Bosch Rotak 32 lawnmowers. Overview, specifications, owner reviews

Bosch Lawnmower Rotak 32 (0.600.885.b00)

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Reviews on the Bosch Rotak 32 (0.600.885.b00)

Advantages: quality of survival

Disadvantages: No spare parts on the Russian market

Comment: At the end of the second use, the tension roller jammed, which resulted in the destruction of the caprolon washer and belt breakage. This mower has been discontinued since 2017. Production of replacement parts has also been discontinued since 2017. I don’t recommend it for purchase. Waste of money.

Disadvantages: low life span, not combined

Comment: Lived through the summer season, after which the stock engines fell apart, one of which was made indescribably (bottom), that is, the engine was sentenced to be replaced. The design is not one-size-fits-all. It did not work for its money.

Advantages: The first advantage after the heavy Chinese mower is the weight. The cutting height does not change much. The price is still reasonable. That is basically all.

Disadvantages: After reading all the assessments about disadvantages, I agree with almost everything. I expected more, the grass-collector is somehow undone. It always falls apart, makes noise. Mowing the grass in hard to reach places along the curb, as shown in the Bosch ads, it’s a complete divorce. ))) I would recommend to those who says that it works for a season not to mow the grass and not to reach the mounds of earth.

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Comment: I use it for the second season, it works fine. I bought it just to mow a low lawn once a week (about 2-3 hundred square meters). From May to October count how many days it turns out. Where it is necessary to mow high, dense grass, I put an old Chinese mower, which is not sorry to kill. BUT. When the Bosch will fail, it is likely to get a good gasoline mower. I’ll add))) two years mowing great, but this year (2014) the wife ran into a dullness in the grass.(I forgot, there was a strong blow and stopped twisting the blade). Dacha is 50 km from Moscow, went to the service center and talked to a representative. He began to tell me that the video stretch rather screwed up, etc., says I need to look myself, because the warranty has passed, the investigation 500r and + repair, which calculated a minimum of 2000-2500. Let’s buy another. But out of interest decided to look and see. As a result, disassembled, I look, the belt flew, the equipment is not worn (in this case immediately cut). Put it on the belt, screwed everything on (harder to assemble the first time, went back to Bosch.) and the operation worked a hundred percent! ) I did not spend a penny, who has the desire and hands will repair in an hour at most at this split.

Advantages: I have been working with a similar model since 2000. Engine started making noise a year ago.

Disadvantages: Small grass catcher.

Comment: overall satisfied.

Advantages: Relatively cheap.

Disadvantages: For this money I expected that at least the season will work.

Comment: Bought this lawn mower in May – Bosch, Electro, Rotak 32, in exchange for soft gasoline (cut a key, rake the crankshaft and other little things). Served almost 10 years. May peace be upon her: (he went to get another, cheaper, but she did not cunning manager persuaded to buy a Bosch (well, what can I say – because Bosch! It does not break!) Yes). It worked for a little while longer – fanfare. – A month. On Monday she said – that’s it! Well, if you don’t describe the electric motor, which was clogged with grass – it lives – it’s the only bearing. And more often than not, it’s a cantilever. On one side is a knife, on the other side is a roller with a belt, and in the middle of this camp, when I drew such a design in my first year – I would immediately expel the wolf barb from the institute for the rest of my life. It’s amazing how this mower lasted a month. The stock during operation heats up (amazing, huh?) And the blade mows the grass – experiencing impact contamination (now that’s a discovery!). As a result, the stock seat gets hot from the plastic leaking from the stock, it shifts from the impact – kiddo comes to the mower. And it’s not repairable. So as you say right away in the stall, it has a continuous run time of 15 minutes. And there all melted – worked for at least an hour. Goodbye, on the way out, the next vacuum cleaner – come in, fly, collect. In short, I’m looking for a mower :( Bosch – well, it’s clear.

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Disadvantages: disposable, not combined!

Comment: Don’t believe all the reviews about mowing tall grass, burdocks and thickets with this mower, etc. This mower lies and commands. Believe me – it maxes out at seven straps, which means it only takes more than a year if you don’t use it! Overall it has managed 6-7 times, but the price matches! This spring, stopped on the plastic engine transmission on the toothed belt, which is fully installed, with a mower grass height of 20 to 30 cm (mowing area of about 3 acres). We try, we buy – to change this plastic part is impossible – only together with the engine for 4600 rubles at a cost of a new mower 4200! I do not recommend buying a mower with toothed belt and plastic drive!

