Buying a lawn mower – what to pay attention to?

How to choose a lawn mower for dacha: what’s important

For many owners of country plots, life in the bosom of nature is good everything, except for the only drawback – the constant need to mow the grass. The right lawn mower can facilitate the process of continuous and monotonous work in the fresh air. The wide range of models can be confusing, and as a result, there is a chance to buy a device that will only add to the problems.

How to choose a lawn mower for dacha, so that the equipment perfectly copes with the comments and requires a minimum of attention, we will tell in this article.

Why it is necessary to mow the lawn

How to mow the lawn

A classic like a lawn mower is not a luxury, but a means of preserving your lawn. Mowing the grass not only gives the site a respectable look, but also helps to get rid of stumps, and thus reduce the cost of restoring the living surface.

  • The height of the cover does not exceed 2 cm. Grass, especially with insufficient watering, can weaken. In its place begin to sprout stronger weeds, that is, with such a hybrid, difficulties in the near future will increase significantly.
  • More than 5 cm is completely unnecessary care, giving the site a neat look, and this adds work.
  • A properly tuned lawnmower mows the lawn to a height of 3 cm, which not only represents the intervals between mowing the longest, but also provides the necessary care for the grass.

The recommendations apply to turf with a dense, springy and uniform vegetation cover. When planning the development of a meadow of long-stemmed grass, the commentary peaks differently.

What manufacturers offer

    Running from the mains. Although the cable creates some inconvenience, the advantages of the equipment, especially in small areas, make you forget about the limitations. The technique is notable for its low price, low weight and ease of maintenance.
  • Gasoline-powered: They allow more freedom of movement, making them suitable for areas of up to 30 acres or more. Gasoline mowers have the highest power, which allows you to use the equipment not only for grass, but also for making hay.
  • Cordless: belong to the smallest group, which is a type of electric lawnmowers. The power of the equipment is low, but thanks to the battery they gain independence in terms of movement.
  • Mechanical: the technology is suitable for very small plots (up to 100 m2), as it requires physical effort from the users. Today, few people want to devote their free time to manual mowing the grass, but there are such mowers, and we give them a place in the review.

How to choose an electric lawn mower

How to choose an electric lawn mower

Only the cable limits the function of mains-powered devices. The length of the cord, even with an extension cord of 40 to 60 m, is inconvenient for mowing grass on plots larger than 8 acres – the constant shifting increases the risk of cutting the cord, but if the lawn area is small, or you are willing to focus on the location of the cord, then the electric lawn mower is your best choice.

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The technology is homemade and not self-propelled in itself. The latter option should insist that it is not always convenient if there are elderly people, women, or teenagers involved in the span. Self-propelled units are more expensive, but they are better suited to taking care of large areas – you just have to guide them as you mow.

Before you decide which legislator to vote for, assess the work you have to do. If you have more than 10 hectares at your disposal, it is better to take a self-propelled device.

Lawn mower accessories

Basic rules of choice: the power of electric lawnmowers falls within the range of 1.2-1.8 kW. The difference is not too great, so it is more correct to focus on the width of the mowing band and the power of the grass collector.

It is clear that the larger the blade record, the faster the area will be mowed. A larger bag is less likely to release grass.

Evaluating the width of the record

Lawn mower cutting width

  • With a lawn mower with a 32-cm recording width, a user can finish with a span in 75 minutes while freeing the bag 14 times.
  • Technology with a 38-centimeter border will be finished in 55 minutes, with the bag having to be cleared 9 times.
  • The widest sample of 53 cm can be completed in 32 minutes, with the bag having to be shaken out 7 times.

Stand-alone technology

Battery-powered lawnmowers cover about the same areas as fixed-line versions, but are much more convenient if you have to treat numerous obstacles – flowerbeds, trees, alpine hills and garden furniture. With an average battery charge, it is enough to treat 3 acres or 30 minutes. The disadvantage can be considered the higher cost of the standalone electric lawnmower (sometimes several times higher than cable models).

Both are capable of laying grass not only on plots, but also on slopes steeper than 30 degrees, which is suitable for terraced areas and landscaped slides covered with grass.

Nevertheless, the Queen garden with all the advantages of electric-powered equipment is rightfully considered a gasoline-powered technique. The high performance of the device provides not only electricity, but also a larger scale mowing. Therefore, if you have an impressive lawn, it is better to buy a variant with an internal combustion engine.

