Bobcat S530 loader – description and characteristics

Bobcat S530 skid steer loader

Quite recently, new models with the designation 500 have appeared on the construction equipment market. Their appearance was caused by the need to introduce new technologies and improve the performance of machines. Bobcat S530 is an upgraded S175, which was in great demand in the Russian Federation. The modification has affected the main components, supporting structure and driver’s cabin.

Bobcat S530 loader with a brush

Bobcat S530 loader with a brush

The loader can work in tight spaces due to its small size and ability to make lateral turns. The installed on the machine boom moves vertically upwards and allows you to perform any kind of loading operations.

In addition, the Bobcat s530 can be used:

  • in industry, subject to the availability of various types of attachments;
  • in the housing sector, for snow removal. Blades and brushes are used as attachments;
  • In agriculture or livestock farming, for distribution of feed to animals. Attachments are aerators, rippers, and rakes;
  • during construction work;
  • For landscaping and planting of greenery;
  • in the quarry.

features and benefits

Bobcat S530 mini loader

Bobcat 530 mini loader

The Bobcat 530 model refers to the middle class of equipment. However, its main advantages are performance, durability, small size and economy. Its stability on any surface is guaranteed by the wheelbase, which is slightly longer than in the previous model. This innovation also has a positive effect on the maneuverability of the devices when working with loads. To lift the boom a three-point mechanism is used, which works in the vertical direction. Bobcat S530 mini loader can be used even for lifting goods to the floors in the construction of buildings.

The technique retains its properties regardless of working conditions and degree of loading. At the same time, the machine requires no maintenance. Movement is smooth, both during work and when starting from the ground.

For difficult working conditions, special equipment is developed – modifications of the boom (for greater lifting capacity), cab, hydraulic systems, etc.

technical specifications and dimensions

Bobcat S530 dimensions
transport length 3.37m
transport width 1.7m
Height 1.97 m
weight 2873 kg
bucket lift 3.9m
wheelbase 1030 mm
maximum speed 11,8 km/h (single-speed) 17,3 km/h (two-speed)
fuel capacity 93.7L

Fuel consumption of the Bobcat S530 has become significantly lower in comparison with its predecessor and is from 4.75 to 10.6 liters per hour.

Other features of the Bobcat S530 include:

tipping force 1.7t
stability 869 kg


A 2.2-liter turbocharged four-stroke four-cylinder engine is installed. It runs on diesel fuel, has a cooling system and a power of 36.5 kW (48.9 hp). The Kubota V2403-MDI-E3B engine is lightweight, rugged and powerful with 150 Nm of torque. In addition, the power plant offers the following advantages:

  • simplicity of design;
  • Electronic starter, which guarantees a quick start-up;
  • compliance with international standards of emissions;
  • Fuel burns in the working area almost without residue;
  • closed ventilation system; r
  • Automatic activation of glow plugs in operation.

The speed of the unit is 2760 rpm and the working cylinders have a diameter of 8.7 cm.

The simplicity of the design combined with the specific arrangement has a significant positive effect on the speed of service and repair. The engine is positioned transversely and directly below the fuel tank. It matches the focus in both directions, which does not create machine arrows. With this configuration, the rear axle carries 70% of the load and the rest is carried by the front axle when no load is present. When it is present, the percentage ratio is reversed. With the introduction of such innovations can develop laundry Bobcat S530 (in addition, you can not take care of abrasion of the profile).

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parameter value
Engine model Kubota / V2203 m-Di-E2B-BC-3 / Baddy
performance 34,3 kW (at 2800 rpm)
fuel type diesel
RPM 1700 rpm
Engine capacity 2.43 l
cylinder 4
Torque 145 Nm (at 1700 rpm)

The power unit of Bobcat S530 loader is attached in three places, which can reduce the level of vibration. The belt drive not only protects the engine from damage if it is overloaded, but also transmits 1.4 engine torque from the engine to the hydraulic pump.


