Caliber Minitor. Overview of the model range, properties

Caliber Minitor, Sino: technical specifications!

The majority of modern farms are equipped with various types of equipment allowing to speed up all kinds of works with simultaneous increase of productivity and efficiency of the process. One of such machines is the Kalibr Mini drive, which is optimally suited for processing small and medium-sized plots. We will look at its features, characteristics, and owner reviews.

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Verification of Mini-Actractor Caliber

The caliber has Russian markings on it, but all production is done in the PRC. Only one large accumulation is carried out in Russia. Products are characterized by quality and ease of maintenance, as well as low prices because of the location of facilities in China.

Tractors are attractive and have excellent technical characteristics, which, together with the used attachments, help diversify the work area. Due to its compact size, the machinery is popular with small and medium-sized farm owners.

intended use

Kalibr MT-244 mini-tractor is used to perform a wide range of different tasks in agriculture, on farms, in gardening, livestock farming, utilities and construction. The model has a sufficiently high agricultural clearance, a lockable drive axle differential and a large wheel, capable of working with heavy aggregates and moving on all types of soil.

  1. construction of small objects. During construction works a mini-contractor of MT-244 caliber performs such tasks as backfilling pits and trenches, excavating work sites, preparing building mix, transporting various equipment and building materials, and sometimes even small trenches.
  2. utilities. Utilities and everything that goes with it use this mini attractor as a cleaning machine. Although such units are already available, they sometimes give preference to Mini Attractors because of their cost. In addition, conventional equipment can not always squeeze between road objects. At the same time, the Kalibr-244 bails out, as it has compact dimensions, which allows snow removal, collection and cleaning in yards, parking lots, parks and many other areas.
  3. Agriculture and farming. In this area, there are no limitations for this mini-driver, except for the complexity of the work. The machine is ideal for plowing, sowing, hilling, cultivating, watering, fertilizing, handling crops and harvesting. In between seasonal work, the tractor often performs haying and other planting operations, clearing areas of debris and carrying loads, including the same geus and the same fertilizer.
  4. Gardening. This model is also very popular among gardeners. For the most part, it is because of its compact size and excellent maneuverability, as they are most important in this area. For complete maintenance of the system, from planting to cultivation, the MT-244 caliber mini-drive is used.
  5. Cattle. Here it is the same as in the garden, and it is the mini-tractor that offers considerable support in all kinds of work. Basically, the model is used in the preparation of fodder for the winter, cleaning of the territory and premises, as well as the transportation of fodder and hay.

Kalibr Minitor 120

To the peculiarities of the design of such a device can be attributed the fact that the manufacturers have equipped the heavy diesel machine with wheels and some additional elements. The result is a multifunctional machine with ergonomic control, power shaft, electric steel ignition and mechanical transmission.

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The car has decent parameters of its predecessor, is compact and mobile. As standard, it comes with a rotary configuration cultivator and a plow. Users in the ratings caliber mini tritor find that it has an affordable cost, even in severe frosts start without problems. A similar model has a 12-horsepower engine and can perform a wide range of work, including on virgin soil. Additional features include snow clearing and the use of a variety of fasteners.

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Minitor Kaliber MT 150

Versatile and very powerful tractor used in the countryside or at mercy. The unit has a powerful single-cylinder engine and runs on diesel fuel. It has a comfortable driver’s seat and accommodates heavy loads.

Key features:

  • The engine has an output of 15 liters. С;
  • Programs: 6 front, 2 rear;
  • Transmission is mechanical.

Kalibr tractors are equipped with tillers and plows. The units can be used in agriculture, in supplying and manufacturing companies.

Attachments for a mini vector

The full potential of Kalibr mini-tractors is revealed by attaching appropriate attachments, such as: B.:

With this problem, the topsoil is homogenized by mixing. Most often, active tailors are used with a hydraulic pump.

This approach is used to shred large races after shredding.

It is both a cutter and a harrow. It not only mixes the floor, but also grinds the rock. This is accomplished by the special shape of the teeth, which resembles a saw.

This hitch is used to mark the position of the beds before planting crops.

To give virgin or unprepared soils uniformity, it is best to use plows that go deeper into the ground and allow you to work on rocky bottoms as well. The Kalibr mini-tractor can work with two plows at the same time.

When transporting cargo, a trailer is indispensable. It is better to choose dump trucks with folding pages. They allow you to significantly save time on loading and unloading processes.