Bosch Rotak 32 lawnmowers. Overview, specifications, owner reviews

Bosch Rotak-32 lawn mower is a representative of electric models and is designed to mow grass on an area of up to 300 m². With its 1200 Watt motor power, it can handle even dense vegetation. The compact dimensions and low weight of 6.6 kg also make this mower very compact. They make the Lawnmower very easy to store and use. The cutting width is 32 cm and the height can be set from 20 mm to 60 mm. The cutting system is of the rotary type.

Bosch Rotak 32 lawnmower

Advantages of the Bosch Rotak 32 electric lawnmower:
  • Low weight;
  • Low noise level;
  • Absolutely environmentally friendly;
  • Easy to use;
  • Easy to use; Simple design;
  • The ability to mow the lawn even near the curb.


A 31 liter rigid type bag is used to collect the grass. It is easily attached to the structure and is held securely on the structure. As the Bosch Rotak-32 lawnmower runs on the mains, it has a system in the current collector that prevents overheating and voltage variations. The folding handle is adjustable according to the operator’s wishes. The body of the lawnmower consists of impact-resistant plastic, on which the handle is fixed to transfer the mowing. The bikes are the same size, but this does not reduce maneuverability. The use of a battery in the presented electric shock-Bosch rotat is not provided.

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lignown The Bosch rotary lawnmower is very bad, but there are many drawbacks. Lightweight and maneuverable little guy that even the wife buys with. Assembled according to the diagram and there were no problems. We have been using the mower for 5 years. Simet grass without the bag is only easier and the balance is not disturbed. Spare parts for it are expensive and this is a significant disadvantage. The bottom bearing needs a better protection. It gets clogged with frequent use, so it needs to be cleaned regularly.”” width=”500″ height=”500″ />

However, Bosch has introduced a new modification, the Bosch Rotak-32-Li high performance, which differs from the above-mentioned battery capacity of 36 V. The device is designed for use in gardens, parking areas and large lawns (up to 300 square meters). The battery is fully charged in only 1.5 hours.


Name Bosch Rotak-32 Li high performance Bosch Rotak 32
power mains/battery mains
Engine type Electric Electric
Battery, C 36
Battery charging time 95 min
Battery capacity and – h 2,6
Recommended treatment area, m² 300 300
Cutting height 30-60 mm 20-40-60
Cutting width 32 cm 32 cm
Grass box capacity, L 31 31
Weight (kg 10.2 6,6

User manual

To avoid information, only connect the Bosch Rotak-32 Mitch to the power supply in accordance with the information on the rating plate. The manufacturer recommends equipping the machine at the base with a 30 mA safety disconnect device. The instructions describe in more detail how to operate the mower.

Safety precautions must be observed when working with the mower:

  • Do not touch the plug with wet hands;
  • Do not mow wet grass;
  • Do not move the power cord as this may damage the cutting elements.
  • Do not allow water to enter.

Carry out maintenance in a consistent manner:

  • Check the fasteners and tighten if necessary.
  • Check the grass catcher for wear and tear.
  • Visually inspect and replace damaged parts.
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Wear protective gloves if you want to work in the blade area!

Important! Do not switch the machine on and off without an intermediate break.

The lawnmower engine is equipped with an automatic shut-off system when the blades are in the grass. To fix the problem, you must unplug the device, wait for a while, clean the blades and restart the mechanism.

Important: Always unplug the unit when you want to do maintenance work on the cutting elements.

To learn how to use the Bosch electric lawnmower, see the instructions at

Video reviews

Overview of the Bosch electric lawnmower Rotak 32

Overview of the Bosch Rotak 32

Owners reviews

There are many reviews of the Bosch Rotak electric lawnmower on the web, but not all of them are positive. Owners note the low quality of construction and materials used.


“Under the merits of the Bosch Rotak 32 I can only note the ease and simplicity of assembly, as the instructions describe a detailed diagram. Everything else – only disadvantages: the model quickly overheats during operation and the body begins to drive, the engine shuts down and loses power during alternating gears. I would not recommend buying this model. “


“I can’t say the Bosch rotary mower is really bad, but there are plenty of flaws. Lightweight and maneuverable little thing that even the wife buys with. Assembled it according to the scheme and there were no problems. We have had the mower for 5 years.Simet grass without a bag is only easier to get and the balance will not suffer.Spare parts for it are expensive and this is a significant minus.The bottom bearing needed better protection.Clogs with frequent use,so regularly need to clean.”

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