Carver electric saws: overview of the model range, description and specifications

Carver electric saws: the lineup at a glance

Carver is a dynamically developing Russian company, which produces gasoline, chain saws and other equipment. Reviews of the company’s products are always positive. The company’s product line includes three popular models of the domestic class. This means that owners of country and dacha houses, small gardens and agricultural plots can use saws in the construction of wooden structures.

Electric chainsaws are made in China. Judging by the reviews left by active users of Carver tools, it is an excellent value for money. Chinese assembly significantly reduces the cost of the finished tool compared to other, more expensive models and firms.

Carver electric saws range

Carver power tools consist of three household models. According to reviews, they are all similar in technical characteristics and external parameters, but differ in performance, bar length, equipment and power.

The advantage of the electric drive compared to the gasoline one is that it can be used indoors, as there are no harmful exhausts and gases for the body.

Schnitzer RSE 1500M

The most popular model among Carver RSE 1500M chain saw owners is a practical and lightweight saw with a 1500 watt engine and a 12 inch (30 cm) bar length.

Engine see. Carver-RSE-1500

Compact size and light weight allow you to quickly solve small household tasks. Users of the Carver RSE 1500M chainsaw mention in their positive reviews about:

  • automatic chain lubrication system;
  • easy control of the oil level in the tank;
  • convenient size, weight and comfort of working with the electric saw;
  • double insulation.

Schnitzer RSE 2200M.

More powerful saw in comparison with the previous model due to 2200 watt electric drive. The 2200M has a 16-inch (40 cm) guide bar, making it easy and effortless to handle more demanding tasks: cutting firewood, sawing logs up to 35 cm in diameter, etc.


In their reviews, users note that the double insulation and new protection system allow to work in conditions of high humidity.

Schnitzer RSE 2400M

With each model, the company tries to introduce new, more advanced technology and improve existing features. 2400M has no significant differences in appearance and technical qualities with the previous model.

Engine see. Carver-RSG-2400

The manufacturers simply developed a new circuitry and installed a thermal protection circuit to sharply stop the saw in case of breakage, chain jamming or other malfunctions.

Operation and Maintenance Manual

Reviews of electric chainsaw models suggest that they are unpretentious to maintain, but demanding of safety measures. Before starting work, it is important to carefully study the instructions for a particular model, as each of them has its own nuances.

For example, the RSE 1500 m chain saw, unlike the other two models, is not suited to work in wet conditions.

As for the operating time, no owner had no complaints, in the ratings and comments this has not been given time. On average, the load is enough for 3-4 hours of work, but it all depends on the performance of a particular saw and the mode of operation.

Safety measures when working with the tool

The operation of the electric saw should be carried out in accordance with the following rules:

  • All electric saws refer to household tools and should be operated according to the manual.
  • The recommended operating time for a manual saw is 15 minutes on, 10 minutes off;
  • It is recommended not to use the saw more than 20 working hours per month.
  • The mains voltage must not exceed 230 volts.
  • It is forbidden to work with the electric saw when it is raining.
  • It is recommended to use special oil to lubricate the chain, bar and drive stars.
  • Check the chain brake before starting work.
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Safety precautions when working with the electric chain saw:

  • Hold the electric saw with both hands to avoid kickback (backlash);
  • Do not operate the saw if the cable is damaged.
  • Remove all animals and children from the sawing area while working.
  • Wear tight-fitting clothing, safety glasses and headphones while sawing.

Maintenance of electric saws:

  • The edges of the cylinder should be cleaned regularly.
  • The bar screen must be turned regularly (every two weeks);
  • All parts of the electric saw must be cleaned at the end of the job. Do not use gasoline or other flammable liquids for cleaning.

Major shocks and difficulties that the chainsaw operator may encounter:

  1. The saw does not turn on. This can be caused by a broken cable or a lack of power. Check continuity of cable, plug.
  2. If the chain does not stop immediately, contact your service center for advice and repair due to a faulty friction link.
  3. The automatic lubrication system does not work. In this situation, there are two possibilities: either the oil has run out and needs to be topped up, or the channels that carry the oil from the tank are contaminated. Try to clean the oil feed groove yourself.
  4. Warm up the tire and heat the chain. Cause: Oil chain oil has run out. Remedy: Add oil, lubricate sprocket.
  5. Cut quality has deteriorated. Cause: The chain is bent or worn. Remedy: Cut off the comb in the chain or replace the chain.

