Boric acid from cockroaches product recipe how to make

Boric acid and egg yolk from cockroaches: proportions, recipe, rules of use

To one of the oldest insects on earth can be safely attributed cockroaches. They are red or albino, tall and not very tall, but from this no less uncomfortable for humans, and living with them in the neighborhood is not at all tempting.

These pests are great helpers. They get into houses in many ways and survive very well in all conditions. And worst of all, they can reproduce very quickly and the survival rate is extremely high.

Boric acid and yolk from cockroaches: proportions, recipe, rules of application

Black and red cockroaches in the apartment have always been a problem for its owners, which they want to solve as soon as possible. People are willing to use all kinds of methods, only to remove the moustaches. The fact is that in addition to the aesthetically unpleasant appearance, they pose a certain danger to human health. They move around where they want, and carry a lot of bacteria and germs on their paws. Then they end up on the dinner table and utensils. Therefore, controlling cockroaches is a very necessary measure. The process of exterminating cockroaches is very tedious and does not always end positively. Harmful insects have learned to adapt quite well to all kinds of poisons. What to say about mankind in the fight against this trouble! Along with special preparations, folk methods are also popular. The leading positions are occupied by the means, the main component of which is boric acid. The demand is due to the effectiveness of the application and safe for humans composition. But to permanently get rid of cockroaches in the apartment, it is necessary to deal with their extermination as early as possible, otherwise you will not do without strong and toxic substances. Today there are many different ways to do this. Let’s continue to discuss how you can get rid of cockroaches in the house with the help of boric acid.

Boric acid and its properties

Before using this drug to kill pests, it is necessary to understand what it is. Boric acid is a colorless powder, which somewhat resembles a scale. The powder is virtually insoluble in water and is completely tasteless and odorless. Its relative safety allows people to actively use it in their needs. More often than not, acid is an indispensable human helper in the fight against cockroaches. Powder is used as a poison – the bait can be prepared in pure form, mixing it with various products.

Acid is sold in the pharmacy packed in sachets of 10 grams. Due to the absence of odor, the drug can be discreetly put in the bait, without scaring away the weevils. This is the method of pest control.

Let’s continue to speculate about what recipes with boric acid make for cockroaches.

The effect that boric acid has on cockroaches

Scientists have found that this chemical has the most harmful effect on insects because it is pure poison for them. After consumption, the insect is completely paralyzed and suffocates after a while. Therefore, it is necessary to make the pest eat the acid to achieve results. To destroy cockroaches in the apartment, a small package is enough – it is enough to take out a whole horde of burrowing guests.

Interestingly, the substance has exactly the same effect on ants.

Boric acid and yolk from cockroaches: proportions, recipe, rules of application

To cope with harmful neighbors, there are different methods:

    Boric acid can be used in pure form. Use various baits, the main component of which is boric acid. Apply powdered solutions in the form of poison.

It is often not necessary to use the substance in the form of poison. Practice has repeatedly shown that it is sufficient to scatter acid in places where weevils congregate and move. For example, they are often under baseboards. In addition, the cockroach only needs to run over the powder, and the particles of the chemical left on his paws get into the shelter. And when he brushes his paws, the destructive powder penetrates his stomach – and the result is guaranteed. The main thing is to eliminate the possibility of getting liquid into it, because with a lot of water consumption there is a chance that the insect will survive.

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Consider how you can use boric acid from cockroaches. The recipe is very simple.

Boric acid and yolk from cockroaches: proportions, recipe, rules of application


    Of course, the first thing to do is to buy a bag of acid at the drugstore. Then carefully prepare for the displacement of mustachioed guests. Dry the sink and limit the roaches’ access to water. Close faucets tightly to eliminate the slightest possibility of leaks. Hide all wet wipes and sponges. Distribute the bait near the areas where the cockroaches mainly live.

There are many recipes for making it. Very often a mixture of boric acid and egg yolk is used – it works well against cockroaches. To prepare the bait, usually only egg yolk is used. It helps to relieve the acidity and arouses the appetite of the pests. Although it seems that the preparation does not smell anything, the cockroach will smell it thanks to its fine sense of smell. Let’s look at a few simple ways to make a deadly treat for unwanted neighbors.

Recipe with raw egg yolk

A very simple way to get rid of cockroaches in the house. The ratio of boric acid and egg yolk is as follows: take the raw egg yolk and mix it with 50 grams of boric acid until you get a thick slurry. Then form it into small balls and place them in places where insects congregate. First you need to remove water everywhere, even in the sink.

Boric acid, potatoes and egg yolk

A very effective remedy for cockroaches. Potatoes, egg yolk, boric acid – their main components – the ingredients are simple, there are in every home.

