Blade for motoblocks Neva. Overview of the Neva attachments for snow removal

Blade for motoblocks Neva. Overview of the Neva attachments for snow removal

Severe Russian winters with heavy snowfall force people to adjust to the realities of life. And snow removal is an integral part of winter life for many Russians. Removing snow manually is tedious, tedious and hard. Therefore, the walk-behind Neva tractor with a mounted snow plow helps with this work.

This brand has a wide range of different attachments designed for different types of work.

Clearing snow is not a problem for those who have special equipment for it. After all, manual labor no longer matters, and in the 21st century technology comes to the rescue in many areas of life.

Of course, you can also buy a snow plow that is specially designed for snow removal, but usually its cost is not justified, moreover, you will not use it anywhere else on the farm except for snow removal.

An inexpensive and universal option would be to purchase a knife for a walk-behind tractor. It is a bucket with no side walls and can be tipped to one side.

Razor-skinned Motobroptum NNM

When driving on snow, the plow throws snow aside, clearing the path and leaving a flat strip without snow.

But besides clearing snow, there are other ways to use the blade – it can also serve as a shovel for leveling sand-gravel mixtures in construction or simply help level a loose surface.

A blade model is presented on the official website of the manufacturer of motoblocks Neva.

Motoblock mounted knife (ННМ)

Setting and setting of NNM Neva

The position of the knife is adjustable. It can be either straight or angled.

  • It is possible to rotate the blade left or right at an angle of up to 25°.
  • When working with a straight knife, the width of the processed surface is 90 cm, and when turning the slope it decreases to 81 cm.
  • The average speed of a walk-behind tractor with a blade installed is 3-4 km / h.
  • Based on this, productivity can vary by up to 0.36 ha/h (when working with a straight blade) and up to 0.33 ha/h when working with an inclined blade.
  • The knife is made of durable quality steel. And the whole structure has the following overall dimensions: 90 cm long, 42 cm wide and 50 cm high.
  • Be sure to check all connections before starting work. You must be well dressed.

“Red October” guarantees uninterrupted operation of the knife for 5 years with proper operation.

Do-it-yourself blade for the Neva engine block, detailing, diagrams

If you have at hand a grinder, a welder, a drill and some consumables, you can make a blade with your own hands.

For this you need:

  • barrel with a volume of 200 l (can be removed from under the oil);
  • square tube size 40×40;
  • mounting bracket;
  • Semicircle to create rotation angles.

production method

The main working part is the blade itself. To make it, you can take an ordinary steel barrel, and then cut it into three parts. Next, take two of these and weld them together along the edge. The result is a blade with a steel thickness of 3 mm, this is usually enough to withstand domestic loads.

To ensure better snow recording from below, a knife is installed. This allows you to cut the lower snow levels. A steel plate with a thickness of 5 mm thick is taken for its production. Since the main load is on it, it should be strengthened. At a distance of 10 cm, holes are drilled, they are required to install a rubber lock. This is a special seal between the knife and the bucket itself, thanks to it there is no friction of the metal on the metal.

MT Z-3522 tractor - description and features

A square tube of 40 × 40 should be welded in the middle of the dump. And a semicircle is welded to the pipe that is required to turn the dump. Then the holes that are necessary are drilled in the semicircle and in the tube to create a rotation and to fix the dump in the correct position.

The next detail is the holder. For its production, you should cook the M-shaped structure and connect it to the pipe from the dump. It will serve to attach the bracket.

This bracket combines a wal k-in tractor and a dump. The height can be set with screws and coupling.

These are just general recommendations, are not afraid to experiment with size and improvement.

Video reviews

Below you will find a video about the work of a factory waste dump with a NEVA engine note:

Here is a video example for the implementation and use of a shovel for walk-in “fast” motifblock:

Reviews from the forums

We managed to find the following in thematic forums:

Stepan writes:

“The main thing when working with the dump is not loaded on the snow in the snow. The engine should first warm up and prepare for work. Otherwise, the engine cannot withstand a strong voltage and there may be problems. “

Andrey writes:

“Make sure that the dump is reliable. Because I once went and forgot to check whether all the screws were tightened, hoping that yesterday everything worked properly and nothing changed today. As a result, as soon as he started to vomit from the clutch. Fortunately, he was not injured, but science for life. “

Blade for motoblocks Neva. Overview of the Neva attachments for snow removal

In Russia there is such winter that very often owners of private households are confronted with the problem of cleaning a large amount of snow. Traditionally, this problem was solved with ordinary shovels and various devices. In many farms there are now at least motoblocks that can be equipped with different types of attachments, snow cleaning, garbage and other work.

