Bosch ARM-3650 lawn mowers. Overview, specifications, owner reviews

Bosch ARM-3650 lawn mowers. Overview, specifications, owner reviews

The Bosch ARM 3650 lawn mower is an electric unit with 1400 watt motor power. You can use the mower not only in private estates, but also in gardens, greenhouses and other areas where there is access to electricity. The recommended treatment area is up to 900 m². Using this unit provides certain advantages. For example, you do not have to breathe exhaust fumes, as the unit is completely environmentally friendly.

Bosch Arm-3650 Lawn Mower

Transporting the mower is easy because it weighs only 12.1 kg. To make carrying easier, you can use a special handle. The body itself consists of durable plastic, which reliably protects the internal mechanisms from damage. The lawnmower is very easy to store, as it has small dimensions, a removable grass catcher box and a folding handle.

The compactness of Bosch lawn mowers

It is worth noting that the volume of the grass catcher box is 40 liters, so that you can distract yourself from emptying it for a long time. The width of the working area is 36 cm. The cutting height is traditionally adjustable from 20 mm. Up to 70 mm. The high-speed motor is reliably protected from power surges by a specially installed system.

Advantages of the electric model Bosch ARM-3650:
  • Quiet operation;
  • Environmentally friendly;
  • Spacious grass catcher box;
  • Easy transportation;
  • Compact size;
  • The possibility of setting the height of mowing;
  • Enhanced ergonomics;
  • Low weight.
Basic equipment Bosch ARM-3650

Knife adjustable handle Bosch arm grass catcher box


motor type electric
Power, W 1400
Grass tablet capacity, l 40
Mowing width, cm 36
Sound pressure level, dB 98
Recommended treatment area 900 m2
Weight (kg 12.1

Owner’s Manual

The Bosch ARM-3650 electric gas mower can be used in temperatures between 0 and +40 degrees Celsius. The unit is double insulated and does not require grounding. For safe operation it is recommended to use an extension cable type H50VV F or H05RN F. The operating voltage is 230V, and for non-EU countries: 220V or 240V.

Schematic illustration of an electric lawn mower

Wearing consists of the following operations:

  • Conducting a periodic inspection to detect visible defects;
  • Checking the cutting tools and, if worn, replacing them;
  • Checking that all covers are securely fastened and sealed;
  • Regular tool cleaning.

Video review

There is currently no video review of the Bosch ARM-3650 lawnmower.

Owners reviews

In their evaluations, the owners of the presented model provide its operation more convenient and comfortable than similar counterparts from other manufacturers.


“Bought a lawn mower for mowing the lawn up to 4 acres. The advantages include electricity, high speed, excellent mowing width. There are also disadvantages – the use of switches is very impractical, if the grass is more than 10 cm, it becomes a whole problem. “

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And I return to my dacha theme. The review of this lawnmower was planned back last summer, but for some reason it didn’t work out, but as it turned out, for the best, because. Today, my evaluation will be as objective as possible, given the circumstances.

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So, electric lawn mowers have long settled in our dacha, but there is only one problem with them – they often break down, work 2-3 seasons and require replacement. Of course, this leveling is sad, because the technique is expensive, and we want it to work properly and as long as possible. When our next lawn mower broke down (and it was the AL-KO Classic 3.82 SE Limited Edition), this time we chose something more expensive, hoping that it will last longer. After reviews I finally settled on the Bosch ROTAK, but the store manager convinced me to take the ARM version, saying that the Rotak is assembled in China, and here in the UK, otherwise they are exact copies. In principle, the argument was compelling and I agreed.

Product information:

  • Brand: Bosch
  • Country of Origin: UK
  • Cutting width: 37 cm
  • Cutting height: 20-80mm
  • Trash basket: yes, capacity 40 liters, ejection from the back.
  • Power: 1400 W
  • Total weight: 12 kg
  • Price: 9800 rubles.

Shown are the main features that concern me as a consumer.

Requirements for the device:

  • Operation from the cord;
  • Power not more than 1500 watts;
  • Optimal mowing width, as we have a lot of flower beds and need to get between them to make the lawn look neat. Not less than 32 cm, but no more than 42 cm It turned out that 37 cm is the golden mean.
  • Availability of a grass catcher box. I hate picking up the grass with a rake after mowing, let the machine do it for me;
  • Low weight, because if the machine is too heavy, it is not as maneuverable and I get tired of mowing our area.


It looks cool, even a little spacey. I would not call it compact, but still it does not take up much space in the garden, especially if you remove the grass catcher box.

