Bosch Rotak-1000 lawn mowers. Review, characteristics, owner reviews

Bosch Rotak-1000 lawn mowers. Review, characteristics, owner reviews

The Bosch Rotak-1000 lawn mower is an electric unit with a 1000 watt motor power. You can use the mower not only in private estates, but also in gardens, greenhouses and other premises where there is access to the electric network. The recommended cutting area is up to 300 m².

Bosch Rotak 1000 lawnmower

The weight of the lawnmower is only 7 kg and can be carried easily with a special carrying case. The carrying case itself is made of fixed plastic that reliably protects the internal mechanisms from damage. The lawnmower is very easy to store, as it has small dimensions, a removable grass catcher box and a folding handle.

Bosch grass box

It is worth noting that the volume of the grass catcher box is 28 liters, so that you can distract yourself from emptying it for a long time. The width of the working area is 32 cm. The cutting height is traditionally adjustable from 20 mm. Up to 60 mm. To set the desired height, there is a regulator for 3 positions. A special system protects the motor from voltage loss.

Advantages of the Bosch Rotak-1000 electric model:
  • No loud operation of the motor;
  • Environmentally friendly;
  • Large grass catcher box;
  • Transport lightweight;
  • Compact size;
  • The possibility of setting the height of mowing;
  • Enhanced ergonomics;
  • Low weight.
Basic equipment Bosch Rotak-1000
  • Lawn mower with handles;
  • Engine;
  • Wheels;
  • The grass catcher box;
  • Fixing elements;
  • Instructions.


Engine type electric
Power, W 1000
Cutting height, mm 20-60 mm
Cutting width, cm 32
Grass box capacity, L 28l
Recommended cutting area 300 m2
Weight (kg 7,0

Owner’s Manual

The recommended air temperature for using the Bosch electric lawnmower Rotak-1000 is between 0 and +40 degrees Celsius. Thanks to the double insulation the device is equipped with, grounding is not necessary. For safe operation, it is recommended to use an extension cable type H50VV F or H05RN F. The operating voltage is 230V, and for post-Soviet countries: 220V or 240V.

The schematic diagram of an electric lawnmower

Wearing consists of the following operations:

  • Conducting a periodic visual inspection to detect defects;
  • Sharpening of cutting tools and in case of their destruction their replacement;
  • Checking that all covers are securely fastened and sealed;
  • Regular cleaning of cutting tools and mowing in general.

Video review

Bosch Rotak-1000

Owner reviews

In their reviews, owners of the Bosch Rotat 1000 note the simplicity and ease of use, as with a similar counterpart from other manufacturers.


“I was looking for a small lawn mower for my lawn up to 5 acres. I immediately liked the model because it is electric, powerful enough and mows well. I load it into the garage, where it takes up very little space. The disadvantages also showed up – it is difficult to use the switches, high grass is scarce, no. And I would like to have a bigger grass catcher, or I often have to clean it. “

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Bosch Rotak 1000 (0.600.885.a02)

Bosch Rotak 1000 (0.600.885.A02)

We have collected 2R2 positive and negative customer and expert reviews for the Bosch Rotak 1000 Lawnmower (0.600.885.a02). The average customer rating was 3.77 points. In their reviews, users described all the disadvantages and advantages of the Bosch Rotak 1000 (0.600.885.a02) lawnmower. If you have had experience using the Bosch Rotak 1000 (0.600.885.a02) lawn mower, add a rating and share it with other customers!

Bosch Lawnmower Rotak 1000 (0.600.885.a02) Reviews

First, an hour and a half tore up the lawn on 6 acres with a detour of bushes and flower beds, then made his way through the neighboring areas near the street. And there are scales up to the waist. Things have changed a little bit. There are depressions in the ground at the site. There are no obstacles for the 6 cm mode.

Need a car nearby. 28 liters is not enough.

I am very pleased with the purchase. In Leroy Merlin 5000r.

Lightweight, not expensive.

Very unpretentious, reliable and patient car. We have done everything with it – on bumps and stones, and sand. We even climbed up to the waist into the grass. The knife is already bent and is being sharpened 5-6 times per season. And she clever girl, she does it all.

Lightweight, handy, big current of effort on the knife, integral knife replacement in the kit.

Very low reliability. Had experience with 2 identical Maul-Stezerns. The first worked for 3 years (mowed 8 acres of regular grass). The first after 2 years – the upper mill, changed, it changed. After that, very good. After a while the manifold got colored. Bought a new one, same one. Used it very carefully, removing the cover with a vacuum cleaner after every mowing. In the end, it worked one season and the collector was wrinkled again. The housing was not replaceable, only the engine. It was 90% of the price for a new mower. It is praised reliable Bosch. Forums that complain about a similar breakdown, called the cause of the disease-one poor-quality engine and its unfortunate location and ventilation. A neighbor with frequent use is Chita mower without roots with a direct drive on the wave for 5 seasons. At the warehouse it is unreal to change it myself, even without a special system. Apparently they are not repairable themselves. Spare parts are also not to be found. I will avoid this brand bypass. Technique by the way.

