Brenda brand electric saws: description, characteristics and rules of use

Electric saws Forester: models of their properties and characteristics

Fesard chainsaws are characterized by an excellent combination of price and quality of assembly. For the production of models of this brand, time-tested mechanisms and spare parts are used, which can work properly in various weather and operating conditions. This allows the forester to show a high level of work in sawing wood species both on private farms and in logging companies.

Basic equipment and production of Russian electric saws

When you buy a Förster electric saw you get it disassembled in a box with the following equipment:

  • The bar and saw chain separately;
  • Universal key for assembly and service of saw;
  • Service manual;
  • Warranty documents.

All Lesnik products, and this is no exception, with the exception of gasoline and electric saws, are assembled by Chinese concerns and are certified and tested by Russian specialists. Thanks to this method of production, the tools have an affordable price and excellent quality, which is constantly mentioned by the owners in their reviews.

Structural and working properties

Shelter “Lesnik” due to the chainsaw today meets the requirements of production and performance standards.

The design includes the space of the model:

  • Classic layout combined with modern industrial design;
  • Reliable operation and long service life of the components;
  • Interchangeability of unified spare parts with the repair range of similar models of the Patriot brand.

Reliable in daily work and economical in maintenance, the sawmill is designed for partial or full mechanization of work on clearing of the area set aside for the development of high shrubs.

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Features of “Lesnik” electric saw

  • Specially improved design that allows you to penetrate even in difficult areas.
  • devices with powerful motors, which give the device an impressive performance at high cutting performance;
  • good balancing parameters of the device, which reduce the physical strain of the operator during work;
  • ease of operation;
  • the equipment is versatile in terms of the size of tires and chain blades;
  • extensive electrical and vibration protection functionality;
  • Inexpensive.

Chainsaw 4518 – options and equipment

This semi-professional model is actively used in the care of large gardens and clearing the posts of forest trees before their further role. Fesard in this configuration is usually used by utility and emergency workers.

The model is powered by an air-cooled 2-stroke gasoline engine with a cylinder volume of 45 cm3. The internal walls of the latter are coated with a protective chromium compound that prevents the formation of rust. The combustion engine is started with a simple but sufficiently reliable hand starter. The engine crank is made entirely of metal, which means that it is resistant to various mechanical recordings.

For comfortable operation of this chainsaw, the manufacturer has provided in its device an effective system of vibration removal and noise reduction. Thus, you can work with the tool for a long time without feeling tired.

The buttons for setting and switching the saw are on the back. This frees up the operator’s left hand and allows a more accurate view of the wood in both and longitudinal directions.

Tool features include:

  • Engine power of 2.9 hp. С.;
  • Tank for pouring the fuel mixture – 550 ml;
  • Oil filling tank – 400 ml;
  • Weight in ready to work – 6.2 kg.

The delivery of the Forester model includes a plastic container for mixing gasoline and oil, operating instructions, a protective cover for a standard tire, a universal wrench, as well as brand-name safety glasses and gloves.

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Selection Criteria

Evaluating the properties of the purchased chainsaws, it is recommended to take into account the conditions of future operation.

  • The technical basis of forest and garden farms are small, lightweight and comfortable models. Lesnik saws are part of the staff group of scientific expeditions, large tourist groups and emergency rescue organizations.
  • Medium power models can be used for felling wood and other slagging of increased complexity. The performance of the Lesnik chain saws provides stable pulling properties of the units of standard power, high quality of Sawy sets.

The feasibility of using gasoline and electric saw equipment is confirmed by the friendly feedback from owners from different regions of the country.

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Minor plot of electric saws forester

Today, the company offers the buyer four power saws. They do not have many differences, and all belong to the domestic class of tools. However, according to owners, all models of electric saws are reliable, have powerful motors and good performance.

Forester 1814

The model belongs to the domestic class of tools and is very popular with villagers and owners of small cottages. The electric saw is equipped with a 1.8 kW motor, which means that it can be used for repair and construction work, chopping firewood, gardening and hedge maintenance. The tool has compact dimensions, which are characterized by high maneuverability and low weight (3.8 kg). Note the high ramps from which the electric saw forester 1814 and the good moisture and dust protection of the body.

Electric chainsaw Forester 1814

Today you can buy this model at a price of 4,100 to 4,300 rubles.

Forester L1814.

