Carver RSE-2400 M chainsaw: description, features and rules of use

Carver RSE-2400M electric chainsaw. Specifications and user reviews

Carver RSE-2400M electric chainsaw makes it easy to trim trees and branches in the garden, cutting firewood and similar sawing jobs. Recommended for home use only. The brand is Russian, but the production facilities are located in China. For this reason, the price of Carver electric saws is much lower than analogues from other manufacturers.

Carver RSE-2400M electric chainsaw

Carver RSE-2400M electric saw uses 220V electric mains as a power source. The power of the saw is 2200 watts. This model is more powerful than its predecessor Carver RSE-200M, so it can be used for works of increased complexity. The working length of the bar is 16 inches, which is optimal for household needs.

One of the features of the saw is the longitudinal assembly of the engine and the convenient location of the handles. As a result, the load is evenly distributed on the operator’s hands, which means that despite the weight of the unit of 5.2 kg, he gets less tired during the working day.

Carver RSE-2400M Specifications

  1. Gasoline saw.
  2. Tires.
  3. Chain rezer vg-9-1.3-57.
  4. Service key.
  5. Instruction manual.

Advantages of an electric chainsaw

The saw is of high quality and has a number of advantages, due to which it compares favorably with analogues of a similar kind. Numerous reviews of owners and experts on household garden appliances have highlighted the following advantages:

  1. The presence of a gentle current function.
  2. Installed protection against overvoltage in the network.
  3. Environmental friendliness.
  4. Availability of oscillating attack allows for more precise cutting.
  5. Strong motor.
  6. Automatic chain lubrication is implemented.
  7. Easier visual control of the oil quantity through a window.
  8. Locking from unwanted start.
  9. The chain brake is installed.
  10. Reduced noise level during operation.
  11. Increased insulation.

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Features of use

Do not use the saw when it is raining, as it is dangerous. Before use, be sure to check the cables, contacts, and plug for defects. If the cable is damaged, finish the work and do not start. It is recommended that protective clothing, gloves and goggles be worn while working.

Although the noise generated during work is reduced, it can affect the worker’s hearing, so always wear headphones.

While working, keep the cable behind the operator and out of the way of cutting devices. It is advisable to place the saws in the middle of the working area, otherwise there is a risk of kickback. In order to be able to work fully with the sump saw, an extension cable is required, the maximum length of which is 75 m. It should be noted, however, that an extension cable longer than 30 m has a negative effect on the technical properties of the saw.

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Electric sawing services

To avoid premature failure of the motor and to prolong its service life, it is recommended to read the instruction manual before use and to observe the rules of safe behavior with the power tool and the rules of maintenance.

Carver RSE-2400M electric chainsaw

Chain lubrication is mandatory, but since it is automatic, the operator only has to make sure there is enough oil in the oil tank. Choose a quality saw that meets the technical requirements.

Major malfunctions

Malfunctions may occur which the operator can correct by himself. If the malfunction is not corrected, the saw should be taken to a service center.

  1. The saw does not start. Check that the cable between the socket and the plug is intact and that there is electrical current in the mains.
  2. The chain does not stop immediately. This problem may be caused by a defective friction clutch. Contact a service center to solve this problem.
  3. There is no oil in the chain. Check the amount of oil in the tank and the holes in the oil supply.

Video review

Below is a video review of the Carver RSE-2400M chainsaw.

Owner reviews

Various reviews by owners about the Carver 2400m electric chainsaw speak of the good quality of the tool and its performance.

Mikhail, 44 years old, Zaporozhye

“I had no experience with the Carver 2400m chainsaws, so I was a little worried about how I would cope with the tool. But after acquiring it, I realized that all the worries were in vain. The saw with it is simple and not complicated. There are no special maintenance requirements, so I am not burning with the desire. After a while I poured some priestly oil on it, but poured and did not give it back. The disadvantages include a restrained chain, as it is used quickly. After a while I replaced it with a Stlevskaya and had no more problems.

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Carver RSE-2400 Mellective Mocip.

Recommended: 0%


The Carver RSE-2400 M chainsaw is a great powerful tool for domestic use. The 220 0-W motor is equipped with a soft start system that protects it from overloading and positively affects its service life.

