Bosch lawn mower. Bosch electric mower reviews, lawn mower instructions

Reviews of Bosch lawn mowers

Bosch Rotak 43 Li (0.600.881.K00)

After three years of use the plastic broke somewhere. Batteries are a little weak.


Good device, a real workhorse. Without it, as without hands. Read all reviews

Bosch Rotak 1400 (0.600.881.a01)

Bosch Rotak 1400 (0.600.881.A01)


Lasted less than a month (4 mah). Stupid design that had melted plastic that the blade actuator assembly was made of. After the warranty was not accepted (and this is in Moscow!). The repair was commensurate with the cost of the mower. Got another negative from Bosch. Read all reviews

Bosch Rotak 37li (0.600.881.j01)

Bosch Rotak 37Li (0.600.881.J01)

Easy to mow between trees, bushes, flowerbeds, “awkward” in general. It is light, maneuverable (unfolds practically on the spot). If necessary, I simply lift it up and turn it in the right direction.

1. high price. 2. Time of work from “batteries” – more.


Parquet grid. With this in mind, it is not designed for large arrays and started races. In general, the operating procedure is as follows: quick spot checks. Read all reviews

Bosch Rotak 40 (0.600.881.200)

Bosch Rotak 40 (0.600.881.200)

A successful model for women – lightweight, well controlled. Works as a vacuum cleaner for leaves.


Decided to buy a lawn mower. I’ve been surfing the internet. I really liked this model. Went to the store and was not disappointed, because it is very light and nice design. We bought it, and we like it. We mow grass of different height. The neighbor tried to mow with our mower, he liked it and bought the same model. S. Read all reviews

Bosch Rotak 320 (0.600.885.a00)

Bosch Rotak 320 (0.600.885.A00)

It worked for 5 seasons without any problems. The only thing I have to do is to clean and remove the lid on time.

The height of low grass mowing according to the instructions – 30 cm.


I am very happy with the product. Now I’m looking for the same one. Or try to repair it. It is desirable not to mow bumps, branches and tough weeds – it does not like this very much. Practically does not get clogged, and if it does, then with the trawl loaded to the bottom. Lightweight and maneuverable turf auger. Read all reviews

Bosch Art 30 Combitrim (0.600.878.d21)

Bosch Art 30 Combitrim (0.600.878.D21)

Machine is a beast! I use only one blade (I had trouble with the line on my other trimmer before and had to choose a blade on purpose), which cuts both the grass and the bushes!

Bosch AFS 23-37 (0.600.8a9.020)

Bosch AFS 23-37 (0,600,8A9.020)

The suit feels. Long, nimble, powerful. There is no vibration.

The grass flies. SIZ IS A MUST.


Tried the trimmer in the case today. Was not disappointed. It handles the grass beautifully and everything. Took a very long time to choose and did not let me down. Anyone looking for a decent and inexpensive tool for a small garden plot, this model will suffice. I am satisfied. Read all reviews

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Bosch Art 23 Combitrim (0.600.878.b00)

Bosch Type 23 Combitrim (0.600.878.B00)

The motor is on the bottom, there is no vibration. It is very easy to hold in my hand. Even cuts small branches. Can cut even low grass. To avoid skipping, I move the trimmer from left to right and vice versa. I removed 50 cm of grass in 30 minutes. Time will show what I needed.

I have seen some videos on Utube, I do not want to overpay for unnecessary power read all reviews

Bosch Rotak 37 (0.600.881.b00)

Bosch Rotak 37 (0.600.881.B00)

Robust, reliable, unpretentious. Been working since 2007. Everything is domestic, although the repair was

Expensive knife, and you often have to sharpen it. Pickups in the 5th year need to be replaced and preferably good ones. Due to knocks (unbalanced blade) failed lower motor. Repair by specialists, as the belt belt is not removable.


Very decent machine, in capable hands works for a long time and only delivers. Read all reviews

Bosch Rotak 37 (0.600.8a4.100)

Bosch Rotak 37 (0,600,8A4.100)

Ergonomics, reliability, run time, mows grass of any height and humidity, until you get tired of pulling the grass to grow bushes, apple trees or into the compost box. July 2013 half lawn mowed July 2013 half wild grass between shrubs trees, fence. No land even where the wild grass, its piles are developed, etc. Mows everything even 20 cm or 50 cm, but lonely. Read all reviews

Bosch Art 26-18li (0.600.8a5.e05)

Bosch Type 26-18 Li (0,600.8A5.E05)

Compact glimpses of light. It is not a mower, as stated in the previous review.

Would be nice to add power.


I used the previous model of this trimmer for the fourth year. Now the model has been discontinued, but that’s a pity. It is reliable, handy, and compact. Mowed the grass around the garage, under my own windows of a two-story apartment house, the graves of relatives in two cemeteries, the lawn on the roof of about 50 square … Read all reviews

Bosch Rotak 1000 (0.600.885.a02)

Bosch Rotak 1000 (0.600.885.A02)

The main advantage is the lightness. A good price.

If only the grass catcher box, otherwise it gets clogged quickly.


