CARRY KAMA ENGINE. Lineup, characteristics, ratings

CARRY KAMA ENGINE. Listing, properties, owner checks

Camera motor cultivators have been well known to consumers for several years. Under the name of Kama in the world, many companies that produce the most diverse products successfully work, including food, clothing, sporting goods, tires, vegetable oils, etc.

Cultivator Kama MVK-551 Cultivator Kama MVK-651

In this group is the Chinese manufacturer Kama Co., Ltd, which, in addition to motor fanciers, produces engines, tractors, ground and sea generators, various electromechanical units and motor blocks.

Thanks to the introduction of innovative technologies, a powerful research potential, the company’s products are of high quality and reliability. Well-known manufacturers of Germany, France, Italy install the engines and mechanisms of this brand on their devices.

The preparation

Kama Motor cultivators are medium-sized machines designed for cultivating land with milling operations, primarily in a private economy. Comparative characteristics of the main technical indicators of KAM engine grades are presented in the table:

Characteristics of Cultivators Kama MVK 651 Kama MVK 552 Kama MVK 551 Kama MVK 402
engine power, L.S. 6,5 5,5 5,5 4,0
The volume of the fuel tank, l 3,6 3,6 3,6 1,2
Processing width, CM 30/55/85 55 30/55/85 38
The position of the crankshaft Horizon. Vertical. Horizon. Vertical.
Processing depth, CM 30 30 30 25
weight (kg 50 43 49 29
speed/reverse speed 1/1 1/1 1/1 1/-

All Kama growers are equipped with four petrol engines. Depending on the characteristics of modifications, there are some differences in their purpose.

The simplest modification in the constructive and functional plan is the Kama MVK 402: the cultivator has no inverted, 38 cm width, low power, small gas tank, light weight.

Cultivator Kama MVK-552 Cultivator Kama MVK-402

Models of MVK 402 and MVK 552 are designed to operate exclusively on already processed soil or soft soil. The cultivator of Kama MVK 551 is similar to the version of MVK 651 in terms of soil processing parameters, but less powerful.

Motoculture Kama MVK 651

Due to greater functionality, the most popular version is the cultivator of Kama MVK 651. The power of the machine is 6.5 hp. Allows you to cultivate large plots of up to 15 hectares. A set of high line grinder cuts provides an adjustable processing width between 30/55/85 cm.

Cultivator Kama MVK-651

The MVK 651 engine cultivator has a fixed operating time, all parts have been tested for working under various temperature conditions. Using various hinges, many perform agricultural works, transport goods weighing up to 0.5 tons, pump water. There is an adjustable handle that can be installed according to the growth of the operator.

Technical characteristics:
Engine (Name): 4-stroke Kama 168f-2
Power (LS): 6,5
Motor function: OHV – with upper valves
Type of fuel: petrol
Type of launch: Manual
The volume of the oil crankcase (left): 0.60
The volume of the fuel tank (L): 3,6
Crankshaft Orientation: Horizontal crankshaft
Engine volume (CM3): 196
Country of Manufacture : Russia
Weight (kg.): 50.0
Guarantee (meas.): 12
Refers to the shape: cultivators
The number of speeds forward: 1
The number of speeds back (reverse): 1
The width of processing (CM): 30-55-85
Depth of processing (CM): up to 30
Coupling: Belt
reducer: Chain
What do you have to look for when buying a scrudler?

Equipment not assembled

The cultivator differs from the walk-in motor unit with a highly specialized purpose – land plowing before planting agricultural crops, which allows you to actively use it within 4-5 weeks. However, using modern additional mounting mechanisms, it is possible to significantly expand the field of activity of the cultivator. It should be borne in mind that its power should be large enough.

  • With the help of cutters, the cultivation of the soil is carried out, it is included in the delivery of the delivery together with the motor cultivator. There are currently a variety of soil loosening equipment for sale.
  • By connecting the plow to the cultivator, you can effectively perform soil plowing.


Higopic Discount Disk Perceptor Adjustable Plow

Capture Potat o-Divate Grounder Zeaksepepa

Hubs with differential coupling triple-coupling cargo sisters

operation and maintenance

Following the manufacturer’s recommendations according to the operating instructions, you can increase the life of the motor-cultivator and delay repair work.