First you need to boil the egg and potatoes. Then peel the cooked products from the shells and grind them into a mashed potato. At the same time, equal parts of boric acid and egg yolk should be observed. Mix the resulting mass with a tablespoon of boric acid, and then shape into balls. Spread the finished bait in the corners and do not forget the dry surface throughout the kitchen.

Taking boric acid with egg yolk

This remedy also works well against cockroaches. You need to boil a hard-boiled egg, then take out the yolk and crush it with a fork. Add 30 grams of acid and a little vegetable oil for flavor. Again, make eggs and distribute them in the favorite places of parasites.

Recipe with raw egg yolk and sugar

So, we will need sugar, boric acid and egg yolk. The cockroach poison is made as follows. Break an egg and pour 30 grams of the substance into it. Then add 50 grams of sugar and mix until a homogeneous mass is formed. To make the balls comfortable, you can add a small amount of flour. Also grind them, as in the previous recipes, in places where pests can appear.

It is very important to make sure that their new “pets” are hungry and pounce on the treats. This requires paying attention to cleanliness, not leaving crumbs and other food and throwing away trash in a timely manner. If this is not done, all efforts may be completely in vain and the balls will go unnoticed.

The proportions can be increased in proportion to the size of the room. After the roaches have tried this masterpiece, they will die in a few days. Before this, the cockroaches slow down and flit about during the day.

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Boric acid and egg yolk are great against cockroaches, but some rules must be followed when using this product.

Rules to follow when using boric acid to control cockroaches

Edible baits should decompose for at least a week, and if untouched eggs are left after that time, they should be replaced with new ones.

Never use boric acid in the form of alcohol. It has a very pungent odor that frightens off insects with a well-developed sense of smell.

To enhance the effect of baits, you can sprinkle traces of the powder in places where pests are most likely to appear. Be sure to do this in the bathroom and under the sink, as cockroaches are drawn in by water.

Boric acid and yolk from cockroaches: proportions, recipe, rules of application

Costs of chemicals.

This method of getting rid of cockroaches is budget-friendly. A 10-gram bag costs about 40 rubles. The required amount depends on the room, but in any case, 150-200 rubles is not added to the final costs.

Boric acid and yolk from cockroaches: proportions, recipe, rules of application

Advantages of the material and user feedback

An undoubted plus, judging by the ratings, is the cost of acid, which many times exceeds the cost of other substances. Also to the pluses can be attributed the advantages of the fabric:

    The drug not only helps to destroy intruders, but also contributes to their sterilization, which eliminates the possibility of their subsequent reproduction. It has no odor, which makes the substance quite a convenient method of pest control at home. Preparation of the bait requires no special skills, takes little time and requires no additional means of protection. Practically does not pose a danger to humans.

Disadvantages of the fabric

So, we found out that boric acid and cockroach egg yolk is a very effective and quite cheap method of controlling cockroaches. But here, too, there are nuances.

For a lethal outcome, it is necessary that a sufficient amount of acid is accumulated in the cockroach’s body. In terms of time, this can take from 1 to 3 weeks, and this is a very long time.

The obvious disadvantage of the substance is that it has absolutely no effect on insect eggs. Stronger means are required to combat them, such as liquid concentrations.

If you compare boric acid and colored pencils or gels, only people who have had direct contact with the powder can be poisoned. It should not be forgotten that the insect gets around the poison when it is poured into too large piles.

There are also known cases where the drug proved to be completely ineffective due to frequent application. Cockroaches quickly get used to the poison and adapt.

Despite its recognized efficacy, this substance helps about half the time.

Boric acid and yolk from cockroaches: proportions, recipe, rules of application

Safety precautions when using boric acid poison

Despite the fact that the drug is called “acid”, it has nothing to do with the usual understanding of the word. It is harmless to the skin and does not cause burns.

The chemical is not considered particularly dangerous for children and pets. In the past, it was even used as an antiseptic. But it often caused allergies and was soon replaced by suitable agents.

If you compare it with other poisons for poisoning cockroaches, it should be said that it is safe for the human body. Despite this, children under three years of age contact with boric acid is strictly contraindicated. If it happens that the bait is accidentally eaten by a pet, then nothing fatal will happen to him, but it is better not to let this happen.

Pregnant and lactating women, people with kidney failure and inflammatory skin diseases are also better not to interact with this drug.

If the incident cannot be avoided, however, the person can be monitored for symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, rash, and headache.

Prevention of a new infestation

If you managed to remove pests from the apartment, it is not a fact that they will not return. This is especially true in situations where the neighbors mustachio live in the next room. In order to prevent cockroaches from escaping, you need to adhere to the following recommendations:

    In the place where communications congregate, it is sometimes advisable to carry out prevention with boron powder. Regularly place fresh baits made with a mixture of acid and chicken eggs. Keep the house clean and tidy.
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Having dealt with all the pros and cons of using boric acid and yolk from cockroaches, you can safely say that this remedy is the safest and most affordable, and baits from it are made easily and do no harm to the inhabitants of the house. However, you should not forget that this method will only help if there are few pests in the house. If the weevils are everywhere, it is better to immediately ask for professional help and not waste time on a useless fight.

