Carver RSG-246 chain-ships: description, properties and rules of use

Carver RSG-246 chain saw. Technical specifications and operating rules

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Carver RSG-246 chain saw can be considered as a semi-professional tool due to its performance, endurance and power. It will perfectly cope with any household and gardening, prepare firewood and cut logs for the construction of design structures.


Thanks to the Quickstart system, the gasoline engine starts quickly and easily. The engine was designed with the Afte r-chrarge and Clean2 systems, which reduce fuel consumption by 20%, increase output by 5%, and increase torque by 17%. The inner walls of the cylinder are chrome plated to guarantee a longer life.

All existing receipts for this chainsaw model speak of their durability, quality and reliability.

Basic equipment and manufacturer

Chainsaws come with a number of spare parts and accessories, such as: B.:

  • Tires and saw chain;
  • Handy tire and transport tire pouch;
  • Container with measuring marks for mixing fuel;
  • File for pulling the saw chain;
  • Key and screwdriver for assembly, service and repair;
  • 2 additional seals;
  • Worm wheel;
  • Manual.

The chainsaw from Carver 246 is designed, engineered, constructed and built by, Uraloptinstroy LLC with manufacturing in China. According to feedback from buyers and users, the Chinese assembly does not affect the final quality of the tool, but only reduces its cost.

In order not to buy a fake, lower quality chainsaw, it is necessary to pay attention to the technical documentation, which is attached to the saw.

Carver 246 Technical Features

Brand: Carver
Power (hp): 2.5
Engine capacity, CM3: 45
Weight (kg: 6.9
Chain pitch, custom: 0.325
Number of links, pcs: 72
Groove width, mm: 1.5
Length of the bar, cm: 45

Peculiarities of chainsaws usage and safety precautions

An important detail when using the Carver 246 chainsaw is the complete safety of the operator and others. Use closed shoes and tight protective clothing, protect your eyes and ears. It is advisable to wear a mask to avoid breathing wood dust and sawdust.

Preparing the lawn mower engine for the season

Before each use, it is also necessary to check the presence of oil and fuel and the absence of fluids. If you find a leak, wipe it off and dry it completely to protect yourself from fire.

Carver 246 Operating and Maintenance Instructions

Before using the units, you should read the instructions carefully to understand how to handle the chainsaw.

Here you will find detailed instructions.

The Carver 246 has a convenient automatic oiling system for the saw chain. It’s important to check the oil level in the tank at all times and to use engine oil specially formulated for gasoline engines. Rad and dirty oil have a negative effect on the condition of the saw’s parts and provoke frequent breakdowns.

Carver-RSG-246 chainsaw

Pure gasoline is not suitable as fuel for the saw. To make the right mixture, it is important to strictly observe the ratio of parts of AI-92 gasoline to oil. Excessive oil content clogs the cylinders, reducing the power and performance of the chainsaw to a minimum and increasing the risk of failure.

According to users and customer reviews, there are no fundamental malfunctions and frequent breakdowns in the Carver 246 chainsaw, so it is rightly considered semi-professional. It is adapted to long and active work without failure.

Pros and cons of the Carver 246 chainsaw

Satisfied owners in their reviews note the following advantages in the technical characteristics of the saw:

  • Quick and unencumbered engine starting thanks to the QuickStart system;
  • The chainsaw is suitable for use in various climatic and weather conditions, thanks to the primer and the high quality of the body material
  • Comfortable handle with vibration system for more comfortable and pleasant operation;
  • RSG 246 01.004.00034 metal sump guarantees a long service life;
  • Improved engine that guarantees a more powerful and productive working process with minimal fuel consumption;
  • The chromed cylinder now lasts even longer.
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Video review of the Carver chainsaw

Owner reviews

Owners mostly leave only good, positive reviews and comments about the chainsaw’s performance. Carver 246 is famous for its high performance, good technical indicators, resistance to external temperature and weather conditions, durability and reliability. However, in some reviews, owners express some wishes about the chainsaw:

Yuri, 44 years old, Kiev

“Quality and reliable saw. Very economically consumes gasoline mixture, convenient and comfortable. But still get tired of the work, as the saw weighs a lot. The low effort is also not enough, if you find very hard and viscous rocks. But for personal use the saw is one hundred percent suitable! “

Carver RSG-246 chainsaw. Technical specifications and rules of operation

The Carver RSG 246 chainsaw refers to household garden tools and is used for pruning trees, cutting firewood and forming crowns. The efficiency is achieved due to the installed 2.4 hp engine. Despite the small power, the tool weighs 6.9 kg. It is quite heavy, but at first, until the operator gets used to it.

