BK-2600 gas rabbit “Kalibr”: description, characteristics and rules of use

BC-2600 petrol trimmer. Technical specifications and rules of use

Gasoline trimmer “Kalibr” BC-2600 – the brainchild of Kalibr Russian-Chinese company, which entered the territory of the former Soviet Union in 2001. The popularity of the company continues to grow thanks to the solid power of the assembled units and their affordable cost.

In order to reduce the cost of products, a program was developed: the components are manufactured in China, and the assembly is carried out directly in the state, where there is a representative office of the company. Under the “Kalibr” brand, all kinds of power tools are produced, as well as garden equipment – lawnmowers, trimmers, etc.

Features of “Kalibr” gasoline trimmer BK-2600

Gas rabbit BK-2600 “Caliber” is a well-known weapon in the household. Both among private landowners and utilities. The 2600 gasoline trimmer easily handles lawns up to 20 acres.

Benzokosa Kalibr BK-2600

The most common places to use the trimmer are home lawns, park areas, etc. The purpose of the device is to mow all types of grass, including weeds and small solitary bushes.

The special shape of the product allows mowing grass even in hard-to-reach places, as well as neat mowing along fences, curbs and fences.

Weight of a chainsaw is 8 kg. Gasoline two-stroke engine of brand 1E44F-5 is located at the top of the entire straight boom. Power output is 3.5 hp. The power unit is started manually with a Kik starter.

A starter is provided to improve engine starting by forcing a fuel mixture into the carburetor. The carburetor itself is diaphragm type, electronic non-contact ignition system, automatic centrifugal type clutch.

Control of the trimmer is transferred to the handle, which is bicycle-shaped and foldable. Corset-type shoulder straps are designed to maximize operator relief during operation.

The BC-2600 Gas-Core can be operated with either a three-blade blade or an automatic line head.

The detection width varies from 25.5 cm (knife) to 44 cm (line head) depending on the cutting element selected. For safety purposes, the cutting elements are covered with a protective cover.

We propose to get acquainted with the full characteristics of the trimmer gasoline caliber, modification BK-2600.

The package of the “Kalibr” gasoline trimmer is as follows:

  • a platform with a fishing line;
  • protective cover;
  • 3 knives;
  • a shoulder strap;
  • set of tools;
  • container for preparing a mixture of engine oil and gasoline;
  • Gasoline trimmer manual.

Gasoline trimmer caliber 2600: gasoline trimmer caliber 2600: gasoline trimmer trigger button caliber

Pros and cons of the BK-2600 petrol trimmer.

Let’s talk about the positive qualities of this garden tool:

  1. High-performance engine.
  2. The possibility of processing an area of up to 20 hectares at a time.
  3. Mobility, the possibility of transportation.
  4. The trimmer does not need to be connected to the power grid.
  5. Increased safety, protection from accidental start.
  6. Low fuel consumption.
  7. Easy operation and service.
  8. Universal mower can work with a line and a knife.
  9. Ability to perform a delicate haircut.
  10. Low price.
  11. Vibration protection.
  12. Lightweight system.
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There are only a few disadvantages:

  1. The solid weight of the trimmer.
  2. Use of explosive substances (gasoline, oil).
  3. Noise.

Kalibr trimmer BK-2600 operation manual

Instruction manual is an invariable companion of any tool provided by the brand “Kalibr” to the consumer. Instructions for the Kalibr BK-2600 gasoline trimmer contain the following information:

  1. The structure of the gasoline trimmer, the stages of its bending assembly.
  2. Properties of the model BK-2600.
  3. Conditions for safe operation and maintenance.
  4. Preparation of the gasoline trimmer for the first start-up.
  5. Starting and running.
  6. Maintenance.
  7. Problems.

