Benzokosa Elitech T 52. Basic equipment, technical characteristics, purpose of the device

Benzokosa Elitech (Elitich)

Electric and brush cutters of Elitech brand are very popular due to the simplicity of the device, ergonomics, good factory balance and high repairability. Another important advantage of this brand is a relatively modest fuel consumption. This allows the use of Elitech garden tools on large garden and homestead plots.

history of Elitech.

This young Russian company was founded in 2008. Despite its young age, the company managed to quickly gain popularity not only among domestic, but also among foreign consumers.

Today the Russian brand specializes in the production of high-quality gasoline generators, welding equipment, and voltage stabilizers and garden equipment. Each unit, produced by a young company, stands out among its counterparts in the market with excellent factory parameters, high quality workmanship, as well as reliability and durability.

Gasoline and electric trimmers of the Russian brand deserve special attention among gardeners. They are distinguished by simplicity in daily operation, unpretentiousness in servicing and ability to work flawlessly with non-original spare parts. Thanks to these advantages, trimmers of Russian brands are included in the list of the most popular garden tools in the former Soviet Union.

Benzokosa Elitech T 26 – advantages of the model

The trimmer of this popular configuration copes well not only with young shoots, but also with woody bushes and small weeds. The model provides the best performance when mowing natural grass, decorative sidewalks, as well as when removing grass in narrow places.

The Elitech T 26 gasoline trimmer is equipped with a 2-stroke gasoline engine with a chromed cylinder and a durable forged piston. The forced ventilation system is responsible for protecting the engine from overheating.

Elitech T 26 Benzokoskos

To transfer the power generated by the combustion engine, this Elitech brand mower features a rigid drive shaft housed in a metal shaft protected from rust and impact.

The trimmer’s factory settings include:

  • built-in engine power – 1 hp at a maximum of 8,500 rpm;
  • fuel tank – 0,65 l;
  • fuel mixture consumption – 1 l/h;
  • width of mowing with a line/blade – 44/25 cm;
  • operating noise level – 105 dB;
  • Weight – 7 kg.
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The basic delivery set of the tool on the market includes a mowing spool with a 2.4 mm fishing line and a 3-blade metal blade.

Elitech T 52 gasoline mower – tool parameters

Semi-professional lawnmower Elitech in this configuration shows good results when mowing large, single-tree weeds, clearing tall wild bushes, removing shoots from wild trees.

Elitech T 52 Benzokoskos

The brand’s equipment consists of an economical 2-stroke gasoline engine, a rigid driveshaft, an all-metal aluminum transmission, and a rotating cutting unit. The garden unit is equipped with a rubberized bicycle handle for more comfortable daily use.

  • The power of the integrated engine is 2.4 hp. S. at maximum 8500 rpm;
  • Fuel tank – 0.9 l;
  • Fuel consumption – 1.8 l/h;
  • width of mowing with a line/blade – 44/25 cm;
  • Noise level at work – 112 dB;
  • Weight – 7,5 kg.

The trimmer is equipped with an electronic ignition system, which simplifies the start-up of the tool and protects its main mechanisms from premature wear.

Benzokosa Elitech T 43 – full model description

This household lawnmower elitech differs from its market analogue by increased traction parameters, high stability when working in difficult conditions and suitability for self-repair,

Elitech T 43 Benzokosa

The model is equipped as standard with a durable gasoline engine with an increased torque reserve. The tool’s reinforced rotary system is driven by the engine via an aluminum transmission, which withstands high loads and does not overheat for long periods of time.

Trimmer options include:

  • Built-in engine power of 1.8 hp. S. at maximum 8,500 rpm;
  • Fuel tank – 0.9 l;
  • Fuel mixture consumption – 1.2 l;
  • width of mowing with a line/blade – 44/25 cm;
  • Noise level at work – 108 dB;
  • Weight – 7.2 kg.

This popular garden tool has a sturdy metal blade, a semi-automatic mower and a durable plastic cover.

Elitech ET 1000 trimmer – features of the tool

Elitech electric trimmer of this brand can be used to care for small natural lawns, trimming a few weeds and bushes, as well as removing the stems of curly weeds.

