Caiman cultivators: video reviews, instructions, owner reviews

Motor cultivator Caiman. Model range, characteristics, reviews of owners

French company Caiman appeared at the market of gardening and agricultural equipment relatively recently, but over 5 years it has gained recognition and fame. Through collaboration with the well-known Japanese brands Subaru and Honda, the use of innovative design and advanced technology, the company managed to create a first-class equipment.

Caiman Eco 50 SC2

Caiman products are manufactured at the Pubert and Ferrari factories, which indicates a perfect European quality of each technical unit and impressive performance characteristics. If a usual motocultivator works practically on the soil surface, a Caiman cultivator powerfully cuts through the soil layers and efficiently works with attached equipment.

Characteristics of caiman cultivators

Continuous work on updating the model range of Caiman motocultivators allows creating high-tech models, the most structured according to the size of the cultivated area, types of work with various additional equipment.

The manufacturer produces gasoline cultivators, an electric modification with battery charging has been developed. Advantages:

  • Equipped with high-class professional engines Honda, Subaru with a reliable chain drive and less harmful emissions.
  • Caiman cultivators are equipped with the latest automotive technology and are equipped with the Vario Automat transmission, which provides exceptionally smooth gear shifting.
  • The use of durable Fast Gear reduction gears means that Caiman cultivators are durable and highly productive.
  • The ability to operate the cultivator in two forward (high, low) and reverse gears brings it close in principle to a tractor with a walking reverse gear.
  • Due to the use of The Right Balance ergonomic system the load on the spine is minimized and causes of vibration in the operator’s hands and shoulder girdle are eliminated.
  • The use of the latest composite materials and modern machining methods in construction of parts and mechanisms of cultivators provides high quality of production.


Caiman gasoline cultivator

Characteristic functional differences of Caiman gasoline cultivators:

  • Equipped with horizontal shaft engines for optimal power utilization.
  • Comfortable operation and transport thanks to folding, adjustable handle.
  • Easy operation thanks to throttle valve.
  • Depth adjustment for fine-tuning the working depth.
  • Easy manoeuvrability, due to reversing gear.

Caiman 50S C Caiman MB 33S rotary cultivator

Small Caiman MB 33S stubble cultivator is used on small plots of land for tilling already tilled soil, in greenhouses and in confined spaces. Its power is 1.6 hp, weight 12.2 kg, width of cultivation – 26 cm, depth – 20 cm.

Popular model is cultivator Caiman 50S with power of 3.7 hp, without rear gear, weight – 46 kg, rear equipment is not installed on the coupling, designed for a plot of land up to 15 acres. The most popular modification of this series is Caiman 50S C2.

The powerful Caiman Promo 60mc Grubber is capable of editing heavy soils over an area of 15 hectares.

Caiman Promo 60mc Power Drill

This model is equipped with a professional 6 hp Mitsubishi GT600 engine, which is conveniently aggregated with additional attachments. The presence of 6 folding blade cutters allows you to set the width of tillage up to 0.9 m.

Caiman Roto 60s

The unique Caiman Roto 60S rake is a heavy machine (73kg) with a 6hp engine. Thanks to the unique Rotomatic transmission, 3 forward gears and 1 reverse gear are available. Differential, 5 spiral blades, easy start, front bumper, folding handles, adjustable thickness are the features of this model.

Caiman 60s D2 is the only cultivator with pneumatic drive.

Caiman Trio 70 C3 power drill

Caiman Trio 70 C3 air-powered model with a unique 212 cc 7 hp green engine. For heavy floors, features an adjustable plowing width of 30/60/90 cm.

The neo series is equipped with environmentally friendly engines, innovative 2/1 gearbox, cutting blade, double-sided thrashing and an ergonomic handle. Modification – CAIMAN NEO 50S C3

Caiman Neo 50S C3 power drill

Comparative characteristics of some popular Caiman-Benzingrubbern models are shown in the table:

Caiman electric planer

The compact, small Cayman Turbo 1000 with its 1 kW electric motor is a unique machine. According to owners, it is ideal for work in a limited space – a greenhouse, a greenhouse.

Caiman Turbo 1000 Electric Grubber

Battery charge enough for 0.5 – 1 hour of full work, depending on the load. Thanks to the adjustment in two levels, adaptation to the size of the body of the operator is very convenient. Equipped with an improved turbo mode for processing thick floors.


Various attachments are used to make full use of the cultivator’s capabilities. For mowing beds, weeding between weeds, elevating plants, and hilling the soil, many aids have been created with which more work can be done with less physical exertion.