A separate description deserves the front of the machine, roughly speaking, the part where the engine is hidden. The previous AL-KO at this point was streamlined, like a sports car, and it was easy to squeeze it under the branches of arborvitae or spruce. That said, low branches beneath it crumple, and there is a risk that they will also be sheared off. It is therefore an unnecessary inconvenience for me that I also have to lift the plants when mowing.

It is possible to crawl sideways to such places because the blade has a limiter, but it is not always convenient for me to poke into the thuas to pull the lawnmower sideways. But with this limiter, you can cut the grass almost perfectly along a wall or path:

It turns out that if there is a fence or wall, the knife is safely protected from damage. It is true that now many such devices are equipped with it.

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The handle is adjustable to the height of the operator (yes, I found this definition in the manual). My husband brought it below my height, but my mother-in-law doesn’t move the position so as not to knock it over. Also, there is a lever to adjust the height of the mowing. There are a total of 5 positions, from 20 to 70 mm. I always mow in the middle, if you put the minimum value, you just need a perfect surface, without pits and bumps, otherwise the blade will run into the ground. We do not have such an ideal lawn, so I mow in 3-4 mode, found out empirically: conditionally it is quite short, but I do not cut bumps.

The handle deserves a separate mention. Initially, it has been declared as know-how of BOSCH, supposedly ergonomic, super convenient, etc. Firstly, there are up to 4 (!) buttons to control the engine, it is enough to hold at least one to not stutter. This. You really can mow with one hand. My mother-in-law suffers from a disease that makes it hard for her to keep her arms bent for long periods of time, her joints hurt a lot, so I try to relieve her of this duty. We had hoped that by moving away from the classic staple design, this handle with buttons would cause less problems, but no, for this particular task, this design was not an option.

To turn the mower on, you have to press the center button and then hold down one of the 4 buttons located on the handle, then the engine will start and you can start mowing. When you release the button, the engine will start right away. It’s an elementary safety precaution.

It all looks very cool and well thought out, but even with gloves on, my hands, especially my right palm at the junction with my thumb, hurt. It’s not critical, but this area becomes noticeably crumpled after 3-4 hours of work a day, so don’t even try to work without gloves!

There are special loops for the cord on both sides, fix it with the one that is comfortable to mow. I usually cast the line along the already mowed part so I don’t accidentally step on it, depending on how I go, I hang the line on that side. It attaches easily but securely:

Note that you will need an extension cord that has a plug on one end and an outlet on the other. The mower contact is represented by the plug (although I don’t even know if there are other options, we’ve all had machines with a similar design).


The blade is secured with a hex head screw and is easy to remove. My father-in-law removes it for dressing and sharpening. The steel of the knife itself is very high quality, the first two months we definitely did not have to sharpen it, and the sharpening lasts much longer. Compared to AL-KO the steel was of low quality, and we had to sharpen it almost every time we mowed, otherwise the grass got torn and crumpled.

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The photo above shows the condition of the machine after mowing, be sure to remove all plaque and dirt after mowing! Otherwise the engine compartment can overheat. I usually use a knife or metal rod to scrape off the mixture of grass and dirt stuck to the plastic. If it was particularly dirty, my spouse would stuff the engine compartment tightly with rags and run it through the pressure washer, cleans up great.

Naturally, if you get pebbles, there are nicks, but they usually do not greatly affect the operation of the device. For example, after 3 months of mowing, the following obstacle marks have already appeared on the blade:

It is not critical, but I advise you to buy a second blade in the set. Otherwise, again, the quality of steel is high, the blade cuts the grass very well, I have never noticed that it starts to “chew” it. In the photo above you can see that the second part is curved: peculiar shovel, which is used for putting the grass, trash and leaves into the collector. By the way, the knife also quite successfully grinds branches, so that after the fall it will be very convenient to mow the grass and at the same time collect all the garbage.


Objectively, the grass catcher box is small – only 40 liters, but it is more than in some other electric lawnmowers. It fills very quickly and actively, but at the same time, the mower does not leave any gaps, that is, it collects all the mowed grass from the first pass. If you suddenly realize that there is still some left, it means that the grass catcher box is already full. You can check this simply by lifting the lid:


And if the grass is not dry, but juicy, this container will begin to prevail when filled and the machine will fall on its rear, lifting the front wheels

So to save time, my father-in-law brings me a cart where I unload all the grass for him and continue mowing without the distraction of taking it out. A full bag of grass corresponds to a swath of mowed lawn as follows:


We have a fairly large plot: 27 acres. You have to understand that keeping a lawn in good condition under those conditions is quite difficult. When I was on maternity leave, it was easier for me, and I could mow the grass at any convenient and appropriate time. Now I come to the dacha on short trips, mostly on weekends, so it is important for me to get the area in order quickly. Now it is partially possible, so my mother-in-law has to mow as well.

