Brand Lesnik chainsaw: Description, properties and rules of use

Chainsaw Lesnik: line. Advantages and disadvantages of chain saw

Lesnik chain saw: a high-quality tool of the Russian brand

Recently, many different tools from different manufacturers have appeared on the market. Some companies are known to consumers of gardening and agricultural equipment and have recently announced themselves as a manufacturer of reliable devices. The latter include gardening tools, which are available from brands such as Forester, Patriot, Homegarten and Maxcut. The production facilities of the participants are located in China, and the logging chains are also assembled there. However, the latter fact has not had a negative impact on the quality of the brand’s products. All Forester technology meets modern international quality and safety standards, which is confirmed by the relevant certificates.

Like other holders at the factory, Forester is assembled on modern equipment under the control of Russian engineers and technologists. Some chainsaw models are equipped with Russian, Western European and Japanese parts, which positively affects their quality. With all this, the company does not tend to overestimate the cost of its equipment. Today, a forester can buy a chain saw at a price of 5,000 to 8,500 rubles.

Characteristics of the forest ranger chainsaw:
  • Factory assembly using imported components from well-known manufacturers;
  • Optimal combination of price and quality;
  • Woodsman has a compact size and light weight;
  • Long warranty period and high quality of the tool support.

Range of chainsaws for woodcutters

As we have already noticed, the company has only recently entered the market and therefore cannot boast of a variety of tools. Today four models of chainsaws are available to consumers, with the features and characteristics of which you can read in this review.

Forester 2512

Maneuverable and, most importantly, compact and lightweight model, which weighs only 2.9 kg (equipped with 4.9 kg). The chainsaw is equipped with a modern high-consumption 1.3 hp engine. The chainsaw is equipped with a 30 cm guide bar and a 44-member pile chain. With such features, the main consumers of the tool are fishermen and hunters, cottagers and builders.

In their reviews, owners of chainsaws note their reliability and a long inter-repair period. This is not surprising, because the parts of the piston group have a chrome coating, and the crankshaft is created by forging. The model is equipped with an effective automatic brake and anti-vibration system. Starting the engine in cold weather or after a long idle time is facilitated by a primer and a built-in “Easy Start” function.

To date, Fesard 2512 has been discontinued, but is still on sale in domestic online stores at a price of 5,100 rubles.

Lesnik 3816

This chainsaw differs from the previous model with a more powerful engine (1.4 hp), while maintaining a small weight (2.9 kg) and a solid, compact body. The device is equipped with a more powerful saw headset with a 12-inch guide bar, equipped with a primer and a built-in easy engine start system.

In their reviews, the owners of the Lesnik 3816 model note the long overhaul interval of the tool. This fact is explained by the fact that the engine connecting rod and crankshaft are made by forging, and the parts of the piston group are chromed. The chainsaw can be used for gardening and landscaping work, for cutting and sawing firewood. However, thanks to its low weight, reliability and maneuverability, the device is especially popular among builders.

Today you can order the Lesnik 3816 chainsaw at the manufacturer’s website for a price of 5,800 rubles.

Lesnik 4518

Another domestic model, which has quite high performance characteristics and on a number of parameters is not inferior to semi-professional tools. The chainsaw is equipped with a 2.9 hp two-stroke engine, which allows the installation of an 18-inch guide bar and a 72-link saw chain. Traditionally in chainsaws of this manufacturer all parts of the piston group are chromed, the engine durability is achieved due to the installation of a forged crankshaft and connecting rod. The presence of a primer and the built-in “Zip-Start” system facilitates cold engine starting, and the effective anti-vibration system relieves the operator’s hands and back.

Lawn after winter

The Model Lesnik 4518 has a medium weight (6.5 kg), balanced, ergonomic body made of high-quality plastic. This chainsaw has proven itself for felling small-diameter trees, crosscutting and longitudinal sawing of boards and planks made of various types of wood.

In domestic online stores, the price of the Lesnik 4518 model starts at 5,100 rubles.

