Carver Promo LMP1940 lawn mower. Review, features, owner reviews

Carver Promo LMP-1940


Before you buy Carver Promo LM P-1940 at the lowest price, study the features, video reviews, pros and cons of the model, and customer reviews.

Carver Promo LMP-1940 video reviews

Carver Promo LMP-1940 features

General features *
noise level 96 dB
grass box Soft, capacity 40 l
Knife speed up to 3000 rpm
special width 40 cm
type mower
Mowing height 25-76 mm
grass output back into the grass catcher box
Cutting height adjustment There is a central number of levels – 8
mulching no
output 2,40 hp
engine Gasoline, four-stroke
Oil volume 0.4L
displacement 99 cubic meters
engine brake available
fuel tank up to 1.2 l
engine speed 3600
Handle Folding with adjustable height
Number of Wheels four-wheeled
Desi material steel
Diameter of front wheels 15 cm
Diameter of rear wheels 20 cm
wheel material plastic
construction material steel
Dimensions *
Weight 24 kg

* Check with the seller for exact specifications.

I am not a fan of reviews, but decided to share. Bought this product in July 2018, in that time completely mowed 3 times. And so, after purchase, I assembled this unit in 5 days and poured the oil as written, started it up, without charging it gave at least 10 hours of work and 30 minutes of good feed. After 2 weeks started mowing as usual, after 10 minutes it stalled and couldn’t start. Checked oil was empty under a sloping puddle. Went to the service center, then still in corolla they gave it to me for diagnosis. Only a month later I was told that the breakdown was my fault and the repair at my expense. After the scandal, they said that something went wrong and the scythe will be repaired under warranty. I spent another 1.5 months waiting for the repair. I went in late autumn, to check it was not possible, visually all is fine, they said that replaced the flywheel and that’s all. In the winter the machine was in a heated garage, in the spring I realized that the wheelbase was not assembled (I had to fix the mechanism to change the height of the shear and the wheel). Started in May, all pierced at intervals usually with a total of 1 hour. Then pierced once, and this weekend started it for 5 minutes, drowned it. Next day the lawnmower evenly kicked, looked the plug with the bottom, replaced the plug and got a “friendship fist” Offer to fix it, but no confidence!

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Sitting and pondering whether or not to return vape and drove.

Started out of the box with no problems. Poured 400ml 5W30 Synthetic oil per instructions. Fuel consumption is low. Plenty of power if used properly. Height adjustment is very handy. On further use Drain plug), rear wheels on bearings, rear wheels on bearings, rear wheels on bearings, front wheels just not even lubricated. As a consumable mixbar. There are no more problems.

I took the 2018. Started my second season with this mower in 2019. The first Kostroma that survived. Used to have an electric in the price range under 10,000 rubles. Your weak point is the belt and the sewer town. They were shut down and burned. I decided to go with gasoline. In 2018 cheaper, I couldn’t find it, it was. Starts great, oil changes as instructed. Small bushes (like currants) that mow along with small mounds of earth. If it gets on the knife in big bugs or twists, only the stands are left. They clear, remove, start and continue. Big rockfall, fuselage and knife, it didn’t even level out, just mowed. The conditions for you are not cheap for us. I definitely won’t be buying an electric one. All in all in my opinion a great machine, albeit one that is gentle and for years to come. Not myself. Try it, it’s definitely not the money and you can’t compare yourself to an electric system in the same price range. Oh yeah, and the freedom from wires is assured.

Carver Promo LMP1940 lawn mower. Review, features, owner reviews

Carver 1940 lawn mower is a great tool for dealing with vegetation on the countryside. Thanks to the 2.4 hp engine, the device can be used on plots of up to 30 acres. It is ideal for mowing grass in parks, gardens or wooded areas. The Carver 1940 mower works equally smoothly on flat areas as it does on uplands.

How to prepare the pond for winter?

Carver Promo LMP 1940 lawnmower

Simple and easy to operate, the Carver 1940 mower is relatively light, weighing just 24kg. It’s easy to transport and doesn’t take up space in your room while you’re camping. All mowed grass is not distributed haphazardly over the plot, as the model is equipped with a 40-liter grass catcher box.

Grass box

The collection container for mowed vegetation has a fabric structure, due to which the total weight of the lawnmower has no weight. The height of the mowed grass can be set from 25 to 76 mm. The width of the mowing area leaves 40 cm. Therefore, the operator can mow a large area in a very short time.

Carver Promo LMP1940 Equipment:
  • Grass box;
  • Lawn mower with engine and cutting elements;
  • The candle wrench;
  • Handles;
  • A set of fasteners.
Advantages of lawn mowers and LMP1940:
  • Ability to mow irregular areas;
  • Economical fuel consumption;
  • It is not noisy.


Engine type petrol
Kraft, watt/hp. 1800/2.4
Engine model SF1P56F
Width selection, cm. 40
Late height, mm 25-76
Dimensions, mm 660*495*410
grass box available
Self-closing no
Desi material steel
Weight (kg) 24

Owner’s Manual

Check all the brackets and tighten the screws before use. The lawnmower is delivered for sale without oil, so fill up with the correct amount of lubricant beforehand.

Schematic illustration of Carver lawnmower components

It is recommended to use oil from reputable manufacturers, adapted for SAE30 4-stroke engines. Manufacturers recommend changing the engine oil after the first 5 hours of operation.

Important: The Carver 1940 lawnmower engine does not require a running-in period.

Clean gasoline with an octane rating of at least 92 is used for fueling.

Before each operation, it is necessary to:
  • Listen for engine operation and determine if it is at all possible.
  • Check for oil or gas leaks.
  • Raise all brackets and see if there is a counter reaction.
  • Fill up the oil.
  • The oil in the gearbox is changed every 50 moto-hours, the clutch is adjusted, and after 300 hours, in addition to the above, the sharpness of the blade is checked.

It is not recommended to disassemble the engine components themselves, in case of a breakdown you should contact a service center.

For more information on the maintenance and operation functions of the Carver 1940 gasoline lawnmower, refer to the manual: Your browser does not support frames. Download the owner’s manual for the Carver Promo LMP1940

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Video review

Unfortunately, there is no video review for the Carver Promo LMP1940 Lawn Mower.

Owners reviews


“Gasoline lawnmower really like its technical characteristics. With thick grass it copes well, but if there are too many tangled stems, it can stop. But I have experimented, but overall it is designed for the lawn. Stops on the first try and is pretty economical. “


“I only work for the first season, but so far there are no complaints. My 6 acres mows with a bang! Despite the Chinese assembly, which, judging by the reviews, is not considered quality, it turned out to be reliable and not simple. Thanks to the small width, it is easy to mow between the beds. Moreover, it is not too loud. “

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