Of course, you can buy such devices in specialized shops, but often prefer owners of small agricultural machines to make it with your own hands. There is more on this topic that there is a lot of different information and drawings on the Internet. This not only enables devices with the required parameters, but also to save a lot of money.

Homemade dump

Snowflags that can be installed on almost all types of devices (tractors, ATVs, machines or motifs) make life and the process of cleaning snow sediment easier. Each sno w-moving garbage dump consists directly of the working body, the mechanism to adjust the rotary angle and the fastening element, which repairs the shovel on the chassis of the electricity unit.

DIY snow removal of garbage dump

Despite the fact that there are various modifications of factory devices for cleaning the broken snow masses, they can make a sno w-covered shovel easily and independently according to the drawings shown. Thanks to such a weakened equipment for the NEVA motor note, you can remove your property from snow ediffs in winter, and the rest of the time uses to harvest garbage, align the earthen locations and much more. Despite various modifications, all dumps are characterized by a general design and a general design principle. The shovel for snow removal has three main regulations:

  1. Forward;
  2. on the right with a slope of 30 °;
  3. Left with a slope of 30 °.
Overview of the Belarus MTZ-40 tractor. Features of the model, its advantages and disadvantages

Before the snowy work, a homemade dump from a gas cylinder or steel barrel must be turned to 30 ° left or right. After the required angle is set, the shoulder block of walking behavior is fixed in the required position using metal codes.

The width of the work is usually carried out 1000 mm for the production of a shovel with metal 2-3 mm. Some models can be more or less than this value. The industry produces snowplifying shovels made of hig h-quality steel.

Make a swor d-kor e-gnemann for a wal k-burning tractor with your own hands

For the independent production of a homemade snowman (acorrotor), you must take the placement of the main elements of the equipment into account and bind the dimensions to the existing motblock. Therefore, a layout diagram of the device is first created.

Necessary materials

To make a snowboard type of snow, you have to buy:

  • The galvanized roof socket is used to produce the gulling of the screw and the rotor as well as the snow ear with a deflector.
  • Same corner 40 or 50 mm, it will be the manufacture of a frame.
  • A 2 mm thick sheet, the blades of the screw and the rotor are cut from it;
  • A profile tube is required to manufacture brackets.
  • Houses and the camps themselves to install the shaft itself;
  • A pipe or a circle with an outer diameter of 30 or more millimeters is used as waves.
  • Belt slices, stars and other transmission elements;
  • Metiza for creating removable connections.

Make a homemade, screwing snowman

Approximately procedure for the production of a hinge screw rotor for snow cleaning:

  1. Details of the screw case are cut out of the roof box. They bow to the appropriate cylinder. A screw frame is welded from the rifle or profile tube. The case and the frame are connected to a single knot.
  2. The details of the screw. For this purpose, segments made of sheet metal steel are cut, and then they are formed from them. The screw rod must be set for the installation of camp so that the surface is pulled on a lathe under the plant size of the supports and the elements of the gearbox. The blades are welded on the wave and form a screw that is converged into the middle.
  1. The storage housing and the bearings themselves are installed. The assembly element of the snow removal machine is carried out.
  2. The body of the snow creature rotor is cut out of the roof box. The final formation of the rotor body is carried out with suitable objects.
  3. Details of the rotor. Rotor blades are cut from sheet metal steel. The rotor shaft is set for the installation of camps and gear elements. The blades are welded on the rotor shaft.
  4. The compensation is necessarily done, since the rotor turns at a rather high speed.
  5. The frame of the rotor housing is welded from the corner or profile pipe. The bearing housing and the bearings themselves are installed. Nodes: The rotor assembled.
  6. A homemade frame is made on which to place the rotor and a screw assembly.
  7. The assembly of the working body of the machine is carried out. Transmission elements are mounted.
  8. The brackets are powered to connect the working body to the Walk behavior’s tractor.
  9. Stand tests are carried out, according to the results, the defects and defects are determined. Having eliminated the shortcomings, they begin testing the screw-type snow removal machine in operating conditions.
Benzokos Huter GGT 2500S. Review, characteristics, reviews

It remains to use the manufactured Rotor Snowman on the Wal k-Behavior tractor for its intended purpose.

