Bosch ARM-37 lawn mowers. Overview, specifications, owner reviews.

Bosch ARM 37 (0.600.8A6.201)

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Reviews for Bosch Arm 37 (0.600.8A6.201)

Advantages: Great, not very noisy. It cuts everything in its path, even smoothes out slight bumps.

Disadvantages: – The control buttons are not made very convenient, the buttons are loose and the engine stops the models – the knife is soft – wet grass (damp grass (like all)) in one mower

Comment: Comparing Bosch Rotak (English build) with my previous mower for 15 years, nothing has changed for the better. After warranty, when I live I will be replacing the control handle, I will install from my old machine

Advantages: My woman is thrilled, lightweight, cuts decently, the mole trap made of thick steel wire was wrapped around the knife, but it did not cause much trouble, the knife was easy to put the point and go further

Weaknesses: unreliable plastic protective housing. Thin metal mounting houses all the way down to the gas mower housing, the metal tore and had to weld the metal together. The motor burned out in the second year of use, replaced it by buying a new lawn mower.

Comment: I chose this mower because it is practical and bright female. My first MTD 1646 lawnmower – 8 years without problems.

Advantages: perfect! Poster is dry and fresh (doesn’t take the old swan), but mows amazingly! Grass is tall, grass box was quickly clogged, but in the breaks to clean the tank, let the engine rest. But mows fast, even grass in the pass. You can even manage to get on the curb and gently holding the knife over the curb to mow the grass near the curb. I really like it. No trimmer needed! Thank you very much!

Disadvantages: No holder for extension cord.

Strengths: easy to operate, good performance, low weight.

Weaknesses: Has to be cleaned often. No hopper fill indicator.

Comments: Honestly, I wasn’t familiar with lawns before. I thought I would roll it out in front of me, cut the grass, and fit into a bunker. And I got something like that, but with a few caveats. The space in which the opener is located gets clogged very quickly. Literally 40-50 yards and all the grass clippings are compressed into a solid, wet mass and flood the entire space around the knife. It plugs the grass feed hole in the hopper, and the grass stops there. There have been times when I’ve watched a cat made of grass, Kosh, and the hopper is empty. And then it turns out to be clogged and all the mulch spills out onto the lawn. Too bad there is no hopper fill indicator. Again, the hopper is full, you do not see that, and all mowed grass falls back on the lawn. So it’s all trial and error. Pull a little, check the hopper, turn the mower, clean the blade, and Mow on.

Motor cultivator NEVA MK-100. Overview, rules of operation

Pros: quiet, comfortable, powerful. Before I had Alco it was a real pleasure.

Cons: I wish the knife would not get tangled, even damaged by small wood.

Pros: I’m writing after one year of use. The bag is powerful, easy to handle, capacious and robust.

Comments: Very happy with the product.

Pros: light weight, good wheels

Cons: Noisy, but +/- they all make noise

Comments: A good mower, reliable.

Cons: I have not found yet

Commentary: Easy to adjust the height. The handles are made properly.

Commentary: Until last year I mowed with Chinese trimmer, but it certainly burned out. I decided to buy something more serious. I tried my neighbor’s Bosch Arm 37. I liked it very much. But I was choked by my greed, so I bought the cheap Mtd Smart 38E. I was very disappointed, because it did not pull up, but the thick grass. With grief one day at the mowing, the rear wheels came off on a bump and the engine blew a smoke – I crossed my eyes when I returned it to the store. Bought an Arm 37. I am very happy now. Mashin-Zver.

Pros: Good power, COMBINED with small bushes, works long hours without interruption, mobile.

Comment: I bought it based on the reviews and I am very happy with it. Hopefully my review will help you make your choice now. The power of this model is enough for a plot of 6 acres, where there are two houses and a couple of large beds. Convenient handles and portability.

Pros: Lightweight, efficiently made, cuts well, blades don’t blunt.

Mows well for its size.

Can be stored compactly

Very comfortable handles

Cons: The Grass catcher has some concerns, but after a month it has proven to be excellent. We will see.

Comments: I think it’s a great value for money fuel model

Pros: Easy going, quiet, easy to assemble/clean, cuts great. Rough everything, calculated with bumps. Great device, never regretted it once.

Comment: There is a nuance when cutting too long grass: if the tank is flooded with it, the grass will fall out. It is not critical, but it is better to see. An extension cord is a must, it’s a specific plug connector.

Pros: Convenient grip, reliable construction, large detection angle.

Cons: Couldn’t find it since April.

Comment: Gave it to my husband for his birthday, Koshu himself))))

Pros: Very easy to operate, just what I wanted. Somehow immediately fell in love with this mower. Works like a beast, mows the grass high above my knee and chops it into slivers. It’s not too loud. Bought a 50 meter cord.

Cons: I have not noticed yet.

Advantages: easy to operate (especially for women), lightweight, pleasant design.

Disadvantages: I haven’t found any yet.

Comment: The quality is worth the money in this model, which is well worth it. Mows, including tall, dense grass. Very comfortable handle. I like the grip on the vertical part. My arms get tired, I can change the position and catch the horizontal part. The tractor is big enough, no need to shake often. Takes up little space when memorized, just folds up the handle and the tractor. I use the second season, very satisfied)! Recommended to relatives and friends.