The Bobbkin 530 has received an increase in performance by installing a brand new support structure. This allowed to increase the visibility and functionality of the machine.

Operator’s cabin

Visibility has been increased by 30% and, according to the manufacturer, is the most important advantage and the most important indicator compared to the previous model. The cab width has increased by 4 cm in width and increased in height. But the car itself has remained unchanged. Orange emergency lights are located on the glass, they guarantee safety in case of equipment damage. The replacement exit opens like a normal window – with a handle.

Bobcat S530 operator's workplace

Bobquet 530 operator’s workplace

The door is now almost twice the size, the entire area is occupied by glazing. To make entering the cabin more comfortable, the step was moved to another position. It is now located above the transverse beam of the boom.

Bobcat S530 operator's workplace

Bobquet 530 operator’s workplace

The ventilation system allowed to reduce the noise level and increase the possibility of adjusting the temperature of the air flow. To prevent dust from entering the air systems and the cab, an overpressure is pressurized here. When the door is opened, air does not flow in, but rushes in.

The controls are adjustable, with pneumatic shock absorbers. Compared to the previous version, the seat can be moved forward and backward more easily. The cab silencer has been increased by 60% and the area has also become slightly larger.

There is a powerful heater, cup holder, radio and a place to install a radio for comfortable operation in the cab. Several messages are also available.

Wheels are checked through the side window, for the bucket through the front window. Thanks to the dashboard layout, they can’t be distracted from the work process. A joystick or lever is used to control the movement. They perform their functions with great precision. The pedals are designed in such a way that they control the working body. Halogen lights are used for nighttime operation.

Control systems installed on the machine: SJK, AHC, ACS. Each of them is installed for different types of devices. Thanks to them, the operator does not need to sit in the cab. Thus, it is possible to limit the risk to life and health when working in extreme situations.

Hydraulic system

With all cultivation equipment, the hydraulic system must be perfect. It is therefore optimized for the capacity and size of the hydraulic cylinder of the machine. The Bob-Ag system ensures short cycle times and you can change parts in no time.


By distributing the load from the weight of the engine and fuel tank, the mounting of special tires significantly increases the service life of the tires. The same effect has been achieved in the transmission. Piston pumps installed in the Bobcat S530 guarantee smooth gear shifting.

An additional plus in the eyes of buyers is a beautiful design of devices and reliability of construction.

operation and maintenance

The battery and filters can be easily replaced or inspected by opening the engine compartment. The cover itself now opens to the left. So you can easily pour fuel into the tank when the cover is open.

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The chains for connecting the axles to the hydraulic motor are in an oil bath. They are in the middle of the machine, which is the reason for the artificial ground. The axles are not interchangeable, and the chains do not need to be tensioned for the duration of operation.

FOPS and ROPS protection systems allow you to lift the cab to reach the transmission and hydraulic system.

The first inspection is done after 50 hours of operation and after another 250.


Various attachments for Bobcat S530

Various attachments for the Bobcat S530

There are about fifty types, including:

  • Bure;
  • Grubber;
  • Handles;
  • Bucket;
  • Simple and landscape rakes;
  • Snow blowers;
  • Street brushes;
  • Ventilation;
  • Freezer.

With this equipment, a forklift becomes indispensable in any business.

The cost of new and used

The price of a new Bobcat S530 by default is 1.3 million rubles, the price of a used Bobcat S530 is 850,000-950,000 rubles. And it depends on the year of manufacture, mileage, condition and attachments.


Russia and the GUS countries do not produce similar machines, but foreign manufacturers strive to achieve such results. For example, Mustang 2056 and Kramer 350. Of course, they are not absolute analogues, but can act as an alternative.

Bobcat S530 user manual

The manual contains basic maintenance and operation of the forklift-Rukovodstvo-Po-Ekspluatacii-Bobcat-S175-S530.PDF.

