BPBLE BP-3850. Review, specifications, reviews

BPBLE BP-3850. Review, specifications, reviews

Taiga BP-3850 chainsaw is manufactured by the Taiga company, which holds leading positions in mechanical engineering and production of garden equipment in the Russian Federation. Taiga BP-3850 is designed for the household. The model refers to semi-professional devices.

Taiga BP-3850 chainsaw

Base complete set of the Tayga BP-3850 chainsaw:

Case for the saw bar keys for the assembly of the chainsaw container to create a screwdriver for the fuel mixture

There is a second option of complete set, which contains an additional set of saw part of the construction (chain + bars).


Taiga chain saws are often used in the countryside for various works on cutting firewood and rejuvenating trees. The new model BP-3850 differs significantly from the previous versions of the line of chainsaws. The manufacturer has improved the design of BP-3850, thanks to which the weight of the device decreased to 5.5 kg.

Taiga chainsaw in action

The length of the working surface is 45 cm. The manufacturer recommends cutting on wood with a diameter not exceeding 50 cm. Models. This way it is possible to cut wood of different density, including frozen wood.

Advantages of the Taiga BP-3850 chainsaw:
  • Improved engine cooling system;
  • automatic system of oil supply;
  • Increased power;
  • Starting relief;
  • Vibration reduction;
  • Emergency chain status;
  • Fuel priming system.

The design of the product is equipped with ergonomic handles, which increases comfort and safety when working with the device.

On a side note! Choosing a chainsaw “Taiga”, you should not be afraid of fakes or products of Chinese assembly. The production facilities of “Taiga” are located only in Russia.

The location of the engine and starter in relation to the structure allows you to simplify the process of starting the chainsaw. The system of vibration reduction improves working conditions with the device. Country of manufacture: Russia.


Engine displacement 52 cu. m.
Power, kW / hp. 3.85/5.23
Fuel Tank Capacity 5.5 ml
Fuel Tank Capacity 260 ml
Chain pitch 0.325
speed 3200
tires 45 cm
weight 6.1 kg
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Owner’s Manual

Thanks to the soft-start system and the reliable carburetor, you can work with the chainsaw in sub-zero temperatures. To avoid overheating, failure of parts and loss of power, it is recommended to use the device with intervals.

chainsaw device

When working with a chainsaw it is recommended to work for 15-20 minutes with each refilling of the fuel mixture. This ensures that the performance of the device is maintained. If you work for a longer time, some elements of the construction may break down.

First starting and running-in

Starting the engine of the Tayga BP-3850 chainsaw is done in a standard way. It is enough to pour the fuel mixture and train the engine for up to 20 minutes at idle.

HP oil master Jaso FD Oleo-Mac Prosinkt 2T oil

For this chainsaw model, you can borrow any manufacturer’s oil for two-stroke engines. Oil is ideal: Stihl, Champion, Oleo-Mac.

The sequence of the first start of the chainsaw engine:
  • Unscrew the spark plug.
  • Pour a few drops of fuel mixture into the spark plug hole.
  • Pull the starter grip several times (up to 10 times).

Chainsaw spark plug with nut

  • Close the spark plug.
  • The chainsaw is ready to start the engine.

As for parts, you can replace them yourself. Taiga working parts or similar parts from Western brands will work as replacements.

Note! In this case, the working elements are lubricated with oil. Excess mixture should be removed.


Maintenance of the new Taiga BP-3850 chainsaw consists in carrying out simple actions:

  • Changing the oil;
  • Visual inspection of the product before work and after service;
  • Cleaning the chain after each use;

Proper preparation of the fuel mixture

  • Drainage of oil during operation;
  • Observance of storage conditions specified in operating conditions;
  • Timely repair and replacement of defective parts.

The main violations and possibilities of their elimination

Breaking because solution
Spark plug not working Spark plug or ignition module is defective Check the spark plug. Replace or clean if necessary.
Saw won’t start Fuel system or carburetor is clogged. Oil has penetrated the fuel membrane. Check and clean the components. Replace non-standard structural components if necessary. Change fuel and allow engine to idle.
The operating power will change when the room position is changed. Shock absorbers failing, too little fuel in engine Check, replace shock absorber. Check fuel quantity, adjust carburetor.
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Video review

Review of Taiga BP 3850 chainsaw

Reviews of owners

Mikhail, Kazan:

“I have been working with the chainsaw for 5 years. Before using it, I started the engine wrong (screwed up the oil to gasoline ratio), which caused the saw to quickly lose performance.” Had to get to a handyman to debug it, overall I’m satisfied. “”

Konstantin, Krivoy Rog:

“Bought a new 3850 saw two years ago. I can highlight the rapid failure of parts under defects. Although the manufacturer indicates the ability to work at low temperatures, in fact, it quickly deteriorates in such conditions. Ideal for home use. Advantages: lightweight, easy to care for. Disadvantages: parts wear out quickly.