Hence the conclusion: the lawns in our family are mostly mowed by women.

Second conclusion: I can sometimes walk on wet grass, because I can not wait for good weather. No, I do not mow in the rain (first of all, it is forbidden according to TB, and secondly, the wet grass clogs the fence and the collector does not fill up), but slightly wet grass should be mowed.

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Otherwise, not exotic, if you do not consider the size of the area.

On average, 27 hectares are put in order with the daily work of 3-4 hours in 4 days, because there is not only a beautiful lawn grass, but also meadow grass, as well as special, on which it is difficult to walk: it is awfully thick and shallow. So it turns out, either mow all day on the weekend, or divide this process into stages. The performance for this mowing width is normal, and in this respect I am satisfied.


So, let’s start with one detail. I am satisfied with this parameter, the grass does not crumple, does not shrivel, it is cut. The cut is smooth with no jagged edges:

Mows in one pass, i.e. it is not necessary to crawl on the machine in the same place to trim and collect the grass.

My second point: edging of paths, flowerbeds, etc. I have no complaints in this regard, either. It turns out rather neatly, and the knife is not damaged thanks to the limiter. For example, this is how an area near a stone river looks like:

The mowing speed is quite high, because the machine processes the grass in one pass, the lawn is obtained even and well-groomed. The photo below shows the process from start to finish:

As for the maximum height of the grass. In my experience, if the grass is already up to your knees, you should first use a conventional trimmer. This mower takes a long time to work the surface + the grass catcher box gets clogged quickly and more time is spent on removing the grass.

In dense areas or areas with hard blue grass, the machine may lose power, which will be noticeable by the corresponding sounds, but it will still chew.

Third point: maneuverability and lightness. And that’s just the song. After getting to know a 40-kilogram gasoline mower and then picking it up again, it seemed like a curse to me. I weigh 57 pounds, and I can handle it just fine even with one hand. It just rotates 360 degrees. I’ve always mowed in a straight line, meaning I get to the end point, turn around in the opposite direction and go back. I had no problems with maneuverability.

Bosch tool warranty

A year ago, I would have given it a well-deserved 5 and been unreservedly pleased. But in July of this year, it suddenly refused to work. It won’t turn on. Our mowing season lasts from mid-May to mid-September, which is 4 full months. We bought it in August 2016. It turns out it lasted about 6.5 months and then died. No other appliance has ever worked that little for us. It was at least 2.5-3 full seasons.

There was only one joy: The warranty on non-professional Bosch garden appliances is 2 years, which means that until August 2018 we could still use the warranty repair service.

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I must say that my idea to confuse myself with him ran into skepticism in the family: my husband did not want to drag a rather large lawnmower back and forth, and he did not particularly believe in success. But I defended myself. I called the hotline and everything was explained to me, in general, there were 2 options:

  • Bring the lawnmower yourself from one of the 3 services in Moscow and the Moscow region (not to say that this is very practical)
  • Order free delivery of your tool to the service.

Actually I chose the second option. It seems that this offer is available only for Moscow residents, but I could be wrong. Basically, you need to fill out an application on the official website with all your instrument details. I will leave you a direct link to this section, as the site itself and this tab is extremely difficult to find: Link

Important! Keep the warranty card filled out! It was partially filled out by me: with the seller’s stamps and some data, but the serial number was not written in, so I wrote it in myself from the sticker on the machine.

All in all, it was simple: we filled out the application, packed the tool in a box, and kept the warranty there as well. We had difficulty with the box, but without the basket catcher, we pushed the machine into the box under the child’s car seat.

The courier came and took the tool and that was it. Silence. I was already preparing for a verbal struggle to prove that the tool was used carefully, not particularly abused and there were no objective reasons for the crash. A week passed, not a peep, when the courier suddenly called his wife at work, saying, the tool has brought with him, take it.

In general, you just tacitly exchanged an entire engine for us. And that is 70% of the cost of the car for a minute! No questions, comments or arguments. You just picked it up, repaired it and sent it back for free. What a service!


Without this fact, I would have been very angry and would have lowered my overall estimate of the mower considerably, but this service center’s work and maximum customer focus melted my heart

On the whole I am satisfied with my purchase, the Bosch mower has many advantages: it is light, maneuverable, mows the grass the first time, the grass is perfectly collected in the form of leaves and twigs, the grass catcher box is very capacious. The controls are clear, simple and convenient, there are many different adjustments that allow you to adapt the tool to yourself and your needs. An unfortunate problem with the failure brought some disappointment, but the work of the service center and warranty service in general sweetened the pill. I RECOMMEND IT!

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