Woodsman 5220

The most powerful tool in the model range of this manufacturer. The chainsaw belongs to the semi-professional class, it is designed for non-professional felling of trees, it is used by utilities and rescue workers, they also buy this Lesnik model for clearing the forest and cleaning sick and dried out trees. The unit comes standard with a powerful 3.4 hp gasoline engine, a 20-inch guide bar and a 77-link saw chain on the saw. Engine durability is improved by using a forged crankshaft and connecting rod, the walls of the piston group parts are chromed.

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Thanks to the excellent ergonomics of the body and high-quality anti-vibration system, the saw’s rather large weight is balanced and the operator’s work is facilitated.

Today, the Lesnik 5220 is available on the manufacturer’s website for a price of 8,800 rubles.

Unpacking, assembly and preparation for work

  • When buying the tool, conduct a thorough visual and tactile inspection. Make sure it is complete and undamaged;
  • Ask the salesperson to test the chainsaw’s engine to make sure it is working properly;
  • When you arrive home, before unpacking the tool, read the manual carefully, familiarize yourself with the technical and operating characteristics of the Lesnik chainsaw, and study the safety rules.

Important: According to statistics, most Lesnik chain saw failures during the warranty period are due to improper use and failure to follow basic maintenance rules for the tool. Please keep this in mind before using your chainsaw.

  • Assemble the saw set according to the instructions in the owner’s manual. Pay particular attention to the correct assembly and tensioning of the saw chain.

Important: The cutting edges of the correctly fitted chain links point toward the drive sprocket. None of the links in a well-tensioned chain will sag under its own weight, but will rotate easily on the track with light hand pressure.

  • Prepare a fuel mixture of air-cooled two-stroke oil and 92-95 octane gasoline.
  • After fueling the engine and the automatic lubrication system, check the tightness of the tanks, fuel and oil lines. If leaks are found, find the source of the leak and repair it;
  • Check the automatic lubrication system of the saw unit for proper operation. To do this, put a clean sheet of paper on top, put the chain guide bar on it and press the accelerator pedal several times. If there are many drops of oil on the sheet, conclude that the lubrication system is working properly.

Important: When operating the engine, it is recommended to use fuel with oil/gasoline ratio = 1/25. After working off one or two tanks at idle with periodic fuming, it is necessary to switch to a mix of 1/50. It is forbidden to operate the chainsaw only at idle speed or with the saw headset removed.

  • The chainsaw body and fuel filter should be cleaned at the end of operation. Also make sure that the cutting edges of the teeth are well ground and ready for future use;
  • At the end of the season, lubricate the metal parts of the Lesnik chain saw and drain the fuel and oil. Store the device in a dry, well-ventilated place.
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Main advantages and disadvantages of the Lesnik chainsaw


  • Rugged, reliable engine made from high-quality materials;
  • Primers for pumping fuel into the carburetor;
  • Built-in zip start system for easy engine starting;
  • Improved air filter with easy access;
  • Ergonomic, well-balanced body;
  • Lightweight.


  • Uses high-quality fuel and lubricants;
  • Comes with a poor-quality starter;
  • Factory carburetor settings often go astray.

Lesnik chainsaw video review

Unpacking, assembling and servicing a Lesnik chainsaw



Lesnik 2512 compact chain saw in action



Reading forums: reviews of real owners

Andrew Voskoboynikov, 45, Volgograd region:

Babblers 3816 is my first tool of its kind. After buying a dacha, I took over the vegetable garden, take care of the plot and prepare wood for the bath and stove. For three years I have invited her not often, but the impression is already made. Gathers well, although the quality of plastic leaves leave much to be desired. It is economical in fuel, with automatic lubrication system has no complaints. But the settings of the carburetor are regularly knocked down, and you have to adjust it yourself. It is good that this process does not take much time and does not require special skills. All in all a decent chainsaw for home use.

Vyacheslav Nikitin, 34 years old, Siberian Federal District:

I work in forestry. We have several forest chains that have been removed from the forest because of dry wood, and they have proven themselves well. When I decided to buy a small chainsaw, I did not hesitate – I chose the Lesnik 3816 model. In general, the tool lived up to my expectations: it is lightweight, maneuverable and economical. However, it was not without serious problems. At first the starter broke down, and then the carburetor began to malfunction – I do not know what it was connected with, but the adjustments were constantly knocked out. After two years of use, there was a leak under the oil reservoir. Had to drain the oil at the end of each work day.

