Bubble Ural 2T electron. Technical specifications. Operation manual, maintenance functions

Bubble Ural 2T electron. Technical specifications. Operation manual, maintenance functions

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Products of a Russian machine-building company in the city of Perm. Currently, the production has been transferred to the city of Biisk. The Ural chainsaw is a kind of improved version of the Druzhba chainsaw, which was very popular several decades ago. Now Druzhba chainsaws are used more for budget purposes, while Ural saws are made for professional tasks.

The first Ural chainsaw was released in 1935. Since then, the manufacturer’s lineup has greatly expanded. The palette of chainsaws was represented by domestic and professional models with two gasoline engines. The advantages of the “Ural” chain saws compared to domestic counterparts are the following technical features:

  • the ability to work for a long time on fuel of any quality (even medium-purified gasoline is suitable);
  • omnivorousness of oils (any oil for gasoline engines 2T is suitable);
  • Wide choice of spare parts and their moderate cost;
  • Ease of operation of the chainsaw;
  • Availability of models for certain tasks (domestic, professional, semi-professional);
  • Powerful engines, ability to withstand intensive loads, work at any temperature in any season.

Ural 2T Electron chainsaw

The purpose of “Ural” chain saws is very wide: Tools of this category are successfully used at sawmills, sawmills and logging industries, in the home, for municipal needs. The chainsaw can be used as a technique for cutting firewood, sawing planks and logs. Another area of operation: the construction of wooden houses, baths, saunas, huts.

Gasoline saw Ural 2T Electron is a professional saw. It is equipped with a gasoline engine, the power of which is 5.5 hp. Such performance corresponds to 4045 W. The saw is used to work with large-diameter trees for logging wood for the forest. Owners of the Ural-Electron chainsaw often talk about the possibility of replacing this tool with a more versatile one, for example, the Ural 2T-Electron is converted into a boat motor.

Ural 2 chainsaw

Such “second life” for the device is possible due to the stability of materials, high performance and functionality of the device. Some owners even put the engine from the 2T-Electron on a moped or snowmobile, a domestic and native. The technical properties of the engine are such that it works successfully in cold and wet weather. According to the owners of the original equipment, such homemade units are in no way inferior.

Technical features of the Ural 2T Electron

  • Average fuel consumption is 632 g/kWh;
  • The length of the sawdust is 46 cm;
  • Handle’s vibration is 7,9×10-2m/s;
  • Weight of the chainsaw is 11.7 kg (remember that the saw part weighs more);
  • Dimensions of the chainsaw – 460 x 880 x 460 mm;
  • Diameter of the engine cylinder – 55 mm;
  • Crankshaft speed – 6200 rpm.
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Base kitting, equipment, assembly

The basic configuration of chainsaws s-URA L-2T is electronic:

  • Engine power of 5.5 hp;
  • Starter (ignition system);
  • A button to stop / start;
  • Gas line;
  • Saw blade, chain;
  • Handles chainsaw;
  • Muffler;
  • Accessories;
  • Operation manual, engine manual.

Production and assembly of the Ural 2T chainsaw Electron: Mashinostroyenie Perm. F. E. Dzerzhinsky. There is no assembly and production in China, the Chinese manufacturer’s equipment is a fake.

Maintenance manual.

The detailed assembly diagram and the chain saw operating diagram are described in the instruction manual. We give only the basic rules of operation and maintenance of the tool. Immediately after assembly, we recommend that you start the chainsaw and let it run normally for a few hours, keeping the factory settings. Subsequently, the carburetor can be adjusted according to the owner’s requirements.

Rules of safe work with the URAL 2T Electron chainsaw

  • When working with the chainsaw, protect all parts of the body from damage (it is recommended to use special protective shields for the right hand, as well as anti-vibration gloves, protective glasses or a full face plastic mask, noise-canceling headphones);
  • Do not smoke while operating a chainsaw; smoking can cause a fire;
  • Do not leave animals or children in the area where the chainsaw is being used.
  • Always turn off the tool if visual contact with the surface to be cut is not possible;
  • Use the correct oil to gasoline mixing ratio (this ratio is 1:25 in the case of Ural chain saws).
  • Fill the tool in time and make sure there is oil for chain lubrication.

Maintenance of your chainsaw

  • Carry out regular maintenance when you have finished work and before you start your saw;
  • Check condition of chain, chain and bar lubrication, and presence of burrs on chain wheels.
  • Change the fuel mixture on time, use high-quality oil and good gasoline – this prolongs the life of the chainsaw.
  • It is recommended to adjust the carburetor after putting the tool into operation (after the first 5 hours of work), and then to carry out if necessary.