Instructions for the operational cultivator Kama MVK 651 – download.


The key point affecting the durability of the technique is the competent operation of the machine:

  • Check and configure all connections, nodes and bring the cultivator to working state. Check pulley alignment and belt tension.
  • Pour the oil into the crankcases to a specified level. Before each cultivator, the oil check should be done. Refueling the transmission before the first start is not required.
  • Let the engine work for 40-50 minutes without charging the warm-up and development of the mechanisms after turning on the engine.
  • An important point in the runnin g-in – the motor-cultivator should work for 15 hours with a charge of no more than 50%, while carrying out work is allowed – plowing, loosening, hilling, transporting goods. At this stage it is necessary to monitor the condition and operation of the engine, controls.
  • After the first 5 hours of operation, it is necessary to replace the oil in the engine and then continue running. The second oil replacement occurs after 25 motorized hours, the next – after 50 hours.

Common malfunctions

Cultivators’ collapses are directly related to violating factory regulations. During operation, the use of proper engine oil is especially important – class SF, SH. The low oil level is fraught with engine destruction. In addition, it should be borne in mind that the oil level sensor blocks work only when starting the cultivator. When the engine is running, it doesn’t work.

Pure unhealthy gasoline AI-92 is used as fuel. In order to avoid oil entering the combustion chamber, prolonged inclinations of the machine during operation of more than 10 ° are excluded. When reverse gear, the left handle is lowered while prohibiting the right and left handles.

Preventive maintenance of the cultivator, preservation of the winter period should be carried out according to the instructions for operation. Machine repairs should be carried out by qualified specialists using original spare parts.

FALF in the cultivator of Kama:
  1. The gearbox is very hot during work. The main causes are friction bearings, lack of transmission oil or its poor quality. It is necessary to replace oil or bearings.
  2. Vibration while working. Possibly an improper connection of the hitch or not fully fixated.
  3. The engine doesn’t start well. Conduct a visual inspection for damage, check whether there are petrol in the gas tank and the supply of fuel during the entire line. Check the ignition system as to whether the spark is, evaluate the carburetor and try to set the fuel mixture.
  4. The carburetor does not work. This part is responsible for the preparation and delivery of fuel mixtures. Check the quality of the fuel, disassemble and rinse the carburetor with a soft cloth moistened in gasoline to remove the resulting floor and the resulting slag. Then dry thoroughly with a compressor with air and dry rags.
  5. Oil flows. Possible: wear or incorrect installation of oil seals for storage, wear of the lining, the lid or input into the air valve is not pulled to the end. Check the details and clean them.



“The cultivating Kama 651 is a decent machine at a normal price. I have enough of it on the farm, the motorcycle block would not justify itself, for small volumes this is a suitable option. But the bikes carry off quickly, with high loads the noise in the engine increases. “


“Now I have many different devices and devices. And he began to process the garden with the Kama 551 Kamotorbalifier. He worked for many years to conscience and even managed to pass the virgin country – 2 times and normally. The engine is economical. Now I have converted it a little, the adapter installed, I hill, dig the potatoes. The wheels changed to automobiles. Satisfied with the unit. “


“I have a small area, I process the Kama MVK 651 with the cultivating one. Plowing, hills, cultivation with a small trailer that I translate 300 kg. It works well, it takes a little petrol – up to 2.2 liters per hour. It can limit the engine if you work all day. “

Overview of the Kama engine block

The Kama motor block became the main election of many Russian summer residents and farmers. The reason for this is simple: a wide range of units, low price, decent quality. The manufacturer offers products for every taste and for all requirements. In addition, he can provide his own adhesive equipment. Kama is a great example of working with Russian-Chinese cooperation.


Motoblocks Kama are a child of cooperation domestic and Chinese manufacturers. They are made in the Sohamash factory of knots and spare parts in the VR China. For this reason, the consumer can count on a low price with a solid quality of the device.

