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Huter GGT-1900T.

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Advantages: easy start, protection, productivity

Comments: I use it in my country house. As an experienced trimmer, I liked the easy start that prevents slippage. Thanks to the good performance, it mows the grass very well, about one meter high. The protective hood catches grass and stones well and is easy to adjust if necessary.

Advantages: powerful trimmer, easy operation, supporting strap, price

Comments: During practical use in summer and autumn, the trimmer made a good impression. In my opinion, it justifies itself on the price-quality ratio. No failures during this time, only once the screw on the handle has become loose, and even then at my fault, I did not tighten it when I set the trimmer to convenient work for me. The grass mowed the largest, about 30 cm high, it is well acclimatized, does not suffocate. Old raspberries mowed with a knife, did not even notice. There are a lot of fruit trees on the plot, so the trimmer was a very good helper for cleaning up near the trunks of trees.

Advantages: powerful, easy to use, economic.

Weaknesses: not noticed yet.

The commentary: I took it specifically for more power, it drives easily, mows both dry grass and small bushes perfectly. Saves time and effort, easy to grasp with hands, doesn’t use much fuel, economical.

Advantages: productivity, powerful beast, easy to use.

Disadvantages: the vibration is palpable (maybe after the electric trimmer seemed)

The commentary: If used correctly, I think it will serve for a long time. Today I have only positive emotions after the first working day. I have not used the knife yet. Everything is there, nothing is needed, no need to look for the key for maintenance. Changed the factory line right away. Got wet when mowing, especially when the grass was dry. Should have installed a “sprocket” and everything crumbled to “dust”. The tank holds just over one liter. On a plot of 12 acres (average vegetation) was enough less than two refills, so far all satisfied, in future use there may be posts, but I do not want this.

Disadvantages: weak body art, vibration.

Comment: In the first minutes of operation, when trimming the fishing line, the protective sheath with the knife holder for fishing. fields from the kit. I do not give any warranty on the sheath, as the sheath is an expendable material. Bought a new one for 390 rubles in an offline store. Starts up when how. That with the first time then tries to tear the handle headband from his hands. Consumption is only a horse. Used to mow with an echo trimmer. I have the feeling it burns twice as much, but the engine is twice as powerful. The vibration regularly ends up with my trimmer ripping out of my hands, as if the engine “trots”, but there is nothing to touch. While I run-in with a mixture of 1:25, as in the passage, it smokes like a steam locomotive, then everything will change.

Pros: fishing line at least 3-4 cm in diameter and chops the drive and bushes

Cons: weak looking for a handle for the mower.

Comment: I finally bought my gasoline trimmer, and I don’t regret it. The real advantage of this device. Saves me a lot of time and effort. I took a specially more powerful device, as there are a lot of wild bushes on my property. Braided fishing line is with everything. I have tried to put the fishing line of less than 3 mm – do not repeat my mistakes, ends immediately. Better to mow with a disc. The main thing is that the strangers do not soap on the road.

Overview of chainsaws Sturm: description, characteristics and rules of use

Advantages: Sturdy, user-friendly controls, economical, and it really is HUTER.

Disadvantages: Of course, there are disadvantages, this is most likely the quality of assembly, you will have to tighten and screw in the screws yourself. The grass often gets clogged in the gear housing, it is not convenient, I had to remake it.

The comment: I have been using it for 3 years, I advise a great device.

Pros: Powerful, easy to start.

Cons: It is heavy. The protective plastic is weak. I have used it 3 times and it has already broken somewhere.

Pros: Really liked the mower – powerful and not expensive.

Cons: minor – vibration, difficulty in working for a long time

Comments: With dual handles – it’s good, not so tired when working (before I had a mower with one handle), but I can not mow for a long time because of the vibration. Mows everything: and grass, and small bushes, even tree shoots without problems, everything blinks and goes smoothly. The main thing is to read the manual to adjust the belts according to your needs. It starts out just fine. Anyone who has a problem, read the manual. I think it’s hard to find a better price/cost/quality ratio.

Pros: Powerful, less – less handy, bought for the price and a German company.

Cons: I didn’t work 10 days to live long. Spent more on gasoline for the current job.

Comments: Regretted listening to my toad, would have rather bought something.

Pros: We are disappointed! It’s a scrap!

Cons: I bought it when it worked, it worked a little and stopped working, they changed it and nothing changed!

Comments: Didn’t even work for a year and threw it away.

Pros: Inexhaustible boom, Hard shaft, Fishing line/hard drive, Powerful, Resourceful, Inexpensive, Protective cover attaches to boom, not flange. Fits in the passenger compartment of a sedan.

