Case 2366 combine harvester – description and properties

Case Combine.

Case combines are high-quality and comfortable self-propelled vehicles that allow automatic harvesting of grain crops, small seeds, ethereal, legumes and other plants.

The Wisconsin plant in the USA has been producing these units for more than half a century. The brand “case” was based on the quality of the material prepared, from which treated the devices of these units as one of the most thorough in the world.

Features of the combined “case”

  • minimum number of moving parts in the assemblies and mechanisms;
  • versatility;
  • perfect thunder and low grain loss;
  • Axial Flow Singl e-Sccrope technology, which reduces the resource intensity of agricultural production;
  • Maneuverability on fields with complex geometry;
  • Non-stop work cycle and when emptying the hopper;
  • Economical use of diesel fuel;
  • Preservation of the natural properties of grain;
  • Ease of design, repair and maintenance.

Let’s look at some modifications of these combined machines.

Combine “Case” 2166.

Model, which is perfectly adapted to the improved loads. Represents a mechanism with a drum of self-propelled type, which is equipped with a 215 hp diesel engine.It is distinguished by the hydraulic control of the working body.


  • huge drum;
  • Improved cutterbar design, which provides not only streamlining of the stalk mass, but also careful treatment of the grain;
  • Keyboard-type straw walker;
  • Electronic control in operation of structural elements – tillage systems, p r e-speak, grain loading and their humidity;
  • Spacious cab with a high percentage of glazing.

Technical parameters of the “Autumn” 2166:

  • Power – 215 hp;
  • Cylinder capacity – 8,3 liters;
  • Hopper – 6,3 tons;
  • Fuel tank – 350 l;
  • Productivity – 5 ha/h.

Combine “Case” 2366

This line of Case harvesters was released in 1998. It differs from the previous modifications (2166, 2188) by less load on soil layer with better cross-country ability on wet and loamy soils. Updates have touched not only the motor blocks themselves, but also the driver’s workplace, drives and motor part.


  • Cummins 6 TAA 830 well-powered engine;
  • Hydraulic disc brakes;
  • Belt with excellent grip;
  • Axial flow rotor with which you can thresh grain without damage;
  • Reliable cross-flow ventilation with low percentage of contamination;
  • Sponsor with reverse tilt;
  • Hopper that unloads in minutes;
  • Ergonomic combination cab with climate control function;
  • Hydraulic adjustment of gears, codes and brakes.

Fall 2366 performance features:

  • Traction – 240 kW;
  • Engine – 6.3 liters;
  • Harvester – 4.9 m;
  • Seed control – 6.3 t;
  • Sol o-Scores – 6 PC;
  • Weight – 10.3 t.
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Case Combine 2388

A productive “case” machine, which is designed for high grain crops. Like other grain harvesters in this pulling class, it includes one —————– act technology for thorough and inexpensive grounding of ears in the axial flow. The pressure drum and separator key activator are characteristic of previous housing combinations.


  • Single faithful system with turbocharger;
  • Protection against heavy loads;
  • Hydraulically controlled travel unit;
  • 3-speed transmission with hydrostatic drive;
  • Improved solidity on fields with topographical irregularities;
  • “AFS Pro” – machine component monitoring system;
  • Increased charging tank, which empties in 2 minutes;
  • Availability and low cost of spare parts.

Company characteristics:

  • Power – 325 hp;
  • Working width – 6,1 m;
  • Grain memory – 7400 kg;
  • Unloading – 0,1 t/c;
  • Weight – 12800 kg.

Combine “Chemodanov” 5130

It is equipped with a high-performance engine and a spacious grain container. In addition to the basic permit, it is equipped with an alternative that increases the working width to 7.3 m and is suitable for the installation of adapters for harvesting rapeseed and corn.


  • Axial rotor threshing system;
  • concave sections;
  • rest due to disc brake pads;
  • Axial-Flow rotor;
  • 3 working speeds;
  • Uniform grain separation due to “Cross Flow” blower;
  • The possibility of continuous work without unloading.

Technical data “Suitcase” 5130:

  • Engine – 6.7 L;
  • Fuel tank – 950 liters;
  • Capacity – 299 PS;
  • Hopper – 8,8 m 3;
  • Weight – 17,3 t.

Combine “Case” 525

Universal self-propelled machine, which is suitable for all crops. It is equipped with stem lifters, which allow to work on fields with a fallen header and provide a high accuracy of cutting. The inclined conveyor belt has been redesigned and divided into several sections to improve performance in a variety of conditions.

