Bobcat S175 loader – description and features

Bobcat S175 mini loader

Domestic consumers prefer to choose the Bobcat S175 loader. According to the company, 60% of the brand purchased in Russia is this model of mini skid steer loader. It refers to the middle class of construction machines. The production of the loaders begins with a large frame, the boom of which is enlarged by the unique vertical three-point mechanism.

Bobcat S175 mini loader

Bobcat S175 mini loader

Features and benefits

Bobcat S175 mini loader is very popular among customers who need high performance with small dimensions of the machine. Besides the positive qualities of the machines include long service life of all parts and high quality of their assembling. This applies to all Bobcat machines; this model belongs to the SSL line, which means it has a curved side.

The application of the loader is very wide and includes more than 30 types of work. It is often used in public areas, as brushes, scrapers, blades and sand currents can be installed. This makes it easy to clean at any time of year. Handles, blades, scythes, a trimmer and a stump remover are installed for landscaping work. For backhoeing jobs, you just need to change the implement. In agriculture, the loader moves and transports food or hay, builds land plots and cultivates the land. For construction work, the machine is equipped with a concrete pump, drill, hydraulic shields, circular saws and trenchers.


The H and HF versions allow you to use a more powerful hydraulic unit. The equipment is no longer in production, so the modifications can be considered as models based on the BobCAT S175 loader. S530 is a new model with the same features, but with an improved cabin and safety system.

Technical characteristics and dimensions

Due to the technical features of the Bobbkin 175, it can be stable on any base, even in tight spaces. High transport load is provided simply by the improved hydraulic system.

parameter value
total weight 2,853 kg
lifting capacity 895 kg
Ground 19.1 cm
Force correction 1.9 t
Travel speed 11,8-17,9 km/h
Bucket height 3 м

Bobcat S175 Dimensions:

  • Length – 3.3 m;
  • Height – 2 m;
  • Width – 1,73 m.

Fuel consumption

Fuel consumption of Bobcat S175 is 11 liters per hour.


The BobCAT S175 engine is a 2.196-liter four-cylinder four-stroke unit with 37 kW or 50 hp, which is manufactured in Japan. Model-Kubota V2403-MDI-E3. The engine has a torque of 145 Nm and a speed of 2,800 rpm. Due to the environmental friendliness of the exhaust, it belongs to the level 4 standard.

parameter value
Engine manufacturer Cubota
model V2203 m-di-e2b-BC-3
Number of cylinders 4
output 34,3 kW / 50 PS
working capacity 2.4 l
Type of cooling liquid
Torque 148 Nm
fuel diesel
Fuel capacity 90 l

Coolant allows the unit to operate in almost all conditions. The advantages of the engine include:

  1. Single-side access, making it easy to service.
  2. The low position of the fan ensures optimal cooling.
  3. Installation of a muffler with spark arrestor guarantees a long service life without the need for replacement.
  4. Candles are required for best performance even in cold weather.
  5. Integrated stop magnet.
  6. Improved combustion chamber and air delivery system to the piston bottom are required for improved performance and environmental performance of the exhaust. The cylinder diameter is 87 mm.
  7. Mos coated piston.2 And a semi-floating valve cover reduces plant vibrations and noise.
  8. A dehumidifying cassette is installed as an air filter, which must be changed at regular intervals. Equipped with a safety valve.

The device

Bobcat S175 front loader has a wide range of attachments. To change it, the Power Bob-Ag system is installed, which makes the process easy and fast and allows you to do it alone.

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Driver’s Cab

A special feature is the cabin height of more than 1.9 m. Stability is guaranteed by the increased distance between the front and rear axles, the installation of wide wheels and their distance from the body.

Bobcat 175 operator's workplace

The working place of the user of Bobkat 175

Due to the large glass area the operator can monitor the work processes with a view of almost 360 degrees. The risk of accidents is reduced to a minimum.

Entrance to the cabin is from the front, where the windshield must be. The door is generously sized and the cab is equipped with handrails and steps on the fuselage and boom for easy access. The only inconvenience may be access to the cab through the work equipment.