Boric acid from cockroaches – how to make bullets with poison

Fighting against cockroaches is not limited to the use of store-bought chemicals. Home recipes are no less popular due to the ease of making and availability of the necessary components. One of the folk methods is the preparation of poison from boric acid, which is highly effective.

Recipes for preparing poison

The easiest way is to scatter the substance along pipes, cabinets, partitions and on high shelves.

However, the effectiveness of this method is doubtful, because cockroaches may not eat boric acid powder. To achieve the desired result, it is worth preparing a special bait based on the specified chemical insecticide.

Boric acid from cockroaches - how to make balls with poison?

Note: you should use directly the powder or solution as the leading ingredient. Other forms of boric acid are not suitable. For example, alcoholic tincture will only repel insects with a pungent specific smell. The application of the product can be different.

How to prepare boric acid with egg

Usually boric acid is used together with an egg (both raw and boiled). From the resulting mass, roach balls are rolled, which are spread in suitable places.

There are many recipes for poison, but the egg appears in almost all but the main ingredient. Sometimes an additional product is added to these two components, which makes the bait even more attractive to insects.

Boiled egg yolk

The simplest recipe for preparation. It is necessary to mix boric acid with a hard-boiled egg. Only the yolk is used for the bait, because its bright color perfectly attracts cockroaches.

If the mass does not hold well, it can easily be diluted with water (sour cream, kefir or oil). From the porridge roll balls, place them in places where insects crawl.

Recipe with boiled and raw egg yolk

Cockroach cockroaches can be prepared by mixing boric acid with raw and boiled egg yolk.

The boiled egg yolk in this recipe acts as visual bait. The insect will taste the cooked poison.

Boric acid from cockroaches - how to make balls with poison?

The white of the raw egg can be used as a staple, which will perfect the balls and prevent them from crumbling after drying.

Recipe with vegetable oil and egg yolks

To prepare this bait you need:

  • Boiled egg yolks.
  • Boric acid powder (40 g. or 4 sachets weighing 10 g).
  • 1 teaspoon. Sunflower oil.

First you need to mash an egg yolk with a fork. Then add the rest of the components, mix the entire mixture thoroughly until a smooth mass. From the resulting bormass mass, make small balls (5-7 mm in diameter) of cockroaches.

With potatoes

If the area of the treated room is large, you can prepare a bait with poison, egg and potatoes.

This requires:

  • Potatoes boiled with the shell (1 piece).
  • Yolk of a boiled egg (1 piece).
  • Kefir.
  • Borpuls (40-50 gr.).
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Boric acid from cockroaches - how to make balls with poison?

You need to mix all the components with the kefir until the desired consistency, if necessary. Roll balls from the resulting mass and put them in suitable places.

Chopped meat

This is another way of poisoning cockroaches with boric acid.

Meat products are very fond of many insects. Even the lowest quality product is great for making toxic bait.

Form balls from a mixture of minced meat, boric powder and raw eggs. Spread in front of the house, where children or pets will not reach the poison. The presence of egg in the bait prevents it from drying out and losing its given shape.

With bread

Usually bread only attracts insects, but in combination with boric acid it plays the role of an excellent poison in the fight against cockroaches.

You need to mix boric acid powder and bread crumbs, and then add a raw egg to the mass. If the mixture is too thick, you can dilute it with water until a homogeneous pulp is obtained. Form the obtained mixture into balls the size of a walnut, place them in places where cockroaches congregate.


If there is no desire to roll balls of boric acid from cockroaches, you can use a dry version of the bait.

For this purpose, it is necessary to mix the main component with flour, which will significantly weaken the specific smell of poison. The resulting mixture should be poured on paper sheets and placed in suitable places.

Boric acid from cockroaches - how to make balls with poison?

The effectiveness of the technology increases if it is used together with other chemicals, such as special gels.

Liquid bait with sugar

To prepare such a bait, it is necessary to perform the following:

  • Mix the yolk prepared from a raw egg and 40-50 grams of sugar.
  • Add 2-3 tablespoons. l. of sugar and stir until a homogeneous mass is obtained.

If necessary, you can pour a little water to liquefy or on the contrary, add flour, if the consistency is too liquid.

Liquid boric acid helps to kill cockroaches. Before doing this, it is necessary to dilute the solution with water, and then treat the floor surface, high shelves, etc. with it.

Important: when there are small children in the house, it is necessary to wash pens and all toys to avoid poisoning.

Cockroach extermination can only be carried out if there is no food or food waste in the room. The courts, table and floors must be cleaned, trash taken out and drinks spilled. The insects will then begin to eat the bait, leading to further mortality.