Preparing the calibrator for work

The duration of the calibrator troops directly depends on the actions of the operator in preparing the tool for the first start. Let’s list the necessary algorithm of actions:

  1. Sort out the trimmer according to the available instructions.
  2. Prepare a mixture of engine oil for two-stroke engines and gasoline AI 92. Ratio (40/1).
  3. Put on the cutting element and repair it.
  4. Place the protective cover on the cutter bar and press it to the boom.
  5. Ensure that all structural fasteners are tight.
  6. Connect the high voltage cable to the spark plug. Check the contact.
  7. Fill the fuel mixture into the tank.
  8. Create and position the shoulder corset on the operator.
  9. Start the engine according to the starting instructions.
  10. Check operation of all units and mechanisms.
  11. The tap changer expires immediately after the first start.


Service life of Kalibr trimmer BK-2600 is 5-8 hours. The main condition of the operation period is to operate the unit at low loads. No more than 0,5 power of the power plant. During this time all the moving parts of the engine are exhausted. In addition, the operator learns how to work with the gardening tools.


The maintenance of the caliber of the Chainsaw includes several steps:

  • daily maintenance work on the garden tool;
  • Scheduled maintenance;
  • Preservation for the period of non-use.

Daily maintenance should include the following steps:

  1. Cleaning, cleaning the unit of grass, dust and dirt.
  2. Cleaning the air filter (edited every 10 hours).
  3. Cleaning the air absorber.
  4. Tension control of fasteners.
  5. Prompt blade sharpening/replacement.
  6. Checking fuel mixture in the tank.

Routine inspections are as follows:

  • Checking spark plug contacts;
  • Adjustment of fastener (every 50 hours of operation);
  • Replace a burned spark plug (every 100 hours).

Preparing the trimmer for long-term storage is called preservation and consists of the following steps:

  • Drain the combustible fluid;
  • Start the engine, remove fuel residue.
  • Remove the blade blade, wrap it in oiled paper, put it away for storage.
  • After engine has cooled in wire, separate from plug;
  • unscrew the spark plug;
  • Pour 15 ml of high quality engine oil into the cylinder of the power unit;
  • Slowly crank the starter and distribute the oil all over the inside of the power unit.
  • Reinstall the spark plug;
  • Clean, rinse, wash and degrease with a chain saw;
  • Store in a place protected from moisture.
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Malfunctions of the gasoline trimmer “Kalibr” BK-2600

Let’s list the malfunctions that are characteristic of the Kalibr gasoline trimmer.

The engine stalls, does not start:

  • The ignition is not switched on;
  • There is no fuel in the tank;
  • Pump mixture of fuel and oil with primer (5-6 times);
  • Fuel mixture overflow in carburetor;
  • Candle is burned out, smoky, wet;
  • The carburetor is out of tune.
  • Combustible mixture is improperly prepared or of poor quality.
  • Air filter requires cleaning;
  • I/O wire is broken;
  • Primer is not loaded;
  • Starter cable is loose;
  • Seals are worn;
  • No compression;
  • Magneto burned out or stuck.

The line is not feeding:

  • The line is tangled in the swamp;
  • The line has run out;
  • Bait is blocked by vegetation;
  • The line feed is less than normal.

Grass is not being inspected:

  • Knife is dull;
  • The line has run out in the mowing head.

Knife does not rotate:

  • Drive has failed;
  • Fasteners are loose;
  • The housing or the blade is blocked.

The brushcutter vibrates heavily:

  • The blade is unbalanced;
  • The blade is deformed;
  • Fasteners are loose.

Engine does not shut off:

  • Electronics are burned out;
  • Disconnect film connection.

We suggest to read the full version of the instruction manual of the gauge gasoline trimmer BK-2600.

Video review

Now watch the video, which shows the work of Kalibr BKK-2600 petrol trimmer:

Gasoline trimmer “Kalibr” BK-2600, reviews of owners

Eugene, 24, Zaporozhye

“Immortal machine, always something breaks. Reel in general, the first mowing in the fluff. Fasteners have to be tightened every hour, otherwise they fly off. The cylinder lasted 5 mowings and leaked. The foam filter didn’t finish the job and was replaced with a paper filter. “

Ruslan, 32 years old, Fastov

“China! The technique is very unreliable! Knew beforehand – would have bought a trimmer of another manufacturer!”