I mowed a 2 acres plot, not a flat one, lots of small holes. It was great! Read all reviews

Boschhart 37 (0.600.878.M20)

Bosch Type 37 (0.600.878.M20)

Heavy plastic gear, fishing line, doesn’t come out of the drum.


Plastic gear didn’t stand up to frugal mode and half season, depth is desperate money, line doesn’t come out, don’t get such de**mas more expensive. Read all reviews

Bosch Art 26-18li (0.600.8a5.e00)

Bosch type 26-18 Li (0,600,8A5.E00)

Disk flies out, every minute, it’s very annoying.

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For tall grass this is not the right trimmer Read all reviews

Bosch Art 23 Accutrim (0.600.878.E00)

Bosch Type 23 Accutrim (0.600.878.E00)

The quality of workmanship and materials is still one of the pluses. The plastic is thick, durable, but not oaky and smells nice. No nuts to hide/unscrew to get started.

The 26 Accutrim has no limiter (front holder). There are grooves in the blade guard, you can buy it, or you can make it yourself. The kit includes 12 blades, let’s see how long it will last.

Review of lawn mowers, power tillers and trimmers from the brand Bosch. instructions, reviews

The Bosch brand is named after the founder Robert Bosch, who was an inventor by profession. He decided to organize his own business in 1886, and thanks to his persistence and hard work in 1901, the factory Bosch was founded, with a staff of about 40 people. He worked on the production of magnetos.

Bosch magnet

1906 was an important year for the company, as the decision was made to produce and 100,000 magnetos were produced. The second significant event for the company was the expansion of the geography of the countries in the construction of subsidiaries. Well, the most important thing was that workers all over the world pushed for the introduction of the 8-hour workday, and the first person to support this innovation was Robert Bosch. He justified this decision not so much by the fact that he was acting in the name of humanity, but rather by the fact that production required attention and care, which only well-rested workers could pay for. Bosch’s main goal was to get quality, not profit at the expense of quantity. “Better to lose money than credibility,” was his motto. And this approach to work is highly appreciated by consumers.

Bosch lawnmower

With his strong grip and keen mind, Robert Bosch did not want to stop and began to actively expand his product range. By early 1910, the company was producing all the necessary electrical components used in cars of the time.

Trimmer and lawnmower Bosch

The first electric starter was produced in 1914. Further plans for the development of production facilities were hit by the war. But the company managed to survive and not only to resume production, but also to take part in international exhibitions. The following years were a number of new achievements and successes, but since 1942 without his parents.

The best models of Bosch

The best models in the ranking are the Bosch Rotak 37, Bosch Rotak 34 and Bosch Rotak 32 electric lawnmowers. Such data confirms the number of ratings for these models.

Bosch Rotak-32 Li High Power lawnmower Bosch Rotak 34 lawnmower Bosch Rotak 37 lawnmower

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Their technical properties are so well combined with appearance that the use of these mowers is a real pleasure for their owners (judging by their reviews). Art 23 Combitrim and Art 24 noted in the rating of the best trimmers.


Bosch electric mower is very popular in the market of garden tools, primarily due to the reliability of the mechanisms used, good design, durable plastic and excellent technical characteristics. In contrast to gasoline counterparts from other companies, the electric units are significantly advantageous.

Bosch lawn knife

The motors installed in the units have different functions, so the consumer can choose a device depending on the goals set. The powerful rotary cutting system in combination with the strip knives perfectly copes with mowing both ornamental grass on the lawn and dense weeds.

Advantages of Bosch lawn mowers:
  • Almost silent operation;
  • No noxious gases;
  • Rotary cutting system;
  • Large collection tank for grass clippings; Practical transport grip; Large collection tank for grass clippings;
  • Practical transport grip;
  • Small size;
  • Levers for cutting height adjustment;
  • Better ergonomics;
  • Lightweight.

Electric models

Designers have given consumers the ability to choose their own cutting height from 20 to 70 mm and use the handle for adjustment. The telescopic handle increases comfort when working with an electric mower. When the device is not needed, the handle can easily be folded to stow it in a small corner.

Compact Bosch lawnmowers

Contains four bicycles, of equal diameter. All mowed grass goes into the grass box, the volume of which ranges from 30 to 50 liters, depending on the model. The weight of the models also varies. It is influenced by the dimensions of the lawnmower, which also limit the width of the cultivated area. All devices are not self-propelled.

Bosch ARM-34 Lawnmower Bosch Rotak 40 Gen Bosch Rotak 43 Lawnmower Bosch 43

Here are the most famous models of the brand:

  • Bosch Rotak 32 lawn mower
  • Bosch Rotak 37 lawn mower
  • Bosch Arm 34 lawn mowers
  • Bosch Arm 37
  • Bosch Rotak 40 lawn mowers
  • Bosch Rotak 43 lawnmowers

Cordless models

These models are cordless, cordless and AC powered. The absence of a cable provides many advantages for mower owners, for example, one of them is the freedom of movement. A low, unfinished mower, the machine with its compact size will be a great helper for the beauty of your personal act. It wins over gasoline-powered units with its eco-friendliness and lack of toxic exhaust fumes.

