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Bosch Rotak 37 (0.600.882.100)

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Reviews on the Bosch Rotak 37 (0.600.882.100)

Advantages: Everything I need in it works perfectly.

Disadvantages: To shake out the grass, the basket must be shaken, and if you do this 30 times, it will ripen. Tried the mulching nozzle (bought separately), so it gets clogged. The reason is not clean or wet grass or too much grass.

The comment: The mower is great, my grass catcher box is clogged at 70 meters, but there was a lot of grass. Goes over bumps that usually don’t hold up much. The site is not well maintained, thought I would be picking up rocks, but not alone.

Comment: Spectacular lawn mower. Mowed grass 1-1.2 meters high. Along with chaff, burdock, etc. for such high grass, you only have to remove the grass box. Very comfortable handle. Exactly this article is from England 0.600.882.100, and not from China 0.600.881.100. Takes wet grass after the rain.

Disadvantages: Gasoline is used before this mower. Decided to replace the old one. Mowing quality became worse (benzengras lifted and cut, the lawn became like a soccer field, with a striped pattern, and after mowing with this mower from the grass is crumpled and not expressive). After the second winter it failed. The drive belt slipped and cut through the plastic floor. I assume that the belt dried out after winter storage, increased its tension, overheated the legs, the plastic sockets in which they were attached, as a result, the mower was thrown away.

Comment: I only read about this problem with these mowers in the reviews, unfortunately too late.

Advantages: No bumps on the ground, mowing perfectly, light, quiet, beautiful

Comments: I’m endlessly glad that I got this mower. The first thing I unexpectedly really liked when I took it out of the box was its bright colors and design. Once assembled, I appreciated the light weight, easy to carry and store thanks to the folding handle. When I tried to mow, my luck was not long in coming. All bumps passed successfully, rolls easily, does not make any noise. The site is not recognized. The grass looks like a soccer field. Before I had to cut the grass with a trimmer (for me it is difficult, the grass flies in all directions, it is loud, vibration, hands get tired, then the grass must be collected, etc.), now this activity is pure joy. I chose the model for a long time. I read all sorts of reviews, articles and references. I did not make a mistake in my choice!

Advantages: good value for money, easy maintenance, lightweight.

Weaknesses: not enough rigidity of the body.

Comments: In my opinion, the only Rotak that was made in England, and the only one of that series that was praised on the market. I think I figured out why the other mowers were so scolded for poor reliability: it has a metal motor shaft gear, not plastic, and a belt with teeth running longitudinally, not transversely like the machines. However, on the market they praised the Bosch Rotak 37 (0.600.881. B00), and this one – 0.600.882.100. Except for weight, I have not found differences: 1.5 kg lighter. I am afraid that because of the stiffness of the body the knife hits when mowing, but unevenly, sometimes through the skirt. Otherwise, it is very pleasant. Like all mowers, it gets clogged with grass in every imaginable and unimaginable way. Tip – don’t wash it with a jet, doesn’t help, better to blow it out with a compressor, but it’s easier to clean it only at the end of the season.

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Pros: Mows and collects grass well. Our lawn is not like in London, I set a distance of 5 cm, the blade never got caught. Of course, I try not to drive over mole hills and anthills (so them…). 60% of my 12 hectares are sown with grass, I let it grow to 20 cm, then mow. The hopper often has to be knocked out, but it’s better than dancing with a rake after the trimmer and wearing special clothes, because nothing else will fly in my direction. I now use the trimmer exclusively under bushes and near foundations (there’s a review of the trimmer, Benzo).

Cons: Difficult to clean, you can not keep it dirty =) But this does not affect its main task ;)

Comment: You wrote about broken belts and bearings. 1. After frost, the belt can really tear, lose elasticity, so the legs grow with this problem. If you have the opportunity to take the “body” to a warm garage, do not neglect it. 2. Do not rummage on it continuously for more than 30 minutes! Stupidly clear, you need to let the bearings cool down! Lawn mowers need cooling too (so the piston doesn’t get stuck in the cylinder). Remember the recommendation for a washing machine: let it sit for 30 minutes after washing. And that’s all to let the bearings cool down. And look at the label! The updated ones are now gone! See the discussion for the mower!

