Carver chainsaws: reviews of owners, review of the model range with a description and technical characteristics

Carving chainsaws. Model range review, reviews

The Carver brand is Russian, it belongs to the famous Perm company Uralopinstrument. The company has several brands, including Carver.

Carving chainsaws

Under this brand, the Urals company produces gardening, equipment and tools for a variety of construction and repair work. The Carver brand is relatively new as the company only entered the Russian market with this logo in 2009.

Despite its “young” age, Carver’s machinery and tools have already managed to gain good popularity among owners.

The assortment of the brand is represented by such models of equipment and tools:
  • chain saws, electric chainsaws;
  • power tillers;
  • garden shrub shears;
  • gardener;
  • Hinged devices for engine blocks;
  • generators.

The foundation of the company “Uralopinstrument” took place in 1997. At the present time the company is working at the enterprise. In addition to Carver, the company produces power tillers and Parma saws, spare parts and tires Rubes (Rezer), as well as sells consumables, accessories, provides service for all sold equipment.

Advantages of the Carver chainsaw

Carver brand features:
  • long-lasting performance of all devices, including chainsaws;
  • good performance and operating parameters;
  • All power tillers are tested before sale;
  • A large number of good reviews of Carver chainsaws;
  • Economical fuel consumption, running on the most popular gasoline AI-92;
  • Reasonable price, one of the most attractive in the domestic market;
  • Quality with high assembly.


The choice of the Carver chain saw lineup is quite extensive. Existing Carver machinery is divided into several main categories, has similar technical characteristics and is very popular due to its affordable price and ease of operation.

Overview and brief characteristics of the SAW:
  • Carver Promo PSG 52-18 chainsaw, 2400 watts;
  • Carver Promo PSG 45-15, 1800 watts;
  • Carver Promo RSG 52-20K chainsaw, 2000 watts;
  • Carver RSG 252, 2100 watts;

Carver Promo PSG 45-15 chain saw Carver Promo PSG 52-18 chain saw CARVER RSG 52-20K

  • Carver Promo RSG 38-16K chainsaw;
  • Carver Promo RSG 41-16K chainsaw;
  • Carver RSG 225, 700 W;
  • Carver RSG 238, 1200 watt;

Carver RSG 262 chain saw Carver RSG 262

  • Carver RSG 258, 2200 watt;
  • Carver RSG 241 chainsaw, 1300 watt;
  • Carver RSG 246 chainsaw, 1600 watt.
Advantages of Carver chainsaws:
  • Performance is in line with stated power;
  • All chainsaws have quality components and comfortable handles.
  • With this tool you can see all kinds of trees.
  • Most chainsaws are equipped with automatic lubrication.

Owner’s Manual

Any chainsaw is a tool that requires careful handling. The Carver saw is no exception.

The basic rules for operating the tool:
  • Like all gasoline-powered devices, the Carver saw needs a running-in period, usually lasting 5 to 7 hours. During this period, the owner operates the saw at about 70% load.
  • Use original spare parts and accessories for the chainsaws, and you can also use chains from Husqvarna.
  • Use a brand of AI-92 mixed with synthetic motor oil or mineral oil in a good quality blend to deepen the saw;
  • The fuel must be fresh and properly mixed. If the ratio is incorrect, the saw may stall immediately after starting; A sign that the fuel contains more oil than necessary is the black smoke from the exhaust.
  • Have your chainsaw serviced in a timely manner. It is recommended that you change the fuel mixture to a fresh mix after the running-in period.
  • Follow all the recommendations in your Instruction Manual. Your chainsaw is built according to the same principles. It is therefore difficult to make a mistake.
  • Follow the safety rules when working with a chainsaw: do not try to cut materials out of wood, do not put the tool into action and protect your face and respiratory system from inhaling exhaust fumes and flying shavings.
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Design of the Carver chainsaw

Main malfunctions of Carver chain saws:
  • The saw won’t start. This may be because the fuel mixture is not mixed properly or not enough to start. If the fuel level is normal, check the condition of the ignition, spark plugs. Replace immediately to find the problem.
  • The saw makes loud popping noises during operation and white smoke comes from the exhaust. This is caused by water in the gasoline. This can be caused by various reasons. It is better to remove low-quality fuel and prepare a new mixture. Do not buy cheap motor oils, as the likelihood that you will fall for adulteration is very high.
  • The saw has started to see worse. The main reason for this is the chain, which has started to shrink. The problem is solved in two ways: sharpening or replacement.