Bobcat S530: Technical Specifications

Bobcat S530: Technical Specifications

In 2013, the agile and productive wheeled mini loader Bobcat S530 replaced the popular Bobcat S175 in the production program of the company and also quickly found a wide application. After all, it combines compact size, productivity, reliability and competitive cost, which fits well into the budgets of companies and enterprises of various sizes and industries.

The improvements to the S530 over the S175 are in all major components, the supporting structure and the cab with the driver’s workplace of the compact loader. Due to its small size and ability to turn on the board, Bobcat S530 loader is able to work in tight spaces. The boom installed on this special machine rises vertically and helps to perform all loading operations.

Technical parameters, proven design, horizontal outreach of the shovel attachment point to the frame at a maximum height of 0.8 meters – all this ensures the maximum possible efficiency of using this special machine in tandem with large flatbed trucks.

The Bobcat S530 Skid Steer Loader was specifically designed for optimal load distribution – from the engine and fuel tank in the ratio of 70 percent to the rear and 30 percent to the front.

Features of the skid steer loader of this model

Even at maximum payload, this special equipment maneuvers with ease on a variety of surfaces – thanks to the vertical three-point hitch boom and the extended wheel axle base. Therefore, this technique can be successfully used for safe work in yards, warehouses of different configurations, as well as on the floors.

Features of this model mini loader

To expand the functionality of the model Bobcat offers a significant number of options for attachments. For example, by changing certain types of attachments the special machine can transform from a warehouse worker (e.g., loader) into an agricultural worker (e.g., cultivator-cultivator). And if the loader is equipped with brooms, snow blades, it can be used in utilities and road maintenance, cleaning areas, even in winter, even in summer.

Engine of Bobcat S530 mini loader

Mini loaders of this model are equipped with engines Kubota V2203-M-DI-E2B-BC-3. This is a four-cylinder diesel engine with liquid cooling. The ventilation circuit is closed. The glow plugs start automatically.

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The cylinder displacement of this diesel engine is 2.19 liters. Maximum power output is 34.4 kW / 46.22 hp at 2,700 rpm. The maximum torque of the Kubota V2203-M-DI-E2B-BC-3 engine is 150 Nm at 1425 rpm. Tank capacity of the mini loader is 93.7 liters of diesel fuel.

Bobcat S530 mini loader engine

The Bobcat S530 skid steer loader drive is mounted in three places, which helps reduce the impact of vibration. Belt drive protects the engine from damage if the permissible load is exceeded and also transmits torque from the diesel engine to the hydraulic pump with an increase of 1.4 times.

Transmission Bobcat S530

The transmission of this skid steer loader consists of two variable speed hydrostatic piston pumps driving two fully reversible hydrostatic motors. The piston pumps used in the Bobcat S530 provide consistently smooth gear shifting.

Hydraulic system

The Bobcat S530 loader is a versatile machine, which has achieved all its advantages thanks to the new hydraulic system.

The system of hydraulic pumps has been optimized in terms of lifting capacity and machine cylinder size. The result is smooth operation and compatibility with all types of optional attachments.

Hydraulic system

The hydraulic system must ensure stable operation of the Bobcat S530 with any type of attachment. Therefore, it has been optimized in terms of lifting capacity and hydraulic cylinder diameter. This helps reduce equipment cycles and the Bob-Tach system ensures quick replacement of all parts.

compact controller

You can control the Bobcat S530 loader by changing direction and speed with two levers. The hydraulics of the special machine, which controls the lift and tipping, are controlled by individual foot pedals or joysticks (SJC).

