Buhler tractors versatile properties of popular models

Universal tractor (versatai)

Tractors of world famous company Buhler successfully combine excellent quality of processing, high productivity, efficiency and endurance. Each model is equipped with a powerful multifunctional hydraulic system. Due to this fact, a wide range of attachments can be installed on the tractor of the Canadian brand and actively used not only in agriculture, but also in construction, mining and municipal industries.

Universal tractor 2375 – device characteristics

Agricultural whales in this factory configuration are equipped with engines Hardy Motors brand Cummins QSM 11.11. The engine is distinguished by the location of the steel cylinder, the presence of electronic controlled fuel injection and a standard internal radiator. Despite the internal combustion engine’s high output, the torque output is 50%.

The Quadshift III mechanical transmission is responsible for the continuous engine-wheel drive in the Busler universal tractor configuration. Thanks to this layout, the chassis of the agricultural machine works according to the 12 × 4 principle. The unit’s transmission works in a 3-speed rank 4-tooth wheel.

Tractor Universal 2375.

In addition to the additional tractor options in this configuration, a reinforced transmission is open to the side, connecting the engine to the traction beam. This significantly increases traction parameters of the tractor. Built-in planetary bushings are attached to the enlarged cams. They are fixed on the axle beam, which is suitable for the highest load.

The parameters of this productive Buhler tractor are versatile:

  • Power is 380 hp;
  • Working volume of standard fuel tanks – 871 liters;
  • Hydraulic tank capacity – 75.7 liters:
  • Rad base – 3.54 m;
  • Weight without attachments – 11.69 t.

The model includes a standard hydraulic system, providing a constant pressure of 200 bar and an intensive uninterrupted flow of fluid to 170 l/min. The optional maximum capacity of the 3-point linkage on the farm machine is 5.9 tonnes.

Versatile features of the 305 tractor model

This farm machine is part of the list of models in the crop family series for a variety of tasks in the agricultural, construction and forestry sectors.

The device is equipped with a durable cummins QSC 8.3 engine with a series of 6 metal cylinders. The engine is completed by a powerful turbocharger, an intermediate system of active cooling and a built-in electronic, controlled diesel injection system.

Versatai 305 tractor

In the proprietary equipment unit is equipped with a fully automatic transmission, which is equipped with a servomechanism with PowerShift technology. The mechanism operates in different gears, so the tractor can shift to one of the 16 front and 9 rear speeds.

The main parameters of this model Buhler universal:

  • Power – 305 hp;
  • Working volume of standard fuel tanks – 780 liters;
  • Volume of hydraulic tank – 62 l;
  • Radial base – 3.1 m;
  • Weight without attachments – 10,2 t.

The standard equipment of the tractor includes a third linkage and VOM, which allows you to install a seeder, mower, sprayer and other types of active attachments on the device.

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Versatail 280 tractor – agricultural agro-industrial group

This Canadian brand tractor is factory-equipped with a Cummins QSC 8.3 six-cylinder forged diesel engine. It is complemented by the average factory air-to-air cooling system.

An automatic transmission, augmented with a PowerShift mechanism, is responsible for the stable connection between the standard engine and the wheels, the universal Buhler in the factory unit. The gearbox has a range of 16 forward and 9 reverse gears, allowing the tractor to travel at speeds of up to 40 km/h.

Versatai 280 tractor

The branded agricultural machinery includes an innovative electronic system, powered by two batteries and a generator.

The technical characteristics of this machine include:

  • Power – 280 hp. С;
  • Working volume of standard fuel tanks – 416 l;
  • Volume of the hydraulic tank – 140 liters;
  • Wheelbase – 3.07 m;
  • Weight without attachments – 9,7 t.

The tractor is equipped with a durable VOM, running at 1000 rpm. This allows you to use the device to perform various tasks in demolition of dilapidated buildings, land clearing and construction.