Disadvantages: It would not hurt a full-fledged “utensil” instead of the usual belt, it digs into the idiot and the neck when working long hours, but at this price is not a disadvantage, you can work with a belt. By the way, once I caught myself thinking that the belt is on, but I forgot to attach the braid to the carabiner, balanced “weight” handle helped, because it takes some time to get the braid to fit your height and stature so as to minimize the inconvenience of working with a shoulder strap. A much bigger disadvantage is the inappropriate “spool”, i.e., the trimmer head, with which this product is equipped. Maybe someone works this way, but it immediately dissipated about me. You have to consider that this is still a consumable, but to buy a normal head for this mower right away, believe me, it is worth it.

Comment: It’s good that I did not bring it to the country house, but tried it out in the yard first. The next day I bought a Husqvarna T35 head, everything went great. The workmanship is above reproach (my head is spinning). Started mowing, everything is great. Had a line of about 2 mm, used up pretty quickly, 3 mm is another matter, gets better and more persistent. I had no problems with the operation, except for the handle with the trigger, it rang a little in my hand, until I mastered how to override the handle. Then out came the mishap – the braid began to spontaneously gain momentum at idle, all the way up to the head spiders and how even more interesting – it accelerated to completely frantic speeds when running and turning off the ignition. A pungent unpleasant smell of a few burnt lows hit my nose, something was smoking under the engine (well when out of the muffler), tried to cool the engine and started well. Turned it off and found something rattling in the plastic tank (something very similar to a fuel filter). In a nutshell. Everything comes with experience, I decided not to make past mistakes and experiment and try to disassemble and repair and take it to the salesman and let him figure it out. The intended amount of work, thank goodness, was accomplished. The three percussion knives that came with it haven’t mowed yet, haven’t decided whether or not to stash it first. My review may have looked like “everything worked out fine,” but believe me, it didn’t. It’s machinery and stuff happens to it. It’s all the more forgivable for inexpensive machinery. Besides, it’s a good thing if the posts come out right away. You fix the glitch and I think we’ll be back. The main thing is to have a sober head and straight hands. There’s a store warranty for the rest. I am satisfied with the scythe. I will add: The scythe came from the service, the filter was installed in place, works well. Tried the three x-meter with three knives, which comes with – it chops burdocks, maples and thickets from other shrubs with a finger thick.

Kamaz-6580. Description, technical and operational properties

Advantages: power, economical consumption, compact size, the engine runs smoothly.

Disadvantages: I previously used a hotter electric wire, was quite satisfied, but would like to get rid of the power cable.

Comment: After the bicycle monster, the ability to get into every crevice is incredible. Everything is mowed from grass and burdocks, ends with bushes and trees. The 10-county tank scheme. Standard fishing is removed quickly but evenly.

Advantages: power, the consequence of omnivorousness. But.

Disadvantages: suppressed vibration. Relatively high fuel consumption. Unknown “dishes”. Lack of spare parts and disgusting service: After 2 hours of intermittent operation, the engine, on the 5th month of service in the stores – immediately, without checking that the case is not under warranty. The engine was opened up, they acknowledged the factory error, but now we are waiting for parts.

Comment: I do not recommend to use it. Besides me there are 5-6 more poor fellows in the shop with the same unit. The service center does not give a damn about our problems.

Advantages: Mows the grass, consumes gasoline moderately, no work at work

Disadvantages: Didn’t figure out the belt at first and felt discomfort when working long hours, then adjusted as needed and became as weightless.

Comments: Bought it before the 2016 summer season. Long time to decide, listened to a lot of advice and came to the conclusion that a normal owner will work on any equipment. Some praised the brand, some spit in its direction, but in the end chose this particular special model. Before the start I stretched all the screws and off we went. Took a day for the engine. The next day started chopping and mowing with it this season. During the time I used it, I just tested it, changed the line and sharpened the knife.

The advantages: such a decent technique, the ability to install the lopper, the engine brake

Commentary: My brother set this trimmer and said that alone with the old foreman, Frost, he will not start. Yes, and the quality of mowing was very weak, often young grass right from the root (he apparently did not have enough twist). With the new trimmer with briar bushes, it seemed to me that for the yard is pretty easy, and closer to the root did not have any problems, only chips will fly. In a few hours with the grapes shaved all the suburban weeds into the yard. With big weights and dry grass it can coordinate a bit. The anti-vibration system really feels, after such a fruitful cleaning of the old trimmer my hands were shaking for a while.

Advantages: quickly assembled. The shafts are steel lines, no cable (pleased). I started up the coda, as they say with Paul Kick, the sound of the working motor pleasantly surprised – smooth and saturated, the power is felt at once. The trimmer is a pleasure to work with, it mows perfectly. I haven’t worked with the hard drive yet, but I’m sure I won’t be disappointed. I recommend my GGT-1900 gasoline trimmer.

