it is a seat. It can be adjusted according to the operator’s needs, which positively affects his efficiency and productivity. The noise and vibration insulation of the passenger compartment also reduces the stress level of the driver.

Operator's workplace Case 580t

Case 580T operator station

Ergonomically positioned levers of Case 580 backhoe loader and the ability to adjust them with speakers make the work of a person as comfortable as possible.


The characteristics of the rear axle circuit allows you to make the work of the devices as efficient as possible. In this case the front axle is designed as a pivot axle. Such configuration allows to increase the machine’s passability in road conditions.

Hydraulic system

Hydraulic unit of Case 580. Photo

Hydraulic drop unit 580. Photo

The pressure in the hydraulic system is 205 atmospheres. The system itself contains a double gear pump. The presence of these devices allows you to carry out work without problems and at the same time guarantees high efficiency. The hydraulic system also contains a double axial piston pump. At the same time, modifications of this model may not contain the first type of pump and replace it with the second one. The efficiency of the equipment directly depends on the quality of the hydraulic system, so the case 580t has such high technical indicators. Thanks to them, this loader in its class is one of the most efficient models.


Speed provided by the transmission is 7-47 km / h in reverse and 6-40 km / h in forward.


Case 580 hydraulic shaft.

Case 580 hydraulic shaft.

Standard assembly includes:

  • air conditioning;
  • pneumatic operator’s seat;
  • Controls – joysticks and levers;
  • Telescopic boom;
  • Mechanical quick-acting chaplain;
  • Tool bag;
  • Flashing light;
  • Power shuttle gear;
  • Passion control;
  • enlarged wheels;
  • Cold engine start;
  • Dual hydraulic wiring.
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Case 580 t excavator body

580 T excavator body

Front bucket Case 580 t

580 T front bucket body

Costs for new and use

The machine can be rented for 9800-10100 per shift.

The 580 T from the system will cost about 4.1 million rubles. Without the additional folding units. A used case 580T from 2013 costs 2.8-3.1 million rubles.

Case 580T Backhoe Loader


Case backhoe 580T is a classic model of the device with a reversible shovel and the same wheels. The product of the famous American brand is equipped with a powerful diesel unit and fuel injection system. In addition, the model has a function of locking the rear and front axles and a four-wheel drive system.

All members of the 580 range are equipped with a lockable differential, which is activated by pressing a button on the joystick. At the same time, the Case 580t has an interesting feature in the design of the rear axle. The brakes and gears are in the hubs, which greatly reduces the maintenance time. In this situation, the need for complete degradation of the rear axle is simply eliminated. In some modifications of the model, high differentials are installed on the axles, which provide increased stability in all conditions.

Backhoe-loader is used to perform the widest range of works. Multifunctional special devices are used in cramped urban conditions and on large construction sites.


The Case 580T has many features. The equipment’s boom design uses overlapping cylinders to reduce the machine’s transport height. The slim profile inherent in the boom improves visibility from the operator’s cab, which improves efficiency and safety. Here, too, the backhoe loader boom is characterized by a huge strength play and increased load capacity. The curved shape makes it easier to work in the cab of the machine and increases the function of the grave. The end-stroke softening function of the arm, rotation and boom cylinders greatly increases the accuracy of the operations performed.


Special devices are equipped with wide supports that help the backhoe loader remain stable in a wide range of applications. A large selection of telescopic and standard arms allows you to choose the best option for specific jobs.

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The main advantage of the model 580T body is full adaptation to work in different weather conditions. Thanks to all-wheel drive, the backhoe loader can exist where other machines cannot. Wide front tires again increase the continuity of work. The large steering angle of the front wheels reduces the overall turning radius, making the machine very maneuverable.

Compared to its predecessors, the 580t backhoe loader is more economical and productive. Overall equipment efficiency has increased by 20%.

Technical Data

Depending on the type of work the 580T can be equipped with different types of tires: industrial, agricultural or multi-functional. They allow operation on rough terrain or loose ground.

Technical features of the model should be emphasized:

  • Battery – 12 V;
  • Load capacity – 1049 kg;
  • Loading bucket width – 2250 mm;
  • Cycling formula – four times four;
  • Maximum speed – 40 km/h;
  • Volume of the base shovel – 0.23 cubic meters;
  • Bucket breakage – 66,5 kN;
  • Removing height – 3460 mm;
  • Grab depth – 5887 mm;
  • Extent of unloading – 4405 mm;
  • Excavator ditch – 53.23 kN;
  • Maximum excavator ditch area – 6238 mm.

Overall model specifications:

  • Total width with regular bucket – 2430 mm;
  • Height of the boom – 3455 mm;
  • Total length with a usual bucket – 5560 mm;
  • Height – 2950 mm;
  • radar base – 2175 mm.

Weight of the equipment is 7950 kg with a usual bucket and 8050 kg with a retractable bucket.

Fuel consumption

The backhoe loader fuel tank holds up to 145 liters of fuel. Fuel consumption in the case of the 580T is about 14-17 liters per hour.


The special equipment is equipped with an advanced 4-cylinder turbocharged diesel engine CNH 445TA/ML5 (FPT industry). This power unit meets the requirements of the standard “animal e-3” and has a direct mechanical injection.

Features of CNH 445TA/ML5 engine:

  • Displacement – 4.5 liters;
  • Rated power – 72 (97) kW (hp);
  • Maximum torque – 400 Nm;
  • Speed – 1400 rpm.


The 580T has a pivotable front axle. This creates an additional advantage for impassable work sites. The work process can be optimized by using a special scheme of the rear axle. The hydraulics of the machine are designed with a double booster pump, which allows you to perform complex physical manipulations. The pressure in this system is equal to 205 atmospheres.

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The hydraulic system in the case 580T is again equipped with an axial piston type with a double pump, which in some modifications replaces the double gear pump. The heavy-duty hydraulics give the backhoe-tractor unbelievable capabilities. The model by its characteristics is much superior to most products of other brands.

The special equipment is equipped with a reliable Powershuttle transmission, which allows speeds up to 6-40 km/h and up to 7-47 km/h.


The backhoe loader is characterized by low noise and vibration levels. Such properties are provided by rubber pads installed on the stabilizer support. They again reduce damage to the road surface and other surfaces. The telescopic handles are again fitted with special wear pads that protect the machine components from rapid wear and reduce downtime. The Fall 580T features an advanced loader with increased durability. It is controlled by a joystick on the operator’s right side of the cab. It allows the operator to control the angle of the boom, raise or lower it, and close or open the bucket. This allows the machine to combine the functions of a schedule, loader and bulldozer.

The operator’s cabin in the case of the machinery 580T is the epitome of comfort and convenience. It is equipped with a special seat that allows you to adjust the position of the driver to suit individual preferences and peculiarities. Thanks to the unique settings, the operator’s ability to work all day long is not compromised. The minimal noise level in the cab also reduces fatigue.

The control levers are positioned as comfortably as possible, and the adjustable stanchions allow you to choose the optimal height.

The basic equipment of the case 580T includes the following elements:

  • telescopic handle;
  • joysticks and control levers;
  • pneumatic driver’s seat;
  • tool bag;
  • shuttle transmission;
  • cold start;
  • Snapper mechanical device;
  • Roof beacon.

Features large front and rear wheels, ride control, dual hydromechanics and air conditioning.

Price for new and used

A new Fall 580T excavator will cost 4.1 million rubles in the minimum configuration.

The used version can be bought cheaper. A 2013 model with small production costs 2.9-3 million rubles.

Rental of special equipment costs 9900-10000 rubles per shift.


The closest analogue of the Case 580T excavator is the CAT 428E model.

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