Carver LME-1032 lawn mower. Review, features, owner reviews

Carver LME-1032 lawn mower. Review, features, owner reviews

Carver LME1032 lawnmower is a powerful unit that offers AC power. It is designed for mowing grass on small plots of up to 10 acres. The power of the model is 1 kW.

Carver LME-1032 lawn mower

The lawnmower is quite compact and easy to transport. The weight is only 9 kg, and the mowing width is 32 cm. For storage, the handle of the lawnmower can be folded. The model is equipped with a grass catcher box, which is made of soft material.

grass box

The grass catcher box has a volume of 30 liters, which is of paramount importance for such a diminutive machine. The height of the grass catcher box can be adjusted from 27 to 62 mm.

Advantages of the Carver LME-1032 electric lawnmower:
  • quiet operation;
  • Environmentally friendly for the environment and people;
  • Capacious weed collector in a small size;
  • Unpretentious in maintenance.
Basic equipment Carver LME-1032:
  • Lawnmower with handle;
  • grass catcher box;
  • bag for collecting grass;
  • support for the handle;
  • wheels;
  • fasteners;
  • manual.


motor type electric
power, s 1
hiring Central
Latency width, cm 32
delay height, mm 27-62
Dimensions, mm 605*380*270
grass box Yes
self-masking no
weight (kg 9

User manual

The lawnmower should be operated at an air temperature of +5 to +30 degrees and a relative humidity of no more than 80%. After one hour of work it is desirable to make a break for 10-15 minutes in order not to overheat.


The mower should not be overloaded and should not be used in the rain.


An electric lawn mower does not require special maintenance, but it is necessary to check the device regularly and carry out preventive measures.

Basic lawn mower maintenance measures:

  • Place the lawn mower on a level surface and remove the grass box.
  • Wash the underside of the unit with water only from the grass held back. If the dirt is difficult to remove, you can use a special cleaner.
  • Do not direct the water jet at the motor or switches.
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It is not recommended to disassemble the assemblies by yourself, and in case of breakage you will have to contact the service center.

Main malfunctions and troubleshooting

The main faults of the Carver LME-1032 lawnmower:

  • Does not work when turned on. Check the contact in the plug and make sure the switch and plug are working properly.
  • Circular light forming on manifold. Check that the rotor is in good condition.
  • Noise in gearbox. Replace bearing.
  • Smoke coming out of vents. Armature and stator windings may have shorted.

To learn how to service and operate your Carver electric lawn mower, see the manual

Video review

Sorry, there is currently no video review of the Carver LME-1032 lawnmower.

Owners reviews

Numerous reviews of owners of the Carver LME 1032 electric lawn mower speak of the quality and reliability of the device.


“I am completely satisfied with the device. Quiet, powerful toy without any frills. Its compact size makes it easy to hide in the garage without disturbing anyone. Despite the fact that we have a constant power surge, the mower does not stand still and has never yet broken. At first I was upset about the short power cord, but then it turned out to have everything I needed. “

Carver electric lawn mowers: Overview of popular models and customer reviews

photo 1

Under the brand Carver (Carver) products of Chinese factories are sold by the Russian company “Uraloptinstroy”, one of the many packers.

Despite the fact that the products of this brand is known for more than 10 years, it does not have a serious production base.

Garden equipment of this company is quite in demand among buyers, as it combines reliability, availability of components and acceptable cost.

All Carver electric mowers are made according to one scheme:

  • Non-motorized four-wheeled chassis;
  • Central mowing height adjustment – the lever is installed near the rear left wheel.
  • Handle is folded without height adjustment, so it is only suitable for people of average height.
  • The top of the handle is ergonomically shaped, so you can hold your hands vertically and horizontally, but it’s awkward to change the motor.
  • Synchronous (collector) electric motor is connected to the blade through a plastic belt transmission;
  • Obligatory grass box with plastic frame;
  • Works for mulching and collecting grass clippings in the grass catcher box (operation in the rear discharge mode, that is, without a grass mower, is prohibited by the instruction manual).
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Why choose Gobbler electric lawnmowers?

photo 2

The main reason for choosing these devices is a good ratio of cost and their technical characteristics – for a little money the buyer receives quite effective and functional device, which is also equipped with a mulching function.