Carver-RSG-2400 chainsaw

Automatic chain oil technology makes it easy to service the electric saw.

Positive receipts from owners testify to the reliability and durability of electric appliances.

The scope of domestic use implies that the Carver RSE-2400 m is not suitable for long and active work. The saw is designed to perform simple tasks that usually occur to owners of private homes and cottages, gardening, forestry or farms.

Basic equipment and production of the Carver RSE-2400 electric chainsaw

When you purchase the RSE-2400 electric chainsaw itself, you will also receive a factory package with some accessories:

  • VG-9-1.3-57 cutter;
  • Universal wrench for saw assembly, repair, maintenance;
  • The enterprise manual and technical documentation.

Production and production of electric saws Russian company OOO “Uraloptinstroy”, which established a workshop in China to meet.

User reviews ensure that this did not affect the quality of assembly, but only made the product more affordable by reducing the price.

When buying extremely careful to pay attention to the presence and correctness of the technical documentation, as this is a guarantee of the purchase of these devices, and not fakes.

Technical Specifications

Features of using the Carver RSE-2400 chainsaw, precautions

It is important to use the Carver RSE-2400 m chainsaw as intended. It is specifically designed for domestic and personal use and is not suitable for long-term, continuous and active industrial use.

It is recommended to work with the saw in special clothing that fits closely to the body, but does not restrict movement, so that the operator feels calm and comfortable. Footwear must be closed. It is also recommended to use respiratory protection before dust in the form of a mask, eyes before accidental sawdust in the form of goggles.

The Carver electric saw is much quieter than gasoline-powered saws, but buyers are advised to use noise-canceling headphones.

Operating instructions and maintenance rules

All garden tools should be carefully inspected before use to minimize the risk of injury or damage to the tool. Detailed operating instructions can be found at the following link.

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Along with the chainsaw itself comes a proprietary chain. It is durable enough, but it can be replaced with any other chain. Carver RSE-2400 is equipped with an automatic system of oil supply to the working parts of the chain when cutting tree trunks. This protects against overheating, kinking and guarantees a smooth glide.

Carver-2400 chainsaw

The advantage of the electric saw is that it can be used not only from the mains, but also by charging the battery. In the ratings, owners indicate that the operating time on a single battery charge can be as long as 5 hours.

With proper care, the electric saw lasts long and regularly. However, sometimes there can be problems with its operation: it does not stop immediately. This is due to the failure of the friction clutch, and it is necessary to contact a service center. When the oil supply stops, it is likely that the channels for the fluid to the mechanism are contaminated.

advantages and disadvantages

Thanks to numerous customer reviews, we can conclude that the Carver RSE-2400 is a compact, practical and economical saw model. Of all the advantages of using the tool, the following can be highlighted:

  • Oil consumption maintenance;
  • Automatic chain lubrication during sawing;
  • Lightness;
  • Long operating time on a single battery charge (up to 5 hours);
  • Nice size saw that you can work well with;
  • Smooth motor operation;
  • Can be used indoors.

According to test reports and specifications, these saws have almost no drawbacks. During use, there are some malfunctions, which can be solved by relying on the technical instructions for the device and additional information from the Internet.

Video evaluation of the Carver RSE-2400 electric chainsaw

Owner reviews

Most reviews of the Carver RSE-2400 chainsaw are positive. Users are very happy with the quality of the saw, its durability, performance and durability. Many say that this is the most comfortable model of the entire series of chainsaws Carver, as it has a pleasant weight, optimal size and easy operation. Sometimes you can also meet reviews that point out the presence of dirt in the oil tank.

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Shchuchkov Maxim, 41, Ivano-Frankivsk

“I bought the Carver RSE-2400 saw for work at home and floor sampling. I’ve been working with logs and haven’t experienced any difficulties. Although this is the first experience of using a chainsaw, everything was very simple and uncomplicated. The only downside, after a while the tank began to leak oil. For me, this is not a problem, I noticed it, fixed it and continue to use the tool. The chain included in the kit quickly goes out of order. I replaced it after three months. Overall, the reviews on the Carver have been good and I am happy with my purchase. I recommend it.”

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