Buhler versatile 535 tractor – device parameters

This innovative agricultural sector has been designed primarily to work on large plots from 2 hectares. The tractor is equipped with a powerful, productive Cummins QSX 15 series engine with a rated speed of 1800 rpm. The engine torque is 35%. The engine is augmented with a proprietary air-to-air-cooled turbocharger for increased performance.

Bühler Versatai 535 tractor

The transmission of the universal model Buhler 535 is represented by a Checkpoint quadshift manual transmission. Maximum speed is not more than 35 km/h.

Agricultural parameters include:

  • Power – 535 hp. С;
  • Working volume of standard fuel tanks – 1325 liters;
  • Hydraulic tank volume – 113.6 l;
  • wheelbase – 3.93 m;
  • Weight without sound equipment – 24,26 t.

The tractor is equipped with powerful pneumatic wheels of 710/70R42 diameter. They are equipped with standard tires with a deep, aggressive tread pattern for better cross-country ability.

Tractor Buler Versatayil 435 – advantages of the model

The brand model in this configuration stands out for its high level of balance, good off-road stability, as well as a shortened maintenance and overhaul cycle. The unit is equipped with Cummins QSX 15 brand tough engine with a rated speed of 1800 rpm. The engine has an impressive displacement of about 15 liters. Despite this, this engine is in the list of the most economical modern engines.

The mechanical transmission of agricultural machines is designed on the proprietary Quadshift technology with a range of 12 front and 4 rear speeds. The maximum speed of the unloaded tractor is 35 km/h.

Buhler Versatai 435 tractor

In order to attach the Bühler universal tractor to different types of attachments, its proprietary hydraulic system is used, equipped with 4 valves and a pump that pumps up to 208 liters of fluid per minute.

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Parameters of this versatile Buhler tractor include:

  • Power – 435 hp. С;
  • Working volume of standard fuel tanks – 1325 liters;
  • Hydraulic tank volume – 113.6 l;
  • wheelbase – 3.93 m;
  • Weight without sound equipment – 19.73 t.

Despite the fixed dimensions, this agricultural machine is characterized by increased maneuverability. The tractor requires a 5 m wide area to make a complete turn.

Buhler versatile 250 tractor – machine description

The equipment of this popular model of the Canadian brand consists of a powerful 6-cylinder Cummins QSC 8.3 engine. Maximum allowable engine torque is 1125 Nm, and its share is about 30%. All 6 cylinders have a diameter of 114 mm and the piston stroke is 135 mm.

The package of this Buhler model includes a fully automatic transmission, which was developed by PowerShift. The transmission of the device works in a range of 16 front and 9 rear speeds, due to which the model is more maneuverable compared to its analogues.

Buhler versatile 250 tractor

The tractor is equipped with 2 mechanical batteries and a generator for uninterrupted operation of the insert. The mains voltage is 12 V.

The parameters of this Buhler model include universal:

  • Power – 250 hp. С;
  • Working volume of standard fuel tanks – 416 l;
  • Hydraulic tank capacity – 149 l;
  • Wheelbase – 3.07 m;
  • Weight without attachments – 11.69 t.

The standard equipment of agricultural machinery includes a productive hydraulic system. It is based on plungers of 117 l/min. This allows the installation of various types of active and passive attachments on the tractor, the total weight of which together with the load must not exceed 5.67 t.

Buler Versatai 310 tractor – advantages of the unit

This popular model is equipped with an innovative Cummins QSL 9L engine. The engine meets international Tier 4 standards, which is achieved through the use of particulate filters and high-quality recycled gas recirculation systems.

To connect the engine to the wheels, the Bühler station wagon is equipped with a transmission based on a gearbox with a range of 16 front and 9 rear speeds. The mechanism is based on hardened gears with coarse sloping teeth. The gears are located on roller bearings – this ensures smooth operation of the mechanism even under high loads.

Buhler Versatai 310 tractor

The original equipment of the agricultural sector includes a factory hydraulic system with a closed center. If the required working fluid pressure is not available, the system automatically switches to economical consumption mode. This results in increased traction hook performance.