Bobcat S175 forklift cabin

Bobkat c175 cab loader

In addition, the Bobkat C175 cabin is equipped with air conditioning with climate control, an improved dashboard with practical features and a protective bar on the seat. You can work in the dark with halogen headlights, and the amount of light is twice as much as with conventional headlights. As additional features, you can choose from heated seats and an improved dashboard. At the same time, the operation control does not affect visibility. The machine is equipped with a sound signal and light signaling when the rear gear is engaged.

Bobcat 175 control lever

Bobcat 175 control lever.

The seat in the cab has armrests, headrests and can be adjusted precisely to the individual needs of the driver. The vibration level is regulated by the seat. The seat has a seat belt for safety.

The BobCAT 175 cab interior is lined with foam-based insulation and soundproofing. Comfort is also provided by the installation of ceiling lighting, ventilation and heating systems.

Hydraulic system

The installation of heavy hydraulic equipment is possible on versions with the letters H and HF, which stand for an improved hydraulic system. This refers to increased performance and productivity. Thus, the Bobcat S175 can be used in difficult working conditions. The original model is not designed for snowplow, hydraulic hammer, mulcher and concrete pump.


The standard equipment of the loader includes the installation of ten-ply tires, which can work in all conditions. Other types of tires are available as an option, designed for specific soils and terrain. There are sets of tires with high cross-country ability and for work in the most difficult conditions (even in conditions with an offset rim). The tire size for the Bobcat S175 will be different in each case.

Bobcat S175 based on Caterpillar

Bobcat s175 crawler

Normal wheel arrangement – on hubs mounted on axles with a circular cross-section of more than 50 mm. Material of axles is steel.


The machine is equipped with a hydrostatic transmission, which allows to drive all four wheels. This has a positive effect on smooth operation. The main gear transmits power to the wheels through chains without intermediate sprockets. The chains are not adjusted, and their service life corresponds to the full service life of the unit itself. The hydraulic motor of the system is reversible, there are two of them in the system. Operation begins with fluid supply by piston hydraulic pumps.

control system

Many users find the ability to simply open the tailgate an advantage. This provides quick and easy access to the power unit, battery, hydraulics and cooling systems.

The speed and direction of travel of the unit is controlled by two control levers. There are also two pedals in the cabin, which control the boom and bucket. The instrument panels of Bobcat 175 are located on top. Control of the hydraulic system is on the left side, the indicator and ignition are on the right side of the operator.

Fertilization - what could be easier?

Falling object protection helps ensure the safety of the operator during operation. Improved safety features may be an optional feature that must be discussed separately when purchasing or ordering the forklift.

Automation is responsible for the engine and hydraulic system, should they need to be shut off in an emergency. Controls are interlocked directly from the cab. Certain rules must be followed in order to start the hydraulic system:

  • engine running;
  • parking brake – off;
  • door position – closed;
  • rear frame position – bottom;
  • operator’s position – on the seat;
  • seat belt is in the fastened position.

In case of a breakdown or similar situation, the system automatically returns the working elements to their original position when the engine is off. When the engine is off and the bucket is raised, the door is locked. In this case, the red button under the right hand is used to lower the shovel. Simple manipulation with it resets the implement to its original position.


Fantastic equipment for the Bobcat S175. Boers

Attachments for Bobcat s175.

The Bobcat s175 loader comes standard with only one standard bucket, which you can order additionally:

  • Bucket: standard, low-profile, fertilizer, double-humped, snow mass and bulk material removal, construction use;
  • trencher and compactor, auger and backhoe bucket used in excavation work;
  • bulldozer blades for leveling the base in the form of soil masses or rock materials;
  • Rollers used in road construction and landscaping. The principle of action is vibration. The working area is quite large, which provides a good quality of the resulting surface;
  • Graders and scrapers are also used in road construction;
  • In agriculture, hydraulic forks and rakes, saddler, brush cutter, water blowers, ventilator, spreader are used.
  • Hydralom is necessary for the installation of vertical structures;
  • In the winter period, brushes, snow blowers, sandblaster are used to provide streets and other areas.