Video review

Review of the Carver RSG 246 chainsaw



Carver Promo 45-15 chainsaw overview



Review of the Carver 25-12k chainsaw



Review of the Carver RSG 246 chainsaw



Owners reviews


“Three years in my aces is Carver 45 15, the work is very satisfied, I see a lot of reviews about it, the tool is suitable, works without faults, let it be further. I recommend this model to everyone! “


“In my opinion, the main and not too flattering feature of the cutter is not the best chain. The quality, of course, is tolerable and even for this money. I did not drive long cuffs, gave up half of the tank, developed in the working mode as usual. I’ve seen all kinds of chainsaws, all power and expensive and not so different. But for home I bought a Carver RSG 246 for 1600 watts, the power is more than enough for all kinds of work. Advantages: easy maintenance, fairly compact saw. Included standard manual, guide bar plus chain, nothing special, separately allocated oil and in general I bought in another store. Disadvantages: Have already written about the chain. For anyone at the same time is the chains from European saws. “

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Carver chainsaws (Carver)

Popular carving chain saws are reliable, durable, and have excellent technical parameters. The models of this brand are characterized by ease of use and maintenance, as well as high maintainability. At the same time, the prices for the Carver chainsaws are always much higher than those of other popular manufacturers.

Description of the model Carver PSG-45-15 chainsaw

This saw is equipped with a rigid 2-stroke gasoline engine, the cylinder volume of 45 cm3. To cool the engine, the model has a mandatory air supply system. A proprietary assembly mechanism with a quick start function is responsible for starting the engine.

The design of this chain saw has free access to the air filter and other consumer products of the tool – this reduces the time spent on maintenance of the model.

Carver PSG-45-15 chainsaw

A permanent anti-vibration system is incorporated into its design for ease of use. It eliminates engine vibration and reduces operator hand fatigue. An effective inertia brake is responsible for the safety of work.

The features of the model include:

  • Power – 2.4 hp. С..;
  • The recommended length of the bar to use – 15-18 “;
  • The number of cutting connections of the chain – 64;
  • Mass in working form – 6 kg.

Carver Promo 45 15 chainsaw is used for pruning branches, shafts of small trees and bushes. During operation, the tool consumes minimum fuel and does not emit a strong sound.

Features and benefits of the Carver Promo PSG-52-18 chainsaw

This household chainsaw is successfully used for the care of garden plots, as well as for simple construction tasks. It is equipped with a rigid 2-stroke gasoline ice pick, a 52 cm3 cylinder. The walls of the latter are coated with a protective chrome layer, which prevents the formation of rust and increases the engine’s operating time.

Carver Promo PSG-52-18 chainsaw

For quick and trouble-free engine start-up, the model has a proprietary starter with a quick-start system. It reduces the resistance of the cable and reduces the load on the parts of the starting mechanism.

The technical properties of this cutter model are:

  • Power – 2.6 hp. С.;
  • The recommended length of the bar to use – 15-18 “;
  • The number of cutting connections of the chain – 72;
  • Mass in working condition – 5.6 kg.

Small dimensions and small weight of chainsaws allow using them at high altitude without additional insurance of the operator.

Carver 252 chainsaw – model configuration

This Carver model is equipped with a 2-stroke gasoline ice pick with a capacity of 52 cm3. To start the engine, the tool has an improved starting mechanism with clamping springs. They make the internal combustion engine easier to start and extend the life of the starter.

Carver 252 chainsaws

This cutter saw is equipped with an effective vibration and high-quality sound removal system. The elements reduce high and vibration levels, making the chainsaw more comfortable to use.

