Benzokos Huter GGT 2500S. Review, characteristics, reviews

Trimmer petrol hu t-2500 – reviews

Checking the trimmer petrol-huter-ggt-2500s

I live in the village. You have to harvest a lot of hay for cattle. I bought a mighty benzo coat. It starts easily without delay. The control handles are held comfortably in your hands so that I confidently control the Skythe. A long bar and a wide hard drive allow me to cut off.


I bought this trimmer in August 2019 after I had read reviews about the product in accordance with the instructions, I mixed liquids (gasoline and manufacturer oil), which were carried out according to the instructions, and started biting, the trimmer powerful and very good with with his own.

A powerful but unreliable trimmer.

I took it for a summer residence, the location was abandoned and overgrown with bushes, raspberries and small trees. So I decided to take Motokos stronger to stop his choice for the Huter GGT-2500, which was addressed by the price. I also liked what a fishing line exists.

The braid is great! Power decides!

This device was bought by me in a 220 volt business. The Skythe for your money is very good. It was bought to mow weeds and weeds in a newly reduced area. I was looking for a good electricity reserve and not expensive. Grass.


This trimmer is not the first of the similar goods of the Chinese Miracle technology that I used. There used to be trimmers from another TM (both the professional series and the consumer goods). The final of both one and the other – the jamming of the engine, only one season 1.

For real men

Powerful, easy in warehouse and transport (foldable), economic fuel consumption, ant i-vibration system, electronic ignition type.

Trimmer bought for work in the country. I easily convey: I only dismantled the bar and put it in the trunk. I use both a fishing line as well as a knife, grass and small bushes that have “excellently” cut both. Somehow he worked with a trimmer on the website and.

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A living network for a year

Makita died last year and drove to buy another network. Since the wire no longer wanted to wear, the choice fell on a benzo tank (I didn’t even consider the battery and because of the price and because of the battery itself.

It is better not to find this money.

Nice day. I have been using this miracle of Chinese technical thinking for three years. He showed himself from the best side during use. It is practical to mow, the hands in the hands are not tired. It starts quickly. There is enough strength, a knife, branches and.

Good lawnmower

In 2016 we bought a lawn mower for a website for a website. There they have little bushes next to grass. The mower is also good with them. Most of the time, father uses, he is completely satisfied with her. For 3 years.

I liked it at work

The pole is foldable and slightly broken down into 2 parts, which is comfortable during transport. With a benzocosa I displayed the area of ​​the sanatorium. A trimmer with an electronic ignition system so that it starts easily. For hard grass you have to use a knife and for.

A good economic trimmer

Our cottage is in a beautiful place, but there is a disadvantage that brings us many seeds of all kinds of grass from the meadow side from the meadow and we have to constantly fight weed grass. In the garden you have to pull everything out manually.

Electricity for an affordable price

I work in the apartment and local area, with such a trimmer we refine court areas. Petrol consumes economical, often no night refueling is necessary. The shape of the handle is convenient, as with a bike, the control buttons are directly on what is practical. Excellent mow and fishing line and

Great solution for a back yard

I use it to mow grass in your summer house, there is enough strength to mow grass every thickness. Most of the time I use a fishing line, but sometimes I install a knife for overgrowth. The back does not hurt after mowing – the trimmer has a low weight.

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In principle, a good device for such a price.

Everything is okay, but there is a poorly though t-out little thing that reduces the interest in it and in the entire model range. And in extreme cases, this little thing is very important to me – those who played ice hockey will understand me.

Reliable and powerful scythe.

Hi. I would like to tell you something about the Gastrimer Huter GGT-2500S. Before this purchase, I mowed the area with a trimmer with low performance, but after this purchase the mowing of the area was only a pleasure. Hauter mowed meter s-long grass bushes without any problems. When a.


I have been convinced for a long time that it is not always worth buying hyped brand models. Sometimes the technology can cope better without frills than the excellent. An example is a Huter trimmer that I bought last year. Caps passes quickly and easily overgrown.

Powerful, easy to use, easy.

Huter is the market leader on the Russian market that manufactures lawnmowers, car wash, generators and more. What I would like to tell about this lawn mower is that it is quite easy to use (start, put on straps, correct and go, nothing.