Carver RSG 246 chainsaw

The RSG 246 chainsaw is equipped with a lightweight starting system, which allows the engine to start quickly even in freezing temperatures. The length of the bar is 18 inches, but this does not affect the quality of work. Thanks to the 72 links, the chainsaw will effectively cope with any task. The Carver brand is Russian, but the products are made in China. Thus, it is possible to reduce the price with sufficient quality. The market price ranges from 6,000 to 7,000 rubles.

Technical characteristics of the Carver RSG-246 chainsaw

Comes as a set:

  1. Chainsaw.
  2. Gear 455 L 8 F.
  3. Chain Rezer BP-8-1.5-72.
  4. Special shroud for bar.
  5. Bowl for collecting fuel mixture.
  6. file
  7. sprinkler.
  8. Hexagonal shank.
  9. Rigid stop with fasteners.
  10. Spring pads (2 pcs.).
  11. worm wheel.
  12. Instruction manual.
  13. Complete set.
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Advantages of the Carver RSG-246 chainsaw

Carver 246 chainsaw meets all the requirements for a household garden tool.

Focusing on the reviews of experts and owners of potions, the following advantages can be noted:

  1. uninterrupted operation.
  2. The engine starts regardless of the time of year thanks to the Quickstart system, with which you can also compensate for the recoil fixed at start-up.
  3. Engine output does not increase over time.
  4. Saves fuel and lubricant consumption.
  5. Spare parts and miscellaneous parts for free sale.
  1. Difficult to control the amount of fuel and lube fluid.
  2. Having to work long hours because the saw has considerable weight.
  3. Chain tensioning circuit needs to be reworked.

Characteristics of the Carver RSG-246 chainsaw

All the feedback and wishes of consumers have been taken into account in the design features of the Carver 246 chainsaw. You can note the separation, excellent balance, vibration design and low noise level. All this allows the operator to work comfortably for a long time.

Carver RSG 246 chainsaw

The Carver 246 chainsaw has an easy start system, and the chain is automatically lubricated during operation. Despite the weight of 6.9 kg, the saw looks compact, and the ergonomic handles make it easy for the operator to work. Access to the filter, as in the fuel system, is as convenient as possible. There is no difficulty with the independent voltage of the chain and the design of the mechanism that drives it.

Modern technical features are perfectly combined with a classic saw design that focuses on simple functionality.

With a chainsaw

Before using, be sure to review the safety recommendations of the Carver RSG-246 chainsaw. You should wear special protective clothing and anti-vibration gloves to work safely with the tool.

Start the saw at a distance of at least 3 m from the filling station.

Check the voltage in the circuit before working. If it is correct, the chain is free to pull out no more than 4-6 mm. After installing a new chain, it is recommended to check the tension until it is completely worn out. The tour describes in detail how to start a cold and warm engine.

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It is recommended that only special oil for 2-stroke engines be used for lubrication. Gasoline with an octane rating of 92 should be used. It is advisable not to use low-quality gasoline, as this may cause premature breakdown of the saw. The parts in which the fuel mixture must be mixed are indicated on the oil package.

It is strictly forbidden to use the Carver 246 saw:

  1. With gasoline, the engine will fail quickly due to insufficient lubrication.
  2. With diesel, as you can damage rubber and plastic parts.
  3. Pour oil not designed for 2-stroke engines because it can clog the exhaust port, reducing piston rings.
  4. Pour in blends that are past their expiration date, i.e., H. You made a month ago. The most appropriate motorcycle oil is SAE 10W-30, which is suitable for all seasons. You can use SAE 30-40 in the summer and SAE 20 in the winter.

You can read the instructions for use in detail at this link.

Main disturbances

Despite the fact that modern technology is characterized by the complexity of design, it is possible to repair it yourself. If you adhere to the rules of operation, most breakdowns can be prevented. The most common breakdowns are:

  1. The engine does not start. To eliminate this problem, it is necessary to check or replace the spark plug, check the quality of the fuel fluid or replace it with a new one.
  2. Poor performance can be caused by a poor fuel mixture, dislodged filters, or poor carburetor adjustment.
  3. The saw unit is not lubricated. The lubrication passages and holes on the saw and the rail need to be checked.

Video review

Below are video reviews of the Carver RSG-246 saw.

Owner reviews

Numerous positive reviews from owners testify to the quality of the Carver 246 chainsaw.

Alexey, 39 years old, Charkiv

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I have been using the Carver 246 saw for 2 years and have not experienced any symptoms. The only disadvantage is weight, because it is impossible to work for a long time, my arms get tired. I did not have any troubles.

The advantages: powerful and functional;

Eugene, 46 years old, Moscow.

A woman gave me the saw and chose without me. I do not know what guided them, but I liked the saw. It is easy to start, the power is enough to saw large trunks.

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