How to choose a gasoline lawn mower

How to choose a lawn mower

We estimate by the main parameter

  • Plots up to 10 acres: a gasoline lawn mower with up to 3 hp.
  • 10-15 acres: up to 5 hp.
  • More than 15 acres: more than 5 hp.
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Note: The technique works great on plots, but may not work on slopes. If the angle turns out to be more than 20 degrees, the four-string motor stays dormant.

Most models have a feature to adjust the grass mowing height. Powerfulgasoline mower . You copy stems 8 cm high or higher. Grass mower can be adjusted in two types of settings (mechanically (the easiest) and manually (you will have to tinker). Below we will tell you more about each of them.

Cleaning up grass clippings

In models without grass collectors, the grass is thrown to the side. On the one hand, this is practical, because you do not have to stop and unload the bag. On the other hand, you have to spend time after work to collect the entire site. If you have removed only a few centimeters, you will have to suffer.

Lawn mower bag

The grass catcher box – a bag that covers the extension of the lawnmower – is more convenient to work with, but it must be emptied regularly. The larger the area, the larger the volume of the container should be chosen. Depending on the material of manufacture, there are fabric, plastic and metal net bags. Cloth versions turn out to be the most convenient in service, the cracked plastic should be replaced immediately.

Lawn mower models with mulch allow you to distribute the grass clippings on the lawn to serve as a fertilizer and retain moisture.

Before choosing the characteristics of a lawn mower, think about the type of ride. The device to be pushed has to do with physical exertion.

Take note. Most of the way (often in full sun) you will have to push the mower with a full grass box, and this can be an additional 5-7 kg. Evaluate your options before choosing a model.

Self-propelled vehicles absorb some of the performance that the engine is subjected to to move. If the surface is also uneven, the model below 5 hp will not mow the grass, but rip (it does not have enough power to turn the blade with an increased load). Choose the technique according to the area and terrain of the site and add 15-20% gear reserve, so that the devices do not work at the limit.

The FUBAG ride-on mower

Self-driving lawn mowers They are divided into rear-wheel drive and front-wheel drive. The first option is more suitable for flat, large open spaces, the second type is more maneuverable. They handle uneven areas well and work much better near trees, garden sculptures and flowerbeds.

Powerful petrol lawnmowers have the most impressive mowing bandwidth. It seems that it is better to take more, but here it is not as simple as with electric devices. The wider the handle, the lower the maneuverability, so it is important to find a balance between speed of processing and the number of obstacles in the field. In addition, bulky mowers with a wide handle do not cut the grass on uneven surfaces and are quite difficult to control even on slopes.

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The weakest link

Lawn mowers are equipped with wheels of different diameters. The wheels are made of aluminum, steel and plastic with a rubber coating. Rubber wheels fail quickly with heavy use, so they need to be replaced regularly.

Profile width is an important indicator that affects the lawn itself. Narrow wheels leave furrows on a loaded mower (especially if the floor is wet). Width makes it easier to drive and provides better buoyancy. A larger wheel diameter makes the technique more maneuverable – such a lawnmower better overcomes bumps. Smaller bikes are only suitable for level surfaces.

Setting the cutting height

Mower cutting height

  • The setting is made separately for each wheel.
  • Models involve a new axle setting, which is time-consuming, especially if a beginner takes on the job.
  • The central setting allows the height to be set with a lever, quickly and conveniently, as directly at the work step.

Additional features.

Folding handles make the unit more compact so it can be transported in a car. In addition, this unit takes up less storage space.

folding lawnmower

The most reliable motor

For those who want to get serious about their lawn, it’s important not to overlook everything, so it’s not unreasonable to pay attention to the make of the machine. If your lawn mower is equipped with Briggs & Stratton or Honda models, you don’t have to decide anymore – these are the best engines possible. The drop in reliability bitterness is the high price, which is justified by the long service life.

Lawn mower engine

How important the case is.

The unit operates in a fairly corrosive environment. The juice of grass clippings contributes to corrosion, so the metal cutting part must be cleaned.

  • The material is not susceptible to corrosion.
  • Will not deform under the influence of high temperatures.
  • Withstands mechanical loads.

Additional advantages of the latter option are low weight, affordable price, moderate noise level.

Ready to go

This is the most advanced system today, which does not require pumping fuel and manipulation of the air damper. In order to start the mower, you have to pull the cable handle, after which the engine is brought into operation. There is an even simpler system with electronic ignition, where you just have to press a button to start.

There is no single answer to the question of which lawnmower is better – electric or gasoline. In order to choose the optimal model, you need to assess the area and terrain of your site, to decide what functions you need, and what can be abandoned, then once again weigh everything and choose the golden mean.