The parameters of this Buhler tractor are versatile:

  • Power – 310 hp. С;
  • Standard fuel tanks capacity – 644 l;
  • Hydraulic tank capacity – 163 l;
  • wheelbase – 3,16 m;
  • Weight without attachments – 14,87 t.

For ease of operation of this tractor offers a spacious cabin with adjustable driver’s seat, barndoors, informative dashboard, as well as standard ventilation and air heating systems.

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Ten popular Buhler universal tractor models

Tractors from the world-renowned manufacturer Buhler Versatile are very popular around the world because they combine excellent build quality, maximum endurance, high power and economy.

Using Buhle r-diverse tractors

All models are equipped with multifunctional hydraulics, as they can be fitted with a wide variety of attachments.

  1. About the manufacturer
  2. Using Buhler universal tractors
  3. Characteristics, features, then universal wheeled tractors Buhler
    • cabin
    • engine and gears
    • gearbox
    • performance data
  4. range overview
  5. Buler Versatayl price level

This greatly expands the scope of the technique – it has proven itself not only for various activities in agriculture, but also in construction and in various industries.

About the manufacturer

Versatile is the largest company involved in the production of numerous Versatile tractors and other complete equipment for the agricultural sector. The list of the manufacturer includes 20 types of agricultural equipment. Nowadays the factories of this giant operate in several countries around the world.

Bühler Versatile was founded in Canada in 1945 by Peter Pakosch, and it all started with a small home workshop. The first products made by the future giant were self-processing trailers, sprayers and grain handlers. The first factory of the amazingly sprawling company was built in 1964, and two years later a four-wheel drive tractor called 4WD came off the sponsor.

The products of this brand were at all times distinguished by unprecedented power, active implementation of innovative technologies and full compliance with the needs of farmers around the world.

It is winter-hardy, but at the same time unpretentious in service and with its functions throughout the whole period of operation.

Anyone in one way or another associated with farming and agriculture in general knows: “Buhler Versatai” means finding a helper that will serve you faithfully for decades to come.

Using Buhler universal tractors

Buhler universal tractors are among the most productive agricultural machines involved in a variety of tasks in large areas.

Most often they are used to perform the following operations:

  • tillage;
  • sowing crops;
  • Plant care;
  • harvesting and transportation.

Unprecedented power of tractors allows them to cultivate up to 200 hectares per day, and with competent operation and timely maintenance they can replace some units with machinery of different orientation. Thoughtful design and active implementation of new technologies by the manufacturer ensure the simplicity of the vehicle.

Access to all components is maximally simplified, and filling stations are equipped with visits for continuous monitoring of working fluids. Maintenance of the machine can be easily handled by its operator.

Characteristics, features, then universal wheeled tractors Buhler

Tractors of this brand are characterized by high power and excellent performance. Let us describe them in more detail.

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Using Buhle r-diverse tractors

The tractor interior is well thought out to the smallest detail, all the necessary controls are at your fingertips. To create the most comfortable conditions for the operator are provided:

  • comfortable steps with unpopular pads;
  • wide viewing angle;
  • air conditioning;
  • innovative control system for all processes;
  • display of necessary information on the dashboard;
  • adjustable seat;
  • The steering wheel is fixed in several positions.

engine and gears

Under the hood, the Buhler is equipped with a Cummins 6-speed diesel unit with direct injection. The electronics are responsible for the fuel consumption, which allows for minimal consumption.

Options available for the transmission are:

  • 4-speed four-speed manual transmission with excellent 12-speed synchromesh;
  • PowerShift combined automatic transmission.


Both tractor axles are equipped with differentials for locking the wheels.

In combination with the gearbox, they increase the cross-country capability and allow even viscous floors to be handled. There is a special module for controlling the hydraulics, and the steering and bracing are controlled via electronic independent lines directly from the cab.

performance data

Endurance equipment of a significant Canadian brand can work continuously for several days. Considering that the operating conditions of tractors are rather harsh, it is necessary to change oil and carry out maintenance of units in a timely manner.