Lightweight as a vacuum cleaner, tested, tough, durable, at the construction site there are bumps, roots, rocks, joints, jumps and other swarming. Tired, passed out, you can rest, and you don’t want to! Grass in the grass box, clean on the site.

Works more than five years. If the grass is high (40-50 cm), we lower the wheels and go! Get tired, turn off, you can rest, and I do not want to! I advise! After the trimmer felt the difference. Hands are not stuffed with vibration (no), the grass in the grass box, cleanliness on the site. And if I need to quickly shake it out, I remove the grass catcher box.

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Quality, reliability, low price. Mowing level adjustment. Little noise. An exchangeable knife. Holder for a wire.

The engine is obviously weak. It is for the lawn and is not designed anymore. Does not take the wet grass.

It has been working for the third season on a 20 hectare plot. In fact, we shave the field. The grass height in May is 20 cm. In July the grass is up to a grown man’s chest. We just throw it on the grass and cut it into lettuce. For bumps in the grass, the motor is pretty weak. The blade and manifold get clogged all the time. Literally every minute. If you shave your lawn regularly every two weeks, this is ideal. After 2-3 hours of shaving, your hands fall off terribly. If you have the money, don’t skimp! Get a motor with at least 1600 watts.

Very lightweight, mows evenly, spare blade included. Good power strip. Worked for a year with no problems.

Limited life, bad blades, small grass catcher.

Bought in July 2009, there were problems with the assembly (mounting holes did not match), as the hands stick out in the right place – drilled new ones. After a year of operation, performance has dropped dramatically – the grass was 10 cm high and the engine could not cope. Probably a stock problem – I sharpened the blades repeatedly, apparently the balance was off. The problem is that they are made of very soft steel – despite the flat surface, they blunted after each mowing. and if in the spring a pebble washes out of the ground and gets under the knife – all hell. I would like to have a bigger grass catcher box, because with it I have to walk on the working area instead of mowing. I have drawn some conclusions from the operating results: 1) it is desirable to have more power, so that the engine would work with less load and would not get so hot and become dull; 2) the name of the manufacturer does not always correspond to the product quality; I don’t want to bother with the warranty for such money – you will burn more petrol for such trips. For reference: a plot of 8 acres, a lawn – a maximum of 4 acres, even. The previous MTD (1.3 kW) worked for three years, broke down with a similar “diagnosis”.

Low price, well-known brand. low weight, works until the bearings fail.

Repair is difficult. Wheels are constantly jumping to another level. It is impossible to remove the bearings without skills and tools. To remove the pulley or cut and get a new one or heat and remove. installation of new lags will also suffer. In the first the top bearing is pressed. and crumbled so just do not remove it. and just do not put a new one. All in all there are a lot of problems with the repair.

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For small volumes all is good. Blades blunt quickly. and sharpen weakly. mow a little and light grass – welcome. your machine.

Mowed 8 acres of land. Grass 30 cm (have not mowed for a month) All went well! The side does not shine with evenness. Adapted for mowing and with concrete paths. Tonsura height of 4 cm, never clings or “mows” the ground. The mower was satisfied! Of course, there is a minus. The volume of the grass box is small. Though you probably shouldn’t blame it for that. If you mow often… …and don’t let the area get so neglected… …it’ll take a while to fill it up. It’s a good model. PS the bottom bearing is made of metal! The 320 model had capralon! Here it is safer!

Lightweight, maneuverable, low noise.

Disadvantages are about the same as a disposable lighter, ran out of resource – thrown away (or left for parts, unlike the lighter).

After experience of operation of two identical copies on the area about 15 hundred square meters: the scythe works about three seasons, then the guaranteed failure of bearings (after bearings the landing pad in plastic or the shank of a part melted. – Part of the release ). Exit only when the bearings are replaced after 2 seasons of operation (without a special puller, the problem deprives the lower bearing of the engine). There is no point in buying parts, for example, the price of repair or replacement of the engine eventually settles on the price of a new mower. Assembled one of two this weekend (works so far).

Short life span.

Bought it in 2009 for a plot of 10 acres, at first there was no limit to its work, mowed everything, but over time the engine began to hum, now working season repair does not sweat (now need to buy a new one, but said to buy a mower with the top of the engine, so it was fixed for the future and was not a one-time toy

Lightweight, reliable engine.