With Sunflower Oil

Sunflower oil bait attracts more insects than any other. To make the aroma of the poison more vivid, it is better to use unrefined oil, which smells like seeds.

To prepare poison for cockroaches, you need to mix a solution of boric acid (or powder of the substance) with any food mass. Not only eggs, but also ground potatoes, crushed porridge, leftover soup or fat cottage cheese will do. Using vegetable oil, you can “glue” all the components together, so that the balls do not lose moisture and retain their ideal shape.

Please note: Sunflower oil can be substituted for sesame oil.


How to get rid of cockroaches

The mechanism of action of boric acid on cockroaches

The spheres of application of boric acid are varied:

  • Agronomic industry.
  • Cosmetology.
  • Medicine (as an antiseptic or as a means to combat fungal infection).
  • And so on.

To understand whether boric acid will help from cockroaches, it is necessary to find out how it affects them.

The mechanism of defeat of insects is as follows:

  • Once in the esophagus, the acid corrodes its walls.
  • When a person has prepared a mile of bait, it is completely sterilized.
  • In women, the acid affects the ovaries.

The fatal result is achieved when the body is dehydrated as a Kerleuk.

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Note: death of the insects occurs 10-12 days after eating the poison. This variation in time is due to the financial effectiveness of boric acid.

Boric acid from cockroaches - how to make balls with poison?

The effect on cockroaches can be not only intestinal, but also contact. In the latter case, the poison gets into the eaten and on the chitinous covers. In terms of effectiveness, this method is significantly inferior to the above described.

Rules of treatment

It is necessary to treat the room taking into account some nuances.

Instructions for the application of home poisoning are as follows:

  • Prevent the access of insects to the products and food waste (wash dishes and stove in time, take out the garbage, pack products in airtight containers).
  • Exclude air humidity as much as possible, as the poisoning effect of the bait on the insect organism is reduced by dilution with water.
  • Prevent possible contact with pets and small children.
  • Repeat the treatment of the room after a few weeks to kill cockroaches that have hatched from previously neutralized eggs.

Boric acid from cockroaches - how to make balls with poison?

When spreading poison bait around the apartment area, do a general cleaning. Absolute cleanliness must be maintained systematically during cockroach control.

advantages and disadvantages

The use of this substance in the fight against cockroaches has many advantages:

  • Affordable cost of all components of the bait.
  • High effectiveness.
  • The effect, which leads to the sterilization and death of insects.
  • Absence of habituation in cockroaches.
  • Easy preparation and further disposal of the bait.
  • Absence of unpleasant odors and fumes harmful to humans.

In addition to the positive qualities, this technique also has negative aspects.

These include:

  • the effect is cumulative, i.e. the death of cockroaches comes after some time.
  • The effect of the poison does not extend to the eggs already laid by the female.

Despite the disadvantages, boric acid is considered one of the most effective ways to kill cockroaches. In addition, over time, the insects are bound to develop a dependence on purchased chemicals.

Prevention of re-infestation of cockroaches

Cooked baits do not guarantee insect-free survival. To prevent the reintroduction of cockroaches in the apartment, certain preventive measures must be taken.

These include:

  • Eliminate possible cockroach intrusion through ventilation, windows, and drain holes (install fine mesh grills, close drains, tape up windows, etc.).
  • Clean your apartment regularly, throw away trash, don’t leave dirty dishes in the sink or on the table, wipe up crumbs.
  • Avoid leaking faucets and other plumbing fixtures, as excessive moisture only attracts insects.
  • Periodically treat rooms with insecticides (best to exterminate cockroaches in the summertime).

Boric acid from cockroaches - how to make balls with poison?

Living in a private home makes it much easier to get rid of unpleasant insects. If, however, cockroaches appeared in the apartment, then the fight against them must be systematic.

Necessary precautions

Although boric acid is considered conditionally safe for humans, it is not for nothing classified as a class III hazard. The substance may enter the body through any damage to the skin or mucous membranes (wounds, abrasions, scratches, etc.). Acid is very quickly absorbed in the digestive tract and penetrates into the tissues. All this provokes the strongest high.

To avoid poisoning, certain precautions must be taken when preparing bait and treating a room for cockroaches.

These include:

  • Minimize exposure of boron powder to the nasal airways (use a mask, respirator, gauze bandage).
  • Stir the mixture with a spoon, and protect the skin on your hands with gloves when forming balls.
  • Avoid possible contact of the bait with housemates, pets.

In the fight against cockroaches boric acid is an indispensable element.

Due to its properties, the substance is often added to many modern insecticides (Tornado, Buff, Bifetrin, etc.). If you follow the above precautions and established rules for treating premises, you can get rid of nasty insects for a long time.

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