Category: Marine Equipment

Homemade snowy shovel

Barrel for making dump

To independently make a snowpock shovel on the Neva Walk behavior tractor, you’ll need to gather the necessary tools and materials to get started. So we need:

  1. old steel barrel for 200 liters;
  2. iron strips with dimensions of approx. 850 x 100 x 3 mm;
  3. 1 m square pipe with a cross section of 40×40 mm;
  4. Bolts M10, M12 and M8 as well as washers and nuts;
  5. a set of metal exercises;
  6. Tongs;
  7. set of wrenches;
  8. a sheet of thick durable rubber;
  9. small but thick steel sheet;
  10. Bulgarian with metal discs;
  11. welding device;
  12. Electric Drill Manual.

Having collected all the tools, materials and drawings, you can make a dump for a walk with your own hands. The easiest solution would be to make a bucket out of the old 200 liter barrel as it has optimal roundness to begin with. In this case, you do not need to heat and bend the sheets of metal, giving them the desired shape. So you need an old barrel in which it is necessary to cut the top and bottom with a grinder. The resulting pipe should be cut along three identical segments. These two thirds must be connected with the welding machine along the contour and cut the remaining third into the tapes in the strips that will be used to ensure sufficient rigidity. Attach a shovel to the sides of a track and evenly distribute several parts along the entire length of the dump.

The design of a homemade snow removal dump

To additionally strengthen the overall design of the dump, you need to make a knife in the lower part of the bucket. This requires an iron strip with sizes of 850 x 100 x 3mm. Using an electric drill, drill three holes in the knife with a diameter of 5-6 mm and the distance between them 100-120 mm. This is necessary to strengthen the rubber seal, which causes damage to the road surface from buckets. The knife on the working edge of the bucket is attached with a bolt connection.

After assembling a snowy shovel and knife, the mount for the dump needs to be crafted and assembled. Source a piece of the pipe to a homemade Motoblish dump in the center of the structure. In the center of the pipe with welding, lead a semicircle from a thick sheet of metal and make several holes in it to set the necessary corners of rotation and fix the dump of the tractor of Walk behavior.

Next you need to take another segment of the square of the square cross-section and make the Mr.-shaped holder out of it. The short side of this holder is installed in a semi-circle of rotation, and the second end of the tube using a screw connector is fixed on the power supply frame. To configure the height of the dump, two screws are used, screwed into a recess of a square tube that is welded to the hitch and placed in the G-shaped holder. The video shows a snow removal shovel for a walk tractor and works with it.

Homemade attachments

The user can hitch to a mini tractor with his own hands. To do this, you will need design drawings that will show the parameters of the manufactured equipment.

Before proceeding to assemble the KUHN, you need to determine the size of the sample and prepare the tools:

  • metal profile (metal thickness depends on the type of proposed work);
  • 3 hydraulic cylinders;
  • pivoting connectors;
  • welding machine and gas cutter;
  • Wrench and Wrench.
Step-by-step self-checking of the snowblower

KUN manufacturing process:

  1. Cut out the inner frame from two sheets of metal.
  2. Make an arrow where 70% of the length is a support that connects to a large cylinder.
  3. Attach the center section to the base with hinges.
  4. Attach a bucket to the central part (it is made of a pre-prepared metal profile).

dozer blade

To make such a homemade product for a mini tractor with your own hands, prepare the following tools:

  • steel barrel;
  • steel corner 10-15 mm;
  • steel square 30 mm;
  • 2 hinges;
  • 3 hydraulic cylinders;
  • fitting;
  • hoses;
  • conveyor belt (thickness 20 mm);
  • rivets.

  1. Cut off the top of the barrel and then cut it into 3 parts.
  2. Using pliers, bend all edges by 3-5 mm.
  3. From a corner (10-15 mm), make amps and weld cuts. There should be 2 amplifiers on the edges, and the rest should be placed at a distance of 20 cm from each other.
  4. Weld a square along the entire frame from the bottom and top.
  5. Weld the struts.
  6. Install hydraulics between corner and square.
  7. Create a lifting and rotating system using hinges, hydraulic cylinders and corners.

The plow consists of a surface in the form of a cylinder (it is recommended to use steel to avoid bending the blade). The workpiece is given the desired shape: it is fed to the rollers at an angle of 20-23°, bent and then machined with a hammer according to the template.

A hitch is used to attach the hitch to the tractor.

The plow can also be made from a steel tube with a diameter of 55-66 cm and a thickness of 4-5 mm.

