Briggs and Stratton Benzingasmäher – model reviews, owner reviews, instructions

Briggs Stratton Benzingasmäher petrol mowers: properties, series, photo and video

BRIGGS & Stratton Vanguard 7.5 petrol engine is designed for professional use and designed for reliable and efficient operation.

The Vanguard 7.5 Premium engine was designed and built to meet the most demanding needs. It comes with powerful OHV technology and a number of advanced features to ensure maximum engine performance and durability, easier maintenance, easy starting and low noise levels.

Typically used in the following applications: power tillers and tillers, lawn mowers, utility equipment, vibratory stations, power units.

Features of the B&S Vanguard 7.5 HP Engine

  • Lo-Tone muffler: the best insulation ensures quiet operation.
  • OHV technology: superior stability, low vibration and emissions, extended valve life, improved fuel economy and higher performance/weight ratio.
  • Cast-iron liner: offers improved oil control, adds integrity and durability, wear and mishandling.
  • High torque: offers more power, improves equipment efficiency.
  • Electronic ignition system: provides easy starting.
  • Frill carburetor: Optimized fuel delivery for improved performance and excellent performance.

Other technical features

Model number 12Q5
cylinder cast iron
series 138400
fuel gasoline AI-92
Sleeve diameter 68.3 x 55.8 mm
Useful power 5,7 kW

Older models (red case) have slightly different features. Features:

Engine displacement: 215cc.
Fuel tank capacity: 4.6 L
Torque: 12.9 nm
Piston sleeve: 52 mm
Length: 366.5 mm
Wide: 387 mm
Height: 419.6 mm.

Makita PLM4120 gasoline lawnmower: Properties, device, photo and video

Mechanization is increasingly being introduced into everyday life, which means that the cost of work services and physical exertion is transformed into an activity that does not require much time and effort, which becomes almost a pleasure.

It’s bringing the area near the house to a state that has already become a household term, “lawn,” a simple brigade from which you can enjoy to the fullest. As well as in the long run from the result. And all you need for this is a lawnmower.

We will talk about the model Makita PLM4120.

The Japanese manufacturer, known for its high quality power tools, which are produced in a large number of varieties, is engaged in the production of gasoline versions of its products, especially mechanisms for work in the garden. Along with a large selection of electric models, customers are also offered gasoline versions, as rehearsed for themselves, and not self-propelled, as the model under consideration Makita PLM4120.


This gasoline model PLM4120 is equipped with an engine from the American company Briggs & Stratton, which needs no introduction, as its engines can be found on many machines from various companies.

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Not surprisingly, in this case, the engine, of another well-known manufacturer, is used in the products of one of the market leaders.

Isn’t that a guarantee of a serious approach to production and product quality? The engine is 4-stroke, runs no less than 92. On gasoline. Different tanks are provided for fuel and oil.

This model is based on a not quite adequate chassis. Due to the low weight, however, bicycles large diameter, movement and maneuvering is not. The use of ball bearings instead of couplings to mount the bikes makes it easier to move and increases the reliability and durability of the entire chassis.

The grass cuttings are collected in the grass catcher box or thrown back if it is not available. A plug, included as standard, can be used to close the publication opening, providing

advantages and disadvantages

A productive lawnmower has a number of advantages:

  • Autonomy. Unlike the electric one, it is not “tied” to a power source.
  • A large area of cultivated territory.
  • Stainless steel body, rigid chassis design, reliable and durable, not subject to corrosion.
  • Wheels with light travel and do not reckon with the size of the lawnmower body, which does not create problems when mowing grass near walls, trees, etc.
  • The grass mowing height is easily adjustable.
  • Handles with controls are adjustable for ease of operation, and also folded when memorized.

The model has no noticeable disadvantages. The owners of this mower sometimes complain that they would like to have a larger grass catcher box, as the model is very productive and, depending on the amount and quality of grass, can quickly fill up on a cleared lawn.

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Also, there were cases of loose adherence of the grass catcher to the body, due to which the cut grass was partially ejected through the formed gap. In general, there are no complaints to this machine, it is reliable, efficient and convenient in operation and storage.

Layout and operating principle

The type of rotation of the lawnmower, to which the model in question belongs, uses a double knife with a high-quality blade, which rotates at high speed and cuts the grass. This model mows a 41-cm-wide swath in a single pass.

The Makita PLM 4120 petrol mower is started by means of a handle. The grass cutting height can be set by moving a special lever. The collected grass is placed in a special hopper or thrown away if there is no hopper, and remains on the territory. Later it can be removed with a rake.

