Caiman Vario 60s D3 engine grade review. Features, reviews

Caiman Vario 60s D3 Motornoves. Review, features, application features

The French walk behavior tractor Caiman Vario 60s D3 belongs to the group of light units – their power of 6 hp and weight is 57 kg.

Kaiman Vario 60S D3

The device is designed to process land with an area of ​​u200bu200b30 hectares in intensive operating conditions. The Vario 60s D3 engine block features a quick-detachable saber-displaced razor and pneumatic rake with a deep profile.

Technical characteristics

PTO pulley on the motor shaft
The weight is dry 57kg
Wheels possibility
maximum torque 11.3nm at 2500 rpm
engine model Subaru Ep 17 OHC
engine power 6 hp
The volume of the fuel tank 3.4L
The processing area 2500 sqm
application professional
Manufacturer caiman
Turning back There is
lever Fold with adjustable position
coupling Pneumatic
engine type petrol
type of cultivator For virgin lands
type of gearbox Chain
fuel AI92 petrol
functionality Motoblock with automatic variator
The number of speeds 2 vario forward / ahead 1 ahead 1
The breadth of the plowman 900mm

Features of the application

The tractive power of the Kayman engine block is sufficient to plow heavy soil, hills, weeds and crops. Due to the reduced number of revolutions, soil mills can process the soil up to 32 cm deep. With a solid width of 90 cm. Caiman Vario 60s D3 is also used to carry out economic work – cleaning snow, sweeping the territory, transporting goods.

The high functionality of the Caiman Vario engine block provides a hinge device that can be connected by means of the front wheel drive and on the rear hitch. Varieties of aggregate hinge weapons: a plow, a perch, a shovel, grinders, a brush, a rotary mower, a lawn mushroom, a snowball player, an adapter, a trailer.

Bottom surfaces provide better cross-walking ability and necessary grip with soil, and special discs protect plants from damage. Thanks to the bilateral coupon with the curved end, the optimal movement is along complex soil, and with the straight line – maximum penetration into the soil.

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Caiman Vario 60s D3 device

  • The premium class Subaru EP 17on engine (Japan) is unpretentious and easily starts at negative temperatures. Starting the manual, the installation of the electrical insurance is optionally available.
  • Thanks to the Pneumotec pneumatic clutch using a convenient grip wrench, it is very convenient to control the Caiman engine block, the transmissions are switched on smoothly, without shocks to the drive belts and gearboxes, which allows you to increase the service life by more than 2-three times.
  • The peculiarity of the Walk behavior tractor is an advanced professional Gearbo Fast Gear III, which does not require lubrication.
  • Thanks to the Vario Automat gearbox, transmissions 2 forward and 1 back are provided, variable speed change is possible regardless of the load. Thanks to the centering of the rear between 1 and 2 gears, there is always the possibility of engaging the rear gear.
  • A number of design advantages of the Caiman Motornote offer the operator convenience in management. The differential locking allows for 180° operational rotation of the steering column with the quick drive rver. Drum brakes are also strengthened.
  • The extraordinary ergonomicity in the company is guaranteed by the offset focus and the installation of the correct equilibrium load system. There are adjustable ellipse hand control handles.


Before operating the engine block, the Kaiman carries it through for grinding all movable knots and parts. They start idle from work and gradually increase the load to maximum.

  • It is necessary to check the oil and fuel level every day and avoid being reduced under the border. Caiman Motoblock consumes high-quality AI 92 petrol.
  • 80W90 oil in the gearbox should be changed all 100 mothers, the gearbox is carried out with lithium lubricant after 50 hours of operation.
  • The frequency of maintenance of the Kaiman motor block: The daily regulatory work takes place after 50/200/300/1000 motorized hours according to the operating instructions.
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The operating instructions of the Caiman Vario 60s D3 Motor Block is here.

Video evaluation of the work

Reviews of the owners

Semyon, Kaluga region:

“I worked with the Kaiman Vario 60s D3 Motoblock Fifth Year. In addition to normal agricultural work, I translate goods – forest, sand, different building materials. There was a lot of snow last winter, a car was very useful for cleaning. There are no technical comments that are the main thing to take care of properly. “


“I have an action of 45 acres. I process the Caiman 60SD3 mot block – plow, weed, potatoes and dig potatoes and ditch. On the one hand, a very sensitive technology, everything on the keys, and on the other hand, it works perfectly that the clutch, this inverter, the engine. The belts are saved perfectly, I haven’t changed yet because it happened in other models almost every month. I hope it will work quickly. “

Caiman Vario 60s D3 engine grade review. Features, reviews

The petrol Caiman Vario 60s D3 Motoblock is one of the most popular agricultural units from the French manufacturer Kaiman. With a relatively small weight of the device of 57 kg, you can treat floors any density in the area of ​​up to 30 hectares of land.

Kaiman Vario 60S D3

Vario 60s D3 is designed so that it cultivates the soil, planting and reinforcement of plants. With its help you can prepare feed for cattle, remove snow, clean the yard of leaves and branches.


