Bosch Arm 3200 Lawn Mower. Overview, features, owner reviews

Bosch Arm 3200 (0,600.8a6.008) – reviews

Bosch Arm 3200 (0,600.8a6.008) Reviews

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You can read all the pros and cons of the Bosch Arm 3200 (0,600,8a6.008) lawnmower. Compare prices in different online stores and get to know the features of the Bosch Arm 3200 (0,600,8a6.008) lawn mower. In their reviews, Bosch Arm 3200 (0,600,8a6.008) users have described the pros and cons of the Bosch Arm 3200 Lawnmower.

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Reviews on Bosch Arm 3200 Lawnmower (0,600.8a6.008)

Comment: This is actually a Rotak 32 assembled only in China, not England. Compared to the previous Rotak 32, which has been in operation for 8 years, the mane height change mechanism has deteriorated – it used to be adjustable with one lever and had a dozen fixed positions. I have a rather obsessive need to change the height of mowing.

Cons: Height adjustment system

Pros: Bosch, same quality, different from Chinese equivalents

Cons: Poorly designed wheel mounts – on the plugs that stay on the axle and are no longer fixed, the first day we lost the mount of one of the wheels (plugs), it’s very small, it’s very small, it’s very small, it’s very small, it can not be found in the grass. And I desperately needed to find something in place than to fix it.

Pros: Lightweight, maneuverable. Can bedding perfectly, even uneven terrain. Picks up grass, though not all of it. The height can be adjusted very easily.

Comments: No complaints though, the most important thing is that it is maneuverable, narrow and light, easy to move the handle to the right place.

Cons: The motor is a little weak when getting into a thick brush, but that’s not what it’s designed for.


Pros: lightweight, almost silent, cheap.

The commentary: I worked for a year in the village with my mom – everything seems to be fine. My in-laws ask me to go to them on vacation. Clogged up the high grass (15 cm), had to stop cleaning all the time. As a result, the engine burned! That’s such a bore ((You have to be stockpiled with a lot of power with a lot of power!

Cons: weak engine

Pros: light, not very noisy

The Bosch Arm 3200 (0,600,8a6.008) characteristics

Type Lawn mower with pre-mixing 32 cm width recommended mowing area 400 m² blade speed up to 3200 rpm stiff, volume 31 l


Mulching without mulching mowing height 20 to 60 mm, mowing height adjustment, central grass discharge into the grass catcher box, rear



Height-adjustable folding handle plastic material number of wheels four-row disc plastic


Bosch Arm 3200 (0,600,8a6

Overall Rating: 466

The Bosch Arm 3200 (0,600,8a6.008) overall rating consists of 1,497 lawn mowers based on an algorithm with 7911 real customer reviews and model popularity.

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Repeat Total: 465

Comment: I had a Champion trimmer with a 1L capacity. The hummer lasted more than 7 years until it was welded out of a household. I can’t get enough and the same company only more 1.9L. Growth between 1.0 and 1.9 did not feel at all, and my back did not feel at all (and I’m not small 118 kg), disk (in the form of blanks for a circular saw) really worse than a three-lapper sock, but it is from the weed and durability, as I said before. Well, and of course the manufacturers have swept up the sex business in the S&M department. I hope my rating will be helpful to future buyers.

Disadvantages: explainable performance, very heavy weight, metal disk, row.

Cons: easy to start, quality, reasonable price.

Commentary: I have been choosing my power tiller for a long time. The price was under 12,000 Euro. I was looking for a budget 4-stroke for the same money. I found one, but in the end I chose it for a few reasons: 1st premium 6 600 – I think even if they are stolen from the dacha, well, not 12 000). Well, even if the engine rinan or something else, you can buy 1. 2. I wanted a more powerful. So that if not an opportunity to mow, then export at least with power. I will say that the wet grass is simply in the “meat” and chops about 1.5 meters high. Of course, with hemp and nettles nothing will work. Here already not enough power, because they climb in such a wilderness, and when they wake up and already coiled on the head. 3. Ease of maintenance, earlier experience with chainsaws was, expressing 2 tacts in every position and do not care about it, and the 4th watch is the same, and the unknown is afraid of the 4th manufacturer champion is no longer on the market, so spare parts can even dig out of use. In addition, other companies feed on the Internet. Therefore, there are hands, I want the trimmer to repair myself. In the same paragraph, I will probably find out that if the company was fully produced by the firm, I would obviously be distributed through the mouth (Internet). And so that I would have gotten them for 6600! That’s right someone heard, everyone has motors for this class with a 150 hour warranty. I want to buy a branded for 25-35-45t.r., but is it worth it? I have a cottage more than 11 acres + around 3-4 more, a total of 4-5 hours. It turns out 4-5 times a season for 5-6 years. And there you can think of))). Of course, I’ll see how he will behave further, but so far, if friends will ask, this trimmer will advise. P. s. I agree with the previous review at low speed, at a certain interval there is a vibration on the wave, the first time even flashed a little.