This device is used to cut weeds and small bushes from the floor before treatment, to keep parks and lawns in order or to make hay for the winter.

Kalibr dm 315 disc mower

After mowing weeds, a rake can be connected to the Caliber mini-tractor to collect them.

Swader RXHR 2500

  • Potato diggers and planters

To make planting and harvesting easier, special attachments are used: potato diggers or potato planters.

This attachment is mainly used by supply companies when it is necessary to remove a lateral layer of snow over a distance of more than 10 meters.

Shovels are used to remove snow from pavement and roadside areas. They allow you to significantly increase the speed of snow removal. It can reach up to 15 km/h.

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Technical Specifications


  • The construction length of the mini-tractor is 3014 millimeters.
  • Full body width is 1560 millimeters.
  • Full height (on the steering wheel) is 1965 millimeters.
  • Minimum ground clearance under the front axle is 266 millimeters.
  • Least ground clearance under the rear axle – 256 millimeters.
  • Wheelbase (longitudinal) of the model is 1540 millimeters.
  • The smallest width of the front track is 1200 millimeters.
  • The smallest width of the rear track is 1200 millimeters.
  • The maximum width of the front track is 1400 millimeters.
  • The largest track width in the rear is 1400 millimeters.
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Engine characteristics:

  • Type of engine installed – diesel, in-line.
  • Make of the engine is JD295IT.
  • Number of cylinders – 2 cylinders.
  • Maximum power – 24.5 hp / 18.4 kilowatts.
  • Working volume of the cylinder – 1549 cubic meters.
  • Maximum rotational speed of the crankshaft – 2500 rpm.
  • Maximum crankshaft speed – 2650 rpm.
  • Type of cooling system – liquid.
  • Type of lubrication system – gear pump with grease sprinkling system.
  • Type of injection system – direct injection.
  • Type of starting system – electric starter or manual.
  • Type of air filter – inertial oil filter.
  • Cylinder diameter – 115 millimeters.
  • Piston stroke – 110 millimeters.
  • Construction length of the power unit – 820 millimeters.
  • Width of the power plant is 530 millimeters.
  • Height of the power plant – 750 millimeters.
  • The construction weight of the power plant is 220 kilograms.

Features of the transmission:

  • Type of transmission installed – mechanical.
  • Differential lock – mechanical.
  • Type of drive – 2 V – belts.
  • Number of transitions forward – 6.
  • Number of backstrokes – 2.
  • Type of cup – dry lamella clutch permanently closed.

Crane wave properties:

  • Number of PTO revolutions is 1.
  • Control is mechanical.
  • Number of slots – 6.
  • Maximum rotational speed of power take-off shaft is 540 rpm.

Operational characteristics:

  • The structural weight of the mini-tractor is 1180 kilograms.
  • The hydraulic system used – three-point.
  • Type of brakes – drum brakes.
  • The slowest speed of independent movement along the front is 2.2 kilometers per hour.
  • Maximum speed of independent forward movement is 29.75 kilometers per hour.
  • The slowest speed of independent backward movement is 1.83 kilometers per hour.
  • The maximum speed of independent movement backward – 12.35 kilometers per hour.
  • The lowest fuel consumption per hour of operation – 2.9 liters.
  • Highest fuel consumption per hour of operation – 4.2 liters.
  • The fuel tank capacity is 18 liters.
  • Type of steering mechanism – hydrostatic.
  • The power steering type is hydraulic.
  • Size of front wheels – 6,00-R16.
  • Rear wheels dimensions – 9,5-R24.

Running-in .

Proper running-in is a prerequisite for long service life of the mini-tractor. At this point, all parts are retracted and all components are lubricated. It is very important to adhere to the engine and transmission oil change plan during retraction.

  • An oil check is recommended before each layer of work.
  • It is advisable to use a special SAE10W30 oil, which can be changed depending on the season of operation.
  • Oil change is made after 50 hours of work, and it is desirable to operate the tractor without attachments.
  • The next oil change is made after 100 and 200 hours, then according to the schedule specified in the operating instructions. All fasteners are checked at check-in and follow-up if necessary.
  • The crane wave should also be retracted. The entry should start with low speeds, gradually increase them and alternate for 5-10 minutes. After driving in, the oil should be drained and replaced with new oil.
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Small tractor Kalibr MT 244

This device was released relatively recently. It has received a modern design and works with a powerful engine. The tractor is multifunctional and can be used in any conditions. The 4×4 wheel formula provides easy movement on the field.