Plants that change their color

Advantages: very powerful, big fuel tank.

Disadvantages: it has a big vibration, but at such power it is probably the norm.

Comment: I have been mowing for a week, the scythe is Death Von Burian, the knife cuts trees with a thickness of two fingers, the tank in reality is a liter 1.5 and not, as they write at them. Har., Only for men is difficult and very powerful. I would not advise improving the lawn for him. I have an electric mains. You should buy one for someone who really has to mow the jungle. So far, I’m satisfied.

Advantages: Easy to use. Compact, economical, does a great job with grass in the house and garden. I was advised to buy their 1500, but I decided to buy more and did not give up.

Comment: I recommend it to everyone, who wants to cope with the grass.

Works on gasoline. After Cosby, the large lawns are not cracked with the old trimmer, as before. Of course there is vibration, but not strong. The main thing is to repair the belt correctly and you will not feel vibration and heaviness.

The trimmer does not weigh much, it is easy to operate. Before each mowing of the lawn, I change the line, and sometimes I have to take out the knife. Since the area to work is very large (about 17 acres). I can finish with interruptions in half a day.

Tried mowing bush shoots – no problems.

Pros: Review of the HUTER GGT-1900T

Disadvantages: Through vibration. Relatively high fuel consumption.

Pros: The mower is perfect. Truth is a little annoying and falls off intermittently, but no questions about the performance of the trimmer. I’m easily subdued. Changing the line is easy, although this is the first time I’ve seen how to do it properly on YouTube. Nothing wiggles, everything is great.

Cons: I didn’t have any special requests for the trimmer, so no complaints.

Comment: Worked great all summer. We’ll see how it behaves next year.

Pros: not a bad product, good price for such power, easy to use, mows the grass, picks up young plums, currants, raspberries with hurray from the knife.

The disadvantages are: 1. Noise 2. Vibration 3. The line bobbin is very unreliable 4. Catching on the quality of the fuel

Comment: It is basically worth the money. Once it was an electric trimmer EFKA I never got used to the soft not noisy operation!!!! At the end of the year I will write off, maybe something will change.

Advantages: sturdy shoulder strap, does not slip out, the first start from electricity

Cons: I used it in spring, summer, fall – all excellent

Comment: I used it in the countryside. Originally bought for weeding 6 acres. I liked that the trimmer is quite powerful and resourceful. The line chopped even the logs of burdock with the thickness of a finger. I can adjust the height of the handle, because my handle is low, so I had to adjust the trimmer for me, and the shoulder strap was raised to reduce the fatigue while using. The trimmer vibration is present, of course, but it seems to be within the norm, I’m not particularly picky, and I haven’t used other mowers for a long time. The assembly does not seem to have any complaints, everything turns, turns and does not rattle. I put the bag on my head and drove off. Mows young shoots of berries and adult raspberries with the knife.

Cons: extremely disappointed with this product. 1. The package did not have enough screws to attach the protective cover. 2. The disposable spool is made of very poor plastic. After the first use, a hole appeared in the line reel.

A beautiful lawn as far as the eye can see! The best remedies for grass loss after winter

Comment: The trimmer is not worth the money. It has a price tag of 3500. The belt is weak, the plastic is flimsy.

Plus: low weight and high power, everything is included, decent tank volume, stops the blade / fishing line quickly

Comment: Trouble-free helper. Handle is ergonomic, almost no vibration, the mount and the length of the belt adapted to me. Starts with a half-circle, rolls cleanly over everything in its path, no smoke, no rattle. Put knife for hard work, protection didn’t let me down.

Pros: Average price, durable enough, comfortable shoulder strap

Comments: Normal, good trimmer, which serves us for the 3rd season without any problems. not once broke My husband rolls pretty large areas near the house and at the cottage. Before the new season, he changes the fishing line and sharpens the blade, and that’s it. Gasoline consumption is moderate, and power is good. We decided that I will give the same one to my friends for their housewarming party. We recommend it!

Pros: Power, transmission, efficiency, price.

Cons: Couldn’t find any.

Comments: The scythe is handy – I tightened the belt to my needs, adjusted the length of the handle and I’m having a great time with it. Not complicated, but with the overgrowth of grass – great kit. The kit has everything you need, you have to buy everything – and fishing line, and heavy artillery in the form of a three-leaf knife, which can remove, for example, raspberries. Fuel does not eat a lot, the tank is quite capacious – often do not have to fill up. I am satisfied for the second season.

Advantages: comfortable handle, light weight, moderate vibrations at work.