Oleg, 39 years old, Ochakovo

“The trimmer develops a solid force, can grass and bushes to mow, but very thin knots, I collect and turn over from time to time. The engine is very sensitive, a little moved the oil – everything, smoke, etc. “

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Trimmer benzinkalibr BK-2600

Photo of the gasoline trimmer Kalibr BK-2600Photo 2 - gasoline trimmer Kalibr BK-2600Photo 3 - gasoline trimmer Kalibr BK-2600Photo 4 - gasoline trimmer Kalibr BК-2600Photo 5 - gasoline trimmer Kalibr B К-2600Photo 6 - gasoline trimmer Kalibr B k-2600

The color in the picture may be different from the actual sample.

Photo 2 - gasoline trimmer Kalibr BK-2600

Photo 3 - gasoline trimmer Kalibr BK-2600

Photo 4 - gasoline trimmer Kalibr BК-2600

Photo 5 - gasoline trimmer Kalibr B К-2600

Photo 6 - gasoline trimmer Kalibr B k-2600

Rating based on the opinions of 11 Buy

Manufacturer KALIBR
engine Gasoline, two-stroke
performance 3.50 PS

Average price in stores: 7 250 ₽

Technical characteristics of the gasoline trimmer Kalibr BK-2600

Overall features
Additional information

Please refer to the technical documentation for complete product, manufacturer, configuration, specifications and functions.


11 reviews of the gasoline trimmer Kalibr BK-2600

Experience: less than a month.

Disadvantages died after 2 hours, the ignition coil.

Experience: a few months

Advantages The cost is quite light after PT PTRIT 545 is the price of spare parts Penny, in particular, no one forbids you to install more expensive and quality analogues. Long boom – excellent grip

Disadvantages – loud and evil. Disconnect gasoline somewhere through the tank. High consumption, the grass winds up on the shaft between the so-called protection and the hard disc. Safety holder bottom/housing twists, I just started mowing, it twisted the other way. Not the most comfortable grip angle.

The comments that it’s 3.5 PS/ 2600W, I didn’t feel as there’s even a hint of them for me. With the assembly: It all turned out all the bolts, even all the land shovels fit and already have the parts)

Experience: less than a month.

Disadvantages of the product were formed. Chesty! Everyone was out of the loop! Except for the kirgis in the warehouse! He most likely inspected the package! Because he immediately said there was a flaw. Do not recommend this seller!

Commentary Zaz

Experience: less than a month.

Advantages I have been using it for two days and it works.

Disadvantages on the second day of which the head for the fishing line fell apart.

Experience: less than a month.

Advantages price, simple assembly. You can easily find, assemble, repair it yourself.

Disadvantages: I had to modify the assembly of the throttle cable. The gas was caught in the handle, complete disassembly and reassembly took a life

Comment for this price is quite normal, mowing, loud. Finished the job just fine. 12 acres squats slowly in 4 hours, while running new.

Experience: less than a month.

Disadvantages: very, very difficult to start. Easier to start an old killed motorcycle.

Commentary – very strong disappointment.

Experience: less than a month.

Advantages: electricity and price. On the second day it went bust after 10 minutes of slicing with the hard drive and it started. I do not recommend this product for sale.

Experience: a few months

Advantages works fine

The disadvantages are easy to output

Experience: less than a month.

Advantages: Simple. Cheap. If you change the cutting head and use a good fishing line, it mows the grass.