How to store vegetables in the winter?

Cons: 1. Unclear where the throttle lever broke off. It’s a little thin. Had to disassemble the filter and completely remove the choke. Time will work something out. 2. U-handles are made of aluminum. Light weight, but during assembly I started adjusting it to fit me and not fully loosening the 4 mounting screws removed a good layer of metal shavings at the mounting location. I don’t know if this is a drawback or a warning to others. In short, be careful. 3. The disc included – well it’s like with the dead ones, either good or bad). Well, what did you want for 6600. Want better – buy extra for 450-900 rubles. The choice is huge. But not to exaggerate, I’ll say that as a dilute it is quite normal, squint, get a hand, then also do not kill an expensive hard drive.

Pros: 1. Surprised that all the screws can be cut! 2. Steel shaft – by the way, it lubricates well. 3. Plastic – not like the front panel of a luxury car, but nice to the touch. The information will be customized. 4. Wrapped “half-tap”. 5. Powerful. 6. Very pleased with the unloading – the weight of the trimmer does not feel so much anymore, even the plastic “belt” is tight. 7. If you do not chisel on the bottom as a pick, the head with a fishing line is quite normal, if wisely, will serve a couple of seasons (in vain I bought an additional for 350 rubles).

Bosch Arm 3200 Lawn Mower. Overview, features, owner reviews

Electric lawn mower Bosch ARM 3200 is used on large plots up to 150 sq.m., where you need to mow the grass – lawns, gardens, parks. Small and lightweight model is economical in power consumption and very functional in operation. The power of the engine is 1200 W, which makes the mower a multipurpose tool in the fight against dense vegetation.

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Bosch Arm 3200

Low cost and ease of maintenance made the model very popular among owners of land plots. Thanks to the reliable electric motor, there is no need to inhale exhaust fumes and gasoline fumes when filling up. For convenience, there is a roomy 28-litre grass clippings tank. The machine is equipped with a rear discharge, which discharges the cuttings into the grass catcher box. The rotary cutting system and the adjustable cutting height complete the list of advantages of the model.

Bosch grass bin

For the body of the lawnmower, plastic is used, which does not weigh down the construction. The device is comfortable and easy to carry, as it weighs 7 kg and has a carrying handle. Controlling the Bosch Arm 3200 lawnmower is also convenient and easy, as the handle is adjustable.

Advantages of the Bosch ARM 3200 model:
  • Silent operation;
  • Environmentally friendly;
  • Large grass catcher box;
  • Easy transport;
  • Lightness.
Basic equipment Bosch ARM 3200
  • Lawn mower with handle;
  • The grass catcher box of 28 liters;
  • Wheels;
  • fasteners;
  • Instruction manual.


motor type electric
power, watt 1200
self-propelled no
shearing system rotary
grass catcher box, l 28
cutting height, mm 20-40-60
blade width, cm 32
weight (kg 7,0

Owner’s Manual

The optimum air temperature for operation of the Bosch electric lawnmower is between 0 and +40 degrees Celsius. The device is double insulated and does not require grounding. An extension cord H50VV F or H05RN F is recommended for safe operation. Be careful that the wire does not get under the cutting part.

Diagram of an electric lawnmower

Performing maintenance consists of the following operations:

  • Conducting regular inspections to check for visible defects;
  • Checking the cutting tool and replacing it in case of breakage;
  • Check that all covers are securely fastened and sealed;
  • Regular cleaning of tools.

Video review

Overview of the Bosch Arm 3200 gas lawnmower

Owner reviews

Numerous reviews of the Bosch lawnmower say that the unit is easy to use and efficient in operation.

Champion 118 14: Description, Specifications and Rules of Use


“Bought the Bosch Arm 3200 lawn mower at Gifted and have not regretted it. It does a great job with the home lawn. But you don’t have to chase the grass, as the mower doesn’t handle lush and dense vegetation well. It is easy to maneuver and pass various flower beds. “


“We don’t have a lot of country, but we need something to cut the grass. Trimmer Bosch Arma 3200 initially fell out as an option, because no one wanted to carry it on themselves. And this machine has to be just pushed. It is desirable not to start the grass, as it will mow badly. But overall I like it – it’s easy to operate, takes up little space in the garage. The garbage can is easy to attach and remove when full.”

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