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Disadvantages: 8.07.2018 Price, motor performance does not match the stated – sometimes “chokes”, blades “optimized for the price” Bosse in Chinese Fabrics. The result of this lack of air flow to eject succulent grass into the grass catcher and the channel during Cosba operation is clogged with succulent grass. When walking, the succulent grass is moved by this bar. The distance between the front wheels have made as the rear, now the cut grass is pressed from the front wheels and the “ruts” with the cut grass after them remain.

To comment: Bosh Bosh Boshen Law Rota k-37 English assembling, excellent design of the blade, grass catcher box, power 140 0-w digitl which has worked for 5 seasons, the grass no matter what dry, juicy, wet Drum “did not have time to release the grass catcher box”. Well this miracle” optimization “with the same teretically printed properties, and this is what was assembled in China. I do not recommend this unit for permanent use in Lend. Only for our ladies and lawns of 20 m2 with mowing of 2-4 cm and then when the grass is half-dry.

Advantages: It mows well, including near the walls.

Disadvantages: 40 cm is more convenient and it is necessary to use force while pushing the buttons, to hold the engine. If you mow with one hand, the button often pushes out and the motor stops. I used to have a clamp holder – the feel was clearer and I had no problems with stopping.

Comment: This is my third Bosch mower. The first was 32 cm, the second was 40 cm, this one is 37 cm. Different generations. I gave up buying this model because the difference between the 37cm and 40cm is over 5,000, which is about half the cost of the mower itself. First of all, I can compare myself with earlier models – that one was clearly not very powerful. So it lasted about 7-8 years in its age and was replaced by a more powerful one. The 40cm was certainly a fire and had everything in it, except that the grass was clogging up the motor, my mom didn’t tell me to clean it in time and it burned out. This model is something in between the previous two. The differences are they made a quick-release grass case, so the scythe now takes up very little space when stored. Instead of a fighting piece of wire with a fork, they did a stationary fork on the handle – as I understand it, so that there are no symptoms in that assembly if you stretch it hard by the wire. This is impossible – the plug will simply pull out of the socket. This did not affect the usability in any way. The third difference is the handles instead of the usual handle and duplicated four keys to hold the engine. This decision is controversial because I seldom mow with two hands and I often switch off the engine with one hand. Overall satisfied with the mower after the first mowing, especially since there was a bad experience buying a Chinese mower for a German brand last year – since then Bosch and only Bosch.

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Advantages: Perfect grass, fast, even. Excellent maneuverability, easy to maneuver around and around beds.

Disadvantages: Hasn’t been broken yet! No way to mow in Moscow now – winter, grass under the snow, nothing to mow. We are waiting for spring and summer.

Comment: Bought both on December 24 and mow every week. )))). This survey only applies to the box. What is its relevance? Maybe I don’t understand something or don’t know, hint. Anyway, the thing is great, we are buying our 3rd copy (in 15 years!). On our recommendation, a neighbor 2-A bought this model (2 years ago). Thank you very much.

Advantages: I liked the mower. It is light, docile and reliable.

Disadvantages: Haven’t found any.

Comment: Has not tested on wet grass (weather fails), so the grass container is quickly overloaded.

Advantages: it is a good present for parents.

Disadvantages: My dad did not like it, some switch keeps moving, then it stops. Not enough power. Does not work well with low voltage, which is not uncommon in rural areas. In general, he threw it in the corner, there is of course, I am not satisfied.

Advantages: The ability to adjust the number of blades

Disadvantages: Small motorcycle, it is better to use it for mowing on a perfectly flat surface.

Comments: We have been mowing in the countryside for several years, the area is not flat, but it is not a problem thanks to the adjustment of the blade. Quite large, storage can be problematic, we do not have it in the greenhouse. Messers are sharpened in the sharpening, i.e. a blunt knife is not a problem either. Mows well.

Advantages: quiet electric shovel, roomy grass catcher box. The 37 cm knife is suitable for several models of boars.

Disadvantages: The previous model worked for 3 summers and together with the motor the anchor flew out. The only thing to do is to change the motor for 5500 rubles. No sense! I bought a new mower for 8500 rubles.

Advantages: a powerful engine, comfortable handles. It is easy to change the height of the blade.

Disadvantages: Not practical for development. Small drawer for grass. Developed only for a round socket, which is not always handy. All the time it keeps trying to bump into the wire)

Strengths: lightweight, relatively quiet, gets the job done, mowing height is conveniently adjustable. The handles are comfortable.

Disadvantages: Sometimes there is not enough power in the beams of the grass collector, in dense grass it can get in the way. Grasshopper grip is weak. The room with the blades is clogged with grass, it is impossible to clean the slots. I will wash it with Kerher and risk watering it :)

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Comment: On the whole I like it. For a lawn that is not well-maintained it is fine. Do not believe those who write that it takes thick and tall grass in one pass. Then shake out the grass catcher box and clean the recess with a knife.