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Trimmer elitech et 1000

The Elitech electric trimmer is well-balanced, with an excellent selection of components and thoughtful assembly of the unit. To transfer power from the electric motor to the cutting unit, the model is equipped with a rigid drive shaft and an aluminum transmission.

Mower options include:

  • Built-in motor power of 1 kW at a maximum speed of 7,500 rpm;
  • Mowing width with cord/blade – 43/23 cm;
  • Operating noise level – 85 dB;
  • Weight – 5,5 kg.

The model is equipped with a rubberized D-shaped handle, which can be moved along the entire length of the metal rod.

Benzokosa Elitech T 52. Basic equipment, technical characteristics, purpose of the device

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Gasoline garden trimmer Elitech T 52P is designed to work in the garden, on the cottage and homestead plots. Power of the trimmer is 2.4 hp, and the approximate area of the territory on which the device is used, is about 400 m². The trimmer is equipped with an air-cooled two-stroke engine. The working volume is 52 cc (corresponds to the power of 1760 W).

Elitech T 52 Benzokos

Purpose Elitech T 52P:

  • Mowing grass of arbitrary density (lawn, weeds);
  • Havoc;
  • Mowing the grass under the trees;
  • Mowing small bushes.

Trimmer of this model is used only for domestic purposes, professional use for a long time is not intended for this device. If you have to process large areas, we recommend to pay attention to other mowers and trimmers of this brand.

Do not use the machine for long periods of time without first taking a break: Turn off the power equipment every 15-20 minutes to allow the engine to cool down, and then continue working.

Basic equipment

The owner of the trimmer receives the following components in the basic configuration:

  • Trimmer;
  • Engine;
  • Trimmer with two handles, which are attached to the handle;
  • The role with the fishing line;
  • Metal knife (3 blades);
  • Shoulder strap;
  • Tools for trimmer assembly;
  • Fuel tank;
  • Elitech T 52P.

The product is delivered in two boxes: one contains the motor and the boom, the other contains the other structural elements.

Technical characteristics

Technical parameters of the Elitech T 52P:

  • Folding boom (the device is easy to fold, transport, carry in the hands);
  • Two types of cutting elements: knife, fishing line;
  • line thickness of 2.4 mm;
  • Fuel tank capacity of 0.9 l;
  • flexible drive shaft;
  • weight of the trimmer 9.6 kg;
  • Dimensions in mm. (L/H/H): 165x350x1650;
  • Primer provides easy engine start.
  • In the kit limiting cover, which prevents the spread of grass clippings on the site;
  • Bait with a fishing line semi-automatic (to release the line, it is necessary to hit the coil on the ground surface, the mechanism of a fishing line works).
  • The maximum speed of the knife rotation is 9000 rpm;
  • Average fuel consumption per hour is 1.8 liters.
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Operating characteristics

Rules for maintenance and use of the Elitech T 52P gasoline cutter:

  • Use only in good working order;
  • Assemble according to the instructions, using the fasteners from the delivery set and the appropriate tools.
  • As fuel the manufacturer recommends a mix of gasoline AI 92 and engine oil for two-stroke engines in the ratio 1:50.
  • It is forbidden to use the lawnmower during rain to protect yourself from closure and injury.
  • As any device with an interface, a brushcutter is dangerous, keep it away from animals and forbid children to go near the tool and turn on the trimmer by themselves.
  • You should mow the grass with closed shoes, pants, clothes, hands and body from the residue from dry grass, small stones.

advantages and disadvantages

The main advantages of the trimmer Elitech T 52P, according to the owners, are:

  • the presence of electronic ignition – ensuring the fastest possible start;
  • The absence of strong vibration;
  • Affordable price for power tillers;
  • Simple design that is easy to assemble;
  • Adjustable trimmer bar;
  • There is a shoulder strap.
  • The petrolconsumption is quite intense at maximum blade speed.

Not suitable for large areas.

Video review


Leonid, Lipetsk region:

“Used it after assembly, as they say, blindly. Then I hired a carburetor and the trimmer began to work 100%. Fuel consumption became less. I work mainly with a fishing line, I rarely use a knife. After two hours of work, the gasoline is still hanging out in the tank. The device is great! If you need an assistant in the country or in the garden-the T 52P benzokosa is a super option. “

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