Carver chain check video

Owners reviews

About the Carver chainsaw users leave mostly positive reviews. Many are very happy with the low price and availability of tools. Basically, everyone buys electric chainsaws for personal uncomplicated tasks, which can easily be used to fine-tune the equipment.

Andrey, 67 years old, Kirov

“I bought the RSE 2400 Carver for very little money, which can not be happy. All in all it’s not bad, with some nuances that you can turn a blind eye to. The saw is very comfortable and compact. I also liked that the electric chain saw is lightweight and relatively quiet. I bought firewood for the saw and for the first time without any problems split a 25 cm diameter protocol. If you work long hours, the saw gets so hot that you have to rest and cool it down. Lubrication is also intermittent: then a lot, then nothing. But in principle for some simple household work the saw is good. “

Vladimir, 35 years old, Poltava

“I bought the Carver RSE 1500m saw to cut grooves in wood. I did the basic work with the gasoline carver, and the wounds with the electric one. Thanks to the weight and size, the saw is very easy to maneuver. Used it immediately after purchase, only turned it on for a short time to let the oil flow through the mechanism.

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Advantages: Low weight, practical size, low cost and economical oil consumption.

Disadvantages: no chain brake; the chain included does not like the quality and wear resistance; low cutting speed.

Carver chainsaws and electric saws: the lineup in review

The desire of leading manufacturers of chainsaws and electric saws to save material quality and improve the assembly of products inevitably leads to an increase in demand for alternatives.

In the domestic market has increased confidence in the budget models of the Chinese brand Carver. The current range is represented by nearly two dozen models with various performance indicators and technical equipment.

Carver chainsaw

In addition to gasoline models, potential buyers are offered a large selection of electric scooters. Experts and ordinary users determine a significant improvement in the quality characteristics of gasoline and electric saws of the entire Carver series.

Quality growth

A positive role has been played by:

  • Modernization of the devices used;
  • The use of new materials and manufacturing and assembly techniques;
  • Adoption of stricter technical and performance standards.

Operational benefits

Successful implementation of measures to increase the service life of the component range, improve the comfort of work and safety level brings the chainsaw and its electric counterparts to the level of increased consumer demand.

The list of operational advantages of the model range includes:

  • availability of modern and efficient starting, fuel supply, lubrication and safety systems;
  • high reliability of units, aggregates and systems;
  • Simplicity of design and high standby factor;
  • Spare parts, presented in sufficient assortment in combination with proprietary prototypes, which allows the owner to independently troubleshoot or carry out routine repairs.

Constantly updated official manufacturer’s website contains the company’s catalog and prices for the entire list of products. Comparability of performance characteristics of gasoline and electric saws allows the buyer to make the right choice of the model, which according to all points corresponds to the conditions of subsequent operation.

A brief overview of Carver chain days

The presented information contains a description of chain saws, claiming the title of goods of high demand.

Carver RSG-25-12K.

Carver RSG-25-12K

Budget chainsaw Carver RSG-25-12K series belongs to the category of light and small-sized tools, which are popular in private households and agriculture, tourism, sports and recreational fishing.

The model is equipped with a two-stroke carburetor engine with a small working volume (25 cm3) and a power of 1 hp. And also a relatively short but powerful headset with a 12-inch guide rod.

Despite the low price, the model is equipped with a pre-start primer, a regular vibration damper, and an economical semi-automatic carburetor. The proportion of oil and gasoline in the fuel mixture is standard.

Carver RSG-41-16K

Carver RSG-41-16K

Gasoline saw with a powerful carburetor 38-Kub-2 and a sawing mechanism 16 inches – a universal solution for efficient and inexpensive mechanization of labor-intensive sawing.

The design features of the tool include:

  • Ergonomic body shape and handle configuration;
  • Availability of a primer pump and a simple Start Light starting system that reduces the load when starting the engine by more than 60.
  • Accompanying air intake filter cover;
  • Automatic dosing of chain oil to the work area.
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The tool is equipped with a hoop for smooth chain departure and a quick emergency stop mechanism.

