Belarus Mtz mini-plants. Overview of the list, properties

List of Belarusian mini-plants: technical characteristics

Mini tractor produced by MTZ is rightfully one of the most famous representatives of domestic agricultural machinery. The models of the Minsk tractor plant are distinguished by high reliability, excellent quality and good selection of components, as well as a long working life. At the same time, the cost of MTZ vehicles is always an order of magnitude higher than the prices of tractors of imported brands.

Review of MTZ Belarus mini-excavators

MTZ Bearrus assemblers are considered a scaled-down copy of a full-fledged tractor, which performs a similar work site. They are designed in such a way that they handle medium-sized areas. In most cases, mini-tractors are used on garden plots and farms.

Minitractors Belarus MTZ

Belarus machines have a small weight and small dimensions. These two factors improve maneuverability and control performance, which makes it possible to perform narrow tasks in small areas, where large devices do not fit.

The operator’s cab is as close to the ground as possible. This allows the owners to control the movement of the machine during work.

The lineup of mini-tractors of the Belarusian brand is presented in a wide range. Each model is characterized by technical properties and price. Let us consider them in more detail.

MTZ power tillers

Minsk plant began producing units with low technical characteristics before 1992. Today, the vehicles are equipped with imported engines made in China and Japan.


Belarus MTZ 082

Belarus MTZ 082 is the first model of Belarus mini-tractors, which was mass-produced in 1992 and enjoyed great popularity.

Belarus’ MTZ 082 mini tractor

MTZ 082 is equipped with 12 hp gasoline engine.

This technique can perform a wide range of works, has a simple design and is designed to operate in harsh conditions.

So far, the price of the used MTZ 082 is from 100 to 200 thousand rubles, depending on the condition.

Belarus MTZ 132H

Mini-tractor Belarus MTZ 132H is a gasoline model with all-wheel drive.

A small-sized tractor Belarus MTZ 132H

  • It is equipped with the Honda GX 390 petrol engine of 11 hp power, which is notable for its high efficiency and motocoaching ability.
  • The transmission of the Belarus mini-tractor has 7 levels: 4 forward and three reverse.
  • Weight of the MTZ 132H is about 532 kg.

The price of the new model is about 200 thousand rubles.

Belarus MTZ 152H

Mini-tractor Belarus MTZ 152H is an improved model of MTZ 132H. Its weight is 650 kg. This allows using the Belarusan MTZ 152H mini-tractor on heavier soils.

Belarus MTZ 152H

The price of the factory model is about 290 thousand rubles.

Belarus MTZ 211

This is a diesel model of the Belarusian brand, which is equipped with the Laidong KM385T engine of 25 hp.

Belarus MTZ 211

The gearbox has 12 positions, which means that you can choose the optimal speed of the minitractor with the attached equipment.

If bought from the factory, the Belarusian MTZ 211 mini-tractor costs 500 000 rubles.

Belarus MTZ 311 and 311m

Belarus MTZ 311

These two models from Belarus should be considered together, as they differ only by the engine. Model 311 is equipped with Laidong 3T30 diesel engine with an output of 22.4 hp, and MTZ 311m has MMZ 3LD engine with an output of 26 hp.

  • Weight of the 311m is 1450 kg.
  • Transmission is 20-speed: 8 forward and 4 backward gears.

The new Belarus 311m costs about 500,000 rubles.

Belarus MTZ 320 and 321.

These are two diesel models of Belarusian mini-tractors, which are very similar in their technical characteristics.

Miniator Kentavr T 20. review, characteristics, manual

Belarus MTZ 320 and 321.

  • They differ in the configuration of the cab. In MTZ 320 it is glazed, and in Belarus 321 it is not.
  • MTZ 320 is equipped with a diesel engine MMZ 3LD. Its power is 26 hp.
  • The Belarus 321 small tractor is equipped with the Lombardini LDW1603/B3 diesel engine, which is rated at 26.5 hp.
  • The weight of these models is about one and a half tons.