Great equipment - a brush

Excellent equipment is a brush

The Power Bob-Ag system makes it easy to change loader attachments. The operator’s work is reduced to connecting the new implement to the hydraulic system. The tracks and rear hydraulics can also be installed optionally. The additional organs are controlled through additional levers.

Cost of new, arenda and used

This model belongs to the budget price segment. The price of the Bobcat S175 loader without mileage is about 1.5 million rubles. The cost of used Bobcat S175 of 2011-2012 production years is 0.9-1.2 million rubles, while the price of 2005-2007 years is 650-850 thousand rubles. The price difference is determined by the availability of attachments and equipment. Rental of a Bobcat S175 costs about 7200 rubles per layer.


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Bobcat S175: Technical Specifications

Bobcat S175: technical features

The BobCAT S175 mini loader is one of the most common and popular models of special equipment for multifunctional compact classes. Small dimensions combined with great skills allow using these machines in any, even cramped conditions of modern big cities. Bobcat S175 has become a part of everyday use in residential and municipal services, warehouses, construction and industrial areas.

This technique is often seen in streets and parks, which are busy with brushes to remove snow and debris in summer and winter. It cleans itself – it invites trash carts into the back. The compact, maneuverable and rotary loader attracts attention by its unusual appearance, visual ease and speed of all kinds of work operations.

In addition, many Bobcat S175 are working in camps and in large camp complexes of distribution centers as stack moderators.

The BobCAT S175 mini loaders were produced in the 2000s/early 2010s and evaluated the company’s production program for new, modern and productive models of such devices. This is especially true for the Bobcat S530.

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The most important features of the Bobcat S175 mini loader

The main features in the design of this model include:

  • boom arm;
  • well-thought-out and very convenient layout of the engine compartment;
  • side wall of the rotary type;
  • Easy movement and control with only two levers;
  • Ability to perform loading operations even during transport.

Vertical increase in the boom allows you to lift the load strictly horizontally above the surface and does not require additional movement of the mini loader.

Engine Bobcat S175 mini loader

As the power plant for this model of mini loaders is used four-cylinder four-stroke diesel engine KUBOTA V2403-MDI-E3, which was developed in Japan. This engine is characterized by the following technical properties:

  • Cylinder displacement – 2.2 liters (2196 cc);
  • Cylinder diameter – 87 mm;
  • Piston sleeve – 92 mm;
  • Nominal RPM (as per EES 80/1269 and ISO 9249): 2800 rpm;
  • Power – 47 kW), at 2800 rpm;
  • Maximum torque of 150 Nm at 2800 rpm;
  • Torque at 1700 rpm (as per Sae Ji 995 large): 145 N.m.

Lubrication is by pressurized gear pump. Crankcase ventilation is a closed system. The air filter is a dry, switchable cartridge with a safety element. Ignition is by compression of diesel fuel.

Bobcat S175 mini blower engine

The Kubota V2403-MDI-E3 diesel engine is equipped with automatic absorption from spark plug preheating. Air filter with safety valve. Bottom mounted fan is used, which provides the most optimal cooling.

This engine works with the entire hydraulic system of the mini loader.

The advantages of the Bobcat S175 engine include its best available transverse location. Availability of high quality vibration isolation and soundproofing hood. Access to the engine is available through the orange door in the back.

Consumption of diesel fuel Kubota V2403-MDI-E3 shows quite moderate: about 10/11 liters per hour of work. The tank volume of the Bobcat S175 mini loader is 90 liters.

Operating principle of the Bobcat S175 mini loader

The operation of all the working systems of this mini loader model is based on the hydraulic principle: the hydraulic valve, hydraulic filter and hydraulic transmission lines. Automation is fully responsible for the operation of the engine and hydraulic device. It is able to disconnect and lock the control of all working connections by an emergency order.

Hydraulic system

The hydraulic system of the mini loader starts working automatically immediately after design. At the same time, the hydraulic cylinders are actuated, which means that all mechanisms are put into operation.