Advantages: No bumps on the ground, mowing perfectly, light, quiet, beautiful

Cons: Technique for one season

Comments: Went through one season cleaning 12 acres of virgin land from 15-year-old straw, made in China, the second season a small pebble got into the belt, and the belt flew off. Do not be afraid to open it, there is nothing complicated – two screws fixing the cover and 4 power supply. The next day jammed motor mount, opened the dusters of all the fasteners and scratched with lithol, reassembled everything works. My neighbor has a Rotak 1000, the same problem, worked for two years, the blade shaft cut through the frame, there was no grease in the bearing and when lubricating with lithol burned the cage. No matter what power supply Rotak, it is the same, unreliably made, so after the warranty you have to buy a new one.

Bosch Rotak 37 (0.600.8A4.100) – reviews

Reviews Bosch Rotak 37 (0.600.8A4.100)

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Reviews about the Bosch Rotak 37 Lawn Mower (0,600.8A4.100)

Comment: Until last year at the cottage used a cheap Chinese lawn mower. It was heavy, vibrated, did not cut tall grass, as soon as the season had to change the blade, broke down very often, went to the service center several times, and as soon as the warranty expired, it just broke down. Decided which mower to buy. And since I mow more often, another important issue was the weight of the mower. We looked at several models and finally saw a mower Rotak 37, which my brother has been doing for over 5 years. My relatives recommended it as a reliable, lightweight and powerful model. We tried it with my husband – I really liked it. At the store we saw the same model, but more modern. Nobody has handles like this. You can mow and hold on to the horizontal or vertical part. We bought it without thinking twice and we are very satisfied. I want to mow every day, but I have already cut everything. Mows great, the sharply sharpened hardened steel blade has not dulled over the season, there are guides for not edge. I like it very much.

Cons: You need to watch the cord so as not to step under the blade (but this is for all electric lawns).

Pros: Lightweight, comfortable handles, nice looking.

Comments: 1. Last week the suspension separated – but that’s all my fault, the machine had nothing to do with it! It’s all plastic and in order to save time on cleaning (well, I was too lazy) I hit it on the floor three times. Four… six, and the result. :(2) When using it, watch out for the screws that secure the handles to the body.

Pros: if it is the Rotac 37 you bought and not the Arm 37, then it is a great machine! Been practicing for 4 seasons! Cuts everything! Grass – Ant hills – Bumps – Lumps of earth. Resents when polyethylene or rocks fall. Plows as much as you stand yourself! Maximum I’ve gone is 4.5 hours of continuous operation. I use the grass catcher box very seldom – the machine even stacks rows (photo) :) The knife is removed/inserted and hidden all over the cutting edge with a household sharpener is not very convenient, but it is adjustable. High grass – the regulator 7.5 cm, the second pass – 3. 5 cm.

Comment: I just bought it and mowed 10 acres of tall grass (no lawn). Calcifies it great! The cutting width is ok. Easy to move and mow uneven areas due to the ability to adjust the height up to 7 cm! I hope that Bosh will not let you down.

Disadvantages: not there yet

Pros: powerful, light, can cope with the high grass, handy throttle.

The commentary: Nevertheless, I still recommend this model. I’ve used it up and down the dry grass and after rain for almost 5 seasons (from June till September) and it worked without any bugs and glitches. Well there is nothing on the other side of eternity.

Disadvantages: now, June 2018, was mowing and the blade started to vibrate. Installed, disassembled and sawed the l-bottom rabbit bearing-upper strap and upper good. As a result, the gas mower partially melted the plant socket. Eh, if the marketers hadn’t intervened in writing and the engineers had written something like this: “If after 4 seasons in an area of up to 400 m2 grass hair cuts 22” and everything would be so “and everything would work a lot, but now the engineers can not say anything (because it is forever) and so with all manufacturers.