A more advanced version of the previous model. It has an improved anti-vibration system and more power. At the same time, the engine power remained the same – 1800 watts. The saw is equipped with a 35 cm bar and a 52 link saw chain. The L181 4-Forester has become very popular because of its high output, low weight and low emissions. The tool can also be used for cutting firewood, longitudinal and crosscutting wood.

Forester L1814 electric chain saw

Russian online stores offer this electric chainsaw at a price of 4,300-4,500 rubles.

Forester 1816

The main difference between this model and the previous ones is an improved motor, which allowed to increase the length of the saw bar to 40 centimeters. Electric saws can be used for various household works, repair and construction of residential and other premises. It should be noted the high quality of plastic, which is made of the body, as well as the presence of a lock against accidental start and excellent ergonomics of the tool. The manufacturer of the electric saw Forester 1816 about the protection of the motor from overheating and overload and the function “Soft Start”.

To date, this is the most popular model of this manufacturer. You can buy a chain saw Forester 1816 for a price of 5,200-5,500 rubles.

Forester 2016

Unlike previous models, this electric saw is equipped with a more powerful engine 2.0 kW. In addition, the automatic lubrication system of the saw headset has been improved here, thanks to which the power unit consumes 20-30% less oil than previous models. The saw has an excellent performance, ergonomic body and attractive design. Safety of the operator is guaranteed by the inertia brake to stop the chain and a button to block accidental start-up. The manufacturer has also taken care of the protection of the tool from overheating and overload. Forester 1820 electric jigsaw can be used for firing small trees, billets and sawn wood, as well as for other household needs.

Gazebos as a way to beat the heat

Forester 2016 Electric Jigsaw.

Today you can buy this model for a price of 5 500-6 100 rubles.

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Maintenance of the electric chainsaw “Lesnik”

In order for the electric saw to last as long as possible without frequent and serious breakdowns, it is necessary to maintain the tool regularly. To do this, it is important to carefully study the manual or instructions for each model and become familiar with its features and nuances in operation.

Each model is equipped with an automatic chain lubrication system during operation, which simplifies the work process itself and increases the service life of the saw headset. It is important to choose only high-quality oil. The manufacturer itself recommends the use of adhesive oil.

According to the reviews left by satisfied owners of this or that model, the saw works perfectly from the mains. Damage on it occurs quite rarely, and they are associated mainly with improper handling and care of the tool.

Technical specifications:

  • The power consumption of the electric motor – 1800 watts;
  • Busbar size – 0,35 m;
  • Number of busbar revolutions per unit time – 14 m/sec;
  • capacity of tank for grease – 0,11 l;
  • Weight – 6700 g.

Babblers 2512 – parameters and equipment

These household chain saws are characterized by simplicity and small size. Simple design and easy access to all service mechanisms allows you to quickly repair the tool in domestic and field conditions.

The ForShnik chain saws have a reliable 2-stroke gasoline engine with a 25 cm3 cylinder volume. The engine features modest fuel consumption and low amount of processed exhaust gases. At the same time, the engine torque is sufficient for cutting down large branches and trees.

The tool is equipped with an effective anti-vibration system to eliminate engine vibration. Improved muffler reduces the noise level when working with the saw. A fail-safe chain system is responsible for instant stopping.

To make the engine easy to start in winter, the manufacturer has equipped the forestry truck with a manual fuel pump. The reliable electronic ignition system increases the stability of the tool, providing longer work in difficult conditions.

The features of the model include:

  • Engine power of 1.3 hp. С..;
  • Capacity for filling the fuel mixture – 200 ml;
  • Capacity for filling the oil – 200 ml;
  • Mass in operation – 3.1 kg.

This forest ranger chainsaw is easy to operate and maintain. The model does not require frequent repair of the main working mechanisms. At the same time, it demonstrates a high speed of work at any time of the year.

The main advantages and disadvantages of the chainsaw forester


  • Rugged, reliable engine, made of high-quality materials;
  • Primer to pump fuel into carburetor;
  • Built-in ZIP starting system for easy engine starting;
  • Upgraded air filter with easy access;
  • Ergonomic, well-designed body;
  • Lightweight.


  • Uses high-quality fuel and lubricants;
  • Equipped with a poor starter;
  • Factory carburetor settings often go off.

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Brand review saw forester with electric drive

Forester L1814.

This compact and handy electric forester saw is equipped with a 1.2-hp range and a regular 16-inch bar.

The advantages of this model include:

  • Low weight and small layout;
  • availability of a vibration damper and accidental start lock;
  • Tool-free saw chain tensioning;
  • Automatic dosage of the chain oil for the cut;
  • Short operating time of the emergency chain brake.
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Forester L1816.