Grapes and spring frosts

Disadvantages: The cord itself is a complete disadvantage. A device for those who haven’t used anything better. Serviced a Makita 4300 since 2006, responds well, compression like new, Mitsubishi motor, Oregon 111110 head. I needed a mower for the other side so the cosmetics wouldn’t wear out every time. If you ask the neighbors with the gauge in hand, on the wipers in the yards, asked how they decided on this BC-2600, of course the most powerful in the line, I am not interested in the others. The wild design choices struck a chord with the crowd. A boom with no storage for the shaft inside. Of course, there are some plastic guides, of course, without lubrication. The tank is not protected by a plastic structure on the bottom as in most images, the legs are poured over the tank and must be stacked closely. Playful, but good. The tank neck under the air filter is unclear, which prevents it from being driven into the corner of the tank. The braid leaked from the tank plug and from the rubber tube insert right after refueling, not even a minute. The tank itself is apparently stiff for the sump, without the rubber shock absorber breaking off the bracket ears is more likely with a pound of fuel vibration. The whole thing unscrews. Extend disassembly by partial disassembly. To the cylinder head with dynamometer. Starter, carburetor, flywheel cover fender, which had to be stretched.

The commentary is dry. In its entirety. Including the CPG. Before using the starter for the first time, pour at least a few milliliters of non-greasy oil into the spark plug hole. Lubricate everything that needs lubrication. Clutch slipping at very high speeds, adjust spring. Flywheel not properly balanced, vibration. Unadjusted carb smokes on correct mixture, high flow rate, thus adjusting what is a diaphragm carburetor in 2T. Spring on throttle knob is jammed – arm gets tired after an hour, for Hercules to loosen. Air filter – fairy tale, foam ring with polyethylene cover, hopefully no fistula. Shoulder belt – so it doesn’t get loose and the shoulder doesn’t hurt from vibration, makes sense to unload on 2 shoulders. Recommended lithol24 in the gearbox. This is something I misread in the manual, or have misunderstood the working temperatures of the lubricants. In the heat, when the gearbox is warm, the lithol “floats” and lubricates the gearbox, and in the cooler mornings, when the taulitol solidifies, the gearbox runs virtually dry. In the case of appliance reducers, it makes sense to flush and switch to grease. One of the biggest drawbacks is the lightweight flywheel. The motor lacks inertia under load. flushes? Is the scythe lighter? Thus, those missing hundred grams of fuel are compensated for many times over. The muffler is a separate topic. 114 dB. I mowed with earplugs. Next time I will use earplugs. Cutter head goes straight to the furnace, fell apart at the first mowing. I replaced it for the aluminium one. Conclusion: If you understand the 2T engine, have the knowledge of mechanics and think about the mower, it can and will serve and torment you after mowing with noise, smoke, smelly consumables and residual vibration in the hands. If you’ve held a regular machine like Husqvarna, Efco, Makita, Shtil and the like, this is not for you. Very disappointing.

How to store garden tools?

Experience: less than a month.

Nice and powerful mower. Makes an excellent high grass in heavily overgrown areas. Also works well with the blade, mows young trees up to 5 mm thick.

Disadvantages: Very high noise and vibration level. If you work without headphones, it will be ringing in your ears for a long time afterwards. After an hour of work, the intake manifold with the carburetor unscrewed spontaneously. The intake manifold gasket was torn. Disassembled, ordered a new gasket, reassembled. And so six times in two weeks of work. Ordered 3 gaskets twice. Seems to be a design flaw. I will take it to a warranty repair shop.

Commentary: I advise against buying this device because of its unreliability.

Overall experience: more than a year.

Pros: Great motor for the low price. You will not find a better motor for this price. I am not saying it is perfect, but it is the best motor in its price range.

Cons: A little leaking through the seals from the factory, but it’s been a year and the engine runs like clockwork.

Comment I use this comun engine on a trolleybus. Already traveled over 200 km. Don’t forget to adjust the mixture after breaking in. In all this time there were no problems, for a run of 100 km unscrewed a bottle of carburetor, screwed in place and on the road. Performance is quite decent, pulls two people at 25-30 km/h. Never overheated, no matter how hard it was. The tank does not leak, rubbers and feet are present. Never had a spark plug knocked out. Great device, I recommend it to all DIY enthusiasts. You can watch the video, making a march on the homemade dreck in search of a path.

Number of reviews: 11

Your evaluation helps someone make a choice. Thank you for sharing your experience!

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