  1. The two hydraulic cylinders of the boom increase in double effect (down/up). Diameter of each of them is 64 mm. Stroke (size of movement) is 600 mm. Rod size is 38 mm.
  2. Two bucket tilt cylinders operate with a reset function after the bucket is tilted. Each has a diameter of 70 mm. Stroke (size of movement) is 330 mm. The rod size is 34 mm.

hydraulic system

Other devices that make up the Bobcat S175 hydraulic system:

  • Gear pump, which has the largest capacity of 65 liters per minute at 3135 rpm; The Bobcat S175H modification uses a powerful pump with a maximum capacity of 100 liters of fluid per minute.
  • Quick couplings are responsible for pressure adjustment (standard – 23 MPa);
  • three types of hydraulic distributor with open center with interlocked swimmer on lifting and electrically controlled auxiliaries;
  • hydraulic switching filter, complete switching element made of synthetic material with porosity of 3 micrometers;
  • Hydraulic lines – hoses, lines, fittings (made according to SAE standards);
  • Pressure head in quick coupler system – 22.4-23.1 MPa.

Hydrostatic transmission

Hydrostatic transmission of the BobCAT S175-Mini loader transmits torque from the engine to the drive wheels. It corrects the speed and direction of the compact special machine. With the help of a hydraulic system you can control all four working elements of the loader, which seriously improves the possibility of cross-country skiing.

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Transmission Bobcat S175 has a compact size; Small crowd. It provides completely stress-free engagement and no communication with the lead and run workers. This gives a large degree of freedom when placed in the unit. The hydrostatic transmission generates considerable pressure in the hydraulic system and places high demands on the quality and purity of the working fluid.

hydrostatic transmission

The hydrostatic piston twin pumps are highly regulated and drive two fully inverted hydrostatic motors.

Main gear chains are an advanced #80 HSOC (smaller link) roller chain with sprockets in a sealed sprocket card box. They do not require regular adjustments. There are two chains on each side with no intermediate stars.


In the case of this compact special equipment, the usual classic arrangement of the wheels is provided – on axle hubs with a cross section of 50 mm. The axles are made of high-strength steel. Axle size is 50.8 mm, heat-treated. Axle stock is welded to the sprocket card. There is a labyrinth stamping on the axle.

Wheel bolts: Eight 9/16″ bolts that attach to axle hubs.


Tires are available in a variety of sizes, based on the different equipment options for the mini loader. Specifically, options such as ::

  • Standard for such equipment with universal ten-ply treads, which can work in a variety of conditions (both on asphalt or concrete, and on the flooring), tire size: 10 x 16.5;
  • Tire changers with offset rims designed for tire size to tire size: 10 x 16.5;
  • Superpipe configuration, extra high cross-country ability, tire size: 31 x 12-16.5;
  • Tires with cleats, tire size: 10 x 16.5.

It is also possible to equip Bobcat S175 mini loaders with interchangeable wheels, designed for specific soils and work on sites with difficult terrain.

Bobcat S175 technical parameters in numbers

Bobcat S175 technical parameters in numbers

  • Overall dimensions: length – 2.588 meters (without bucket), 3.309 meters (with standard bucket); width – 1.75 meters; height with operator’s cabin – 1.938 meters.
  • Chum width, 10-16,5/10-layer-1,676 meters.
  • Total weight – 2 855 kg (without additional equipment).
  • Maximum carrying capacity according to the passport – 896 kg.
  • Speed – 12-18 km/h.
  • Tipping force – 1.8 tons.
  • Maximum height of the bucket – 3.0 meters.
  • Side turning radius with a standard bucket – 2.0 meters.
  • Ground clearance – 191 mm.
  • Working height – 3.862 meters.
  • Rear overhang angle is 23 degrees.
  • Wheelbase is 1030 mm.
  • Track width, tires 10-16.5 / 10-ply: 1.385 meters.
  • Ground rollback is 25 degrees.
  • Unloading height with standard bucket: 2.310 meters.
  • Bucket pivot pin height: 3,002 meters.
  • Radius of discharge at maximum height is 753 mm.
  • The dumping angle at maximum height is 42 degrees.
  • Rollback angle at maximum outreach is 95 degrees.
  • Bucket width is 68 inches – 1.727 meters.
  • Tank capacity: chain box tank – 30.3 L; heated cooling system – 11.3 L; unheated cooling system – 10.2 L; engine lubrication system (with oil filter) – 8.7 L; diesel fuel tank – 90.8 L; hydraulic tank – 18.2 L; hydraulic/hydrostatic system – 34.1 L.