The main characteristics of the Caliber mini-tractor:

  • Engine power – up to 24 hp. С;
  • Gears: 6 forward, 2 backward;
  • Drum brakes;
  • Electric start;
  • Use of hinge.

Minitractor Kalibr MT 120 This device attracts attention due to its unusual design. On the rear wheels of the device there is a diesel unachtractor with various functional features. For example, a wave-cutting crane can be installed on it. The tractor is equipped with electric ignition, mechanical transmission and steering control.

Key features:

  • Engine power is 12 lit. С;
  • Gears: 3 forward, 1 reverse;
  • Drum brakes with actuator;
  • Electric start;
  • Acceleration to 17 km/h.

Device features.

The Calibre Minitor MT-244 has excellent traction on all surfaces thanks to its wide wheels with deep tread. Due to the all-wheel drive system and the center differential locking function of the drive axle, this model can move on the hardest categories of soil, including conventional off-road. It is also advantageous when towing a loaded trailer on unpaved terrain and working with heavy attachments. The tractor is equipped with a state-of-the-art air suspension system consisting of an air reservoir, an upgraded brake control valve and compressor.

The tractor can be used virtually around the clock, because the model is equipped with all the necessary lighting devices to work in the dark or in poor visibility conditions. This equipment is also necessary for safe driving on public roads.

The operator’s workplace is equipped with a comfortable chair that ensures long hours of work without premature fatigue. The design also includes special shields covering the wheels, which prevent the ground from being thrown toward the operator.

The main advantages of this mini-tractor are as follows:

  1. Reinforced system of rear three-point hinges, which allows the use of heavy hinged tools.
  2. Two hydraulic outlets controlled by a two-channel hydraulic valve have been added to work with additional hydroficated equipment.
  3. The transmission can be aggregated with quite a number of different attachments, both downshifts and downshifts.
  4. The diesel engine is reliable, serviceable and efficient both in operation and maintenance.
  5. For the operation of mechanical devices, the manufacturer has equipped the mini-drive with an independent power shaft with 6 loops. This means that not only tractor units, but also some motor blocks can fit the machinery.


Minitractor Kalibr MT-244, like many other household machines, is characterized by such indicators as high reliability and repairability. Currently, the technique is made by a Chinese manufacturer, but this did not affect these two indicators. The model can be used in all weather conditions. The technique always works at full capacity.

Features of repair

The simplicity of design had a positive impact on the maintenance of the contract mini-sportman, as the consumer does not need the help of special equipment and an experienced master to fix certain malfunctions. The operator has full access to the main nodes and units of the model, which allows replacing any part in a relatively short time. The cost of spare parts and consumables will please every owner of this mini-drive.

Working with electric chainsaws and chain saws

The price of MT-244C zero caliber ranges from 160 000 to 190 000 Russian rubles. Equipment in more than satisfactory condition can be found at more than 80 000 rubles to 120 000 Russian rubles.

The main opening and its elimination

Fixing equipment does not rise:
  • Oil level in the hydraulic system has dropped below the minimum mark (oil discharge);
  • Pump of hydraulic system is switched off (switch it on);
  • Hydraulic safety valve freezes (crush and clean valve).
Brakes do not work:
  • Loose pedal hub has increased (adjust pedal position);
  • The brake disc or pad is worn out (replace the appropriate parts).
Engine is running erratically:
  • The fuel tank has dropped below the minimum mark (need to be added).
  • Riemendehnung (needs to be properly installed);
  • Fuel or air filter clogged (clean);
  • Carburetor clogged due to dirt (needs to be disassembled, flushed and cleaned);
  • Problems with the ignition system (spark plug burned out most of the time or failed).

Folding devices.

The varieties of Kalina mini under consideration can be equipped with the following types of falsifiers:

In addition to these devices, the “caliber” in each version is equipped with a snowplow, mowers of different types, potato diggers and other devices.

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Caliber is expanding its reach to offer users powerful, modern minis

Mini-tractor caliber

Caliber brand products are not distinguished by special bells and whistles, as the manufacturers focus users’ attention not on attracting new technologies, but on time-tested ones. The devices are developed in Russia and assembled in China.

Many connoisseurs of quality, agricultural and garden equipment try to follow the novelties of the organization, as the company does not spoil fans. However, before releasing each model, he carefully checks it and makes sure to achieve the highest possible level of quality.

