Braided line and trimmers – replacement of the fishing line

How to wind fishing line on your trimmer

To wind the fishing line on a gasoline or electric trimmer, you do not need to have any special skills. First of all, it is important to determine the appropriate consumables, and then choose the best way. You can put the fishing line in the spool in two different types.

Types of trimmer heads for spools

The main elements of the starting device are the mowing line, which is a cylindrical body with a roller (bobbin) inserted inside. The fishing line (cord) is threaded into them. The heads differ in the way the line is fed and threaded. There are three types of heads:

  • Automatic. The fishing line will feed as the user lowers the engine speed. Automatic feeding of the fishing line is very convenient with a large amount of work. The disadvantage of such a head is a large rope thread.
  • semi-automatic. Using such a head does not require the user to perform complex manipulations. The principle of its work is arranged so that at a time when the trimmer works at full power, the line is automatically extended. It is only necessary to lightly hit the device on the bottom (this removes the line), and the line under the action of centrifugal force is released from the bobbin. Then the line is cut to the required length with a knife, which is located on the protective cover.
  • By hand. To lengthen the line, it is necessary to stop the device. The fishing line must then be pulled out manually.

Selecting the fishing line

In order to pull the fishing line to the trimmer head successfully, it is important not to miscalculate the flow rate. The thicker the cord you thread the line with, the thicker and tougher the grass it can cut. Often a universal fishing line with a diameter of 2 mm is used. You can choose the right diameter for your lawnmower as follows:

  • For information on the thickness of the line, see the instruction manual supplied with the trimmer.
  • Pay attention to the pumpkin itself. Sometimes information about possible wire diameters for air trimming is used.
  • Another option is to plug the cable into the lead. If it goes in easily, then the chosen diameter of the arrester wire is suitable for use.

You can choose the wire strand according to the type of motor. If the line is too thick, the resistance to rotation will increase – the motor will then overheat and will soon fail. Helpful recommendations:

  • For an electric appliance with a motor less than 500 inches, a 1.3 mm thick thread will do. If you can’t find that, you can use 1.6 mm of fishing line. If the power is more than 1 kW, choose a cable with a diameter of 2 mm.
  • Gasoline trimmer has a wave mower. For the curved version, a 2 mm cable is often used. If the shaft is straight, adjust the thread 2,4-2,5 or 3 mm. The thickest line is installed on powerful devices – from 1.3 kW.

Pay attention to the type of crossing of the cord thread. A few popular options:

  • The most common lines are those with a circular cross-section. They mow fresh herbs well, but take care of shrubs, woodworms worse.
  • Vita (spiral) cord is not very strong, but good for thin young grass.
  • The serrated cord with sharp edges is ideal for large weeds in a neglected area.
  • You can mow your lawn with it in rectangular, star-shaped or square fishing for a trimmer, but they are not very durable.
  • The most durable is a two-piece cable with an inner core and a round section.
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Remember that you can not use wire, metal houses and cables, as well as ordinary fishing thread instead of fishing line. Such a device is dangerous to both the user and those around him. Therefore, the cable or similar products are gradually disconnected, so that their ends overturn, and the small parts fly with great speed.

Removing and disassembling the spool

The Spitt trimmer head consists of a body, a spring (not in every model), a spool with cord, and a cover. Unplug the trimmer before proceeding to disassemble the spool of the electric device. The method of disassembly depends on the mowing head assembly. First option:

  1. To remove the cover covering the inside of the head, press on the latches (latches) located on both sides.
  2. Remove the cover, under which you will see the spool – remove it from the body. Some trimmers have a spring under the spool, which should also be carefully pulled out.
  3. When you remove the spool, you will see a screw in the center of the body. Unscrew it with a screwdriver.
  4. After removing the fasteners, take the housing and, rocking it in different directions, remove the reducer from the shaft.

In the second version, the trimmer head is screwed onto the gearbox shaft. To remove it, it is necessary to repair the shaft. To do this, such devices have a hole, through which a thin screwdriver or metal rod is inserted. Brief instructions:

  1. Insert the screwdriver into the special hole and then poke the shaft.
  2. Take the body of the head and apply it. Do this in a clockwise direction, as the threads remain on the shaft.

Finishing fishing.

Filling the line into the bobbin of the trimmer is a fairly simple procedure, provided that you stick to a certain algorithm of actions. If you need to determine how many meters of consumable material is enough, wind it on the bobbin so that the thread does not exceed the diameter of the sides. Once you have determined the cable length, follow the instructions below:

  1. Fold the consumable so that one end of the line is 10-15 cm longer than the other.
  2. Charging Start with the center side, which divides the trimmer’s background into 2 parts. Find the groove in which you can insert the cable. The latter is bent twice.
  3. Determine in which direction you need to wind the fishing line. To do this, look at the spool, which may have an arrow or inscription. This indicates the winding direction. If there is no marking on the spool, look at the arrow on the mowing head – wind it in the opposite direction.
  4. Wipe off the consumable material carefully, backwards. Try to maintain maximum thread tension.
  5. After felting the cord, first attach the short end of the material. To do this, insert it into the groove on the side of the spool that fits the diameter. Attach the other end (the longer end) to the groove on the other side of the trimmer spool.
  6. After attaching the fishing line, trim the ends. Remember to leave a tolerance of about 10 cm.
  7. Place the loaded spool on the mowing head of the device. This is done by alternately inserting the thread into the output holes of the head and then pulling to place the spool of the device into the skin.
  8. Pull the thread out of the locking grooves with the necessary force and tighten the material. After completing this step, put the cover on and secure it with the slats.
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You can also wind the cord on the trimmer in another way, where two pieces of fabric are loaded instead of one. The change takes place as follows:

How to wind the cord on the trimmer: step-by-step instructions and video instructions

A beautiful lawn looks really well-maintained only if it is regularly mowed. For the treatment of hard-to-reach areas, the trimmer is best suited. Every owner of the device sooner or later will be faced with the problem of how to wind the fishing line on the role, because they can not only worsen the quality of mowing due to false action, but also deactivate the equipment. Today we will talk about all the features and nuances of replacing the fishing line in Homius trimmer and the peculiarities of the choice of consumables.

What are trimmers and features of their use

Trimmer comes in handy for trimming small or hard-to-reach areas, such as B. near hedges, between flowerbeds and along paths. Today, manufacturers produce a variety of gasoline, electric and battery-powered models, which can be selected taking into account all the wishes of the owners.

As a cutting element of the trimmer, a fishing line is used. Its length sooner or later ends during the work, and then the owner is faced with the question of how to properly replace and repair the thread, which is stuck in the removable spool.

How to wind the fishing line on a trimmer reel

What should you pay attention to when choosing a fishing line?

Before inserting and fixing the fishing line in the removable spool of the trimmer, it is important to choose the right material.

Varieties of spools

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Here’s to quality

Before you put the line on the trimmer, you need to pay attention to the section of the cord:

  • Filaments with a round section are the most common option. They perfectly mow the grass, even in difficult areas;
  • Filament with a spiral section is suitable for thin grass. It is not very strong and is not suitable for old thickness;
  • For mowing weeds, choose a cord with notches and sharp edges.
  • A fishing line with different geometric sections helps to mow the lawn more evenly, but the strength of the consumable is not high.
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Photo: String with a square section

A field with a star-shaped section

Photo: A fishing line with a section in the form of a star

Important! The most wear-resistant consumable material is a two-component line with a circular cross section, which is reinforced on the inside.

The owner of the lawnmower should know that it is strictly forbidden to use metal wire, fishing line and various cords.

Reinforced thread

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By size

Before screwing the thread into the spool of the trimmer, you should pay attention to its size. Most often use a fishing line with a transition of 2 mm.

Select the appropriate diameter can be as follows:

  1. Read the recommendations in the manufacturer’s instructions, attached to the trimmer.
  2. Often manufacturers put information about the transition on the reels.
  3. The cross section of the cord should match the bobbin diameter of the reel.

Important: The thicker the cord, the stiffer the grass it can mow.

This often uses information about the recommended thickness of the fishing system

photo: WRCBUX.RU on the body there is often information about the recommended thickness of the line

The thread must pass freely through the hole

photo: WRCBUX.RU String must run through the hole

How to remove the spool quickly and easily with your own hands

Before replacing the old fishing line with new line in a removable trimmer reel, the head must be removed.

The process is quite simple, even a beginner can cope with the work:

  1. Remove the top mounting cap.
  2. Remove the removable bobbin.
  3. Take out the spring, if any.
  4. Remove the screw with a screwdriver.
  5. Remove the body from the shaft.

Step by step disassembly of the head

Photo: ste p-bis

How to wind the line correctly: peculiarities of replacement depending on the type of trimmer removable bobbin

The following tips and video tutorials will help you deal with the fishing line in a detachable trimmer head.

For the work you will need in addition to the fishing line nipper

Photo: For work in addition to the line you will need a nipper

How to wind the line on the bobbin of the trimmer with OSM

Most often, up to five meters of line is used. The procedure consists of the following steps:

  1. Bend the fishing line in a loop and insert the head into the slot.
  2. Run the thread in the opposite direction to the halyard marks. These indicate the direction of travel of the head.
  3. Leave the end of the thread up to six inches long to increase the centrifugal force.
  4. Pass the loose end through the bobbin outlet.
  5. Assemble the trimmer head.

The length of the free section should be up to fifteen centimeters

Photo: The length of the free end should be up to fifteen centimeters.

How to wind the fishing line on the detachable bobbin of a trimmer with two antennas

There is no particular difference between detachable trimmer spools with one or two ways

Photo: Particular difference between detachable trimmer bobbins with one or two ways

Prepare your garden for winter!

However, keep in mind

Photo: However, you must remember that improper winding of the line leads to thread entanglement, which is difficult to retrieve

You can watch the video before working and consider the following recommendations.

  1. If there is one track, both threads are wound in parallel.
  2. If there are two paths, each section is wound on a separate line.
  3. Wind the thread in the opposite direction to the rotation of the head.
  4. The length of the loose ends should not exceed fifteen centimeters.
  5. Place the ends in the exit holes.
  6. Assemble the head and check that the trimmer works.