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How to choose a lawn mower in 2019

More and more city dwellers prefer to live in country houses. Or buy a house. In both cases, there is a lawn or lawn, which needs to be taken care of. Consequently, it is necessary to buy a lawn mower.

The modern market offers a wide range of machines for mowing the grass: from the simplest non-motorized to complex and expensive autonomous robotic machines.

A good mower gets the job done better, in less time and with less effort.

A lawn mower is a fairly simple machine. All lawn mowers have bicycles that can be used to move it around the lawn. The design may vary slightly, but most machines have a motor that rotates a rotor with blades that cut the grass. The rotor with the leaves is inside the body, which keeps rocks, grass and dust from flying in all directions.

Until now, manual mechanical lawn mowers have been offered. They have no motor and the blades rotate when you push the machine. All lawn mowers can be divided into non-motorized, gasoline mowers and electric mowers. Electric ones in turn are divided into corded and cordless.

It is possible to buy an inexpensive electric lawn mower for about 7,000 rubles. The cost of a gasoline lawnmower is about 20,000 rubles.

What should I pay attention to when buying a lawn mower?

When buying a lawn mower, there are several factors to consider.

  • The size of your lawn. If your lawn has an area of more than 20 acres, it is better to buy a mini-tractor with a lawnmower. Pushing an ordinary lawn mower, even with wheel drive, will be quite difficult, especially in hot weather.
  • Landscape characteristics. When choosing, you need to consider the landscape. Is your lawn flat or hilly? Are there obstacles in the form of a fountain, plantings, flowerbeds? An electric lawn mower without a wheel drive is fine for a small flat lawn. For mowing hills, it is preferable to use a self-propelled machine, which makes it much easier to overcome obstacles. The presence of obstacles and points must be considered when choosing the size and maneuverability of the mower.
  • Power source. We’ve already mentioned that lawn mowers come in gasoline and electric. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. Gasoline engines are usually more powerful, they can run all day without recharging. However, they are a little harder to wait on, noisy and hard to start. Cordless electrics are much quieter, they start at the push of a button, but run until the battery runs out. Corded electric lawn mowers can run for as long as you want. However, not everyone is comfortable with a wire to record.
  • Lawnmower size. The size of the blades also determines the size of the housing and therefore the width of the strip you can cut in one go. The width of the body can range from 50 cm to 175 cm. A larger mower cuts a wider swath, but it is harder and more difficult to maneuver.
  • Grass waste. Cheaper models don’t come with construction bags. And many people are happy with that. The grass stays on the lawn and turns into a natural fertilizer after a while. However, if there is a lot of grass, it must be removed. Otherwise, it can cause damage to the lawn. More expensive devices have containers to collect the grass.
  • Availability of accessories and spare parts. Additional accessories are not available for all models. For some of them it can be quite difficult to find replacement parts, there may be problems with repairs. Additional accessories are trailers (for mini-tractors), rakes, floor ventilation, fertilizers and others.
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Which lawn mower to mow with?

A mechanical lawn mower

Mechanical lawn mowers are not equipped with a motor. The drum with the blades starts rotating when the mower is pushed. These are the cheapest lawn mowers and only make sense if you have a very small lawn.

Electric lawn mower.

There are corded and cordless. There are electric lawn mowers with wheel drive and mini-tractors. They are bought because electric units are usually easier to use, usually cheaper and less noisy.

Gasoline lawn mower

Gasoline lawn mowers are divided into devices without a wheel drive, that is, those that need to be pushed, and self-propelled mowers. A lawn mower without a drive can be difficult to roll over tall grass, especially in hot weather. However, these devices are usually smaller, lighter, and cheaper.

Wheel-driven mowers are much easier to use and can easily cut grass and climb hills. They move at a constant speed, which is usually impossible to check. The lawn turns out pretty neat when using such a machine.

Mini tractor

Such a machine is usually bought for large areas. In addition to mowing the lawn, the tractor can perform many other useful works. Accordingly, such machines are much more expensive, and they need a warehouse.

Robot lawn mower

The smart lawnmower does everything by itself, your involvement is minimal. You only need to specify the girth so that the machine can work with a special wire. Many robots can be controlled via smartphone or tablet. At the same time, they are electric and work quite quietly.

They also have drawbacks. For normal operation, they need a fairly flat surface without sharp differences in height. Such machines cost from 63,000 to 130,000 rubles.

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