KMP-100u carburetor of “Ural-2t Electron” chainsaw

The main errors of the model and their elimination

Let’s consider the main reasons why the chainsaw does not work, as well as possible ways to eliminate such malfunctions.

  • The chainsaw “Ural-2T Electron” does not want to start or begins to stand during operation.
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The reason for such malfunction may be the following: the filter is clogged, low-quality fuel, little oil, insufficient lubrication of the saw blade.

Remedy: Clean filter, check fuel.

  • Cutting is difficult because the chainsaw only produces small chips.

Cause: chain must be sharpened.

Sharpen with a special file or replace the chain.

How to use it Video tip

Checking the chainsaw Ural 2T Electron

Video about sawing tree trunks with the Electron 2T chainsaw

Video about 2T Electron working after the revision

Owners reviews

Roman, Krasnodar:

“I used an electric chainsaw 2T while I had the opportunity, then finalized a small modification and made a snowman for myself. Such a self-made device is very useful to me in everyday life. I had to tinker and customize a lot of things by buying parts, but I got through it. Now I use a snow cannon on a 2T engine, it helps a lot in the winter. Instead of the Ural, I bought another chainsaw model, a German one. The quality of the domestic chainsaw suited me, but the time came to change something. I do not regret the new acquisitions. The “Ural” also has its pros and cons.

From minuses I can allocate the big weight, more for professionals, than for beginners, and also the big consumption of fuel is noticed.

Pluses: power, functionality, technical parameters. “

Description of the chainsaw Ural 2 T-Electron. Recommendations for operation and maintenance

Ural chainsaws are a development of the Perm machine-building plant, which has gained popularity both in Russia and in neighboring countries. In Ukraine, Ural chainsaws are very popular due to such qualities as good assembly, versatility, wide range and endurance combined with a small number of breakdowns. In terms of popularity, this tool can only be compared to the Druzhba chainsaw, which was once very popular in Russia.

Ural 2T Electron chainsaw

There are known cases when on the basis of remaking engines from “Ural” chainsaws various technical means were built, including moving ones, such as snowmobiles. Such homemade products apply not only to vehicles: “Ural” is successfully used and on technical equipment, for example, on sawmills, two-stroke engines are often put on low-power vehicles. Example snow blower.

Video on how to make a mop from a chainsaw Ural:

A snow mop from a Ural chainsaw:

Feedback from the owner of a self-made snowmobile from a Ural chainsaw:

The distinctive features and purpose of Ural chainsaws are:
  • A versatile engine that can be used as you see fit, even after the end of the chainsaw’s life;
  • endurance and quality with high assembly;
  • ability to work away from power sources and in general away from civilization, for example on remote sawmills, in forestry or furniture farms, on private land, etc.
  • high power and availability of Ural power tillers for professional purposes;
  • wide assortment, availability of Ural chainsaw models for every task;
  • interchangeability of spare parts, affordable repair costs;
  • Wide network of dealers in all regions, availability of the required chainsaw model, it is easy to buy new and used models in excellent condition.
  • Gasoline saws Ural are used for: preparation of firewood, longitudinal and transverse sawing of wood in the furniture industry, in the construction of wooden structures and houses, bathhouses, cottages, log houses, for professional use in the manufacture of furniture.

There are cases when the engines from the Ural 2-Electron chainsaw were installed as boat engines and served well for a long time.

We suggest you read the video, which shows a homemade engine from the Ural 2T Electron into a boat motor:

Chainsaw malfunctions. Major malfunctions, troubleshooting, reviews

A video about how the snowmobile from the Ural chainsaw works

Scheme of homemade sawmill from Ural chainsaw

Description of chainsaws a-Ura l-2 T-Electron

The country of origin of all models and modifications of Ural chainsaws – Russia, the companies producing these tools: Plants Uralmash, Ural Valley. The power of the chainsaw 2-T Electron is 3680 W or 5 hp. Belongs to a class of professional tools used in adverse weather conditions. It can be used for long hours without shutting down.

The legendary “5 hp” gasoline saw Ural Electron is well known to all fans of machinery and owners of various tools. On the basis of this engine you can create homemade household appliances, such as a snowblower.

Application area of the 2T Electron: sawing large trees, felling, creating blanks from fallen trees, longitudinal and transverse sawing of wood in the furniture and construction industries. The Ural 2T Electron chainsaw can be used even in severe frost or snowfall.

Ural 2-T Electron chainsaw comes with:
  • bar and chain;
  • chain tensioner;
  • handles;
  • gearbox, starter motor;
  • Gas cylinder;
  • User’s Manual;
  • cardboard packaging.

The cost of a new chainsaw Ural 2-T Electron is 11 thousand rubles (up to 3 thousand hryvnia).

Used model can be bought cheaper, but exactly how much the saw costs depends on the condition and features of the tool.