A template is made of cardboard, applied to the pipe and outlined along the contour with chalk. The landfill is cut out by gas welding and treated with emery. If necessary, then refine the shape with a hammer. A rear linkage is used for attachment to tractor implements.

Features of making a snow plow blade

Consider another option for crafting a shovel, not too different from the previous one. For the blade itself, you’ll need 3mm sheet steel, and for frames, which provide extra rigidity, you’ll need to use heavier gauge steel. In the racks it is necessary to make holes for attaching the shovel to the bars. It is very important to ensure the vertical placement of home-made attachments in relation to the front of the power unit.

  1. Shovel;
  2. rods;
  3. bracket for attaching bars to a walk-behind tractor;
  4. Thrust.

Scheme of a walk-behind tractor with a blade

How to make a snow plow from a barrel?

Making a shovel yourself is easy if you have a welder, a grinder and an electric drill in your house. Here is one of the easy ways. There is no need to look for the necessary material, since you can use a simple 200 liter iron barrel.

Carefully cut it into 3 parts and you will get 3 curved fragments for a snow plow. Having welded 2 of them along the contour line, we get an element with an iron thickness of 3 mm, which is quite enough for the rigidity of the blade

The lower segment of the shovel is enhanced with a knife. This requires a strip of metal 5mm thick and in length, the same with taking the dump. Holes with a caliber of 5-6 mm are made in the knife with an interval of 10-12 cm for mounting a protective strip of rubber.

The mechanism of the bucket to motor cultivator mounting unit is quite simple and can be performed in a home environment. A tube with a cross section in the form of a square of 40×40 millimeters is boiled in a shovel, which is collected from two parts of the barrel, approximately in the middle of its height. Then a thick iron semicircle is boiled in the center of the pipe, which requires 3 holes to stabilize the corner of the dump shovel.

Motor cultivator Prorab. Lineup, Features, Reviews

Next, the bracket is welded outside from the same pipe, which is similar to the letter “G”, the edge of which is placed in the hole on the semicircle, and the second is connected to the body of the device by the screws.

tools and materials

For the independent creation of a snow removal you will need:

  1. steel sheet 850x700x3 mm;
  2. 4 steel plates 450x230x3-4 mm;
  3. iron strips 850x100x3 mm;
  4. two eyes for fastening rods;
  5. 1 m square pipe with a cross section of 40×40 mm;
  6. Bolts M10, M12 and M8 as well as washers and nuts;
  7. two rods of 520 mm long;
  8. a set of metal exercises;
  9. Tongs;
  10. set of wrenches;
  11. a sheet of thick durable rubber;
  12. small but thick steel sheet;
  13. Bulgarian with metal discs;
  14. electric welder;
  15. Electric Drill Manual.

The scheme of manufacture of the blade shovel for the tractor of the walk

Installing the dump

To install a grader, you must resort to the use of brackets mounted on the frame of the power unit used. In addition, the dump is attached to the tractor of the Walk behavior with two bars, which are in an unworked state, allows to unload the engine block mounts. A blade made of steel plate 850x100x3mm is attached to the lower horizontal edge of the grader by a bolt connection.

After the dump is ready, it is necessary to install it, and you can clear the snowdrifts, harvest garbage, or leave the earthen platform on your site. DI Y-Dumps for a wal k-Tractor, this is universal equipment that allows you to perform various works. Independent manufacturing makes it possible to customize a multifunctional device exactly to your needs. In order for the walk to last as long as possible and withstand corrosion, it should be treated with a special primer or protective paint. The rubber strip attached to the working edge of the bucket should protrude to the limits of the steel plate.

factory models

Any company dealing with motoblocks can also offer a range of snow pox. On sale there are popular models from manufacturers such as Centaur, Neva, Zirka, etc. The only major advantage of factory design over the homemade fact is that they are made of high quality and they are more difficult to damage. In addition, such models last longer homemade. But then again, they cost a lot.

There are many options for factory junk copies. You should therefore check whether this model is suitable for an existing walk tractor. At the factory, snow traps are not equipped with spring mechanisms due to low speed. If the tractor’s walking speed is small, then the protective mechanisms for contact with the ground lose their meaning. In addition, in factory models there are no mechanisms for lifting and rotating the unit. In this regard, the price of the factory structure is reduced.

For higher performance, it is recommended to replace traditional rubber wheels with factory or homemade dirt. This speeds up the work process.

Snow surcharge prices may vary. Basically, the cost of these varies from 4 to 6 thousand rubles.

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