Taiga B P-3850 – Reviews

Reviews Taiga BP-3850

The service has collected 3 positive and negative reviews from more than 6 sources.

Read all the pros and cons of the Taiga BP-3850 saw. Compare prices in different online stores and get to know the features of Taiga saw BP-3850. In their reviews, users have described all the advantages and disadvantages of the Taiga BP-3850 saw.

The average rating is 5 points. We also offer alternative and evaluated products that are counterparts of the saws.

You can also leave a full evaluation of the Taiga BP-3850 saw.

Reviews of the Taiga BP-3850 saw

Comment: It is unequivocally a godfather.

Disadvantages: It distributes oil, but runs out of gasoline for sure.

Advantages: The price of 4000 p.

Commentary: Advice for people on a tight budget.

The disadvantages: It produces a lot of oil for the chain lubrication, you need to watch and possibly refill.

Pros: Great saw for under 4,000 bucks, has almost 4kW of power. Kiefer with a diameter of 50 cm cuts through oil like a knife.

Comment: Bought a Huter Els 2400 chainsaw for the household six months ago. Used to cut wood for making firewood for the winter. It works by all means. It feels good in the hand and during the long work my hands are not getting tired. The device is quality, reliable and unpretentious. I am satisfied with the device.

Growing Kinelsky grapes

Disadvantages: I haven’t noticed.

Advantages: it is convenient in my hand.

The features of the saw Taiga BP-3850

General properties
purpose pursuit
inner tent there is
number of seats 4
frame type Inner
geometry Hemisphere
Number of entrances / rooms 2 / 1
number of entrances 1
ventilation window there is
window no
interior pockets there is
number of boys 4
storm boys there is
visor no
Canopy water resistance 2000 mm Hg.
seam sealing glued
wind/snow skirt no
mosquito net there is
UV protection no
tent material polyester (PU)
floor material polyethylene (ripstop)
inner tent material polyester
arch material fiberglass
arch diameter 7.9 mm
dimensions and weight
Outer dimensions of tent (LxWxH) 340x240x130 cm
Interior tent dimensions (LxWxH) 210x240x130cm
Package dimensions (LxWxH) 58x16x16cm
weight 5,2 kg

General review of the saw Taiga BP-3850

General evaluation: 407

The overall rating of the Taiga BP-3850 saw consists of 1225 saws according to a special algorithm based on 6087 real customer reviews, as well as the popularity of the model.

Other products with a similar rating:

Overall rating: 406

Comment: Tested 5 saws. One each in all tools, 4 in Petrovic. All posts with levels.

Disadvantages: The posts are not level, neither is the side support. Did not check the rest, as these flaws are serious and not removable.

Advantages: price. Because something bad will happen.

Cons: the stop is crooked, and it’s a molded item, so you can’t set it to 0 on both sides. In the fixed position does not even cut through the lining (12.5 x 96 mm). There is a button to turn off the laser, but it does not turn off the power to the transaxle, but the power to the laser itself, which causes the pen to heat up to 50 degrees in 1-2 jobs. I’m not even talking about the sawdust expansion. The upper stops stick out so the angle is changing arbitrarily. I haven’t cut under 45 Gr yet, but I think there will be some stock there too.

Tools that will allow you to effectively clean the garden before winter

Pluses: Attracts only the price.

Overall rating: 408

Comment: Due to little use, I can only say that the appearance looks good (time will tell). Right now the saw starts easily. Easy to work with, lots of power. Price per cent.

Disadvantages: The first start up was difficult, did not want to start. A special thanks to the store.

Pros: price, easy to start (not my first).

Comment: Due to little use, I can only say that the appearance looks good (time will tell). Right now the saw starts easily. Easy to work with, lots of power. Price per cent.

Disadvantages: The first start up was difficult, did not want to start. A special thanks to the store.

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