Bulldozer T-170 – description and properties

ChTZ T 170 bulldozer

Production of this equipment began in 1988 at the ChTZ. At that time, machines T-130 and T-170 were taken as the basis. The final product has been changed not only externally, but also by technical parameters. Now the bulldozer is a special equipment on the pursued course. The T 170 bulldozer belongs to the 10-th traction class, it can work in any climatic conditions and give high performance, while remaining reliable and economical.

ChTZ T-170 bulldozer

ChTZ T-170 Bulldozer

The machine is used to perform a number of earthworks:

  • Pouring of dirt;
  • Land leveling;
  • Backfilling the earth when laying underground utilities;
  • Temporary installation of streets;
  • Compaction of trenches, pits and small ditches;
  • Arrangement of foundations.

Bulldozer 170 is also used in agriculture, street construction and other industrial applications.

Features and Benefits

The bulldozer’s design was first revised in 2002, which is when the first changes were made to the model. Today, the main advantages are proven technology for years:

  • Cost-effectiveness, as the Class 10 machines with their respective performance are much larger than the T 170;
  • The ability to overcome high intersections is guaranteed by the tracked chassis. Therefore, the technique can work in swampy terrain and on difficult ground.
  • Ease of maintenance, because the bulldozer design is simple, but robust;
  • The high quality of the initial materials and component parts has a positive effect on the longevity of the equipment.

A characteristic feature of the tractor is considered to be a cab with high vibration isolation. The negative temperature, which allows the technique to function in normal mode, is 15 degrees. The power of the machine can be adjusted by the operator to increase the productivity of the implements. The gearbox automatically uses speed limiting when the front gear is engaged. For the bulldozer to work, the weight of the material the machine is working with is not small. The efficiency of the machine and the probability of breakdown depend on it. An air cleaning system is provided to keep the operator comfortable in the cab, and the cooling system works properly.

For the T 170 bulldozer, different variants of tracks were developed. This made it possible to “pull” all modifications to the necessary tracks to increase productivity and capabilities. The variety of machine responsibility also influenced the machine’s variety of ground handling, the durability of all Hodo components, and the duration of the operation. Each track is designed for a specific type of work, and the level of safety with the right components is greatly improved.

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The previous tractor was the basis not only for this bulldozer, but also for 80 other models of equipment. It is durable, reliable, versatile and economical. All these properties it has passed on to the following generations and modifications, and that is why they are valued by customers. One of the positive features of the bulldozer is also maintenance, which is performed extremely rarely. But if necessary, “Uralremtrak” company will quickly and qualitatively carry out all the necessary work.

T-170 bulldozer schematic diagram

T-170 bulldozer schematic diagram

To enable the machine to be delivered anywhere in Russia, it is designed in such a way that it can be easily placed on the platform for train transportation. It requires only one action – removal of the implement.

The versatility of the equipment is guaranteed by its ability to be used in public works, agriculture, construction and road works. The T 170 from Soviet production still meets the quality standards and its technical properties are in no way inferior to the machines of its class. There are no specific requirements to the T 170 after 10,000 hours of operation.

Technical Data and Dimensions

The default weight of the T 170 bulldozer is 17.3 tons, and the specific pressure at the base is 76 kPa.

Overall performance
Weight of the structure, kg 15000
Type of drive Caterpillar
Traction class 10
Base, mm 2517
Footprint, mm 1880
Engine brand D180.111-1 (D-160.11)
Engine type Four-stroke diesel, turbocharged, with multiple fabrics
Engine power, kW (PS) 125 (170)
Specific fuel consumption, g/kWh (g/hp) 218 (160)
Fuel tank, L 300
Cooling system, L 60
Engine oil system, L 32
Axle drive (each), L 12
Hydraulic system, L 100
Length, mm 4600
Width, mm 2480
Height, mm 3180
Specific pressure on soil, MPa 0.076



Depending on the model, the bulldozer can be equipped with two types of drive units: D-180 and D-160, where the number indicates the number of PS. Thus, the machine is considered very powerful. The model 180 engine is a relatively new development, which is installed on the new powerful construction machines. Its volume is 14.5 liters. The tank volume is 300 liters.