The Caiman Grubber has the right attachments for the job:

  • Plow, Hiller,
  • Crowd
  • Grubber,
  • Universal hitches,
  • Shovel mouldboard, brush,
  • Mini Suspension, Adapter.

Thanks to the folding design of the Grubber, you can choose the optimal width of floor treatment and, if necessary, install pneumatic cylinders.

Small weight of Caiman-Grubber somewhat limits the owners in a choice of additional equipment, in such cases metal wheels with eyes and weights are used for complaints and better passability.

With a complete set of attachments, the Caiman Neo 50S C3 Grubber can’t perform any worse than a hand-held tractor. Complete with a tiller, plow, tunnel wheels, and potato digger, the machine has unique features:

  • The tiller and plow help work all types of soil.
  • The clutch allows you to use not only attachments from the manufacturer’s official website, but also third-party single-axle tractors.
  • The adapter can turn a power tiller into a mini tractor, where the operator works from a sitting position.
  • With helpers you can transport up to 400 kg each load.
  • It is also possible to combine potato and potato diggers for planting and harvesting vegetables.
  • The mowers provide weed clearing and help with haymaking.

operation and maintenance


Due to the design, Caima n-Grubber are basically similar, except for the light versions – they have manual start, front transport bike, they differ in motors and additional functions.

Cultivator starting functions:

  • Open the gasoline line.
  • Close the throttle
  • Move the throttle lever to the maximum position
  • Pull the starter rope
  • Give throttle and reduce throttle.

As you drive in the magber, the machine’s major assemblies and gears, chassis and gears grind gently and retract. Therefore, after starting the engine and running for a few minutes at reduced speed, you should start the cycle of 8-9 hours with a load of 50%.

Caiman Grubber operating instructions – download.

Main disturbances.

Experienced owners recommend strict compliance with the regime: work / rest, regardless of engine power. For long engine run it is necessary to let the cultivator rest for 15-20 minutes to cool the engine after a full fuel tank has been used.

At constant high load the blade shaft may stop, slip, which is also an indication that it is necessary to take a break to cool the engine.

Cleaning the air filter, checking the oil level, and a routine inspection are simple basic rules for operating the cultivator. It is important to let the engine warm up before starting work. When cultivating hard soil, plowing should be done in two passes, without overloading the machine. The first time the cultivator works the soil to a depth of 15 cm, and in the second pass you reach a depth of 25-30 cm.

The main mistake:
  • The engine does not gain power – probably clogged air filter, broken carburetor settings, insufficient compression, clogged muffler.
  • Excessive engine heating – disruption of air access for cooling.
  • Open fuel valve when engine is shut off causes spark plug flooding.
  • Engine muffling under load – fuel filter clogged, carburetor settings disturbed.
  • Blades do not rotate when the engine is running – appearance of defects in the clutch mechanism.

Most often there are problems with belts – the problem is solved by replacing new ones. When eliminating the violations it is necessary to strictly follow the recommendations of the instruction manual. If it is possible to repair it yourself, the manufacturer indicates the order of the necessary processes.


It should be taken into account that Kaiman cultivators require the proper quality of gasoline. According to the regulations, the first oil change SAE 30 is made after 5 hours of work, the next – after 25 hours and then after 50 hours. Caiman cultivators run on AI-92 gasoline.

The gearbox is the main part of the premium of the cultivator, so it must be carefully looked after, the lubricant needs to be changed systematically.


Leonid, St. Petersburg:

“I have had the Caiman Terro 50S C2 Grubber cultivator for 3 years. I got used to working with him, but now there is no limit to the joy. Of course, like every technique has its properties, but the reliability is amazing. If you use it clearly and wisely for its intended purpose, it works great. “

Kirill, Selenograd:

“I bought a French Kaiman 60s D2 power tiller, I think the price is normal compared to the Chinese machines. I like the model because it is powerful, 6 hp, good Subaru engine. The first time, of course, some sections were difficult to pass. But this year, for the first year, the ground is very different. The reverse and twist grips work great. The pneumatic clutch makes it easy to work. The machine is small, the transmission is adjustable. All in all I am very satisfied. This kind of equipment is not a tag. The owner’s manual is unfortunate. Whoever encounters the technique for the first time will not understand it himself. “

Caiman cultivators: characteristics, models and rules of operation

Cultivator models under the brand Caiman of the French manufacturer have gained popularity throughout the former Soviet Union. Mechanisms are known for their unpretentiousness, versatility, good performance and long service life without overhaul. Every year new improved models appear.


Caiman cultivator with Subaru engine gained considerable popularity on Russian farms, as well as among the owners of suburban areas.

