Bosch AHM-30 lawn mowers. Review, features, owner reviews

Bosch ahm 30 mechanical lawn mower – reviews

Respectfully! I live in a private home with a large personal plot. On which I grow beautiful flowers, fruit trees and shrubs, including grass. Which is regularly mowed during the warm season. Three years ago I decided to purchase grass cutters.

This happened to us at the end of June 2013. I won’t hide it, I chose a lawn mower for a long time – about a week. Picked up many models and for some reason (that day was clearly not me) for the Bosch Rotak 37 (by the way, the number 37 in the name is the mowing width in…

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I welcome you to tell you a lot about this device, because we have been using it at a good time for 5 years. The price used to be about 4000-6000 rubles, box and bring, where was the manual + warranty (for one year). I do not remember the place of production in what country.

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Twelfth season using an electric mower Elektr o-Bosch Rotak 34 Electric. I bought it out of greed: it was sold with a gift – a Bosch trimmer. In principle, I do not remember how much, the price was very low (came to buy and spend the network for the fence, bought a lawn mower with a trimmer).

For a loop of smart people need to buy a serious Gasalert for gas on Capelesiki, which I did not immediately heed. In vain I have a softening ration – οn paint.

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Hi everyone who stopped by! Last year my big wish came true and we finally bought a lawn mower with a grass catcher. Prior to this purchase, our husband used to mow the grass with a trimmer. The quality of mowing was fine with me, but.

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Wham and done! 27 tomorrow the lawn is no joke! I’ll tell you how the Bosch Arm 37 is handy with tall grass and whether my wife will master it.

Why buy a garden shredder?

Here I go again with my earthy subject. Review of this mower was planned back last summer, but for some reason it did not work out, but as it turned out better, so today my assessment will be as objective as possible.

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With the garden vacuum cleaner I met four years ago in the fall, when I hired two people to clean the leaves of the summer cottage. I must say that I was away all day at the time. And here it was just a little bit. They said they would come in the evening.

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I am a pre-retirement age woman with my own dacha plot with a garden. I received a gift from my beloved son-in-law Keo Bosch. I hinted at such a gift because the trees require sanitation every summer.

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How to quickly comb out dry grass, level moss, level the ground and create a perfect lawn. Writing, vertical mater bosh avr 110

Hello to all gardeners and those who want to become them! If this device is a scarifier, the BOSH AVR 110 vertical mater, that’s what it says on the box of this device. And on the Internet you can often find that it is also called a targetator.

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Greetings, dear readers! Living up to 35 years, I did not know that Russian apartments have gas heaters for heating water (gas heater. With this beast I met when I bought a new apartment.

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Eight years after my McM Bosch Multitalant! Huge pros and cons where to blame it. I’ll share a two minute recipe for making dough in the combine.

Good evening everyone! Honestly, a little surprised that there are only two reviews for such a great machine. Mine will be the third. I present to you the old boy of the long kitchen of my kitchen – a food processor Bosch, which can do many things. But probably everything in the world.

Bosch AHM-30 lawn mowers. Review, features, owner reviews

The Bosch AHM-30 lawnmower has an unusual appearance, but it can be ready to mow the grass like a real mower. In addition, it can be used for the treatment of decorative lawns, as well as for mowing weeds and dense thickets. The lawn mower does not need electricity and does not need fuel. Lawn mower maintenance is so simple and uncomplicated that it will appeal to all consumers.

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Bosch AHM-30 lawn mower

The trimmer weighs 6.4 kg, but it is completely easy to transport as it comes with wheels. When the lawnmower is pushed forward, the shaft drives the blades and they cut the grass. The configuration includes 4 hardened steel blades that work like a scissor.

Bosch spindle blade

Soft and smooth running is ensured by the use of ball bearings. Despite its apparent simplicity, the model has the ability to adjust the amount of grass cut. The recording width is 30 cm.

Advantages of the Bosch AHM-30 mechanical mower model
  • Quiet operation;
  • Environmentally friendly;
  • Easy transportation thanks to the wheels;
  • Compact dimensions;
  • Increased ergonomics;
  • You do not have to buy replacement coils with an angled line;
  • Safety in the workplace;
  • Low weight.
Basic equipment of the BASM-30 trimmer
  • Steel blade;
  • Wheels;
  • Fastening elements;
  • instructions.


Lawnmower type mechanical
Cutting height, mm 12-40 mm
Mowing width, cm 30
Cutting system Spindle blade (4 blades)
Weight (kg 6.4

Owner’s Manual

To prevent premature mowing, regular maintenance is essential. This involves inspecting the machine for damage such as a dull or cracked blade, loose connections and worn or damaged other parts.

Bosch AHM-30 lawn mower

Before operating the machine, check that the safety devices are in good working order and correctly installed in all the right places. Before using the unit, all necessary measures to carry out leasing or repair work must be taken.

Always contact an authorized Bosch service technician to repair your lawnmower.

You can read the operating and maintenance instructions for your Bosch lawnmower in the owner’s manual

Video review

Rating of Bosch AHM-30 lawn mowers

Bosch AHM-30 lawn mower user review

Owners reviews

Numerous reviews of owners are not unanimous, as some claim that the Bosch AHM-30-Combitrim manual does not do the job, on the contrary, it is very pleased that they can not only mow the lawn, but also save fuel.

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“We really liked the AHM-30 hand-held lawnmower because it has manual controls and doesn’t need to be plugged in like electric models, or charged with fuel, like gasoline. If you don’t race it through thickets, it cuts the young grass completely. If you roll it slowly, it will consume little, so it’s best to speed it up. “


“I think that the purchase of a manual garden trimmer Bosch Ahm-30 money thrown away. I decided to save money, and it turned out that I bought it only for nothing. It does not mow at all, only the grass I wash. If the weeds are dense, the stems get tangled up in the blades and that’s the end of the job. I don’t recommend buying this device. Better to pay more money, but really mow. “

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