Advantages: price, weight, compact, good starting power, economical;

Disadvantages: Clogged carburetor, lost its settings, bad starter and primitive oil tank.

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Overview of the forester – forester. Technical specifications and rules of operation.

On the market, more and more often you can notice tools of domestic production, which by technical indicators and characteristics do not differ much from the world companies. Due to their cost, every owner of a private, country site or forestry can buy the necessary equipment.

Brand fire forester

For example, “Lesnik” chain saws are a popular brand on the domestic market. These budget saws are loved for their versatility, pleasant cost, high performance, ease of operation and maintenance. According to the rating of Lesnik chain saws, in a rich model range with different parameters, you can choose exactly the tool that performs the assigned tasks.

For several years, the Russian company Lesnik has been developing, producing and assembling garden electric and gasoline-powered tools.

The company pays special attention to the quality of the material, mechanisms and parts of chainsaws and other products, which has been mentioned more than once in the reviews of owners. Each year, “Forester” produces several thousand positions of its range, the basis of which are chainsaws.

New technologies, high power and performance, efficiency and more make the tools of this brand more and more popular not only in our country, but also abroad.

The basic amount of “Forester” chainsaws

Each chainsaw of the Russian company “Lesnik” is supplied and disassembled in a certain set. By purchasing the saw you get:

  • The drive bar and saw chain;
  • Wrench for maintenance of saw;
  • Technical documentation (warranty card and user manual);
  • Special container for mixing the fuel.

On request, the manufacturer can provide additional accessories in some models in the form of protective gloves and goggles. The company has the right to change the package according to the availability of accessories.

Lesnik is headquartered in the Russian Federation. In order to reduce the cost of the finished product, production was transferred to China, which significantly reduced the cost of the finished saw, but did not affect its quality.

List of Russian chainsaws “Forester”

The company produces several models of gasoline-powered saws, which initially differ, electricity, engine volume, fuel and oil tank, weight, dimensions and cost. In addition, the brand is also engaged in the production of electric saws.

Basil “Förster” 2512

As always, the first model of a particular company is the most compact and lightest chainsaw. “Förster” 2512 is characterized by a small carbureted engine with a volume of 25 cm3 and a power of 1.3 hp. The guide bar is only 30 cm.

Bannicol 2512

According to the evaluations left by the users of this model, it is a very handy and simple model, with which you can make firewood or tidy up the garden in a short time without additional effort. The chainsaw has a soft start system, automatic chain lubrication, noise and vibration insulation, and an improved filter.

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3816 chainsaw

This chainsaw model, which is judged after numerous ratings, can be called the most popular model of the entire range of chainsaws from the company Lesopila. The domestic saw has combined the compactness and convenience of the 2512 model with improved support and features.

Bannicol 3816 chainsaws

The engine volume is increased to 38 cubic meters, power – up to 2 horsepower, the bar – up to 40 cm. According to the manual, the chainsaw Lesnik 3816 now has even longer operating time, a metal engine card, a smooth and easy start and even less noise with vibration.

Manufacturer: ranger
Engine type: 2-stroke
Engine capacity (cc): 38
Engine capacity (hp): 2
Fuel tank capacity (left): 0.31
Chain lubrication tank capacity (left): 0.21
Easy engine start: Spring start
Tenten class: gun
Tire length (cm): 40
Number of chain members (stations): 57
Chain pitch: 3/8 “
Chain thickness: 1.3 mm.
Weight (kg.): 4.9
Home of the brand: United States of America.
Country of manufacture: China
Warranty Period: 1 year

Woodsman 4518 chainsaw

Due to its high technical indicators, the Lesnik 4518 chainsaw can be classified as a professional chainsaw. The 45 cm3 engine with an output of 2.9 hp combined with a powerful 45 cm bar guarantees the highest performance and quality of the saw.

Bannicol 4518 chainsaw

On the Internet in their ratings about the chainsaw Lesnik 4518 owners often identify ease of repair and maintenance, long operating time with short and rare stops for refueling and cooling.