According to the standards for power units, it is safe, powerful and economical. The fuel consumption of the T 170 bulldozer is 220 g/kW per lesson. Trouble-free operation of the engine is guaranteed at temperatures from t-40 to +40 degrees, which is especially important for the climatic conditions of Russia. The engine can run for 10 000 hours without repair. Fuel on which it runs is diesel, condensate, kerosene. Depending on the modification, the engine is started by electric starter or starter (electric starter or carburetor). Air purification is performed in two stages for complete removal of dust and impurities. Cooling system is liquid and lubrication is combined. The torque reserve is 25%.

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Another important feature of the T-170 bulldozer is the transmission. It is responsible for transmitting torque from the engine to the drive axle. For the rear is a manual transmission, which includes several gears. It is located in the rear and includes a clutch. Its type is hydroservice, dry friction. It is solid and enclosed.

The transmission provides the vehicle with eight forward gears and four reverse gears. Its type is a four-wheel drive.

A 6-speed transmission can be installed on some models. This design is ideal for vehicles with a high intensity of driving on wetlands. The first speed here is lockable.

driver’s cab

The cab has a frame construction and is located at the rear. The gearbox is located below. The view angle allows the operator to fully control the work process, while the level of vibration in the cab is minimal. This effect is achieved by the supports. The driver’s seat is adjustable. The front panel is equipped with a number of indicators to help the operator during operation. It is made according to all safety requirements. The FOPS and ROPS systems have the same function. Heating and air conditioning (depending on modification) are provided for comfortable work in cold season and in hot season.

hydraulic system

The track loader T 170 has a separate hydraulic pump system. Pumps are installed by NCh-100 gearboxes, and the separate type implies separate units in the system. They can be changed when installing different work tools.

A filter is provided to clean the hydraulic fluid, which does not change the pressure of the flow and at the same time cleans it of the elements of the size of 25 microns. The P160 system booster has 3 positions and 3 coils. The hydraulic system pressure is 16 MPa, with a safety valve shutting it off at 18-20 MPa.

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Represented by tracks, including 45 shoes. There are rollers on each side of the machine, 7 of each. The width of the caterpillar is 0.9 m. This guarantees smooth passage of the T 170 bulldozer through wet areas, sand or snow. The absence of pavement and driving on sloping terrain also causes no problems.


To make the technique versatile, the manufacturer offers a wide range of work tools. These include:

  • 1-, 2-, and 3-tooth rippers, which do not require the participation of the blade in the work;
  • trenching aggregates;
  • Wings straight, rotary, nonrotary, spherical and hemispherical. They are designed for all types of excavation work.

Therefore, the bulldozer is used in agriculture, municipal and forestry, construction, road laying, etc.

Cost of new and used

To buy a used bulldozer T 170, taking into account the overhaul of the machine, you will have to pay 900,000 rubles. Rather old machines with defects cost 450,000 rubles. The price of a T 170 bulldozer is 2-3 million rubles if it has no running hours.


CHTZ produces the T-10M bulldozer, the predecessor of which is the model described above. This modification is widely used in the same industries. Features of the new equipment are new parts and elements, including attachments. The chassis has also been improved, which guarantees a longer service life. The price of the new model is 0,5-1 million rubles higher than the ancestor.

Also a modification is B-10M, which is used to work with rocky soils. Climatic conditions do not matter when operating the equipment, and its cost starts from 2.8 million rubles.

Technical characteristics of the bulldozer T 170

T 170 is an industrial heavy bulldozer, which was produced by Shcheljabinsk tractor plant in 1988-2002 (the successor of the model is considered to be B10M series). The vehicle was distinguished by a powerful multi-cylinder engine and excellent technical characteristics. The machine was designed on the basis of a caterpillar tractor T 130, which became obsolete at the end of the 1980s. The result was a modern version of the traction class 10. The main advantages of the model were low cost, reliability and high productivity. The series included several modifications, which are successfully used today. The most common versions are T 170 (basic version) and T 170b (marsh version).

The bulldozer operates efficiently in different conditions at temperatures from t-45 to +40 degrees. This allows using the machine almost in all regions of the country. In addition, the scope of application is not limited to commercial purposes. The model T 170 is used in forestry, industrial sites, road construction, agriculture and crop production.