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Advantages: ergonomics, reliability, length of time, mows grass of any height and moisture, until you get tired of pulling the grass pulling bushes, apple trees or in the compost box. In July 2013, mowed half of the lawn half of the wild grass between shrubs trees, fence. The land is not even where the wild grass, its piles are developed, etc. Mowed even 20 cm or 50 cm, but it paid off. In short, the beast never refused. It mows cleanly and evenly, when it takes out the air grass from the box, and the shredded tavota back out.

Comment: If you are a strong woman or a strong man, this is a good choice.

Disadvantages: it’s pretty complicated. I am a 60 year old woman – I can handle it. It’s on the bumpy side. The overall impression of it is not bad, though. Before that was a heavy trimmer Lawn, just as bumpy.

Advantages: I have been using it for about a month. I liked it. The fact that it is very smooth. Smoothes it out if there are bumps. Can be maneuverable enough. Takes tall grass.

Disadvantages: All mechanical mower transmissions are plastic and not repairable. At the slightest overload (in our case got a branch in the grass) not in order gears, which are in the same housing with the engine (on this subject there are many rollers) – the price of repair – the price of repair is comparable to a new lawnmower. I used to have a heavy metal mower, which worked without complaint for 5 years, but it got bored and wanted to change to something lighter and more convenient. In the end, it served for 1 year, and then broke down.

Advantages: good look, comfortable handle.

Comments: Maybe there is a perfect lawn without dust, but it seems to me that this only happens in fairy tales. Since I haven’t tried to go around the mole holes from time to time, the knife picks up dust. Also, this dust gets into the mechanism and the technology comes to an end. I used to have a Rotak 320, it lasted 8 seasons, the dust did the mechanism. I was very happy with the 320. Unfortunately, the 320s are no longer in production. Now I’m choosing between gasoline-powered and mechanical. The long-lasting electric dust protection has not been finalized now.

Disadvantages: lasts for 2.5 seasons.

Advantages: Not expensive, about 5-6 thousand Euro in the autumn of 2013, easy to handle, mows well

Comments: After 2 months of use the mower was disappointing, I will look for another one. It’s strange, that the data about power and weight on the net do not correspond to the information on the device itself – power 1300 W (1400 in the description), weight 9.7 kg (11 in the description).

Disadvantages: Too much light, so unstable – tends to fall to the side on a slope, the filled grass catcher box prevails over the mower. In the basic version, the network works only with the grass catcher box. To throw out the grass, you need to buy an additional cover. I got a different model that had a movable electric cable mount, literally got sick of the fixed cable mounting next to the rotation, as the cable often gets tangled up in the legs. The priestly front part of the mower does not allow to set the width of the mowed swath correctly than the claimed 37 cm.

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Advantages: Lightweight, maneuverable

Comment: I want to share my impressions for 2 months (mowed 2 times a week). Bought for a small lawn – about 3 acres. The surface is flat, well called, without weeds, rocks, bumps and other extras. I am satisfied with the machine: mows very well and evenly, works quietly, washed and cleaned after each use without difficulty. I really like the handle. The grass catcher box is convenient, but small. Spoon of tar – knife, which visibly blunted after 2 months of mowing 3 acres. For comparison, on the gasoline wizard at the weekly mowing of 15 acres of lawn, the knife similarly blunted after almost 2 seasons.

Disadvantages: the knife. No mulching attachment included (can be bought separately). Small grass-collector.

Advantages: light, handy, compact, mows high oh-so-great =),

Comment: I bought this unit for the country house, where the grass was not mowed for 2 years. June 6, 2016 there was grass and weeds waist deep (about 1 meter). On a plot of 8 acres of clean grass and garden trees and shrubs. Seeded it all in one day. The grass box was blocked every 7 meters in one direction (maybe just because there is a lot of grass and it is high). Mows well, cuts dense and tough weeds, but not immediately. I am satisfied with the mower. If the grass is not high, it is a pleasure to mow. Lawn mower is assembled in 5 minutes. Minus a point for the grass box.

Disadvantages: The grass catcher box gets clogged quickly (probably due to the high grass).

Advantages: The grass is nicely mowed.

Comment: After a trimmer it is just a song!

Disadvantages: The wire limits the travel area, but this is to be expected))

Advantages: It is light, powerful enough and easy to use.