Bosch Rotak 43 Li lawnmower

Batteries have a high capacity and allow up to 20-30 minutes of operation. This is enough to prevent the engine from overheating. The battery reaches its maximum charge after one hour. After a little maintenance, you can start working again. The same ergonomic handles, optimized shape and modern design as electric lawnmowers make the cordless models popular.

Feeding in winter

Bosch Rotak-32 Li High-performance Bosch Rotak 37 Li

Bosch To p-up batteries:

  • Bosch Rotak 32 Li High performance
  • Bosch Rotak 37 Li battery
  • Bosch Rotak 43 Li battery

Trimmers and tillers

The Bosch range of electric garden trimmers is huge. Compared to lawn trimmers, trimmers are more convenient for mowing grass near fences, curbs, bushes, flowerbeds and trees. The latest technology is reflected in the Elektr o-Cos from Bosch.

Rotating trimmer head

Owners will appreciate the semi-automatic line feed after turning on the tool. This is also good because the line is fed in a strictly defined manner. Powerful motors allow you to get rid of the grass quickly and efficiently.

Electric models

Another advantage is the balanced weight of garden hedgetrimmers. Some models are equipped with a telescopic handle, which can fold almost twice. To improve maneuverability, there is a swivel mechanism at the bottom, which can mow under the benches. The trimmers are lightweight, allowing you to avoid using shoulder straps.

Bosch Art-26 Combitrim trimmer

Popular models of Bosch electric trimmers:

  • Bosch AFS 23-37.
  • Trimmer Bosch Art 26 SL
  • Trimmer Bosch Art 23 SL
  • Trimmer Bosch Art 26 SL
  • Trimmer Bosch Art 23 28 28
  • Bosch Art 23 Combitrim trimmer
  • Bosch Art Art 24 trimmer
  • Trimmer Bosch Art 26 Combitrim

Cordless models

A great alternative to electric trimmers are cordless devices, with which you can go any distance from the outlet. The owner has complete freedom of movement and does not have to fear that the cord will break. The trimmers come with a manual, so it is not difficult to understand the intricacies of operation and maintenance.

Bosch Easygrasscut 12-230 trimmer Bosch Art 23-18 Li trimmer

Bosc h-Batteriechnäcker:

  • Bosch Easygrasscut 12-230
  • Bosch Art 2 3-10.8 Li
  • Bosch Art 23-18 Li
  • Bosch Art 26-18 Li

Instruction manual

The optimum air temperature at which the Bosch Electric lawnmower can be used is considered between 0 and +40 degrees Celsius. Due to the clever increase in insulation of the device, no additional grounding is required. An H50VV F or H05RN F type cable permit is recommended to ensure safe operation against electric shock.

Lawn mower extensions

The voltage at which the tool must be operated is 230 V for the EU country, and for other countries: 220 V or 240 V. If you choose to do repair work, it is advisable to do so according to technical safety rules, namely wearing gloves and with the devices separated from the mains. Please refer to the instruction manual for details.

Schematic illustration of an electric lawnmower


Maintenance consists of the following processes:

  • Detecting visible defects by visual inspection;
  • Checking the sharpness of the blades and, if necessary, sharpening or replacing in case of deformations;
  • Checking that all covers are securely fastened and sealed;
  • Performing cleaning of the blade and the entire underside of the lawnmower after each use.
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Main malfunctions and remedies

Possible malfunctions of Bosch lawnmowers:

  • The motor does not turn on. Causes may be a faulty outlet, a damaged cable box, or the grass is too high for this model. The fuse may have tripped.
  • It works intermittently. Causes may be similar to the previous point. Internal cable damage is also possible.
  • Uneven mowing. This situation can occur because the blade is not installed correctly or if the blade is blunt.
  • After turning on the blade does not rotate. This is caused by grass that has fallen on the cutting tool.
  • Occurrence of extraneous noises. It is necessary to check all the brackets and replace those that have fallen into disrepair.

Video review

Overview of the Bosch ARM-34 electric lawnmower

Gas mower Bosch Arm 3200 overview

Owners reviews

Numerous reviews left by Bosch owners reflect the reliability of the units and usability, which determines the efficiency of the work.


“I have been using the Bosch Arma Lawn Mowl 34 on my lawn for 3 years. I have to work every 10-14 days because the grass grows fast. As often as a cat so the grass doesn’t wind up on the axle. The overheat protection proved to be quite real and several times the motor shut down. Then I realized how much mowing it needed to do to keep it from going off. The grass catcher is plenty, but I often clean it up because it’s getting hard. “


“I bought a Bosch Rotak 37 lawn mower for mowing grass on a plot of up to 4 acres. I would like to highlight such advantages – a powerful motor, high speed, a suitable mowing width. There are also enough disadvantages – it is very impractical to press the manual switches. It is difficult to mow tall grass more than 10 cm, as the stems are wounded on the blades. “


“My review of the Bosch Arm 33 lawnmower so far is positive, because the Kosh is only one year old. The manual operation is very simple and convenient. We were satisfied with the blades, which cut the grass evenly and equally across the entire width, the strength is enough. The low weight is only pleasing if you need to move the mower to another place, but you do not want to roll so as not to damage the blades. “

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