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Features of the tool include:

  • Power – 2.7 hp. С..;
  • The recommended length of the bar to use – 15-18 “;
  • The number of cutting connections of the chain – 72;
  • Weight in ready to work form – 6.4 kg.

This carver model is designed for regular garden maintenance and performs simple tasks during construction and logging.

Carver RSG 225 chainsaw – features and benefits

The dimensions and low weight that appear in this configuration are released in this configuration. This allows the tool to be used at great heights with unreliable cover.

Carver RSG 225

The saw is equipped with a rigid 2-stroke gasoline engine with a 25 cm3 cylinder. The walls of the latter are coated with a protective chromium alloy that protects the engine from corrosion. To start the ice cream saw, a reliable manual starter is provided, and the forced air system is effective for engine cooling.

The features of the model include:

  • Power – 1 hp. С.;
  • Recommended length of the used bar – 12 “;
  • Number of cutting chain joints – 45;
  • Weight in working form – 4.5 kg.

All the internal parts of this model are placed under a reliable protective casing. It consists of special materials that can withstand low temperatures and various mechanical damages.

Features of the Carver RSG-25-12K chainsaw model

The merits of this tool from Carver are understood as endurance, reliability and ease of use. Despite its modest size, the model quickly copes with the sawing of trees, the thickness of the trunks of which does not exceed 30 cm.

Carver RSG-25-12K chainsaw

The tool is equipped with a 2-stroke gasoline engine, 25 cm3 cylinder volume and power of 700 watts. The ice pick is equipped with a reliable hand starter and a mandatory air supply system.

The features of this cutter model include:

  • Power – 0.95 hp. С.;
  • Recommended length of the used bar – 12 “;
  • Number of cutting chain joints – 45;
  • Weight in working form – 4.3 kg.

The device of the tool contains a high-quality dawning system, which reduces engine vibration. This simplifies the work with the tool at height and in conditions of limited space.

Parameters and equipment of the Carver RSG-45-18K chainsaw

The basic configuration of this tool features a reliable 2-stroke engine that meets EPA EU II standards. The engine features modest fuel consumption and low noise level.

Carver RSG-45-18K chainsaw

To start the internal combustion engine, the device has a simple, but very reliable manual starter. The obligatory air supply system is responsible for the cooling of the cylinder.

The properties of this chainsaw-cutter are as follows:

  • Power – 2.5 hp. С..;
  • The recommended length of the bar to use – 15-18 “;
  • The number of cutting connections of the chain – 72;
  • Ready-to-use weight – 6.7 kg.

The Carver 45 18K is equipped with a metal card that extends the life of the stock and crank sockets.

Carver 245 chainsaws – description and advantages

Carver RSG 245 semi-professional chainsaw is designed to work in small households. The saw can cut small trunks of trees and felling trees with a trunk thickness up to 40 cm.

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Carver 245

The package of this carver model includes a gasoline two-stroke engine with a cylinder volume of 45 cm3. The walls of the latter are covered with a protective chrome compound, which prevents the appearance of rust. This allows you to use the tool in conditions of high humidity.

The characteristics of the description include:

  • Power – 2.2 l. С.;
  • The recommended length of the bar to use – 15-18 “;
  • The number of cutting connections of the chain – 72;
  • Weight in finished form – 6.9 kg.

The body of this model of cutter has free access to the most important consumer parts. This simplifies maintenance and repair of the tool on site.

RSG-38-16K chainsaw-carver – scope of application of the model

This semi-professional tool is actively used in gardening and in the municipal sector. The torque reserve allows you to saw tree trunks and beams in construction. Due to its low weight and ergonomic handles, this cutter model is suitable for sawing dry twigs on a clearcut.

Carver RSG-38-16K chainsaw

The model is equipped with a reliable gasoline engine with forced air supply and a fail-safe manual starter. The engine is characterized by a simple design, which allows you to repair it quickly with your own hands.

Features of the tool include:

  • Performance – 2 l. С..;
  • The recommended length of the bar used – 16-18 “;
  • Number of members of the cutting chain – 57;
  • Weight in finished form – 5.2 kg.