The L1816 series electric wizard was developed on the basis of the previous model.

Added to the design:

  • Electronic system that provides a soft start;
  • Additional overload protection;
  • Saw settings known for the quality of Oregon brand components.

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Carburetor adjustment

The effectiveness of alignment of the fuel system depends largely on its proper sequencing.

A chainsaw carburetor can be successfully adjusted if:

  • Pre-cleaning the air inlet filter and warming up the engine;
  • Absence of water tank and jail in the swim chamber.

Turning the quantity, quality and idle speed screws brings the engine to maximum thrust and economical fuel consumption. Signs of proper tuning are fast rpm, no smoke from the muffler, stable idle speed.

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Read forums: real owners reviews

Andrey Voskoboynikov, 45, Volgograd region:

The Lesnik 3816 chainsaw is my first tool of its kind. I took it after buying a dacha, to roll up the vegetable garden, maintain the area and make firewood for the sauna and stove. In three years I didn’t use it much, but I have already got the clear impression. It is assembled well, although the quality of plastic leaves much to be desired. No complaints about the work of the automatic lubrication system is quite economical in terms of fuel consumption. But the settings of the carburetor are regularly knocked down and have to adjust it yourself. It is good that this process does not take much time and does not require special skills. In general, a decent chainsaw for home use.

Vyatsheslav Nikitin, 34 years old, Siberian District of the Federation:

I work in forestry. We have several Lesnik chainsaws, which are used for clearing the wood from deadwood, and they have proven themselves well. When I decided to buy a small chainsaw, I did not hesitate long – I chose the Lesnik 3816 model. In general, the tool lived up to my expectations: lightweight, maneuverable, economical. However, I did not do without serious problems. First my starter broke down, then carburetor started backlash – I do not know what it is connected with, but the settings are constantly lost. After two years of operation appeared leak under the oil tank. I have to drain the oil at the end of each working day.

Advantages: price, weight, compact, jumps well, economical;

Disadvantages: Dirty carburetor, lost settings, poor quality starter, leaking oil tank.

You’ll also find descriptions and reviews of the following brands of chainsaws (cordless and gasoline) on our site: Bosch, Oleo Mac, Eurolux, Taiga, Interskol, Hitachi, Eco, Lesnik, Poulan, Daewoo, Hammer, Union, Sturm, Parma, Bison , Champion, Hauter, Echo, Patriot, Ural, Karcher, Carver, Husqvarna, Makita, Friendship, Kruger, Kalibr, Stihl, and Reviews for chainsaws of these brands, If you have something to say about the quality of handling and experience with certain models of these brands of chainsaws, write your evaluation, it will be very useful to our readers.

You can also read articles on the pages of our blog about:

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advantages and disadvantages

In the range of petrol and electric saws of the Lesnik brand, potential buyers are attracted to:

  • A combination of versatile applications and modern uses;
  • The appropriate price of the model range, spare parts and Nachgarantie service.
BPBLE BP-3850. Review, specifications, reviews

Analysis shows that the number of critical reviews of users in recent years has decreased several times. The owners of Sägerägerät der Lesnik brand equipment note the high quality of assembly and absence of design errors, typical for budget class developments.

Most of the complaints about the quality of the facing plastic and the starter concerns the models of the previous series. But for comparison, we recommend looking at Interskol chain saws.

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The Lesnik chainsaw – a review of the model range

In terms of versatility and multitasking, chainsaws are unsurpassed. In order to buy such a productive and reliable helper, you do not have to work on the wood fence or make a living sawing firewood.

Today, the range of products in this market segment is constantly being updated, but there are still brands that still rank high in quality, affordability and safety of your power tool, proven by decades of use. One of them is the Lesnik brand, whose name Berredt indicates one of its applications.

We’ll continue to tell you about Lesnik’s most popular chainsaws.

Furster 2512 chainsaw.

A compact chainsaw that will suit both the inexperienced user and the professional sawmaker. It copes with its work perfectly: cuts narrow trunks of trees, rejuvenates the garden, makes accurate cuts in different directions. Stops quickly and can be operated even with one hand.

  • 2-stroke domestic engine;
  • Anti-vibration protection: There is virtually no vibration in the handles;
  • Good equipment – the manufacturer has taken care not only of a well-written instruction manual, but also of personal protective equipment, a bottle for the preparation of fuel mixture, a support belt;
  • easy operation;
  • Starting system adapted to low temperatures;
  • Good compensating properties – even after several hours of consecutive work there is no fatigue and the load on the back of the operator is minimal;
  • Modern housing design;
  • Rubber-coated handles prevent the saw from slipping;
  • Low weight;
  • Large gasoline and oil tanks.