Manufacturer: ranger
Engine type: 2-stroke
Engine capacity (cc): 45
Engine capacity (hp): 2.9
Fuel tank capacity (left): 0.55
Chain lubrication tank capacity (left): 0.26
Easy engine start: Spring start
Tenten class: gun
Tire length (cm): 45
Number of chain members (stations): 72
Chain pitch: 0.325 “
Chain thickness: 1.5 mm.
Weight (kg.): 6.5
Home of the brand: United States of America.
Country of manufacture: China
Warranty Period: 1 year

Basil “Förster” 5220

If you analyze the technical and visual properties of this model, we can conclude that this is another professional model, which was released on the basis of the previous model. The Lesnik 5220 chainsaw has a much larger engine volume – 52 cubic meters and even more power – 3.4 hp compared to previous models.

Basil Forester 5220

The manual starter has become more reliable, and the soft-start system makes starting easier. Reviews of owners and regular users of 5220 chain saw also note the low consumption of fuel and oil, convenient and balanced structure of the planter, a long bar of 50 cm.

Manufacturer: ranger
Engine type: 2-stroke
Engine capacity (cc): 52
Engine capacity (hp): 3.4
Fuel tank capacity (left): 0.55
Chain lubrication tank capacity (left): 0.26
Easy engine start: Spring start
Tenten class: gun
Tire length (cm): 50
Number of chain members (stations): 76
Chain pitch: 0.325 “
Chain thickness: 1.5 mm.
Weight (kg.): 8.5
Home of the brand: United States of America.
Country of manufacture: China
Warranty Period: 1 year

Expectation chainsaw Lesnik, the main deformities and their elimination

Each model of chainsaw has a manual, which contains all the rules of maintenance, repair, file settings and basic safety rules. Before you start working with the tool, it is necessary to study the manual and use it if you have difficulties with the chainsaw.

Overview of chain power units of the manufacturer Energia

If you find problems, you can examine the equipment yourself if you have been working with chainsaws for a long time. If your experience is not enough for quality support and repair, it is recommended to turn to a service center, where experienced specialists conduct qualified service.

According to numerous reviews, there are no special problems when using chainsaws “Förster”. In some comments, owners point out the need to adapt the carburetor, as well as the rapid wear of the tires and chain. In many reviews, you will also find a recommendation to replace the drive tires and chain with the goods more walkable.

Tuning the Lesnik chainsaw carburetor

The correct operation and efficiency of the fuel system depends on the performance of the carburetor. In reviews you can sometimes find information that you need to adapt yourself. Before that, it is very important to clean the chainsaw filters and the swim chamber. Next, you need to turn the quality, quantity and idle with the wrench contained in the Lesnik saw. If you have done everything correctly, the chainsaw quickly gains momentum, the work goes smoothly and steadily without emitting smoke.

Video review of the chainsaw Lesnik

Owners reviews

In forums and on a variety of Internet portals you will find a large number of reviews of satisfied owners, who leave their positive comments and impressions when working with domestic chainsaws “Lesnik”.

All note the excellent value for money, ease of assembly, operation and maintenance of the tool. Also in their assessments, owners indicate that after some time of active work there are some breakdowns, as in any other garden equipment.

Alexander, 51 years old, Kiev

“Three years ago I bought a chainsaw Lesnik 2512, carefully studied and had the experience of using it to leave my review about it. Yes, at home is very helpful. Bought in the store, the seller started quickly, everything satisfied me. With their help, I built a bathhouse, constantly working in the garden: I remove branches, trim old and dry branches.

After about a year, I changed the drive bar, everything was working fine again. Some problems have only come up now: time has started, power has dropped, cruise has started to show up. But I understand the life span is not short. Took it to service, recently picked it up completely. Everything seems to be working fine now. I can only recommend the chainsaw! “

Igor, 23 years old, Stavropol

“I bought myself based on the reviews on the Internet and the advice of my neighbor Lesnik 4518. On the whole I was very satisfied, for a private home it is an indispensable helper. Very good durability, enough to fell even thick dry trees and usually to make firewood. Quite lightweight, easy to operate, small in size.

Advantages: low cost, high productivity, comfortable weight and length of the bar.

Disadvantages: poor key-key included (unbends quickly), not the highest quality plastic housing. “

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