Tip: If the loose antennae have different lengths, you should not worry. In the process, the extra ends are cut off.

Trimmer with autofeed: how to wind the line on the removable spool

Some models of trimmers have a bobbin, with the help of which the filling of the line is automatic. The owner only needs to fix the ends in the head. After turning on the device, the mechanism will independently perform all manipulations on winding.

It is necessary to know! The strengths of the automatic head recorder can include the simplicity of winding. The disadvantages of such devices are frequent disclosure of the complex mechanism and high cost.

The bobbin determines the position of the antennas independently

Photo: WRCBUX.RU The bobbin determines the location of antennas by itself

Video instruction on how to pack and secure the line on the trimmer

With the process of how the fishing line is wound onto the trimmer’s bobbin, the following video will visually familiarize you with the process of how the line is wound onto the trimmer’s bobbin:

The nuances of changing fishing line in a trimmer

When choosing a line, it is necessary to start from the type of the engine. If the thread is too large, the resistance to rotation increases, the engine will constantly overheat and will soon fail. Let’s consider all the features of threading the line into the trimmer reel. Video instruction will help to perform all the work correctly.

Recommendations for changing the fishing line on an electric trimmer

Before tucking the fishing line into the electric trimmer, it is necessary to choose the correct cross section of the cord:

  • For a model with a motor power of less than 500 watts, a cord with a diameter of 1.3 mm or 1.6 mm will do.
  • For a power of more than 1 kW, choose a consumable with a cross section of 2 mm.

To learn in more detail how to wind the fishing line on the spool of an electric trimmer, the following video will help:

The method of changing the thread depends on the type of spool

Photo: The method of changing the fishing line depends on the type of role

A few tips on how to change the fishing line on a gasoline trimmer

Many users specify how to correctly wind the fishing line on the trimmer, which works on gasoline. For such a model, you should pay attention to the slant of the shaft:

  • For a curved one, use a cord with a cross-section of 2 mm or more;
  • For a straight line, choose a cord with a diameter of 2,4-2,5 or 3 mm.

In a gasoline-powered trimmer, it is important to remove the spool correctly

Photo: In a gasoline-powered trimmer, it is important to correctly remove the spool

Lavender - a piece of Provence in your garden

How to quickly replace the fishing line in the cap in a trimmer with a hard disc

Depending on the complexity of the mowing, you can install a metal or high emission fishing line.

Manufacturers often equip trimmers with different attachments

Photo: Manufacturers often equip trimmers with different attachments

The replacement is done as follows.

Remove the hub and turn it clockwise

Photo: Remove the sleeve and turn it clockwise.

Install the blade or saw on the hub

photo: Wrcbux.Ru Put a knife or saw on the sleeve

Replace the cover and tighten the fastening nut

Picture: Wrcbux.Ru Put on the cover and fasten the fastening nut firmly.

Use a wrench to clamp the mother.

Picture: Wrcbux.Ru Hold the mother lode with a wrench

How to put a chain on the trimmer instead of a fishing line

You can also “pump” the device to mow not only grass, but also weeds and young growth. This does not require expensive tools or special skills. As they say, everything is genius simple!

We will need the following materials:

  • A chain from an old chainsaw;
  • A cup, bent inside, with which the knives of the trimmer are attached;
  • A washer and a nut;
  • Vise, marker and ruler;
  • Welding machine;
  • drill;
  • Metal for metal.

Materials for the job

The order of the work is as follows.

Mark the diameter of the bowl and set it in a vise according to the markings

Photo: Mark the diameter of the bowl with a marker and set it in a vise

Drill a hole

The chain should fit freely into the hole

Photo: The chain in the hole must fit freely

Place the chain in the hole and put the limbs along the inner wall

Photo: chain into the hole and put the limbs along the inner wall

The length of the chain ends to the washing machine must be the same.

Weld the chain to the inner wall of the bowl

Photo: The chain is welded to the inner wall of the bowl

Photo: first the flat washer on the trimmer axle, then the improved “washer” and is tightened with the nut

The device is ready to work

Additional recommendations for changing the fishing line

Before you charge the line on the reel, you should take advantage of a few tips from the manufacturer. They will be of interest not only to beginners, but also to experienced trimmer owners.

These recommendations will help to keep people safe and prolong the life of the equipment:

  1. You should not wind the thread with force and tightening, additionally longer than expected.
  2. After replacing the fishing line, the power of the unit should be checked.
  3. The lid should be set to the characteristic clicks. If at least one stopper is not seized, the reel may pop out during operation.

Important: You should wear special goggles and suits to cut the grass, as small objects can fly under the rotating parts of the mechanism and injure others.

The quality of grass mowing depends on the correct line installation

Photo: depends on the correct installation of the line.


Now you know how to install the fishing line on the trimmer, and you see that there is nothing complicated in this work. It is important to choose the right consumable and replace it with our instructions. Soon all your manipulations will be brought to automatism.

Share in the comments if you had any trouble replacing the cable or if you did it right the first time.

For a more in-depth look at the process, a quick and one-time connection of the fishing line into the trimmer reel, the following video will help:

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