Carver RSG-38-16K

Carver RSG-38-16K

This series saw is identical to the RSG-41-16K series models in design and performance.

Owners of these tools give high marks:

  • extension of the life of the 2-power engine due to the use of wear-resistant coatings;
  • durability of components, the saw headset 16 in;
  • comfortable level of vibration and operating noise;
  • The efficiency of the system of emergency braking of the saw mechanism.

Carver RSG-52-20K

Carver RSG-52-20K

Working parameters of the domestic model by all parameters correspond to the semi-professional class. The pulling characteristics of the ice pick with the volume of 52 cm3 and the power of 3,3 hp can serve as a confirmation. The design feature of the tool is a metal sump with high heat dissipation and mechanical strength.

The power and torque allow for the performance of a headset with a high-performance 20-inch hoop for bug-proofing.

The chainsaw differs from a similar design:

  • simplified maintenance;
  • Long drive time in high-speed modes;
  • The presence of a semi-automatic carburetor, which provides a constant engine speed under load.

Carver Promo PSG-45-15

Carver Promo PSG-45-15

The gas saw is a transitional model between the domestic category and the semi-professional. The 45 cm3 two-stroke engine provides the power of a standard 380 mm long SAW headset.

The design uses systems and technical solutions typical of semi-professional models.

Promo PSG-52-18 Carver

Carver Promo PSG-52-18

Domestic chainsaw Promo focused on a wide range of cutting wood with a density of up to 30 mm in diameter. The quality and speed of the saw is guaranteed by the 2.6 horsepower 52 ice pick and 18″ sawing equipment.

The tool is adapted to other advantages of working in low temperatures:

  • Availability of quick start systems – easy starting;
  • Anti-vibration pads in the traps;
  • Economical chain lubrication flow due to built-in automation and adjustable oil pump performance.
  • Easy access to carburetor and air cleaner cover.

Carver RSG-72-20K

Carver RSG-72-20K

Previously, the professional class category was represented by a model from the RSG-72-20K series. The tool has a drive for 5 heads with a working volume of the cylinder 72 cm3.

Precise balancing, relatively low weight in the range of 7.2 kg, minimal vibration and noise contribute to the productive working conditions of the operator. 20″ bar design provides smooth running and straightforward cutting.

RSG-225 Carver

Carver RSG-225

The demand for compact, low-powered chainsaws initiated the development of new models. The popular RSG-25-12K series was taken as the basis. The new tool is equipped with a proven 25cc carburetor, 1hp engine and a wearable headset that is only 300mm long.

The budget cost has had virtually no effect on the equipment.

The saw is equipped with:

  • a shoulder strap with a sturdy carabiner;
  • a booster pump and a full-fledged anti-vibration mount;
  • The body is made of lightweight magnesium alloy for improved heat dissipation.

This model is largely adapted to the specifics of the cold climate.

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Carver RSG-238

Domestic tool positively proved itself in private household works, technologies of wooden constructions and buildings.

According to users, the 38cc, 1.7-hp carburetor engine is powerful enough to work productively with wood up to 30 cm in cross-section.

It comes with a detachable headset with a 16-inch bar and a set of tools and parts, viz:

  • starter reel;
  • a set of gaskets;
  • worm wheel and personal protective equipment.


Carver RSG-241

The RSG-241 petrol household saw has been improved in terms of economy and longer service life. The 1.8 hp carbureted internal combustion engine is made with After Charge and Clean2 technologies that reduce fuel consumption by up to 20% and emissions by more than 50%.

400 mm long guide rail, equipped with a REZER chain, technical drive advantages:

  • metal crankcases;
  • Wear-resistant coating of the cylinder surface;
  • Quick Start mechanism for easy starting;
  • multipoint vibration damper design.


Carver RSG-245

Whether the device refers to the category of semi-professional, it is easy to find out by the draft parameters of the carbureted drive 45 cm³ 2.2 hp and the composition of technical equipment.

The saw weighing 6.9 kg is mainly designed to work in low temperatures.

This model has the following operational advantages:

  • metal crankcase;
  • Ground and light starting mechanism;
  • Fuel economy and toxic exhaust aftertreatment systems;
  • Easy access to fuel equipment and air cleaner cover.