Honestly, I didn’t believe the machine could handle this kind of grass in principle, was already thinking about a trimmer to get it. I started mowing late this year. But there you have it, a level lawn turning green after a high shelter.

As for the handle that was on the grass box, it had to be reinforced with a simple design and a screw. Now I have no fear of it falling off when carrying a full container.

The knife already has a rock stop, turned and sharpened with a file.

Advantages: Mowing is great swaths close to a side obstacle.

Disadvantages: No instructions from the meeting :) Laughs and sins

Commentary: Mowed every blade of grass. Took it as a replacement for the dead gasoline. A few comments: 1. Two 25m extensions. All I need for 20 acres. 2. Regardless of which wires are in the way, distribute the rings in the middle of the lawn and mow through the left one. After an hour, you will stop bothering. 3. Don’t be too lazy to shake the grass off the gathering. 4. Don’t be lazy to inspect your lawn for stones and large branches. Sharpening or replacing the blade couldn’t be easier. 5. Clean the mower after mowing. Grass dries out – 5 times the time. 6. If your mains voltage is low – use a stabilizer. I always work with a 3K V-Com – always at full capacity. 7. If a rock or branch is caught – inspect the blade. Blunt – remove and sharpen. Otherwise the knife will grind the grass and the wet stuff will finish the channels. 8. Take it off if you have 220 V. No gasoline, oil, etc. Total area of my lawn is 20 acres. I mow more often, once a week. Everything is fine.

Bosch ARM-37 lawn mowers. Overview, specifications, owner reviews.

The Bosch ARM-37 lawn mower is used to handle areas of dense grass and weeds up to 300 m². It easily copes with the mowing of thick tree trunks thanks to the 1400 W power equipment.

Bosch ARM-37 lawnmower

The rotary cutting system plays an important part. The specially developed petal blade configuration makes it easy to handle dense vegetation. The optional motor overheat protection system prevents breakage and prolongs the life of the unit. The system automatically separates the motor when the temperature rises.

Bosch knives

In one pass, the Bosch ARM 37 mower mows a strip width of 30 cm. If you use the handle on the body, you can set the height of mowing. If necessary, you can set the height of cut from 20 to 70 mm. A total of 5 adjusting positions are provided. The heavy-duty plastic material used for the housing makes the mower lightweight, robust and reliable. The weight of the device only weighs 12 kg. For easy transportation of the Lawnmower in a living room, a special handle is also available.

Minitor Centaur T 18. Overview, characteristics, instructions

The compactness of the Bosch lawn mower

The grass cuttings are discharged into a bag fastened at the back. The grass catcher box is made of thick plastic and has a volume of 40 liters. The controls are on the handles, and the handles are adjustable to control the mower. If necessary, they can be folded for convenient storage.

Pros of the Bosch ARM-37 electric mower:
  • low noise level;
  • environmental safety;
  • the type of rotation of the cutting system;
  • Large and durable grass catcher box;
  • Compact size and light weight;
  • Easy transportation;
  • Adjustable cutting height and handle;
  • Increased ergonomics.
Basic configuration BOSCH ARM-37

Adjustable handle Bosch Arm Arm Grasshopper


lawnmower type electric
force, W 1400
cutting height, mm 20-70 mm
cutting width, cm 37
grass catcher box volume, l 40
weight (kg 12

User manual

The optimum air temperature for normal operation of the electric mower of this model is 0 – +40 degrees Celsius. Due to the thoughtful increase in insulation of the device, additional grounding is not required.

Diagram of an electric mower

For operation it is necessary to use sockets with 220V – 240V voltage. It is allowed to use extension cords, leads and extensions during operation of the device. At the same time, it is necessary to take devices with automatic shutdown function in case of voltage drop.

Lawn mower extension cord

Regular maintenance consists of the following:

  • Evaluate visible defects by visual inspection;
  • check the sharpness of the blades and, if necessary, to sharpen or replace them in case of deformation;
  • Check that the fasteners are secure;
  • Clean the blades and the entire underside of the mower.

Repairs must be carried out in accordance with safety regulations and after disconnecting the unit from the mains.

The maintenance principles and performance of the Bosch Arma 37 lawnmower can be found in the instruction manual: Your browser does not support frames Download the Bosch Arma 37 instruction manual.

Video review

Evaluation of the video review of the Bosch ARM-37 electric lawnmower

Review of the Bosch ARM-37 lawn mower

Overview of cutting the grass with the Bosch Arm-37

Owners reviews

Most of the reviews of the owners of the Bosch Arma 37 are positive and say that the electric lawnmower is reliable and efficient in operation.


“Great machine for my personal activities. We have a small lawn, but with the help of the lawnmower has become much easier. I chose mainly on the basis that the brand is good and proven. I have been using the Bosch Arma 37 for 2 years now and it does not let me down. The handle is foldable and its compact size allows me to store it without taking up much space. The unit is maneuverable, easy to operate and not difficult to maintain. “


“Great model Bosch Arma 37, no complaints at all. True, the manual to us in the package was not attached. Not that it’s hard to figure out, but not disappointed. However, in the work of the machine just a miracle – mows everything. “

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