Case 2366 Combine

The Case 2366 is designed for medium-sized operations. This model is ideal for businesses with a medium footprint. Here also special devices are suitable for private farmers. The depreciation is extremely low for a small load, considering the rather high costs.

The series is characterized by excellent driving characteristics, and the engine power is enough to work in the fields in any landscape and at high loads. With the Suitcase 2366 you can efficiently and quickly harvest small seeds, pulses, grains, oilseeds and other crops in medium areas. The model is ideal for the harsh Russian climate. Difficult operating conditions and poor fuel quality are no problem for the Case 2366 – the machine shows high efficiency regardless of external factors.

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Case Combine 2388

is designed for profitable grain crops. Like other combine harvesters in this traction class, it features axial flow technology in the rotor for gentle and inexpensive sparks. It differs from earlier versions of the hull harvester in that it has a compressed drum and activator on the separation buttons. Advantages:

  • Single faithful system with turbocharger;
  • Protection against heavy loads;
  • Hydraulically controlled travel unit;
  • 3-speed transmission with hydrostatic drive;
  • Improved solidity on fields with topographical irregularities;
  • “AFS Pro” – machine component monitoring system;
  • Increased charging tank, which empties in 2 minutes;
  • Availability and low cost of spare parts.

Company characteristics:

  • Power – 325 hp;
  • Working width – 6,1 m;
  • Grain memory – 7400 kg;
  • Unloading – 0,1 t/c;
  • Weight – 12800 kg.

Modifications and functions

Production of the 2366 began in 1998 and lasted until 2004. At present the production of the series is discontinued. During 6 years 2 generations of the harvester were developed, the difference between them was only in operational characteristics.

The range consisted of 2 versions (2366 and 2388). Again, they practically did not differ in design and construction features, so they were united in one group. The less powerful variation (body 2366) had a hopper capacity of 6300 liters, the more powerful (body 2388) had a hopper capacity of 7400 liters.

Series features:

  • powerful engine with plenty of power to spare;
  • Robust wide-capacity bunkers;
  • Sponsor with reverse tilt;
  • Spacious operator’s cabin with climate control;
  • hopper with significant unloading speed (it takes a couple of minutes for complete destruction);
  • Hydraulic brakes and hydraulic transmission adjustment;
  • Single Axial Flow rope system. This mechanism is considered the main advantage of case combines. The technology allows to collect various plants with minimum losses with maximum productivity. The special design of the rotor under the influence of centrifugal force and friction contributes to a thorough separation of the raw material. Grains remain intact and damage is minimal;
  • Reduced number of moving elements in the units and assemblies;
  • Non-stop operation, even at the moment of unloading from the hopper.

This technology has practically no disadvantages. The main disadvantage is the significant cost and high cost of spare parts and elements. However, the considerable reliability completely compensates for these disadvantages.

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All cabinet products are characterized by the following features:

  • Unique technology and special mechanisms allow to work with different types of crops.
  • The number of moving parts and elements in combined systems is reduced to a minimum. This solution reduces the likelihood of breakdowns and increases service life.
  • Axial Flow is a unique single-circuit system that allows you to maintain high productivity at lower resource costs. Grain mixture is cleaned by friction without disturbing its integrity, and when discharged, the grain is clean and undamaged.
  • Thorough threshing of grain with minimal losses.

The 2300 series is the most popular body in the combine line. It appeared in 1998 and included 2 modifications (models 2388 and 2366). Products of this series have a modern cab with climate control, improved drive belt and a new type of tires, which reduces the load on the ground and pressure on the ground. The 2388 and 2366 are similar in features, with the only difference being the hopper volume. The 2366 version has a volume of less than 900 liters (6300 liters).

The first copies of Fall 2366 appeared in 1998 (in the Russian market the technique came much later). Currently available in the second generation of combine, which differs from the debut version only Power Power parameters. Among the features should be highlighted the mechanism of quick bunker unloading (several minutes) and the increased area of u200bu200bt ventilation system and grid, which improves the cleaning process.

Model 2366 is not widely spread in the Russian market, in spite of the developed network of dealers. At the same time the combine is a leader in its segment by productivity and quality of cleaned grain.

Case 2366 equipment is designed to work on medium-sized farms. The machine has good driving characteristics and power enough to work under high loads. The main area of the combine is harvesting of various crops (corn, grains, small seeds and others).

Technical characteristics

Overall dimensions (in transport):

  • length – 6750 mm;
  • Width – 3280 mm;
  • height – 3810 mm;
  • wheelbase – 3500 mm;
  • ground clearance – 508 mm.