Comment: For my small sided, just right. The cat is 3 mm with fishing line, so it goes less. Plot of 15 acres for the season I’ll plow 10 times. Uses little gasoline, I dilute it with oil from a plastic U – shaped container. Starts easily. For the sake of interest discharged the plug – in excellent condition for two seasons. Trimmer easily cuts small bushes and branches with an ordinary knife.

The advantages: the equipment, weight, anti-vibration system.

The commentary: it spends petrol economically. Fits in the handle itself, I also use a belt, the weight of the trimmer is not felt at all. The scheme of 12 acres is easy to handle: a small bush in some places.


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Huter GGT-1900T.

Huter GGT-1900T.

Benzokosa Huter GGT 1900T. Review, features, reviews

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  • Properties of the Huter GGT-1900T

General properties *

96 dB Type
Trimmer Knife speed
Up to 9500 rpm Special width
26 cm Functionality
no Engine *
Engine type
Gasoline, two-stroke Working volume
52 cubic meters performance
2.40 PS Fuel tank
0,7 л Engine layout
Top, above Traction
Anti-vibration system
Yes Wheels
no dumbbell
only Handle shape
T-shape (bike) More info *
Coat of fishing line, disc/knife Dimensions *
7 kg * Exact specifications, check with the seller.

I bought the gasoline trimmer for the country house. Took it for two seasons to buy it as a replacement for an electric lawnmower, because it does not provide hard places, unlike this trimmer, it takes the grass, I want to assign its weight. I can even lift it. Woman. Very easy to change cord and fuel efficient, so I was very happy with my purchase!

November in the garden: a calendar of work

I didn’t buy it right away. Had other mowers before – they started up easier. But this one is inexpensive and quite powerful. In general, for such money (the discounted price of about 5 TP) MähnenMormen is the best))))

This trimmer was bought to replace (well, or in addition, because the old one is still in operation), to replace the exact same Hauter GGT-1900, which was bought only in 2013. When I received and unpacked the trimmer I ordered, I was very surprised, I even thought they sent something different because. The trimmer looked completely different than its predecessor. Then I took a closer look, it’s the same GGT-1900 on the panels, only in new “dresses”. And this is very good, but what – I’ll write a little more in the “pros”. In fact, everything that I did not like in the external “body kit” of the carcass itself, has now changed for the better. Yes, by the way, I’ve read some reviews. So far I too have been operating the trimmer in intake mode on a 1:25 mix, hardly any smoke, only use good echo power blend x oil after Jaso spec, goes like FD, not much smoke. In general, experienced people on the forum suggest that it is better to “feed” the Chinese good oil, they will live longer and will not act on the principle: “If I bought the device for a cent, I will water it cheaper”.

If you do not have a moped “riga” or “vermhovina”, then this product does not suit you))) You can only start it by tinkering with the fuel screw, but you have to add it after starting, because the braid won’t pick up speed. And so every time you start! Handles broke after 10 minutes – thin silumin. Blade/blade guard is brittle – broke into pieces))But if you start it, it does everything)))) Heavy, busted shoulder strap, all in knots. Bruises on neck and thighs.

Bought my parents a house, 20 acres of grass needs to be mowed all the time. The trimmer is placed in the salon of the sedan, at the beginning of the day I tested it with different fishing cords and a knife. After installation and setup, there were no problems. It eats gasoline moderately, easily copes with grass, young shoots and even cuts raspberries with a knife.

The small weight of the trimmer makes it easy for me to mow the grass near the house. Electronic ignition makes starting the engine easy and reliable. The built-in vibration damping system greatly reduces strain on my hands.

The first day, however, I had to build and drive in, after which I started mowing the lawn perfectly on the property. Small bushes and branches are easily interrupted. Uses about 700 ml of fuel per working hour, which is normal for such an engine. Casing catches pebbles, does not crumble.

I trim the lawn with this trimmer, the lawn in front of the house is small, and along the fence – the grass is tall. The handle of the trimmer is comfortable, similar to the handlebars of a bicycle. All controls are on the right side of the handle and are right at hand. The trimmer lies well in the hand, the handles are rubberized. There is a long mush, but I do not get tired. There is a grass and clay guard that is a must.

Any grass clippings, not crumbling, but exactly cut, neatly and quickly. With a knife I easily cut young shoots from shrubs.

As the grass begins to rise sharply at the construction site in the summer, I take this device out and mow. It captures almost all brushwood, even with weeds no problem, which is why I like it. It is also convenient to use the trimmer from the handle.

Huter SGC 4000E [70/7/14]

Photo< 6,5л.с, скорости 4 вперед 2- назад, ширина 56, высата 42. Электростартер от сети 220В, фара -нет, Подогрев ру

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