The engine is attached to the bottom on the plastic, the belt from the engine for 3 years (small) just melted it, so I do not know why to attach the engine)))))))))

So the mower is not bad, but if such will be (bad engine mount) if the plastic melts from the belt you can safely throw out. In short, for 3 years of operation will suffice.

How do you prepare your vegetable garden for the new season?

Lightweight, maneuverable, quick to assemble.

Not reliable for this brand.

I have only had it for 3 years with proper use. Given that the site is very small (~50kv. m) This is not a period. My lower bearing jammed and plastic frame melted. Repairs are more expensive than a new one. Now I am pleased with the new replacement blade and realize that I could have bought a cheaper completely Chinese thing and it would have lasted as long, if not more (the experience of using a trimmer).

Lightweight, easy to operate. Mows even not on an ideal surface, which is not bad. The grass catcher bag is easy to remove and put on.

In general, I have not noticed yet.

I bought my walnut lute, I was very happy with it.

Lightweight, maneuverable. The plot is far from smooth, but successfully overcomes the “cape holes”. Since it is light, completely lifts the ground into the gap (and while we have those), that is, two wheels flat, and the remaining couple of seconds almost hanging. At the same time it mows the grass, there are no gaps in the ground. Watching the wobbly section is a pleasure. The engine noise is not annoying. I would say that it is delicate. In short, the whole family is pleased.

Of course, the container fills up quickly. Well, that’s the price for light weight. Nothing, better to run to the compost pit than to yell with a rake and pick up the scattered grass from the trimmer in a pile, and then still drag it to the pile. Although there is a trimmer too, but it is already being used under trees and in ditches.

Of course, we want it to last a long time. We monitor the cleanliness of the blades and the engine after work. We clean everything with a brush. We hope that our garden friend will work for a long time.

Lightweight, cheap, mows on any surface!

Like most, I see the lack of power in the weed picker.

Tried mowing once, but quite a large area. Took about 10 minutes to buy this model for myself! Bought it today :) Price to life ratio (based on reviews), I think it’s perfect!

Maneuverable. If there are a lot of bushes and trees on the plot, this lawn mower can handle even small openings. Mows the grass for 6 years. However, this mower is only suitable for frequent use – once every two weeks you need to mow the grass, and the grass must be dry. But it is easy to operate, in comparison with other mowers, after two hours of work I won’t get tired. It is not necessary to sharpen the blades frequently. Regarding the price-quality ratio it is a very good product.

It is impossible to mow overgrown, wet, hard grass. For large areas, the grass catcher box is too small.

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If the area under the lawn is small (2-3 acres), you can buy. The lightness of this mower is its main advantage.

Comfortable. Easy to operate and in terms of weight. Relatively cheap.

Any defects due to careless use (speaking only for myself).

Bought for my mom so chose a light and small. Didn’t even have a trimmer for the same reason – mom. The primary user liked it, and I have a habit of getting my hundred for a few weeks at a time. Plus, it’s usually without a weed bag. I’ve read reviews of these models, one of which is extremely helpful – it had better be wet and rustling grass. I took a knife and sharpened it at the beginning of the summer, it should last for a few seasons with regular sharpening.

Very easy to assemble and operate. It goes up with a woman holding on with one hand. Clean clean grass. Very handy weed picker that allows you to immediately empty and put it on.

More suitable for first class lawns. With holes, thick bush of grass, grows menacingly (i.e., doesn’t get around).

Worked the day after purchase. No professional experience with other lawn mowers. The lawn in front of the mower runs very fast. On large grass it is very stressful.

Lightweight, large grass catcher box.

Runs a little over warranty. Then the plastic bed and rotor mail pay. Vigator jams. Do not fix it. Tested on five (5) pieces bought for four families – all have the same result. For a brand like Bosch it is a shame and a disgrace.

The main advantage is the lightness. It is a good price.

It would be necessary to have a grass catcher box, otherwise it quickly gets clogged up with grass.

I mowed my 2 acres of land, the field is not flat, there are a lot of small holes. It worked perfectly!

Mows well, easy to carry and handle. I have been using it for more than a year.

The handle is hard (painted metal), I always kill the corn between my thumb and first finger. But my hands just grip the handle.

If it breaks, I will buy one of these.

Not expensive, lightweight, first mower like this, I really liked it!

I bought it three years ago, the price is low and Bosch was the obvious choice. It worked fine, every week I mowed 8 acres, mows, concrete paths, stones, everything went right on the first try. And now I did not expect that this year, such a failure of this miracle of technology. Upset, because three years to three months – is not a period for Bosh. So I wonder what to buy. The same or more expensive, but where the guarantee that it will not fail!

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