Front auxiliary hydraulics are standard on skid steer loaders. An electric switch is located on the right hand drive lever.

information in numbers

Technical specifications in numbers

  • Overall dimensions: length with standard bucket – 3378 mm, width with standard bucket – 1727 mm; height above the driver’s cab – 1972 mm.
  • Wheelbase – 1082 mm.
  • Weight of mini loader for transportation – 2476 kg. Operating weight – 2815 kg.
  • Standard pneumatic tire size – 10 x 16,5 PR10.
  • Nominal lifting capacity – 869 kg.
  • Lifting height is 3023 mm.
  • Tipping load – 1737 kg.
  • Pump capacity: standard flow – 64.7 l / high flow – 101.10 l/min.
  • Pressure in the system of quick couplings – 23.8-24.5 MPa.
  • Travel speed – 11,8 km/h.
  • High speed (optional) – 17.3 km/h.
  • Consumption of diesel fuel – 10,5 l/h.

Loader cabin with a side turn.

To create comfortable working conditions, which are known to be the key to effective use of equipment, the company’s specialists have equipped Bobcat S530 loader with an updated cabin, where the door opening is increased, and every detail in the equipment is thought out.

In particular, the operator has a modern ergonomic seat with adjustable function and increased stroke, there is a special compartment for small items, a holder for glasses, 12V socket and other useful gadgets.

Optimal temperature mode in the Bobcat S530 cabin is provided and maintained due to climatic heating and air conditioning system.

The easy-to-read full-color electronic display helps to monitor the status of all units and functions of the special machine, making the control more simple and convenient.

The visibility in the updated cabin has increased by thirty percent, and the manufacturer does not miss the opportunity to draw attention of potential buyers to this fact.

The cabin of the mini loader

In general, the width of the cabin of the mini loader has increased by four centimeters, and at the same time the height of the cabin also increased. But the height of the truck remained the same. For safety in case of equipment damage, the windows are equipped with orange emergency handles. The emergency exit can also be opened as a normal window – with one hand.

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As for the size of the door, it is almost doubled, and its entire area is occupied by glazing. To make entering the cabin more convenient, the step has been moved to a different position. It is now above the transverse beam of the jib.

The new cab ventilation system reduces the low level at the operator’s workplace and, at the same time, increases the temperature controllability of the air flow. To prevent dust from entering the ventilation systems, the cab is over-pressurized. When the door is opened, air does not flow in, but tends to flow in.

The standard operator installed in the basic version can be adjusted with pneumatic shock absorbers. Compared to the previous version, forward and backward seat movement has become more accessible. The cab silencer has been increased by 60% and the area has also become slightly larger. There are also several messages in the cab for various small and necessary things.

The wheels can be monitored through the side windows and the bucket can be monitored through the front window. The structure of the dashboard allows you to stay focused on the main work process. Joystick or levers are used to control the movement. They perform their functions with serious precision. Pedals are used to control the working body. Halogen lights are available to ensure operation at night.

This special machine uses several control systems: SJK, AHC, ACS. Each of them is adapted to work with a specific type of adhesive devices. Thanks to them, the operator does not have to be in the cab. Thus, it is possible to limit the risk to life and health when working in extreme situations.

Standard equipment of the Bobcat S530

The standard equipment of this model mini loader includes: standard operator’s seat, automatic heating system, variator. Hydraulics: normal feed / maximum feed; special frame Bob-Tach ™ reproducible, control system bobcatbics, standard cabinet with rear window; optional front hydraulics with proportional electric control; Emergency shut-off functions of the engine and hydraulics; instrument panel; stop arrows; lighting front and rear worker; parking brake; safety belt; safety cage; silk shock absorber equipped with spark arrestor; tires size 10 x 16. 5: Ten-ply with a heavy-duty profile.

ROPS- the system of protection of life and health of the operator while turning – complies with the standards of Cae-Jo4o and ISO Z471; FOPS- the system of protection against falling objects. The manufacturer’s warranty is 24 months or 2,000 hours (whichever is earlier).

Additional options for Bobcat S530

In addition to the standard 10 x 16.5, 10-ply tires for heavy-duty applications, you can install extra wear-resistant tires as an option for Supe r-Heavy applications. And also 12 x 16.5 monobloc flexible tires and 31 x 12-16.5 ultra-high terrain tires, also 10-ply.