The design of units of this manufacturer has many positive qualities:

  • good adjustment of all units;
  • performance;
  • reliability;
  • ease of repair:
  • Low price;
  • Availability of spare parts on the market.

The weight of the models usually exceeds 60 kg.

Cultivator can work with almost all soils, the optimal area of cultivation is up to 35 acres.

For power plants Caiman also has a number of tangible advantages:

  • compact dimensions;
  • The possibility of individual adjustment of the cultivated area;
  • There is a universal problem.

The Japanese strengths of Subaru four-stroke units are various:

  • Medium drive belt;
  • availability of a reverse gearbox and transmission on almost all models;
  • pneumatic circulation;
  • Availability of a carburetor gasket.

The technique of the French manufacturer has four-stroke engines of Japanese origin (Subaru, Kawasaki), which are characterized by good power and economical fuel consumption. The production of Caiman cultivators was launched in 2003.

The shaft in the Subaru engine is in a horizontal plane, which allows a better transfer of the load. In addition, less noise is generated when the unit is in operation. The motor is mounted on a bed, and the transmission mechanism is operated by a pulley.

The gear on the Caiman unit transmits torque to the driven sprocket. If the model is reversed, a conical coupling is mounted on top. The sprocket axle falls out of the pinion: this allows the floor and wheels to be fixed.

When the unit is idling, the toothed belt pulley does not transmit momentum to the clutch. To be able to drive, the clutch must be depressed. The idler transforms the movement of the pulley so that momentum is transmitted to the gearbox.

This design allows even hard, virgin soil to be tilled.

All Caiman machines are equipped with a reverse gear, which makes the mechanism work more precisely and dynamically.


Caiman Eco Max 50s C2.

The cultivator can be used almost anywhere:

  • In the agricultural region;
  • In the municipal sector.

It is compact, has a small size and weight and can be easily transported. It is possible to use many canopies.

Cultivator TTX:

  • Four-stroke Subaru Robin ER16 Ons, Power – 5.1 hp;
  • The volume – 162 cm³;
  • Gearbox – one step: one – forward and one – backward;
  • Fuel tank capacity – 3.4 liters;
  • Cultivation depth – 0.33 m;
  • definition of the band – 30 cm and 60 cm;
  • weight – 54 kg;
  • the mechanism is equipped with additional devices;
  • possibility of reversing;
  • branded tailor;
  • Adaptation of control levers to the height of the worker.

Caiman Compact 50S C (50SC)

Cultivator works well on virgin soil. Mechanism is easy to use, even a person with little experience will cope with it.

Machine specifications:

  • Four-stroke Subaru Robin ER16 Ons, Power – 5.1 hp;
  • Displacement – 127 cm³;
  • Transmission – one gear, one speed – “front”;
  • fuel – 2.7 liters;
  • definition of the band – 30 cm and 60 cm;
  • Weight – 46,2 kg.

It is possible to attach additional equipment.

Reviews about the cultivator only positive.

Cayman Neo 50S C3

Cultivator gasoline, can be rightly distinguished as a professional unit of medium power.

It has the following characteristics:

  • Four-stroke engine Subaru Robin EP16 ONS, power – 6.1 hp;
  • 168 cm³ displacement;
  • Transmission is three-speed: two forward and one reverse;
  • It is possible to install cutting blades (up to 6);
  • Fuel tank capacity – 3.41 liters;
  • Cultivation depth – 0.33 m;
  • Definition of strips – 30 cm, 60 cm and 90 cm;
  • Weight – 55,2 kg.

The power plant has a good resource and reliability in operation. There is a chain drive, this factor allows increasing the efficiency of the device. Clutch shifts well, there is a collapsible Fast Gear II.

It is possible to work both with a plow and a planter on minimum gears.

The control levers can be adjusted to suit the worker. Razor Blade cutters produce minimal vibration. The tillage depth can be adjusted with the ploughshare.

Kaiman Mokko 40 C2

Gasoline cultivator is a new model of this year. It has a mechanical rear gear and is considered the smallest in its class.

Machine specifications:

  • Green Engine 100CC powerplant;
  • Engine volume – 100 cm³;
  • Working width – 551 mm;
  • working depth – 286 mm;
  • there is a reverse speed – 35 rpm;
  • forward speed – 55 rpm;
  • Weight – 39,2 kg.

The device can be transported in a car, there is a universal suspension for attaching any additional parts.

In addition to the device there are:

  • Plow;
  • ocupnik;
  • set of plows (“Mini” and “Maxi”);
  • equipment for weeding;
  • potato harvester (large and small);
  • Pneumatic wheels 4.00-8 – 2 pcs;
  • Floor hooks 460/160 mm (there are wheelbase extensions – 2 pcs.).