Perfomance. Price.

The suburban area is small, but when buying a trimmer I preferred to reach a device with an output of 2500 watts. Perhaps a cheaper variant would have been suitable for my purposes. But I had no problems with it. All.

Powerful trimmer.

Since young bushes often have to be mowed in addition to grass, I preferred to take a 2.5 kilowatt petrol trimmer that masters such work without any problems. The reward for this is more weight and an increased load on the shoulder girdle.

Class 5, acquisition 2019

This petrol trimmer is a great budget option (compared to similar specifications). The grass does not sprinkle on the sides because there is a protective cover. The only thing you need to carefully put on the nuts on the housing because they can cut strongly into the plastic part.

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Benzokos Huter GGT 2500S. Review, characteristics, reviews

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Benzokosa Huter GGT 2500S

Benzokosa Huter GGT 2500S is a powerful device, the main purpose of which is working in the garden, on lawn in private houses and parks.

Trimmer Hunter GGT 2500S

The device is specially designed for high loads, has great power and good performance, the maximum work surface is 800-100 sqm. The petrol mower has a foldable Holm, which is practical to transport the equipment in a normal car or even carry it by hand.

Trimmer Hunter GGT 2500T

The model range includes a similar model with a massive stem – you can see it from the marking 2500T.

The 2500T has no functional differences to the 2500S, the technical properties of these models are identical.

The lawnmower 2500T is a complete analogue of the test report described in this test report, the only exception is a foldable rod.

The intended use of the lawn mower Huter GGT 2500S is:

  • Mowing large lawns;
  • Work in public parks and gardens;
  • Cleaning the territory of weeds, high grass;
  • Thinning of the bushes;
  • Forms of bushes on landscaped locations;
  • Work with grass under the trees near the curbs.

The Motokos Hauter GGT 2500S is equipped with an tw o-part engine for two cylinders. The device can be switched on with a manual start or with electronic ignition.


The engine power is 2500 W and the engine volume 57.1 cubic meters. Both models, both foldable and not vegetable, weigh the same and have almost the same costs. Clarify the current costs in online shops in your region.

Motokos has a number of unique functions:

  • Suppression of the vibration during operation;
  • Position of the control buttons on the handles;
  • No t-slip coating on handles for better liability during operation;
  • Weight for handling practical;
  • Compact dimensions and the possibility of analysis.
Basic equipment of the Huter GGT 2500S GGT gas troops

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Advantages of the Trimmer Huter GGT 2500SS
  • high energy;
  • Light weight, comfortably tolerated, can be broken down;
  • There is an ant i-vibration system;
  • The engine effectively cools down after work;
  • The trimmer rod is covered with an ant i-corrosion composition.
Disadvantages of the Trimmer Huter GGT 2500SS
  • high sound;
  • The need to work with interruptions to cool the engine.


Type of strength petrol
Engine power 2500 watts
Engine volume 57.1 cubic meters
The thickness of the fishing line 2.0 mm
Dimension dimensions, mm 315*230*348
Mowing width, mm 255
Weight (KG 7,0

User Guide

Operating rules for Benzokos Huter GGT 2500S:

  • Do not switch on during rain;
  • Do not mow on the slopes, go down strictly – only diagonally;
  • Without sufficient amount of gasoline of the motorcycle cannot turn on;
  • Monitor the fuel stand during operation;
  • Use a trimmer only for suitable devices: a plastic mask, headphones or Berushi, closed clothing and closed shoes.

Huter trimmer device

Maintenance of Benzokos Huther 2500S:
  • Check the condition of the fuel filter every month, cooler.
  • Clean the cylinder ribs for more efficient cooling.
  • Clean the spark plug once every 100 hours of soot or replace it with a new one.
  • Work out the remaining fuel in the tank before a longer operation, until the trimmer is abolished independently, then remove the candle, grease the screw location with motor oil.

Video review

Running to work Intermer Hauter GGT 2500SS

Reviews of the owners

Arsen, Moscow region:

“I wasn’t very lucky with the purchase because the oil seals expire. I read that the Huters were sinful, I had to repair it, there was an apparatus on duty for exactly a month, all the time grew over the grass on the premises. After the repair, it works well, in the second season I already have this trimmer. “

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