Bobcat S530 options

Optional equipment available:

  • Attachment control device;
  • Automatic travel control;
  • Automatic reversing;
  • Reverse signal;
  • Flashing beacon;
  • Bucket positioning kit;
  • Operator’s seat;
  • Paint in desired color (when ordering at least five PC. laders);
  • Deluxe Panel;
  • Deluxe operator’s cabin with additional heating;
  • Deluxe operator’s cabin with windows;
  • Acrylic screen;
  • Fire Extinguisher;
  • More powerful hydraulics with increased flow of working fluid;
  • Special power system BO B-ATCH™;
  • Radiola;
  • Road option system;
  • Tonne Package;
  • Joystick Control Capability (SJC);
  • Heckklapklapkloss locking;
  • Two-speed devices.

Additional systems

The standard working equipment of the BobCAT S530 mini loader (standard bucket) can be quickly and easily replaced with a mixer or concrete mixer. Concrete or V-shaped dozer blade for snow removal; Vibrating rail; Auxiliaries for hydraulic breaker or for pallet forks; Or for cold tailoring for auger and auger drill.

Cultivator Champion BC5712. Video review of the model, reviews of owners

You can aggregate the BobCAT S530 loader with floor leveling or degree, calculations for gardening or with turf, conventional mower or decorated saw, wood chipper, handle, fishing power grab for wood waste Bafni, tree transplanting, birch trees, cushioning, triller, rotary tiller or brush cutter, trough, ditches and/or trenches, backhoe, soda soda, trimmer, high pressure pool, various devant brushes, salt mix spreading, pod cutting manhole gripper.

Additional systems

All this comes from the Bobcat S530 mini skid steer loader – a truly versatile special machine for any industry and for all occasions. Versatility is an undoubted and very important advantage of this model. The fasteners can be replaced as often as necessary, because each process takes only a few minutes.

Reviews of Bobcat S530 Mini Loader

Mini loaders of this model belong to the bourgeois class of special devices. They have many advantages, among which the main ones are long service life, high performance and low maintenance, small size.

The manufacturer has improved the stability on uneven surfaces and lengthened the base of the power tiller as compared to the previous model. This change has had a positive effect on the maneuverability of the mini loader when working with charges.

There is a three-point mechanism in the vertical level to lift the boom. Thanks to this feature, it is possible to lift loads to the floors in the construction of high-rise buildings.

The movement and manipulation of the boom is smooth. When working with very heavy loads and in difficult conditions this special equipment fully retains its stability and all its important working properties. If necessary, the replacement of individual parts of this special machine – boom, hydraulic system, cab – does not cause any difficulties and takes place in a short time.

Reviews of Bobcat S530 mini skid steer loader

The simplicity of design combined with the specific location of the engine has a positive effect on the speed of maintenance and repair. The engine is located in a transverse position directly below the diesel fuel tank. The engine is in focus in both directions from the focus that the special machine does not produce.

Perform a technical check of the battery and major engine components. You can change the filters without any problems – only by opening the cover of the Bobcat S530 engine compartment. The lid of this model is opened on the left side. This allows you to easily pour diesel fuel into the fuel tank with the lid open.

The chains for connecting the axles to the hydraulic engine are in an oil bath. They are located along the middle of the special machine, which is due to the lower part of the keel shape. The axles are not replaceable and the chains do not need to be tensioned during the entire operation.

FOPS and ROPS systems do not interfere with lifting the cabin if you want to get to the transmission and hydraulic system.

Cost of Bobcat S530 mini loader

The new Bobcat S530 mini loader will be available in mid-20101 at a price of 3,500,000 rubles. In addition, there are many ads for used special equipment of this model in the aftermarket. The price range is quite large. Depending on the year of manufacture, working life and a certain technical condition the Bobcat S530 used forklift can cost up to 2 million rubles.

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