Carver LMG-2646 DM lawn mower. Review, features, owner reviews

Lawn mower LMVER LMG-2646DM

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Reviews on Carver LMG-2646DM lawn mower

Pros: Great lawn mower for them not a lot of money (bought for 16,000 rubles), and they are self-propelled, which makes mowing the lawn much easier. Starts up easily, does not work noisily, if compared with a chainsaw or trimmer. 6 levels of mowing, soft capacious grass catcher box is no longer needed, otherwise you can not take out. Gasoline (AI92) sniffs, not eats.

Disadvantages: If you use the mulching feature and choose the mowing height, it still doesn’t hold up well enough. When using the bag, no such problems, for mowing weeds under 0. The oil mushroom plug is not convenient, all the oil will drain right into the deck. You have to tilt the mower with one hand and hold the oil plug container with the other. The instruction to the mower is not complete, the same drain stopper look for yourself, it is not on the diagram.

Pros: Great design and ergonomics. Mower just started unpacking out of the box with the second “twitch” of the starter, in the first, apparently, gasoline did not get into the carburetor. Now, in standard operating mode, it starts up stably on the first try. Simple and easy to operate.

Cons: I would like the bag for grass a little more volume, but in further use, still came to the conclusion that this volume of the bag is close to the optimal. The engine stop and clutch levers are a little flimsy, but this is probably my subjective opinion, as the charge on these levers is small and quite workable for its function

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Comment: Mitch I am satisfied, I recommend everyone to buy the models themselves, ie H. With the wheels ride, otherwise they will crowd your site. Otherwise, you press the clutch and “go”!

Pros: Start. Reliable. powerful.

Cons: The latch doesn’t catch the grass crumbs in the up position.

Comment: I have owned it for 5 years. Worked like an AK-74. Broke down once: started and stopped, would not hold revolutions. To repair. Cleaned carburetor, knocked down sand, replaced spark plug wire and it starts again with half a hand and runs with a nice engine roar. Couldn’t get over grass above my knees : trimmer, scythe. Took the Carver Lmg. up to maximum, drilled a hole in the grass swivel, tied it in the up position and, with stick in hand, beat the grass. The weed picking stick is out. And no fidgeting, cranking, cranking, cranking. Decent “machine”. For this money you can give it as a gift to your loved ones. Sincerely.

The advantages: the ergonomics. the build quality. the attention to detail.

Disadvantages: The mower has not enough power for higher grass.

Comment: I was pleasantly surprised by the Russian-Chinese technology. For a long time I chose the best option for a gift, but almost immediately settled on this model. Considered another side discharge, but decided that it was useless! For weeds the engine was quite weak, but on the whole I am very satisfied after the trimmer. It’s a pleasure to mow. The basket is enough for about 3/4 of a hectare, of course, depending on the frequency of mowing.

Advantages: none

Disadvantages: Poor design, no spare parts

Comment: Mower does not work even after two mowing sessions. The first time I mowed, all unscrewed parts fell off and were lost. The second time I mowed, I got caught on a stump and bent the blade. The biggest problem is that, unfortunately, there are no replacement parts for this mower. There’s nothing to buy or replace – it won’t work. Basically a disposable machine. I do not recommend

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Carver LMG-2646 DM lawn mower. Review, features, owner reviews

Carver LMG-2646 DM lawn mower is designed for mowing grass on lawns, lawns in gardens and parks. It belongs to the professional class thanks to the powerful 3,5 hp engine and the voluminous grass catcher box, designed for 65 liters.

LMG-2646 DM lawn mower

To reduce the weight of the grass catcher box, soft material is used, which is placed on a rigid frame. The mulching plug allows shredding the grass clippings. The model is equipped with a level indicator that shows when it’s time to empty the tank.


As Carver LMG-2646 DM lawnmower is focused on large areas, it has self-propelled principle of movement, so the operator does not have to apply much effort. With 6 adjustment modes, the grass cutting height can be adjusted from 25 to 75 mm. Convenient storage with folding handle.

Advantages of the Carver LMG-2646 DM gasoline model:
  • No need to be plugged into an outlet, as with electric models;
  • Powerful, yet economical engine;
  • light trimmer;
  • easy maintenance;
  • High maneuverability.
Basic configuration Carver LMG-2646 DM:
  • lawnmower with handle;
  • basket for collecting grass with a frame;
  • collection bag;
  • crank support;
  • attachments;
  • mulching plug;
  • Manual.


engine type gasoline
horsepower 3,5
engine model Y139V
working width, cm 45.7
cutting height, mm 25-75
Dimensions, mm 740*570*485
grass box Yes
self-propelled да
weight (kg 34

Owner’s Manual

Check all connections and tighten bolts before operating. There is no oil in the mower at the time of sale, so you must first fill the engine with the correct amount of lubricant to avoid future breakdowns.

Carver Lawnie

The best oil is a well-known brand of oil designed for SAE30 4-stroke engines. According to the manufacturer’s recommendations, the engine oil should be changed after the first 5 hours of operation. The fuel used is pure petrol with an octane rating of at least 92.

The lawnmower engine does not need a running-in period.

Before each use, it is necessary to:
  • Turn the engine on and listen for extraneous noises.
  • Check for oil or fuel leaks.
  • Tighten all connections and check for play.
  • Add oil as needed.
  • After every 50 hours of operation, carry out a more thorough maintenance, which includes changing the oil in the gearbox and checking the operation of the clutch. After 300 hours of operation, the blade is further sharpened and at the same time checked for integrity.

It is not recommended to disassemble the engine components on your own, and in case of a breakdown you should contact the service center.

For more details on the maintenance and operation of the Carver gasoline lawnmower, please refer to the manual: Your browser does not support frames to download the Carver LMG lawnmower manual

Plant pest and disease control, i.e., winter spraying

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Carver LMG-2646 DM lawn mower review

Owners reviews

Many reviews characterize the Care LMG-2646 DM gasoline mower from the best side, as an effective and reliable for mowing the grass, the device.


“There are no complaints to the carver LMG-2646 DM legislator, as it always starts mowing from the hollow, mows well and the fasteners are not extended. As a disadvantage I was able to identify only the lack of a candle wrench. “


“The price corresponds to the quality! On the engine no problems could not be found. Wheels available, wires through mulchen, even rollers if necessary. The machine is great and I advise everyone to buy it. “

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