Brait BR-105 Motoblock. Review of modifications, characteristics, reviews of the owners

Motoblock Hell 105 7 PS

Brait Brait BR-105 Pro 7 hp. – The productive and low school mi d-range motor, which is designed for agricultural tasks of different complexities. The machine is comfortable when transporting goods and processing even solid ground and at the same time has an attractive price against the background of the competitors. The Motoblock 105 Brait 105 is due to the optimal features that have a positive impact on the performance indicators, the continuousness, comfort and convenience of of f-road. Consider the properties and characteristics of the light 105 engine note, which is one of the best in its class.

General information and design

Bright 105 is used to calm and cultivate land. It also enables you to plant and dig vegetable plants quickly and effectively, to plow solid soil, to pump and transport water. All of this is available thanks to the support of all kinds of attachments. This is made easier by a universal design, which is also quite simple, which has a positive impact on independent maintenance.

In the light 105 motoblock there are many useful devices as well as elements and adjustments that are designed in such a way that the devices work as comfortably and effectively as possible. A permanent case, the presence of switches on the handle and the ability to configure the operator’s body depending on the growth and complexion. We also pay attention to moisture densities and nois e-absorbing materials that are used to design the walking behavior. In front of us is quite quiet after modern standards, a device with decent performance. Due to the convenience of use and acceptable power, the bright model 105 is in high demand for summer residents, gardeners, farmers and at supply companies.

Advantages of technology

  • A hig h-performance gear with high performance that can withstand all loads and for the treatment of heavy soil, including heavier and toning floors
  • The gearbox has a special shape of the axes in the form of a hexagon. Its diameter is 30 mm. Thanks to a successful layout, this design offers reliable fixation of floor hooks, floor and pneumatic bikes. In other words, this enables you to improve stability even in the event of uneven coating and thus to be overturned
  • Cup device – it is required for a more reliable attachment of passive attachment devices. Thanks to the clutch device, there is also compatibility with various assembled options of motoblocks from other companies such as NEVA, Ray, Cascade and Oka
  • It is possible to set the floo r-free length within 600 to 100 mm. To do this, you need to remove the extreme sections
  • Sushnik – enables you to set the processing depth
  • Brait 105 – A universal unit that is equipped with a power shaft. The technology has shown itself from the best side in most professional tasks
  • Ergonomic structure. The controls are carried out on the handle such as gas, brake, gear shift, backwards, coupling, etc.
  • Large pneumatic bikes that also offer a decent ability to cross on floor floor
  • Low fuel consumption, high performance, dynamics worthy
  • Compact dimensions, small mass and good maneuverability
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Functions of the first use

BRAIT 105 is a high tech mot block that, like any other mechanism, requires timely maintenance. First, it will definitely be necessary to carry out it immediately after buying the device. It is therefore possible to significantly increase the reliability of the design due to the production and adaptation of parts to the local conditions. The runnin g-In consists of the following phases:

  • If you run the engine, let it heat it up to the operating temperature, wait 30-40 minutes. At this moment it is not superfluous to check the mechanism of switching on the speeds, as this is very important before the first company. Trans signs should change smoothly and immediately. Vibrations and noise is excluded because the motorcycle block is new. Otherwise, according to the law, you can use the possibility of a return or a technology exchange. The owner has the right to do this within 14 days of the device’s purchase date.
  • After you have ensured that the screws are attached, as well as the lack of oil subtacts in the lower part of the hiking tractor and the clarity of the equipment you can continue to treat the soil. In this case, cultivation, hilling, pump water, freight transport and other types of work as with normal use are allowed. The main difference lies in the degree of the load, which should not exceed half of the maximum load during the term
  • The introduction is carried out for 8-10 hours, which is sufficient to develop parts. If necessary, we carry out the full maintenance of the product – check the condition of oil, filter and fuel. The next day the walk tractor can be loaded 100%

Unmounted equipment

Brait 105 in the basic version is not equipped with hinge options, but they can be bought separately. This is very convenient because – on the one hand the basic hiking loss tractor can be bought at an affordable price, and on the other hand it is possible to select the correct equipment based on the requirements of the owner. Consider the most common types of attachments for the Brait 105 model:

  • Hiller
  • plow
  • Potato cap
  • Potato
  • Cultivating mills (additionally)
  • Hayfield
  • Hook
  • Dare, trailer
  • water pump
  • Mood to mow grass
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Motor and technical properties

The Motoblock 105 Brait 105 is equipped with a 7 hp engine. The device consists of gasoline, a 4-cylinder 4-stroke with a mechanical three-stage box with two front and a rear speed. Reducer – gearwheel type. The diameter of the output shaft is shown in the form of a hexagon of 32 mm.

Other parameters – the mass of the device – 140 kg. Bling depth – up to 300 mm, plow width – up to 1000 mm. The guarantee period is a year from the product date of the product.

Fuel consumption

The motoblock 105 in hig h-load mode can output up to 3 liters of fuel per hour. The volume of the tank is 6 liters, petrol of the AI ​​92 and AI 95 brands is supported.

Prices in Russia

The average cost of the Brait 105 motor on the Russian market is 45,000 rubles (2022) without hinge devices.

Competitors: NEVA MB-2C Pro, Carver MTL-650, Patriot Dakota Pro, Oka Lifan 6.5, Forza MB FZ-02-6.5.