Motoblock Kama

Kama Motornobes have a low price and high quality

Motoblocks of this brand can boast of the presence of power dismissal, and the width of the engine block and the total sizes vary depending on the requirements of the market. In addition to the units itself, the company offers a full range of fastening equipment – from grinding to potato women. Some of the devices are already shown with motor blocks.

There are two main machines – with a diesel and petrol engine.

Review of the models

As mentioned above, there are two main bonds from Motoblocks from Kamorge – Diesel and Petrol. Let’s take a look at the main models.

KDT 610C

The model of the KDT 610C engine block belongs to the middle category, which is determined by the weight, performance and depth of plowing this device. With the three most important features of this machine you can use them on most types of websites.

In this video, look at the Kama motor blocks:

The general features of the car are as follows:

  • 5.5 hp diesel engine;
  • four programs;
  • Transfer with a blocked differential;
  • Chain gears;
  • adjustable steering wheel;
  • processing width – from 80 to 110 centimeters;
  • Weight – 120 kilograms.

Attention! The engine block uses the 178FS engine, just like the CR M6 engine.

This device is suitable for hanging a variety of hinged guns – from pump to mower. The depth it cultivates is 30 centimeters.

KDT 910c

This model from Motoblocks is heavier. It is suitable for areas with heavy soil. However, unlike the previous one, it has a lower processing latitude. At the same time, the KDT 910C engine has increased power.

The main characteristics of this device clearly indicate to whom it is suitable:

  • A 6 hp diesel engine and a volume of 296 cubic centimeters;
  • Eight programs – 6 forward and 2 before 2;
  • fuel tank with a volume of 3.5 liters;
  • Transmission;
  • gearbox with a gear reducer;
  • weight – 126 kilograms;
  • processing width – from 20.6 to 64 centimeters;
  • The depth of cultivation is 15 to 30 centimeters.

The diesel engine on this motblock belongs to the newer 186FS model, which has a larger range. It is also characterized by moderate fuel consumption – a liter per hour.


The Kama Kama 910c Kama is called a very high power line to handle the most complex soil types. At the same time, he distinguishes it from competitors – this is fuel consumption efficiency.

Key features of the consumer-important touring tractor should include:

  • 8.98 hp diesel engine and a volume of 296 cubic centimeters;
  • gearbox with a gear reducer;
  • starting the engine via electric steel;
  • the presence of air cooling;
  • the width of the cultivation – from 20.6 to 64 centimeters;
  • weight – 145 kilograms;
  • eight programs;
  • The maximum speed is 10.3 km/h;
  • Processing depth – up to 30 centimeters.

Important! Despite its weight and power, this walking tractor is extremely manoeuvrable.

He has the presence of a silencer.

MB 75

One of the main characteristics of the KAM MB 75 engine block is that it belongs to the petrol line. In addition, it is easy to differentiate and maneuver, which makes this machine the best choice for small areas.

The main features that brought so many fans to the Kama MB 75 engine block are as follows:

  • A gasoline single-cylinder engine with a capacity of 7 hp and a volume of 196 hp;
  • Three programs – 2 front and one back;
  • manual start type;
  • processing width – 95 centimeters;
  • The cultivation depth is 35 centimeters;
  • Weight – 75 kilograms.

An important innovation of this model can be called the presence of a pulley for aggregation with different types of attachments. He takes away the right power. The device can work with a variety of types of hinged devices.

MB 80

The main feature of the KAM MB 80 engine block is considered its belonging, as in the case of the previous one, to the gasoline line. The unit is just as light and manoeuvrable, making it a natural competitor to its co-number MB 75.

The main characteristics of this model are as follows:

  • Gasoline quad-stroke engine with a capacity of 7 hp and a volume of 196 hp;
  • three programs – 2 forward and 1 before 1;
  • belt clutch;
  • Chain gears;
  • Plow width – 95 centimeters;
  • depth – 35 centimeters;
  • Weight – 75 kilograms.

The factory package also includes mills with wheels 10/4 with a diameter of 34 centimeters. The gearbox on the device is mechanical, and the start of the engine is manual. It boasts and the presence of pulley sheave.