Cayman MB 33S.

It weighs very little (12.2 kg). It is a very compact and functional device. There is a one and a half horsepower (1.65) gasoline engine.

For small household plots, such a cultivator can be very useful.

The width of the cultivated area is only 27 cm, the working depth is 23 cm.

Caiman Trio 70 C3

This is a new generation unit, which has two speeds plus reverse. It is equipped with a gasoline engine Green Engine 212CC.

The specifications are:

  • engine volume – 213 cm³;
  • tillage depth – 33 cm;
  • Plowing width – 30 cm, 60 cm and 90 cm;
  • Curb weight is 64,3 kg.

Caiman Nano 40K

Cultivator can cultivate small areas from 4 to 10 hectares. The machine is notable for its good functionality, controllability at work and maneuverability. The Kawasaki engine is economical and can withstand heavy loads. The device can be transported in a car (long, folding handle).

General features:

  • Engine has a displacement of 3.1 hp. С..;
  • displacement – 99 cm³;
  • the gearbox has a front gear;
  • Gas tank capacity is 1.5 L;
  • Schneider is easy to turn;
  • Record width – 22/47 cm;
  • Weight – 26,5 kg;
  • Plowing depth is 27 cm.

The power plant is almost silent and there is almost no vibration. There is a molded bushing, which increases the service life of the unit. The air filter protects against the penetration of mechanical microparticles.

Thanks to the miniature size of the device it is possible to work hard-to-reach areas. All mechanisms used are housed in the working handle, which can be folded down if desired.

Caiman Primo 60s D2

One of the most powerful models in the company’s range. The device is designed to work with large areas.

Basic TTX:

  • Four x-stroke Subaru Robin er16 ONS, Power – 5.9 hp. С;
  • Displacement – 3.6 cm³;
  • Transmission – one gear, one speed – “front”;
  • Fuel – 3.7 liters;
  • Belt flow rate – 30 cm and 83 cm;
  • Weight – 58 kg.

It is not difficult to operate the machine, it is possible to repair additional devices.

The machine is characterized by good functionality and reliability, which is unpretentious in service.

Caiman 50s

The device has a compact Robin-Subaru EP16 engine, which weighs only 47 kg, but does not have the opposite.

Also on this model, there is no possibility to hitch additional units to the rear with a clutch.

The power of the mechanism is only 3.8 liters. At the same time. The tank holds 3.5 liters of fuel. The processing strip is only 65 cm long, the depth is quite large – 33 cm.

If personal property takes fifteen mornings, then such a device is very useful for processing the soil.

The device costs just over 24,000 rubles.

Caiman 50s C2.

A good unit. In this series it is the best. It has the opposite, the machine is very simple and dynamic in operation.

The shafts are made of gears, which allow the use of the rear clutch and plow.

The approximate cost of such a machine is about 30,000 rubles.

Caiman 60s D2.

This is the most powerful machine of the whole family. The working width is 92 cm, it can process even dry virgin floors. Maximum immersion depth of the sanding cutters into the floor is about 33 cm.

All outboard units fit the machine. There is a very handy pneumatic drive, with which you can change attachments.

The weight is not very large – up to 60 kg, the cost is quite democratic – 34 000 rubles.

Spare parts and attachments

There is an extensive network of service centers in Russia. If the device is not removed from the warranty, it is best to give it to a certified gas station.

Also in such organizations you can buy spare parts separately:

  • different bikes;
  • turn signals;
  • rims belts, etc.

You can also purchase:

  • Plow;
  • ocupnik;
  • Cutters and other attachments, which greatly increases the functionality of this machine.

User Manual.

Before you start working with Caiman attachments, you should carefully read the instruction manual supplied with each piece of equipment sold:

  • It is important to fill the oil recommended by the manufacturer.
  • The engine must be run at idle speed before beginning cultivation work.
  • It is important to keep an eye on the unit so that rust does not appear.
  • Store the unit in a dry place with good air exchange.
  • Metal objects should not get into the moving parts;
  • Use only the fuel recommended by the manufacturer.

Preventive repairs should be carried out by specialized service centers. Faults often occur with belt discs, which can be replaced by yourself.

Caiman machines are generally equipped with the following components:

  • Various cutters;
  • Instruction manual;
  • Warranty card;
  • Set of necessary tools .

The weight of the devices is from 45 to 60 kg, which makes it possible to grow the cultivators on a car. Caillot cultivators are unpretentious and can work in rather harsh climatic conditions.

It is possible to change consumables and carry out preventive maintenance directly on site. All details on the care of such devices are specified in the instruction manual.

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