Brait BR-105 Motobobes: Properties and Selection

Motoblocks are one of the most common types of garden and garden equipment. Today, many people prefer BR-105 motor blocks. In order to choose the right thing from you, we have to take a wide variety of nuances into account, which we will consider below.

Characteristics of certain models

The BR-105G version with a 4×10 wheel formula is controlled very easily and easily. For operators, they offered a multifunctional rotating handle. A change in its position in a horizontal and vertical level enables you to work safely even in hard areas. A cast iron with increased thickness is used in the production of the frame. For comparison: in most models offered by competitors in this class, there are frames from light alloys based on aluminum.

Consumers also notice the high technical properties of the engine. It was not for nothing that Lifan Engineers worked on the creation. With cylinders with special sleeves, you can significantly increase the work resource. The heat transfer has also been improved, the total output and performance of the tractor of the walk behavior has increased.

An excellent coupling of the bikes with the surface enables you to improve the continuousness and achieve an excellent price stability of the mot blocks yourself, the devices added to you.

The main parameter BR-105G:

  • Mass – 120 kg;
  • The total capacity is 7 liters. With.;
  • There is a single cylinder engine with a work cycle of four stroke.
  • Tank capacity – 3.6 l;
  • The start is carried out by a manual starter.
  • processes the earth up to a depth of 15 to 30 cm;
  • the width of the cultivated strip 80-120 cm;
  • There is a high quality shaft of electricity removal;
  • There are 2 front and 1 rear gear.
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It should be noted that 9 liters of motor blocks with a capacity of 9 liters. With. There is no BR-105 in the line. However, such a model is available in the BR-135GB series. The BR-105G model with 19x7x8 wheels is not inferior to the previous rehearsals. She also has cycled cylinders and the urgency is pretty good. The only difference is exactly the size of the movement.

General features of the collection

This tractor for walk injuries is considered a completely productive device in the medium price category, which generates little noise. It is noted that it is quite comfortable when executing a variety of tasks – from movement from goods to processing solid floors. Attractive technical properties do not prevent the manufacturer from determining the optimal price for its product. The tractor of the walk is even good on the street. The independent maintenance of the equipment is not particularly problems.

The case is strong enough so that a motor block can be operated under all conditions. The handle can be set exactly under the operator’s growth. The materials and reliably absorbing noise were used when the device was created. When we summarize, we can come to the conclusion that this device is at least not inferior to competitors in the same price category. No wonder that summer residents, farmers and pension companies are in demand.

advantages and disadvantages

A gear with high performance is used when creating a tractor for walks. All strength and running nodes are designed in such a way that they work with heavy and dense soils. Even if the base is not too flat, tipping over is excluded. The coupling is ideally adapted for interaction with the auxiliary tools of other companies.

Other pluses:

  • Thanks to the voucher, you can set the depth of the earth’s plug.
  • The line bodies are designed and designed as comfortably as possible.
  • The tractor of the walk behavior consumes little fuel and shows a decent dynamic.
  • Even if the country is cried (in spring or after rain), the bikes will definitely pass.
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The question can arise on the shortcomings of the motblakes of this brand. A fairly significant minus part of the people takes high prices for spare parts. Users have not yet revealed purely technical defects. The checks are either purely positive or with reference to a short operating time without us being able to draw clear conclusions. Even if individual disadvantages are found, the advantages are clearly weighed up.

Help elements

The installation devices are not included in the basic set of delivery. However, it can also be installed taking into account its requirements.


  • different plows;
  • Devices for planting and collecting potatoes;
  • Haying installations;
  • Hook for soil;
  • Pendant (light cargo car);
  • Cigns;
  • Herbal mesh;
  • Water pumps;
  • Pull snow.

Floor clearance must be bought. Even the best bikes are slipped without their support. The choice is extremely simple – you only have to inform the sellers which model is required about the tractor of the walk behavior. As far as the milling cutter is concerned, the Sabr e-fishing variety is most frequently found in the supply of motor vehicles. Then it is possible to disassemble this mill and to sharpen or replace the problematic part.

However, sabe r-changed structures are only suitable for working on soft soil. When the earth is firm, “goose legs” are needed. Most of the time they are bought when potatoes are planted on the site.

A special selection of meals is designed for virgin processing. It is not difficult to find out such a tool: the main block is supplemented by rounded knives.

Potato drummer can be used to put together other root plants. The fan apparatus is usually cheap, but its effectiveness is small. Important: For the processing of small areas, the harvest that can be harvested with your own hands is optimal. The vibration mechanisms have a serious advantage – much less tubers are overlooked. Such a potato cumulator increases the entire layer and sieves it carefully.

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The role of motoblocks is great when cleaning the areas of snow and pollution. If the device is equipped with a powerful engine, you can remove snow ediffs with a blade of a lodge. The Snowpock nozzle is even more power. When driving, the screw captures snow and guides them into the bell. If there are very few snow, you can use a brush, remove leaves, garbage and various dirt.

Regardless of the size of the economy, the car (trailer) is useful because everyone has to move different goods.

To clean the area from the grass, you have to use a mower. More expensive (knife) to use much better. It is safer, it can be used in any area.

What is the assembly of the mill?

With the help of cutter, motoblocks can open the floor. To do this, you first have to put together the tool yourself. Sabl e-deflected constructions are only collected by an entire team. It is impossible to set all components reliably and competently. When we talk about a “goose paw”, metal processing skills are required, so it is almost always correct to contact specialists.

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