Technical characteristics

The main technical characteristics of the chainsaw “Ural Electron”:

  • Single-cylinder, two-stroke engine, power 5 hp/3680 W;
  • saw bar – 46 cm;
  • average gas consumption per hour – 632 g/kW;
  • saw weight – 11,7 kg;
  • dimensions of the tool – 460x880x460 mm;
  • bore diameter – 55 mm;
  • crankshaft speed – 6200 rpm;
  • Chain for chainsaw Ural Electron type – MI 10.26 U16 “Krepush”.

The chain is supplied together with the bar. The chain of chainsaw Ural 2T Electron is removable, after prolonged use of the saw it is stretched, but the design of the tool allows you to adjust the degree of tensioning.

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After some time of use, the chain needs sharpening. For sharpening, the manufacturer recommends a cylindrical file with a diameter of up to 6 mm. During sharpening, the chain is not removed from the chainsaw, the tension remains the same.

Particulars of chainsaw use

Rules of use and care of the chainsaw Electron Ural 2t:

  • For optimal functionality of the tool, use a fuel mixture in the ratio of 1:50, this is the optimal ratio for the quality operation of the two-stroke engine.
  • use only fresh fuel mixture after a break in work;
  • check regularly the condition of the chain and bar and make sure the chain is lubricated;
  • Use high-quality fuel, high-viscosity oil, and clean gasoline;
  • Store the saw in a dry place under a waterproof cover.
  • Clean the chain saw’s body of dirt after you finish work.
  • Wear hearing protection and cover your face with a face shield;
  • Replace the fuel filter, air filter and spark plugs as instructed;
  • Adjust your chainsaw carburetor annually.

How to adjust the carburetor on the Ural chainsaw?

Adjustment of the carburetor is made with the adjusting screw at idle engine speed. When the carburetor screw is properly adjusted, the engine will increase the revolutions itself without moving the chain on the bar.

Video on how to adjust the carburetor of a chainsaw Ural:

How to adjust the ignition on a Ural chainsaw?

The ignition of the “Ural” chain saw is adjusted as follows: the saw is turned on and let the engine warm up, then the owner of the saw determines when the bar head gives out the most stable revolutions, then switches the tool to low revolutions and pulls the starter rope with a jerk. This action will cause the engine RPM to increase, which means the ignition is set correctly.

Diagram of the ignition of a chainsaw Ural 2 Electron:

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Troubleshooting the Ural 2-T Electron chainsaw

Owners of the Ural 2-T Electron chainsaw can encounter the following most common malfunctions of the tool:

  • Lack of quality sawing, bar goes “hard” on wood, gives small chips.

Causes: The chain is blunt and needs to be sharpened or replaced.

  • Strong noise, knocking and grinding noise is heard during operation of the chainsaw.

Cause: carburetor needs adjustment, have carburetor adjusted by service.

  • The saw cuts out while working or refuses to start completely.

Reason: poor quality fuel, ignition problems, spark plugs may need to be replaced or cleaned of fouling.

Pros and cons of the tool

Reviews of owners of the saw Ural 2T Electron indicate that the device has a number of advantages and disadvantages.

The advantages include the following features:

  • high energy;
  • easy adjustment of the tool after assembly;
  • Instruction manual with a detailed diagram of the saw, assembly diagrams and power tool;
  • excellent sawing quality;
  • low gasoline and oil consumption;
  • high-quality two-stroke engine with a long service life;;
  • ability to withstand heavy loads;
  • easy adjustment of the chain tension and all tool parameters;
  • can run on medium quality fuel;
  • has an affordable price in comparison with foreign chainsaws of the same class; detailed operating instructions.

The disadvantages of the Ural “T Electron” chainsaw owners call:

  • high weight (when working quickly fatigue the hands);
  • new models no longer come off the assembly line;
  • massiveness of the product;
  • In some regions there are difficulties with the repair of older models.

Video review of “Ural” 2-T Elektron chainsaw

Video about the chainsaw Ural 2T Electron:

Ural Electron review and startup:

A video about a snowmobile from a Ural chainsaw

The most popular homemade chainsaws “Ural” and “Druzhba

Owners reviews

Vladislav, Omsk:

Saw the Electron from Ural in our family for 10 years and works without interruption! I can declare that it is difficult to find a better and cooler tool for felling, and both in the Soviet Union and now it has no equal. Well, unless you can look for analogues of professional German or American models with exorbitant price.

Pros: Powerful, works well in bad frosts, cuts any kind of wood, does not get stuck in material, copes well with dense wood pulp, damp boards.

Cons: With prolonged use, my hands get tired. A saw that weighs more than 11 kg cannot, by definition, be very comfortable. But you have to put up with something for the sake of the result.

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