Comments: Service centers – this is not the first and not the most important parameter of the product. But it is very important when choosing a product – this is one of the parameters. No matter how good the tool is, it always breaks. And it needs somewhere to be repaired. It has mowed 2-3 acres of lawn. Everything would have been fine if not for the service of this important brand. By the third year, the mower never interfered again. And then it started. In the regional Service Center it was either not accepted, referring to the lack of spare parts, or they bluntly said that such a G is not serviced. Even official dealers do not want to take it under various pre-conditions and recommend to Bosch Sc. Which, by the way, is the only one in Moscow. I had to drive from the north of Moscow to Petra Romanov St. The work plan is on weekdays from 9 to 18. According to the results of diagnostics promised to call. and did not call. called myself. approved the repair. They say the repair is small and have spare parts. But again not a word or a sigh from the SK. I have to call and find out myself what is going on or not. When I worked in CC, I saw how non-functioning machines were brought back from repairs. People swear. Total darkness. All in all, the way to my house is closed for Bosch power tools, you can’t make porridge with that SS.

Disadvantages: Operation.

Advantages: the tool does not need any extra features.

The commentary: Today was the first mowing day! The grass is about 40 centimeters, very neglected lawn, fat dandelion))))) Grass box filled up quickly (a lot of grass). Reduced it without painting, the coating from the mower to the grass catcher is a little broken when the grass is delivered, we had to comb it out often. Only 5 acres, three hours, lawn mostly flat. Overall, I liked it, you can take it. Also picked up a trimmer, including a brand name one, haven’t tried it yet, tomorrow))

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Disadvantages: a little more powerful.

Pros: Just a fairy tale compared to a gasoline trimmer. Lightweight, maneuverable, not noisy.

Technical characteristics of lawn mower Bosch Rotak 37 (0.600.8a4.100)

Type wheeled lawnmower 37 cm cutting width grass catcher box rigid, volume 40 l Noise level 80 dB


mulching no cutting height 20-70 mm Cutting height adjustment yes, number of steps – 6 Grass discharge into the basket from behind



Height-adjustable folding handle Plastic deck material Plastic body material Number of wheels All – wheel rim material


General assessment for Bosch Rotak 37 (0.600.8a4.100)

Overall score: 160

The overall rating of Bosch Rotak 37 (0.600.8A4.100) lawn mower is based on 1497 lawn mowers, using a special algorithm that is based on 7911 real customer reviews and takes into account the popularity of the model.

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Total Score: 159

Comment: The whole family was happy for two years until one day the smoke went out. After disassembly it turned out, having installed the German engineers “brake system in a big way”, the motor burned out. The engine cost more than a new lawnmower. I did not want to buy it. I took the advice.

Disadvantages: German engineers exaggerated.

Advantages: The height is easily adjustable.

Comment: Nobility square 12-13 tomorrow a solid lawn. This is my third such unit. I will not write the names of previous companies for ethical reasons. The first mower was gasoline, but the engine failed in the first season, the second was an analogue of a well-known Japanese company, the camp flew on the second year, and after repair for two more seasons worked until completely died. The same unit is already in its fifth (!) season working like a tiger! The main thing is to sharpen the knife carefully, avoiding stones, wires and other hard objects. The main tip is to keep an eye on the wire! In short, I am happy with this unit like an elephant!!! :) I understand that things don’t last forever. I’m thinking of buying a new one at the end of the season and keeping it for parts. Good luck with the Bosch Rotak. Summer 2016 season is ending and the unit is still in the ranks.

Disadvantages: Practically useless grass catcher – it is clogged up to failure at a strip of 30 m and grass height of 15-20 cm – we use only in the first mowing in the season, and then we mow without the grass catcher. If the grass is very succulent, the blades quickly become clogged with grass and you have to clean them. Koshu, shovel with me as a crowbar to clear the floor and blades of grass residue and soil. I adapted the wire to increase the back door to different levels – so adjusts the ejection of grass and the knife is less clogged.

Advantages: reliability is top notch! Powerful. Light weight, in contrast to analogue with the gearbox. Even an elderly person can cope with it. With some skill it cuts even very high grass, both in bogers and in mounds.

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