Carver RSE 2200 electric chainsaw: Description, properties and rules of use

Carver RSE-200m electric chainsaw. Owner’s description and reviews

Carver RSE-200m electric chainsaw should be used for domestic needs and is great for people with a small garden. With their help, you can not only cut trees, but also carry out the preparation of firewood and the cutting of trees. A special feature of the electric chainsaw is the crossbar of the motor.

Carver RSE-200M electric chainsaw

The Carver RSE-200M electric saw is powered by 220 V and has a power output of 2000 watts. The length of the bar is 16 inches. This figure is ideal for budget saws of this class. The oil tank holds up to 100 ml of fluid. Always keep the tank filled so that the lubrication of the links and the bar occurs automatically.

The Russian brand is made in China. The company administration has chosen such a strategic move to reduce the cost of production. The price for the Carver RSE-200m electric chainsaw is about 5,000 to 6,000 rubles.

Technical features of the model Carver RSE-200M

  1. Seeds.
  2. Tires.
  3. Chain Rezer VG-9-1.3-57.
  4. Button.
  5. User’s Manual.

The saw is of quality and has a number of advantages due to its counterpart of this type. Numerous reviews of owners and experts on household garden tools have highlighted the following advantages:

  1. The saw is equipped with a modern coupling.
  2. It is also possible to work indoors, as there are no exhaust fumes.
  3. Powerful engine.
  4. The chain is lubricated automatically.
  5. There is a window for checking the amount of oil.
  6. There is a button which blocks accidental start.
  7. Chain brake.
  8. Improved insulation.
  9. Roller stop.
  10. Operator’s comfort is ensured by quiet operation of the engine.
  11. The cable length is 0.25 m.

Model features

Do not use the saw when it is raining, as this is dangerous. Before use, it is necessary to inspect the wires, contacts and plugs for defects. If the cable is damaged, you must stop work and not start. It is recommended that protective clothing, gloves and goggles be worn during operation.

Although the noise level generated during work is reduced, it can have a negative effect on the hearing of the person working, so always wear headphones.

While working, always make sure the cord is behind the operator and does not get under the cutters. It is desirable to see the middle part of the working area, because if you do it with one end, there is a risk of giving out. An extension cable is required for full operation of the sump saw, with a maximum length of 75 m. It should be noted, however, that an extension cord negatively affects the technical properties of the saw over 30 m.

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Maintenance of the power saw

To avoid premature engine failure and to extend the life of the motor, it is recommended to read the instruction manual before use and to observe the rules of safe conduct with the power tool, as well as the rules of maintenance.

Carver RSE-200M electric chainsaw

Chain lubrication is mandatory, but since it is automatic, the operator only needs to make sure there is enough oil in the tank. Choose a quality oil that meets the saw’s specifications.

For more information on the owner’s manual, please follow this link.

general malfunctions

Malfunctions may occur during operation that can be corrected by the operator. If the problem cannot be corrected, the saw should be returned to the service center.

  1. The saw does not turn on. Check for continuity of cable, connection of socket and plug, presence of electric current in mains.
  2. The chain does not stop immediately. This problem may be caused by a faulty friction clutch. Contact the service center to solve this problem.
  3. There is no oil in the chain. Check oil level in oil tank and oil supply holes.

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Numerous reviews of Carver electric saw owners testify to its quality and relatively quiet operation.

Alexander, 39 years old, Astrakhan

“Good saw, I especially like that it is quieter than gasoline engines. Oil does not leak, although this is what I was most afraid of. There is no problem with the preparation of the mixture, as the saw is powered. The power is enough for trees and branches. Just what I need for gardening. The response is good.

Advantages: quiet, powerful.

Vasily, 51 years old, Kiev

“The first impression is not very good, the Chinese plastic pissed off, but then it turned out that in practice the saw is better than it looks and according to the reviews. Instant stop, automatic chain lubrication, comfortable handles and light weight are the features that I liked.”

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Carver RSE 2200M chainsaw. Review, features, reviews

The Carver RSE 2200M chainsaw is a compact, oversized tool with a 2,200-watt electric motor. Such power in electric saws indicates their semi-professional or professional category. Electric saws are connected to the mains with a power cable, so you can work with such a saw indoors or with an extension cord. The main advantage of this saw is its environmental friendliness, the absence of gasoline emissions. The electric saw is safe for the operator, even when working indoors without intensive ventilation or without windows.

Carver RSE 2200m electric chainsaw

Despite its power, the Carver RSE 2200M electric saw is very compact and has features like accidental start protection, a viewing window to check the oil level in the tank and an automatic chain brake that stops the chain in 0.12 seconds. The saw can be used both at home and in the workplace, for heavy continuous work and long sawing.

Features of the Carver RSE 2200M electric saw:
  • low noise level and moderate body vibration;
  • high-quality construction;
  • brand parts and accessories – all of good quality, freely available both online and in simple stores;
  • high performance, which allows the owner to saw the thickest logs.

Other accessories are not provided by the manufacturer. You can buy lubricant for the chain and gears, personal protective equipment, a spare chain, gloves to work with the electric saw.


engine 2200 watt
chain 1.3 mm
chain pitch 9,3
stem length 40 cm
weight 5.3 kg

Owner’s Manual

When using chainsaws, it is important to remember that it is a dangerous, powerful tool, which must be handled with care and caution. Such a company is useful not only for the owner, but also for the tool itself – the service life of such a saw can be and 5, and 10, and more years.

Electric chainsaw

Basic rules when working with Carver electric saws:
  • Never start working with a new tool without first reading the manual;
  • Personal protective equipment such as a mask, safety glasses, respirator, gloves are not a luxury but a safety measure, do not neglect them;
  • The Carver RSE 2200m electric saw cable must always be intact and not twisted;
  • Chain oil should always be in the tank, without lubrication, the chain will overheat and cut wood poorly, leaving ripped edges.
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Carver RSE 2200m basic faults:
  • The Carver RSE 2200m saw does not start. In this case, check the socket, cable, voltage. If there is nothing wrong with the mains, the carbon brushes are probably worn out and need to be replaced.
  • Loud noise during operation. The cause may be a clogged muffler or air filter.

Video review

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Owners reviews


“I really liked the saw. Only been in use for 2 months so far, we’ll see how it goes.” Advantages: I’ve read in some reviews that oil splashes, but nothing splashed on my saw, as the feed is automatic. The oil consumption is economical. Disadvantages: I have not found any noticeable yet. The first 20 minutes after I started it, the oil was splashing on the chain, then I went on to normal sawing! Now I can say that the unit is perfect for the price. Not for all the money in the world, but it works, and also with high performance.


“The Carver RSE 2200m is a saw that I recommend to everyone. Advantages: With its performance it is very light, no exhaust, the chain sharpening is quality and the price, above all, is not high. Disadvantages: I can’t say that it takes time to use it, at least a few years, to draw conclusions. In my opinion, a year warranty is nothing, the same Zubr has and 3 and 5 years.

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