The model is characterized by perseverance and high wear resistance. This allows you to actively use it in bad weather conditions.

Carver RSG 238 chainsaw – features and equipment

The basic equipment of this tool includes a reliable 2-stroke gasoline engine. Its work is controlled by the proprietary Clean 2 and after charg systems. Their function is to extend engine life and reduce fuel consumption.

Carver RSG 238 chainsaw

Trouble-free manual starter with a quick-start function is responsible for starting the combustion engine. For vibration damping, the engine is equipped with a system of metal dampers that absorb engine vibration. The chain is necessary through the inertia brake.

Features of this model include:

  • Performance – 1.7 l. С;
  • Recommended length of the bar used – 16 “;
  • Number of members of the cutting chain – 57;
  • Weight in finished form – 6.2 kg.

Despite the small cylinder volume, Carver provides the 238 chainsaw with solid torque. This allows you to cut large trunks of trees and trees with a trunk diameter of up to 45 cm.

Carver 72 chainsaw – description and advantages

Carver model in this configuration is characterized by high performance and a solid torque reserve. The tool is mainly used for felling large trees at home and in logging. If necessary, the saw can be used in the construction and supply chain.

Carver 72 chainsaws

The model is equipped with a reliable 2-stroke engine, an enlarged carburetor, a metal sump and a sturdy plastic body. For ease of operation, the manufacturer has equipped the saw with ergonomic rubberized handles.

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Carver chainsaw features include:

  • Performance – 5 hp. С.;
  • Recommended length of the bar used – 20 “;
  • The number of cutting connections of the chain – 72;
  • Weight in finished form – 7.4 kg.

To protect the operator, the tool has protection for the right hand and an effective inertial chain brake.

RSG 241 chain saw cutter – features and parameters

The device of this carver model contains a 2-stroke gasoline engine with a working volume of 41 cm3. During operation, the engine consumes a small amount of fuel, and also emits a small amount of exhaust gas.

Carver RSG 241 chainsaw

The combustion engine is controlled by the proprietary After Charge and Clean 2 systems that extend engine life and endurance when working in poor weather conditions.

Carver chainsaw features include:

  • Power – 2.2 l. С.;
  • Recommended length of the bar used – 16 “;
  • Number of chain cutting connections – 57:
  • Mass in working form – 6 kg.

The tool kit includes a fuel mixer, a combination wrench, instructions and a branded bar.

Carver 262 chainsaw – features and equipment

The tool stands out for its increased performance and torque delivery. This expands the functionality of the saw and makes it suitable for tasks in the home, construction, forest role.

Carver 262 chainsaw

The model includes a 62 cm3 two-stroke gasoline engine. The ice pick is started by a standard hand starter, and it is cooled by the action of the forced-air system.

The properties of the carving model include:

  • Power – 3.2 hp. С.;
  • Recommended length of the bar used – from 18 to 20 inches;
  • Number of chain cutting connections – 76;
  • Mass in working condition – 7.6 kg.

This chainsaw is equipped with a manual fuel pump, which facilitates starting the engine at low temperatures.

Setting the carburetor of a chainsaw cutter

Tuning the cutter carburetor is necessary when it is impossible to start the tool, or when there is a strong increase in the amount of fuel it consumes. The adjustment algorithm is as follows:

  1. First you need to move the screws marked L and H to the base position. This is indicated in the instruction manual of the tool;
  2. Then you must start the sawmill and give it time to warm up.
  3. Once the engine cylinder has warmed up, you must turn the standard L screw clockwise. This should be done until the internal combustion engine reaches maximum revolutions. Immediately thereafter, the bolt should turn a quarter of a turn.
  4. In addition, the cutter is obliged to connect the tachometer and find the maximum revolutions of the engine. To do this, you must turn the main screws until the tachometer revolutions add up to the indications in the instruction manual of the device.

At the end it is necessary to stop the saw engine and then start again. If the setting is done correctly, the tool’s engine will run at high RPMs without error.

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