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Technical features of the gasoline lawnmower Makita PLM4120:

Specifications Indicators
engine Briggs & Stratton 500 E
Engine capacity, cm3 140
Power, hp (kW) 2.7 (1.9)
Speed, rpm 2800
Speed, km/h 3,6
Fuel Tank Capacity, L 0,8
Oil tank capacity, L 0.47
Special width, mm 410
Late height, mm 20-75
Grass box volume, L 50
Grass catcher bag type Top
Number of settings 5
Area, M2 1000
Front wheel diameter, mm 178
Inner wheel diameter, mm 203
Mulch Yes
Noise level, dB 84.6
Handle vibration level, m/s2 5.27
Dimensions, LxWxH, MM 540x460x570
Weight (KG 26.8

Characteristics of the gasoline lawnmower pressed to the gasoline lawnmower

Self-propelled gasoline lawn mowers are designed for fast and effective maintenance of large areas.

  • Gasoline engines with increased fuel are used, as the energy generated goes to the work of the cutting elements and the movement of the equipment;
  • These machines use more reliable engines with a larger engine displacement and, in most cases, an overheat protection system and economical fuel consumption.
  • The longer run requires powerful engine cooling systems.
  • At least one speed, many models offer several forward and reverse speeds.
  • The ability to change speed makes the mower very maneuverable, even when working independently;
  • Since even the gasoline lawnmower, which weep, belongs to the class of professional tools, almost all models are multifunctional and have not only the grass catcher box function, but also IT collection in the grass catcher box, side discharge and side ejection of captured mulch;
  • Significant mowing width and reliable cutting system.

Gasoline lawnmower repair features

Lawn mower is very popular among dacha owners during the summer period. At this time, the breakdown of the tool is extremely undesirable. The cause of problems can be improper use of the device, wear and tear of parts, long downtime in winter, etc.

To avoid problems related to the repair of lawn mowers Husqvarna. Makita, Al-Ko and other companies, it is necessary to carry out regular maintenance of the design. Most of these manipulations can be done by yourself, without resorting to the help of specialists.

Such procedures include:

  • Cleaning the lawnmower of small particles of grass (the most problematic areas are the body and the blades of the blades);
  • Periodic lubrication of all moving parts;
  • Control of fuel level in the tank and its quality.
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Timely maintenance of lawn mowers is the key to a long service life

Lawn mower preventive maintenance recommendations

In addition to maintenance, the manufacturer of gasoline lawn mowers carries out preventive repairs to extend the life of the devices.

Useful hint: Do not make preventive maintenance yourself. It is better to entrust its performance to the hands of specialists, as the slightest mistake can make the mower network.

The category of preventive repair services includes:

  • Sharpening of lawn mower blades. which have been worn or damaged during operation;
  • Diagnostic inspection of the structure, and more specifically your fuel system, which in most cases causes many problems.

Recommendations for approval of Hondai lawn mower designs from other manufacturers:

Briggs & Stratton power units.

Properties and features of gasoline lawn mowers with Briggs & Stratton engines

Most manufacturers of small gardening tools produce fully finished – snow blowers, lawn mowers, etc. However, there are companies that produce components for these appliances. Such is the American company Briggs & Stratton. It certainly has a finished product – gasoline generators, snow blowers. However, it does not produce lawn mowers, and Briggs & Stratton is engaged in the publication of components for this type of devices, in particular engines.

Briggs & Stratton Benzingas lawn mower

Briggs and Stratton power units are installed on Ferris, Snapper, Simpis, and Murray lawn mowers.

It is quite possible to install Briggs & Stratton Kraftwerk on other manufacturers’ lawns instead of the factory engine. Interestingly, the Briggs Stratton name often becomes the lawmaker of the various manufacturers because that company’s engine is installed on you.

A special feature of the Briggs & Stratton engines installed on lawnmowers is the horizontal position of the cylinder. This allowed not only to reduce the size of the engine itself, but also to eliminate the use of transitional mechanisms to actuate the main working element of the network – the blade. Since in this design the elbow. Wave is positioned vertically, the knife is attached directly to it.

Design and function

Briggs & Stratton designer paid special attention to engine noise. All engines are equipped with special silencers, which are good for reducing operating noise. In addition, there is an option to install Super-Lo-Tone mufflers, which are even more effective.

All of the engines that this manufacturer supplies for lawnmowers are 4-stroke. Some models are equipped with an overhead valve timing (OHV) system, but not all.

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In general, these lawn mowers do not require special conditions for maintenance and operation. The main conditions that can affect the service life of these power units are the use of proper fuel and engine oil, as well as compliance with oil change intervals.

The range of power units that Briggs & Stratton makes for lawn mowers is quite extensive. Each of the engine models belongs to a specific series, and some series consist of only one engine.