Oil change intervals are 500-1000 mater. As for gearbox oil, it should be renewed every 2,000 mater. Before servicing the equipment, you need to drain the IT and other process liquids.

range overview

Buhler versatile machinery is demonstrated by such tractors:

  • Buhler versatile 220;
  • Buhler versatile 280;
  • Buhler versatile 305;
  • Buhler versatile 375;
  • Buhler versatile 395;
  • Buhler versatile 435;
  • Buhler versatile 500;
  • Buhler versatile 535;
  • Buhler versatile 2375;
  • Buhler versatile 2425.

Let’s talk about some models in more detail.

A very popular motor tractor, which is equipped with 6.7 mmin cummins QSB 220 hp. Wheel formula – MFWD 4 in 4, wheelbase – 3 meters. In combination with the diesel engine works semi-automatic gearbox with 6 zones of 4 gears each. The maximum speed that this model can reach is 45 km/h. The machine is used for a number of tasks. It has found wide application in agriculture as well as in many other industries.

Buhler versatile 280

This tractor is a special equipment on all-wheel drive, which perfectly copes with various field work. The 6-stroke diesel engine with 280 horsepower, working in combination with a semi-automatic reversing device with 48 speeds is responsible for the model performance. The electronic system permanently controls all processes and displays all necessary information. Thanks to the powerful hydraulic system, the tractor copes with its functions even in difficult operating conditions.

Buhler Universal 375

The professional model is equipped with a 360-horsepower diesel engine, which features impressive fuel consumption. The tractor is able to work on stony soils, it owes it to the large tines with high crossing. The tank capacity is 946 liters, and the filling is enough for several hours of hard work. The mechanical transmission has good performance and traction. The reliable hydraulic system allows you to carry loads weighing up to 20 tons and operate your powerful and oversized counterpart.

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Buhler versatile 2375

Using Buhle r-diverse tractors

Buhler versatile 2375 tractor belongs to the category of versatile point machines, which can easily handle a large area, and allows you to quickly and without manual labor to work on several technologies, feed plants, feed crops, do it and work and work and work and work and work and work and work and work and work, work with the floor, work with the soil, work and work with the floor, work with the floor, expand the crop The tractor can handle more than 35 hectares per day. The productivity of this model allows it to replace several pieces of equipment, and it is simple and unpretentious. Thanks to the windows, you can monitor the working fluids and quickly simplify the process of lubricating units.

The model has a 10.8-liter diesel engine, quadshift gearbox with 7 gears or automatic transmission power lift with 12 speeds (can be installed optionally). Tank capacity is 871 liters. Weight of the machine in basic version is 11.6 tons.

Buhler versatile 435

This is a big size tractor, weighing up to 20 tons. Under the hood is a powerful 478 hp cummins QSX15 diesel engine combined with a manual transmission with 12 speeds.

Buhler versatile 2425

Using Buhle r-diverse tractors

Popular model of the big equipment, which is used for a variety of tasks. It is equipped with a 6-stroke diesel engine Cammins N14 with 425 “horses”. There is a mechanical gearbox with 12 forward and 4 forward speeds. A practical cab with air conditioning. Electronics controls all processes and displays the necessary information on the control panel.

Operator’s chair is adjustable in two directions. The steps of the ladder, equipped with railings, are covered with anti-slip pads for the most comfortable and safe boarding and ease of entry for the working tractor driver.

Bühler universal / rustselmash price

80% of the company is owned by the Russian company Rostselmash and almost all new machinery sold in Russia is made in Rostov. Prices for the models produced are located below the table. Machines that are not sponsored by this company go on sale in accordance with Federal Program 1432 and are cheaper than the market average. But even if you buy tractors of this brand without concessions, they cost 20-30 percent cheaper than many American and European “classmates”. In addition, in terms of machine reliability and operating peculiarities, the analogues are in many ways superior to them.

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