Disadvantages include:

  • Failure of part of the engine: Although the unit has no restrictions for operation in cold or hot weather, it does not always start in cold weather. In some cases, you have to yank the starter up to 15 times to get it to work;
  • Candles and coils that fail quickly;
  • The circuits have to be constantly energized, which is not always convenient.
  • The motor pull is 0.95 kW;
  • The cutting element is 0.3 m in size;
  • Chain with a standard division of 44 limbs;
  • Gas tank and sump – 200 ml;
  • Weight – 2.9 kg.

The saw justifies its means, although it is no less annoying than cheap Chinese chainsaws.

Förster 3816 chainsaw

A well-balanced manual chainsaw from the brand “Lesnik”. It is indispensable in the work of gardeners, builders and all those who cannot imagine their life without woodwork.

  • Balanced design – provides a clean cut and minimal effort for the operator;
  • larger gas tank than the above model;
  • equipment with a long bar for which a chain with the most common division – 3/8 inch – is suitable in the stores;
  • Ergonomics;
  • Lubrication of the cutting part in automatic mode.

The chainsaw develops power of 2 hp, starts quickly in cold weather and does not require regular maintenance, except refueling.

What is grapevine clematis.

The “disadvantages” that can occur during operation include:

  • Malfunction of the motor part – the saw often stops and starts poorly. At any time the starter cable can break, the spark plug can be filled with fuel. This makes it necessary to have the most “in-the-money” spare parts on hand so that you don’t have to cancel the job and rush to the store or wait 3 days for delivery;
  • The chain lube can run out – it has to be drained after each start;
  • The carburetor often has to be readjusted. Although the carburetor tuning for this model is based on the principle of 3 screws, for the inexperienced, this can be another problem that he will not be able to solve himself.

Technical properties of the model 3816 brand Lesnik:

  • Engine thrust – 2 horsepower;
  • Chain with divisions – 3/8 inch;
  • Gas tank – 310 ml;
  • Lubrication sump – 210 ml;
  • Weight – 4.9 kg.

Förster 4518 chainsaw

A model that is not only bought for garden work and making firewood for the winter. Its 45-cm sword and cutting chain quickly cut through trees of wide shape and with great exaggeration. The 45 cm3 engine produces 2.9 hp. – The specified life will be enough for hard and long work.

Deck-resistant materials were used in the construction of the device: the cylinders have a chrome protective coating to prevent premature wear, the engine shaft is made of forged metal. With such a composition of materials, the saw does not weigh much, which is important for those who use such a device every day.

Other advantages of this model are:

  • Metal front handle;
  • Electronic ignition – the device quickly turns on, it does not need to be warmed up, which is more economical use of gasoline;
  • Air filter is made of nylon for better protection from dust;
  • Vibration Reduction System;
  • Chain lubrication is automatic, you can adjust the oil pump itself.
  • The sump for filling the oil for the chain is made of metal for greater tightness;
  • Modified clutch – 3 cam – allows you to shut off the gasoline engine in one second;
  • Tool-less tensioning of the cutting head;
  • Completion of gasoline tool with a toothed stop – you can transfer the weight of the structure on it and make a precise cut;
  • Lightness – the device weighs only 6 kg.

An important disadvantage is the system of clamping the saw part: it is not always convenient to use it. It is also necessary to improve the motor skills. After prolonged inactivity, it begins to “jump”, reacts strongly to low-quality oil or gasoline.

Forster 5220 chainsaw

Powerful and productive chainsaw with 3.4 hp. This chainsaw easily cuts blanks of any diameter and is a good helper in construction and repair work.

It is pleasant to work with it: there are ergonomic handles for gripping, the weight of the construction is distributed on the drive units, there is no unpleasant hum and it does not vibrate.

The manufacturer has also thought about maintenance. The air filter, which is often clogged, has a cover with easily removable screws. There is a starting pad, an oil pump for lubrication of cutting elements, and electronic ignition.

  • Power output is 3.4 hp;
  • Fuel tank 550 ml;
  • Sump – 400 ml.
  • Tires – 20 inches;
  • Weight – 6,5 kg.

The durability of the described models largely depends on their proper use, the rules of which are defined in the instruction manual.

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