Safety during sawing work is guaranteed by a fast-acting emergency chain brake and tooth stop.


Carver RSG-246

Semi-professional model is a modified version of the previous chain saw series RSG-245. In this version, power of 46 cc engine is increased to 2.4, and productivity is increased by installing a saw set REZER 4500 mm.

Advanced porous chrome-nickel coating technology has been applied to the inner diameter of the cylinder to increase the actual engine life. The level of equipment of the tool is identical to the previous model.


Carver RSG-252

Gasoline saw is one of the most productive in its semi-professional category. Economical and environmentally friendly internal combustion engine of 52 cm³ and 2.7 hp provides stable pulling parameters.

The operator’s work is facilitated by the comfortable and safe grip, the rational location of controls and the effective action of the multi-point vibration damper. In contrast to domestic models, the RSG-252 series saw can work long hours without wasting working time on cooling the engine.


Carver RSG-262

The performance of the semi-professional chainsaw has been increased by equipping it with a 3.3 horsepower 62cc gasoline engine and REZER’s proprietary 20-inch saw headset.

The model is designed for use in harsh weather and climatic conditions and is highly fail-safe.

Fuel system maintenance

The condition of the engine air intake filter and the fine tuning of the chainsaw carburetor determine not only the performance of the tool, but also its fuel efficiency.

At the factory, the carburetor is tuned for average performance, additional adjustments will help stabilize traction and fuel consumption at a certain level.

The adjustment process is described in a separate section of the instruction manual. The technology provides pre-cleaning of the air filter and warming up of the unit.

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The presence of water in the carburetor or contamination of the jets can lead to a number of malfunctions. If the engine does not start or its thrust is not up to standard specifications, it is advisable to clean the fuel filter.

Chainsaw ranges


Carver RSE-1500M

Carver’s lightweight, easy-to-use residential electric chainsaw features a 1500-watt cross-cut engine and 12-inch bar.

The list of benefits of this model:

  • Compact size, light weight and comfortable grip when working from any position;
  • automatic dosing of chain oil to the headset;
  • visual monitoring of oil level in the tank;
  • double insulation.


Carver RSE-200M

Performance electric chainsaw with a 2200-watt electric motor and 16-inch saw headset can be used successfully for time-consuming and demanding demanding sawing jobs.

The electric motor’s power reduces the tool’s sensitivity to voltage fluctuations, and double insulation increases safety in wet conditions.

The list of design features:

  • Next-generation clutch;
  • optical display of chain oil level in service tank;
  • built-in automation in the headset lubrication system;
  • unauthorized takeoff disabling;
  • rapid action of the emergency chain brake mechanism in emergency situations.


Carver RSE-2400M

According to the basic working parameters the Carver RSE-2200M and RSE-2400M series electric saws do not differ much. The latter has a built-in thermal protection circuit that shuts down the motor in the event of chain clogging and other extreme overloads.

advantages and disadvantages

Carver series of gasoline and electric saws combines in its characteristics a budget price category and full compliance with the requirements of current regulatory documentation.

  • The design of manufactured products is based on classic layout schemes and modern technical developments, inexpensive maintenance in terms of labor costs, ease of maintenance and operational reliability.
  • Feedback from owners, published in the information field, confirm the conclusions of experts about the compliance of Carver gasoline and electric saws with the requirements of technical and operational standards, as well as the wishes of ordinary users.

The disadvantages are the low level of information support, insufficient quality of the available spare parts, and in many regions there is a shortage of branded engine and chain oils.

Owners reviews

The saw with low power was purchased to protect the resources of expensive semi-professional Stihl, which I take to the market for sawing hard or frozen wood with a diameter of more than 200 mm. The budget category of the Carver RSG-25-12K chainsaw affects everything, including the quality of materials and workmanship. Nevertheless, the tool is able to pay back the money invested in its purchase with a qualified care and correct operation. In two years, nothing has changed, except for the tire and a set of 3 saw chains. Fedor Egorovich

At one time I gained the experience and skills of operating two Chinese brands of domestic chainsaws, so the commissioning of the Carver electric saw with a 2KW motor has not caused any problems. The most convenient and economical option for working at home. The performance is consistent, the effort to buy oil for the chain is minimal, from which the units, typical of budget saws, get rid of. Alex

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