Weight of the combine harvester – 10300 kg.

Operational characteristics:

  • hopper capacity – 6300 l;
  • Maximal unloading speed – 100 l/s (depending on operation conditions and kind of a crop);
  • Discharge height – up to 3900 mm;
  • Standard width of cutterbar and-4900 mm;
  • Number of straw walkers – 6.
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the size of the wheels:

  • Leader – 480/70-R24;
  • Managers – 650/75R32.


Case 2366 is equipped with 6 TAA 830 Cummins diesel engine. A single direct injection unit, sequential air supply and turbocharging enable the combine to handle the toughest jobs. The engine uses a unique CAPS fuel system with classically designed injectors and an electronically controlled pump. The device differs from its analogues with considerable torque even at low rpm and long service life.

6 TAA 830 engine features:

  • displacement – 8.3 liters;
  • Rated power – 240 (325) kW (HP);
  • Number of cylinders – 6.

The fuel tank volume is 681 liters.

Design and Features

The Case 2366 series uses the Axal single-circuit flow shredding circuit. The rotor in this series replaces the rear reaper, turner drum and straw walker used in classic combinations. The rotor threshold coping device is located along the combine. It is followed by a 3-blade beater which extends the straw outside the threshing unit. In front of the rotor is a stonecutter, which protects the mechanism parts from foreign objects. Characteristics of threshing and separating system:

  • rotor diameter – 762 mm;
  • rotor length – 2800 mm;
  • Rotor speed (low/medium/high speed) -250-400/400-700/700-1125 rpm.

The system also includes a 3-caterpillar pile with a position indicator and electronic control, as well as a 5-bolt ram.

Grain harvesting is accomplished with repeated loading. The 2366 housing is equipped with a cable harness with a reach of 4,900 mm as standard. There is a function of hydraulic reversal of the tilt chamber.

The cleaning system is represented by a cradle with adjustable boom, a shoe handle with bar and a proprietary 450-1250 rpm cross-flow fan. Cleaning is accomplished by overlapping airflow. The total cleaning area is up to 5.1 m², which allows for fast cleaning of high grain.

The following elements are responsible for the transportation and storage of the grain mass:

  • Top-driven spike elevator;
  • Top-driven clean grain lift;
  • Unloading auger with rotation and locking function;
  • Hopper with a capacity of 6.3 cubic meters. Unloading is fast enough and takes no more than 2-3 minutes, which reduces downtime.

The threshing process consists of 3 main steps in a single rotating mechanism:

  • The entry of the plant mass and its gradual movement in a spiral at the end of the rotor plane;
  • Repeated movement of the incoming crop by means of rearrangement. At this stage the separation is carried out by soft friction (the purity of the crop reaches 90%);
  • Separation and packing of the rest of the grain with the movement of the plant mass to the back zone of the rotary unit on specialized rings, which provide the final cleaning of the grain. At this stage, the mass is moved to the placer through the beet.
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The operation of the device is based on the hydraulics, which is responsible for the position of the bob, the brake system and the gearbox. This ensures smooth operation of the harvester and high quality harvesting. The combine’s transmission is a 3-stage hydraulic drive, which is supplemented by hydraulic disc brakes. Specialized large-surface tires reduce ground pressure by 38% compared to its predecessors. This feature allows the case 2366 to be used in impassable areas and to irrigate the soil.

The case 2366 combinations use an ergonomically designed operator’s compliant cab, which meets the deluxe category and is complemented by a climate control function. Inside, there is a padded seat with multiple settings. The operator can adjust it to himself, taking into account the wide panoramic processes, which guarantees comfortable work. To control the power tiller, CSB functions, discharge auger, travel speed and tilting sponsee, a multifunction lever is used, which lies comfortably in the hand. This allows even an inexperienced machine operator to handle the tiller. Case 2366 harvesters are equipped with AFS system, which together with the GPS satellite system collects and analyzes information on soil fertility and field use, which is extremely convenient for further prediction of seed, fertilizer and crop selection.

Service points of the combine are located in convenient places, with the help of which it is possible to spend minimum effort on the basic processes of diagnostics and replacement of consumables.

Combine “Case” 525

General self-propelled equipment that is suitable for harvesting all crops. It is equipped with stalks, which allows you to work with feeling in the fields and provides a high level of accuracy. The tilt sponsor has been upgraded and is divided into several compartments to improve performance in a variety of conditions. Benefits:

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