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Technical data T 170


  • Length without equipment – 4290 mm;
  • Length with a base wing and ripper – 6760 mm;
  • Width – 2480 mm;
  • Cab roof height – 3050 mm;
  • Height by protective structure – 3180 mm;
  • Caterpillar base – 2520 mm;
  • Distance – 415 mm.

Construction weight of the equipment is 15,000 kg.

Filling tanks:

  • Fuel tank – 300 liters;
  • Hydraulic system – 100 liters;
  • Cooling system – 60 liters;
  • System of unit lubrication – 32 liters.


The first versions of the T 170 bulldozer were equipped with a unit from the previous series – the diesel engine D-160.11. The engine was located at the front end of the device. The turbocharged 4-stroke unit had a forced liquid cooling system (liquid movement was provided by a water pump). The engine could be used in almost all regions, as it worked in severe frosts. Starting the device was carried out with a starter or electric starter. In the first case, the gasoline starter was engaged through the electric starter, after which the main machine was started. The starter drive was automatically disengaged. In this case, the gasoline starter worked normally at a temperature of at least 15 degrees. For models that were designed to work in the cold season, a preheating mechanism was used.

Properties of the engine D-160.11:

  • Volume – 14.48 liters;
  • Rated power – 160 hp;
  • Rated speed – 1250 rpm;
  • Number of cylinders – 4;
  • Cylinder diameter – 150 mm;
  • Specific fuel consumption – 218 g/kW/h.

Later versions were equipped with an engine D-180.111-1, which had a 4-cylinder serial design with turbocharger.

Design features of the unit:

  • Lubrication system – combined;
  • Starting system – gasoline starter / electric starter;
  • Oil cleaning system – paper filter element;
  • Cooling system – liquid.

Engine properties – D-180.111-1:

  • Volume – 14.48 liters;
  • Power – 180 hp;
  • Torque reserve – 25%;
  • Number of cylinders – 4;
  • Cylinder diameter – 150 mm.

Device T 170

The T 170 received a standard chassis type with 5-roller bogies. For marshy terrain and weak soils, 7-roller bogies with larger shoes were available to reduce ground pressure. The bulldozer had a semi-rigid 3-point linkage that could withstand heavy loads. The tracks were on both sides of the machine (using a hydraulic track tensioning mechanism). The A-Column shoes provided good traction with the ground.

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Chassis parameters:

  • Space width – 1880 mm;
  • Number of track rollers (one side) – 5;
  • Number of track rollers (one side) – 2;
  • Number of shoes (one side) – 38;
  • Size of the basic shoe – 500 mm;
  • Specific pressure on the floor – 0,076 MPa.

For the swamp variants 900 mm size boots were used.

The gearbox was based on a mechanical/hydromechanical gearbox with a mechanical/hydromechanical gearbox with constant gearing, allowing selection of gears without interruptions. The operator could set the travel speed in the zone of 8 and 4 reverse gears (6 forward and 3 reverse gears were available for the hydro-mechanical gearbox). Closed dry type clutch was used in the gearbox. Gear and zone selection were used to change gears. Additional safety was provided by a special mechanism which prevented the engine from running unless the right hand lever was in neutral. The bulldozer could reach speeds of up to 12.8 km/h.

Braking was by means of a combination of dry brakes and multi-disc clutches.

To control fixing devices the hydraulic system of separate suppliers was used on the base of pumping station NSH-100.

Electric power was supplied by a generator and accumulator batteries, with the help of which the engine was started. The mains voltage was 24 V. After starting the apparatus the power supply and the batteries were charged by the generator.

The T 170 was equipped with a frame cabin with panoramic glazing, which provides an excellent overview of 360 degrees. The workplace was not distinguished by high comfort, but some defects were eliminated. The cab was installed on a vibration-isolated platform that reduces the vibration level. As an option, special protection was offered to ensure the safety of the operator when the devices were tipped over. Headlights were installed on the cab to illuminate the large room behind it and the front of the machine.

There were several adjustments for the driver’s seat to change position. The cab had a heating system with an oil radiator. To monitor the condition of the machine, the dashboard had indicators for oil pressure, air cleanliness status, fuel remaining, crankshaft speed, and hydraulic system status. The levers were the most convenient to use for distance control.

There are no new models of T 170 on the market (production of the series ended in 2002). In good condition used bulldozers are offered at a price of 1.01-1.47 million rubles (versions of 1998-2001).

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