The characteristics of the Caiman Vario 60s D3 Motor note with a pneumatic recipe are several. Let’s start with a gear with a built variator, thanks to which the gear change is carried out smoothly without jerking. There are only three speeds (2 forwards and 1 backwards. The variator is safely hidden in the aluminum corps. The rotary moment is transmitted to the working body with a chain transmission.

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The Japanese production engine Subaru EP 17 is characterized by high reliability and performance (6 l). The engine is inserted manually with a manual starter. If desired, you can install an electrical installation, the circuit allows. In work, the engine is unpretentious, begins slightly with minus temperature, vibration and foreign noises. Engine cooling is violently with a cold air flow.

Caiman Vario 60s D3 Equipment.

  • Wide pneumatic bikes with a strong tractor profile.
  • Soiline.
  • Instructions.

Due to the reduced speed, the depth of the milling cutter is possible up to 32 cm. The motor operator feels thanks:

  • Adjustable handles;
  • The right equilibrium system that unload the arms and back;
  • The focus changed down.

The control of the Vario 60s D3 Motor note is thanks:

  • Special steering columns that enable a curve of 180 degrees;
  • Drum brakes with high braking force;
  • Inverter Fast drive;
  • Differential blocking.

The tractor of the walk behavior can be maneuverable and can be easily controlled both on flat surfaces and on gentle surfaces. Thanks to the capacity selection wave, all fastening devices are attached to the device.


engine type Petrol, 4-step Subaru EP 17
engine power 6.0l.S.
cooling Air
transmission Vario automat
Engine volume 169 cm³
Wheels Pneumatic
Fuel tank capacity 3.4l
The width of processing 90 cm
The depth of processing 32 cm
The number of speeds 2 forward/ 1 before 1
coupling Belt
The number of engine speeds 4000ob/min
lever Folds, adjustable
The processing area 2500m²
The weight 72 kg

Unmounted equipment

The high functionality of the engine unit takes place on the basis of the following fastening devices.

Brush pendant Rotary mower snowbreats tedder two-row plow-cultivating cuttingelail shovel-liner transplant potato-trailer adapter lawnmower

In addition, it is necessary to acquire the following additions:

  • Coupling;
  • Protective nozzles on wheels.

The first is necessary if you want to attach attachments to the tractor for a sidewalk. Protective slices that are worn on wheels protect against damage to the plant. Thanks to the special design of the walk tractor itself, you can attach to both parts of the device.

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User Guide

An obligatory addition of the tractor for walk violations is the operational instructions that need to be carefully examined.

Pay particular attention to the following sections:
  1. The device of the Walk behavior.
  2. Technical characteristics.
  3. Technical service.
  4. The list of basic collapse, their causes and elimination methods.

Before you start walking with a tractor, it should be rolled in a gentle mode, starting with idle revolutions and with full performance. Such a process is referred to as the glue and is intended to grind all rotating parts of the engine, the gearbox, etc. After such a training session, the tractor of walking inspires its owner with a useful lon g-term service.

Oil filling and limit level

When working with the tractor of the walk behavior, the oil and fuel level should be checked, which will avoid emptying the fuel tank or the crankcase. It is also necessary to check all fastening elements and pull them up if necessary. The engine of the tractor of the walk behavior is protected by special protection that prevents the entry of dust, dirt and pebbles into the engine. The tractor of the walk behavior must be cleaned and lubricated after each work, which extends its lifespan.

Video review

Caiman Vario 60s D3 Review Review

Reviews of the owners

In the forums, the owners of Motors Kaiman Vario 60s D3 observe its calm and smooth work, strength and functionality.

Ivan, 34 years:

“I work for the second season with Kaiman Vario, I only use as a cultivator – the start is excellent, without sneezing and other noises. The car goes smoothly and confidently in your hands. Neither vibrations nor a roar, the device is very quiet and smooth. It is very comfortable to work on the slope, the brake follows immediately. I do not regret the purchase. “

Sergey, 48 years old:

“Hello. I have walked up and down my side with my Cayman, and have done so more than once! He has been working in a greenhouse and in a garden and has even been busy with raspberries. Protective discs have helped a lot – all the plants feel great. The walk-behind tractor is very powerful, the Japanese engine in the French case proved its excellent quality in severe conditions of use, for 6 years there was only one breakdown – the belt failed, I remember that I suffered then looking for him, and the price is considerable (40 greens). But I decided not to risk it and took the original. Excellent treads, patency like a tractor, goes uphill and downhill smoothly.”

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Nikolay Ustimovich, 59 years old:

“I was gifted a walk-behind tractor, so to speak, by my son to help an avid gardener. Since then, I forgot about back pain and fatigue. All gardening work is done by a walk-behind tractor, I just monitor its condition. At my age, such an assistant is simply indispensable. I have all the equipment including the trailer. And even though my property is small, only 27 acres, working with this device becomes as comfortable as possible.”

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