The Kalibr MT-12-Die is the most popular unit of the brand

The mentioned vehicle conquers with its amazing design solution, because the creators have put a diesel engine block on the motorcycles and supplemented it with a lot of particularly advantageous functional features. We are talking about the installation of the current shaft, ergonomic steering, electric steel ignition, transmission mechanical plan, etc.

Technical characteristics:

Tractor model DW 1120
Bike formula 4×2
Design weight 400 kg
Overall linear dimensions
Long 2140 mm
Wide 905 mm
Height (up to muffler) 1175 mm
Rated speed
I acceleration 1,68 km/h
II speed 2,61 km/h
III speed 4.22 km/h
IV speed 6.79 km/h
V speed 10.57 km/h
VI speed 17,08 km/h
1. Back 1.29 km/h
2. Back 2.22 km/h
model R195ndl
Type Horizontal, 4-stroke, 1-cylinder, water-cooled, diesel.
Rated rotational speed of crankshaft 2300 (rpm)
Maximum output 12 hp (8.82 kW)
Lubrication system Pressurized oil pump
Cooling system water
Engine starting system Electric starter
Right crankshaft seal When the pointer is moving clockwise
transmission Cylindrical gear transmission (3+1) x2
Brake system Drum type, foot-operated
Basic equipment External spur gear hook
Tire size DW1120
Front wheel 4.00-8
Rear wheel 5.00-12
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The device is known for its excellent cross-country ability, mobility, compactness, low cost and ability to start quickly even in severe frost. The set includes a carousel and a plow.

Due to the fact that the engine of the Kalibr mini-tractor has a capacity of 12 hp. C. the device can perform the most difficult work on the ground and free the territory from the accumulated snow in winter. The device successfully works with a variety of attachments, and since the manufacturer has released many additional tools, pick up the right option is not difficult.

High quality processing and competent selection of parts guarantee a long service life and excellent maintenance. With the help of the instruction manual, presented on our website, you will be able to understand the main features of the device and eliminate some types of violations yourself.

Minitractor Kalibr MT-244 – it’s productivity, compactness and reliability

Mini-tractor caliber MT-244

One of the latest models of the company has managed to conquer many people due to its unpretentiousness in work, ease of operation and versatility. Particularly advantageous practical moments are the use of 4×4 wheel formula, which also simplifies movement in the field, improved pneumatic suspension, which consists of a receiver, compressor and a special valve to control the brake system.

Technical characteristics:

Engine and gearboxes
Engine type Diesel, four-stroke, cylinders: 2
performance 18.40 kW / 24.50 hp at 2500 rpm
cooling type water
Electric start Yes
Drive train full
transmission manual transmission
Number of gears 6 forward, 2 reverse
Brake type drum
Dimensions and accessories
Seats Yes
Support for mounting Yes, in back
Number of parts 1
LXBXH dimensions. 3014 x 1560 x 1965 mm
weight 1180 kg

In the domestic market you can easily find additional devices and spare parts for repairs.

Minitractor Kalibr M T-304 – the best choice for working large areas

Mini-tractor caliber MT-304

This model is designed for professional use because it has an even more powerful engine than previous versions, a heated cab, and is suitable not only for field and land work, but also for simple supply tasks. The device was released in 2012 and is still very popular among professionals.

Technical characteristics:

Bike formula 4×4
Dimensions (LXBXH): 3014 x 1560 x 1965 mm
Front axle 1200 mm
Rear axle 1200 mm
base 1540mm
Area of application 266mm
Dry weight 1200 kg
Model: Jd2102it
Engine type 2-cylinder 4-stroke water-cooled
performance 22.6 kW / 29.4 hp
rpm 2000 rpm
fuel diesel
Tire size (width – diameter):
Front axle 6.0 – 16 ″
Rear axle 9.5 – 24 “
clutch dry, dual
steering Mechanical
transmission (3+1) X2
Suspension scheme 3-point tail elevator
shock wave
rpm 540 rpm
Slot size (mm) 6 slots with straight pages (6×28.91×34.79×8.69)

Thanks to its functional and design features, the vehicle can reach speeds of up to 31.4 km per hour. Wide wheels are equipped with a deep profile, which means that the device can actively move even on a heavy surface.

Although the company “Kalibr” has always been perceived as a manufacturer of gas tools and electric appliances, its motor-tractors also proved to be very successful in all respects. This was confirmed not only by experts, but also the main critics – ordinary users.

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