MB 105

The MB 105 model model is part of the heaviness in the gasoline line. An increased weight is connected to the installation of a more productive and reliable motor. Large dimensions increase the level of detection width in the processing of the soil, not to mention the depth.

The main features of this unit is worth mentioning:

  • Petrol engine with a capacity of 7 hp;
  • Disc coupling;
  • Three standard programs, two of which are the front, and one is the back;
  • Gearbox;
  • The cultivation width is 72 to 120 centimeters;
  • Depth – 37 centimeters;
  • The weight of the unit is 110 kilograms.

By cutter to grow the floor, part of the configuration of this machine, in which it is made available to the customer. The model is able to aggregate with a variety of attachments. In addition, it has a strap and an adjustable steering wheel.

MB 135

Motoblocks of the MB 135 model are the most and hardest among all soil processing machines with a petrol engine from the Kama brand. They are designed in such a way that they treat large land and heavy soil. They are preferred by many farms of the black earth region.

The properties of this model, which made it so popular, are as follows:

  • Petrol with four stroke singl e-cylinder engine with a capacity of 9 hp;
  • Three programs are two in front and one back.
  • Equipment gear made of cast iron;
  • The cultivation width is 105 centimeters;
  • Plowing depth – 39 centimeters;
  • The weight of the unit is 120 kilograms.

This model has the presence of the belt disk and forced air cooling. Your steering wheel is also a turning point. At the same time, the engine is manually.

MVK 651

The MVK 651 model is one of the most popular in the domestic summer residents. Thanks to a diesel engine with a capacity of 6.5 hp, it is ideal for processing sections with an area of ​​up to 15 hectares. The maximum cultivation width is 85 centimeters.

Kama Mounted Equipment

Units of the product production of KAME supports a large number of types of assembly equipment for a walk tractor. Almost all models of the units of this manufacturer offer the ability to aggregate with such devices regardless of the size.

The main types of adhesive equipment that are offered to the Consumers of the Kama Kamotor blocks:

  1. Floor mills.
  2. Dare.
  3. Adapter.
  4. Pigtails.
  5. Plow.
  6. Pneumatism wheels.
  7. Caterpillar Drive.
  8. Snow removal devices.
  9. Ground wheels.
  10. Potato dwellers.
  11. Potato streamer.
  12. Overpers.
  13. Tears.
  14. Club mechanisms.
  15. Harrow.

Some of the devices presented in the list are complete with individual motblock models. However, floor mills and pneumatic bikes are often found in the factory configuration. With Soiline you can plow the floor and your most common look is zobel. At the same time, “goose legs” are used for strong, heavy soils.

They are available in the standard configuration for the pneumatic bikes. If necessary, however, caterpillars are also acquired in order to adopt the location in bad weather and soil and to perform a double function – and improve the adhesion of the unit with the soil and the relaxation of the soil.

The variety of devices for planting potatoes and the care of ITS is a visual demonstration for why the astonishing engines turned into a mandatory attribute of farms with large plantings of this culture.

Reviews of the owners

The beautiful demonstration of the advantages of the Kama Motoblock are the reviews of their owners who have experienced units in practice.

“I bought a KDT 910C diesel engine a few years ago. I experienced two wintering. I have to say it’s not bad. Although he did not get out of the first jerk with everyone, but without problems. Of course there are disadvantages. I don’t particularly like the assembly – it rattles while grinding. But I know the models in common. Of course, the virgin lands difficult. It happens that you have to push. But for such a price, you can easily close your eyes for such a price. “

Vladimir, 48 years old

“The Kama’s Kama Petrol Motor was bought this year, so it is not ready to tell about all the functions of the work. I can certainly say that the management lists. The engine works without errors. Sometimes it does not draw the processing more complex Soil, but I don’t have the most powerful model. The vibration is still striking. The price is pleased. It is worth it to recommend everyone, I will take care of the winter. “


More and more domestic farmers are bought by motor blocks of the diesel and petrol production of KAMA. They are characterized by a combination of a low price with good quality and the ability for universal soil processing. The rulers represented by the manufacturer can meet the requirements of customers from most natural zones. In addition, such units work with almost all types of attachments.

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