The engine models belonging to different series differ in their specifications and performance. At the same time, models belonging to the same series and having the same characteristics may differ in terms of equipment.


Below we will list the most common Briggs & Stratton powertrain series, the properties of the engine models that make up these series, and the lawnmowers in which they are used.

450. Series

The 450 series will be discussed first. This series consists of only one engine, by its properties, the most modest. Despite its n e-special performance, this engine is equipped with a silencer, a mechanical knee speed regulator. Wave.

Features of Briggs & Stratton 450 Series lawn mowers:

Features . Measurement units. Measurements Indicators
Factory designation 08R5
Type Gasoline, 4-stroke
Operating group cubic centimeter 125
Torque Nm at 2600 rpm 6,1
Diver C-M Type Ов
Cylinder diameter мм 60
Cylinder material aluminum
Fuel Tank Capacity л 0,8
Fuel Tank Capacity л 0.47
Overall dimensions (LxWxH) мм 347x310x244
Used on lawnmowers Murray EQ400

Properties and features of Briggs Stratton 450 series petrol engine lawn mower

Photo Briggs Stratton 450 series.

675. Series

Briggs Stratton also makes the 675 series, which also includes a model. This engine is also equipped with an extended oil filler neck, a system that provides easy starting – ready to start, an electric starter is possible.

In addition, the company offers a specified starting warranty that offers free engine repairs if the engine fails to start from two idiot hand starter.

Brigg Stratton 675 Series powertrain properties:

Features . Measurement units. Measurements Indicators
Factory designation 126t
Type Gasoline, 4-stroke
Operating group cc. cc. 190
Torque Nm at 2600 rpm 9,2
Gas distribution system Type
Cylinder diameter мм 68.3
Cylinder material aluminum
Fuel Tank Capacity л 1,0
Fuel Tank Capacity л 0,6
Overall dimensions (LxWxH) мм 351x308x249
Used on lawnmowers Murray MXUA 19675 Murray MXUA 216755
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Properties and characteristics of the Briggs Stratton 675 series gasoline engine.

Photo Briggs Stratton 675 series

550 series

The next series of power units for Briggs & Stratton lawnmowers is the 550. There are two engine models in this series, which are similar in technical properties, but slightly different in design features.

Features of the Briggs Stratton 550 series power unit:

Features . Measurement units. Measurements Indicators
Power plant models 550e, 550s
Factory designation 09R7
Type Gasoline, 4-stroke
Operating group cc. cc. 140
Torque Nm at 2600 rpm 7,5
Gas distribution system Type OHV (both)
Cylinder diameter мм 63.4
Cylinder material aluminum
Fuel Tank Capacity л 0,8
Fuel Tank Capacity л 0.47
Overall dimensions (LxWxH) мм 347x3108x244
Extras. Starting system with 550S, eco-plus technology;
Used on lawnmowers Murray EQ500

Properties and characteristics of the Briggs Stratton 550 series gasoline engine.

Photos of the Briggs Stratton 550 series engine for Murray lawn mowers

500. Series

There is a series with slightly smaller power units than the ones described above. This series is called the 500. It contains only the power unit.

It is not equipped with additional systems. The power unit is quite simple in design, while having a good indicator of reliability.

Features of the Briggs and Stratton power unit for 500 series lawn mowers:

Features . Measurement units. Measurements Indicators
Factory designation 09R6
Type Gasoline, 4-stroke
Operating group cc. cc. 140
Torque Nm at 2600 rpm 6,8
Gas distribution system Type Ов
Cylinder diameter мм 63.4
Cylinder material aluminum
Fuel Tank Capacity л 0,8
Fuel Tank Capacity л 0.47
Overall dimensions (LxWxH) мм 347x310x244

625. Series

Another series including two power units belongs to the 625 series. These two engines differ in performance, design and additional devices.

Characteristics of the Briggs Stratton 625 Series gasoline mower: Mowing:

Features . Measurement units. Measurements 625 e 625e (OHV)
Factory designation 122t 093j
Type Gasoline, 4-stroke Gasoline, 4-stroke
Operating group cc. cc. 190 150
Torque Nm at 2600 rpm 8,5 8,5
Gas distribution system Type Ов
Cylinder diameter мм 68.3 65.6
Cylinder material aluminum aluminum
Fuel Tank Capacity л 1,0 0,8
Fuel Tank Capacity л 0,6 0.47
Overall dimensions (LxWxH) мм 351x308x249 347x310x244

This is not a complete list of power units for lawn mowers made by Briggs & Stratton. There are also series that contain more powerful engines used on semi-professional and professional lawns. Video review of lawn mowers with Briggs Stratton engines:

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