In addition, not every, even a noticeably more expensive device, pleases the owner with an ergonomic shape of the handle, thanks to which the operator can place his hands vertically or horizontally.


Due to the good ratio of cost and performance, each of the electric lawnmowers is in demand, and their owners often leave positive or negative reviews on the Internet.

Therefore, we will talk about each model offered by this manufacturer, because despite the general similarity, they differ significantly:

  • mowing width;
  • engine power;
  • schedule operation time.

The greater the mowing width (selection), the faster the device mows lawns, and therefore the less time it takes to mow them.

However, the same parameter affects the load on the motor – the wider the pickup, the more power the motor must have, given the efficiency of conversion of electrical energy into kinetic energy by the windings.

The less power of the motor, the shorter the running time and the longer the cooling time. All this has a direct effect on the purpose of lawn mowers, because some can only handle well-trimmed lawns and only small areas, while others can effectively serve lawns of hundreds of square meters or even wild grass itself.

LME 1032.

photo 4

The smallest and lowest mower is designed to service well-maintained lawns of 50 to 200 m2.

The motor power is only sufficient for mowing lawn grass. Attempting to roll wildly or just knock down tall grass will cause the device to fail quickly.

Among the reviews about the Carver LME 1032 unit, there is an opinion that this mower is ideal for women or elderly people who do not have much physical strength, as it not only weighs a little, but is equipped with a small grass catcher box, which even filled with grass weighs very little.

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LME 1232

This model differs from its predecessor in the higher ratio of basic parameters, that is, power and width of grip, so it can not only work a little longer, but also more effectively with advanced lawn grass or wild green mass.

Despite this, it is not desirable to use it for mowing grass with a height of 15-20 cm (thicker, double).

The mower is well suited to those who own a small lawn or lawn, but for some reason cannot mow it weekly, regularly skipping 1-2 mowings.

LME 1437

This medium-sized machine is designed for mowing well-maintained areas from 100 to 300 m 2 . The ratio of the basic parameters ensures efficient cutting of well-maintained areas. However, a very careful attitude to the engine operation is required when working with green masses.

This is why the LME 1437 has received positive feedback from medium-sized green space owners who are used to mowing regularly and preventing intensive growth.

LME 1640

photo 3

It is a lawn mower for well-maintained or slightly neglected (missed a cut or two) lawns from 200 to 500 m2.

Thanks to its wide reach, it does its job fast, so even large lawns do not take long to mow.

The ratio of basic parameters ensures efficient mowing of vegetation of 5-10 cm in height, but greenery of a larger size puts too much load on the electric motor and the gearbox.

LME 1840

The most powerful mower among the whole range of electric mowers from Carver is good for cutting not only mowed lawns, but also for seriously neglected (missed 1-4 mowing) lawns with a grass height of 10-25 cm.

Despite the maximum power of the engine, when working with high grass it is necessary to observe standard rules, i.e. to reduce speed and shorten the periods of engine operation.

Observance of these rules will ensure many years of mower LME 1840 and a lot of positive feedback, while a violation will quickly put the device out of operation.

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key features

Here are the main characteristics of all carver electric lawyers:

model Performance. motor kW grip weight (kg Volume of cables. l Price per thousand r.
LME-1032 1,0 32 9 30 4,5
LME-1232 1,2 32 9,5 30 4,6
LME-1437 1,4 37 11 35 5,5
LME-1640 1,6 40 12.8 35 6,5
LME-1840 1,8 40 13 35 7


In order to objectively assess the capabilities of each model, you need to consider the positive and negative reviews. We have prepared for you links to the most popular resources where you can find such reviews:


Carver electric lawn mowers are a good inexpensive tool for mowing well-kept lawns, although some models can be used for slightly neglected areas where the grass has not been cut for a week or two.

Poor equipment is compensated by the low price, so the main buyers of these mowers are those for whom the price – the most important parameter.

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