BobCAT S175 working equipment installed

The Bobcat S175 mini loader has a wide range of interchangeable equipment, which greatly increases its functionality. The special hydraulic system Power Bob-ATCH-BAUS was designed to facilitate the change of attachments. It can be easily performed by the compact loader operator.

By default, the BobCAT S175 mini skid steer loader is equipped only with a twin-jaw front shovel. All other attachments must be ordered and purchased separately. It can be bulldozers; asphalt paver; pallet forks; road rollers; scraper or grader; snail auger; urns; cutters and mulchers; hydrohammer; circular saw; grapple cutters; various types of snowplows.

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Bobcat S175 working equipment

When working with some attachments, you have to remove the front door with glass. But it can be removed fairly quickly and used again. For example, the compact excavator system: You have to remove the door to work. After all, all the control levers are on the “excavator” itself.

Loading performance with a standard shovel:

  • Sliding lift – 1601 Dan.
  • Shovel tipping force – 1,579 Dans.
  • Nominal lifting capacity – 896 kilograms.
  • Tipping load – 1872 kilograms.
  • Axial torque – 5423 Nm.
  • Time of performance of the function: lifting of interpreter – 3.50 seconds; detachment of interpreter – 2.50 seconds; return of bucket to initial position – 1.90 seconds; tipping of shovel – 2.40 seconds.

Cabin and workplace of the mini loader operator

Despite the diminutive size, the workplace of the loader driver can not be called uncomfortable. But the cabin is certainly cramped. All-round glazing provides an excellent overview in all directions. The comfortable seat has an adjustable backrest and armrests. The seat can be reclined to provide a secondary holding function. And the cab is equipped with a fairly efficient air conditioner and heater to ensure internal comfort in the workplace.

The cabin and workplace of the mini loader operator

The controls are two levers and two pedals. The levers are forward, reverse, left, right, and turn. The pedals control the boom and, for example, the shovel. There is no rear view mirror, nor are there any side mirrors. So, you have to turn your head to avoid hitting someone in the back.

Electrical equipment of the Bobcat S175 compact loader

The electrical equipment for this model includes: a 90 amp alternator with an open belt drive; a 12 volt / 600 amp battery, with a performance reserve; a 12 volt starter; and a 2.7 kilowatt pinion casing.

Reviews of compact loaders of this model

About this special equipment exclusively positive reviews prevail. The owners note its versatility, ease of operation, maneuverability, compactness and constant availability of spare parts. To be more exact, just by going to the store, you can’t buy it, everything is made to order. But delivery is fast. There are no problems with hoses, quick couplings: they are always in stock and you can buy them the same day.

The cabin is cramped; even a thermos and a bag of groceries in it don’t plug in anywhere. Not to mention anything. You can only attach yourself and that if you are not a two-meter tall bogatyr. However, it is all payment for compactness of this car.

Reviews of this model drives

Glitches happen, but usually nothing serious. The hydraulics shutters break. There are some problems with hydraulics. Ground clearance is not big. One can “sit on the stomach”, but with some skill, one can easily push with a bucket.

All operations are performed quickly and smoothly, without pauses. There is no such: drive up, stop, lift the boom, turn the bucket, move away, turn the bucket, lower the boom, turn around and go. The Bobcat S175 has no pauses at all. As you walk, you simultaneously lift the boom, lift – swivel the bucket, simultaneously lower the boom, and so on. All manipulations act as a single mechanical organism.

In general, the equipment is reliable, durable, easy to learn and maintain operability.

The cost of the Bobcat S175 mini loader.

On the electronic message boards you will find many offers for the sale of used forklifts of this model. By the end of 2020, they will be asking 1,200,000-1,800,000 rubles for them. There are no new ones: the model has not been produced for more than five years.

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