The price of the new MTZ 320 is about 620,000 rubles, and the Belarus 321 costs about 595,000 rubles.

Technical characteristics of popular models

If the full-fledged large MTZ tractors have a long history and have been produced for a long time, then the Belarusian mini-tractors are a novelty in operation. They are produced not so long ago, but have already managed to receive positive reviews. Nevertheless, not everyone knows the technical properties of small tractors and MTZ tractors with manual control. The company has long been offering a wide range of small tractors, has established the production of spare parts and has introduced a service of requested models.


MTZ mini-tractors are represented by three all-wheel drive models. The machines are equipped with a four-stroke four-cylinder air-cooled engine powered by Japanese petrol and have a full set of technical functions for assembly and drive of pfwell devices in agricultural and municipal works.

Forward/Reverse Gearing

MT Z-152 minitractor – model description

This popular MTZ model is equipped with a high-quality Japanese Honda GX390 gasoline engine. The outstanding characteristics of this engine include modest fuel consumption, easy-to-use engine oil quality and high traction up to 2 kN.

In order to be able to use various attachments, the unit is equipped with a powerful hydraulic system with a productive oil pump. The availability of multistage gearbox, allowing to move in a wide range of speeds, makes this MTZ tractor maximally maneuverable.

The tractor driver’s workplace is equipped with a comfortable driver’s seat and ergonomically arranged controls. The availability of informative dashboard greatly facilitates the work of the driver and allows him to fully control the status of the main working mechanisms.

The parameters of this MTZ mini-tractor are:

  • Power – 13 hp;
  • Fuel consumption – 326 g/kWh;
  • Number of speeds – 4 front / 3 rear;
  • Distance – 28 cm:
  • Weight – 650 kg.

The minimum turning radius of the device is 2.5 m, which allows its active use on small plots.

The range of models of Belarusian domestic mini-tractors

Mini-tractors are means of mechanization, designed to replace full-size tractor equipment where its use is impossible or unprofitable. Mini-tractor is smaller and, of course, cheaper than a full-size tractor (for example, MTZ 1221). Here are its advantages:

  • The mini-tractor fits perfectly into every villager’s personal household.
  • He will prove to be an indispensable assistant in tillage, cultivation and harvesting. For example, a potato planter for MTZ will increase the productivity of planting.
  • It can be used to plow, sow, mow and remove grass, clear snow (see here), carry small loads and perform many other tasks.
  • The mini-tractor can be useful in both agricultural and municipal applications.

Various types of attachments make the mini-tractor an indispensable and versatile helper for any task requiring mechanization of the process.

In many ways MTZ mini-tractors differ in the best way from similar devices of other manufacturers (for example, Chinese, such as Kubota tractor). First of all, we would like to note the excellent ratio of engine power to weight and dimensions of mini-tractors.

In fact, such tractors are miniature copies of large machines and can perform exactly the same functions. At the same time, of course, mini-tractors consume less fuel than large models.

The undeniable advantage is the ability to use a variety of attachments, towing and hitch devices. Of course, a minitractor has less ground clearance than its big brother. It can carry less cargo and cultivate less land for a certain time.

But its task is not to replace the tractors of older models in all areas, but to fill the niche of small devices that are used where it is impractical to use large tractors.

The manufacturer itself includes only its model “Belarus 132H” in the category of Belarusian mini-tractors.

But the models of the line “Belarus 320” can also be attributed to small tractors (like “Belarus 152”). At least, they can be compared with the models of other manufacturers, which are similar in characteristics and functionality, positioning these tractors as “mini”.

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Miniter MTZ-132 design features agricultural characteristics

Basic configuration, popular with modelers, can include one of two engines – Honda GX390 engine or ice brand Lifan LF188FB. To start each of the engines in the design provides an electric starter or manual starter.

For driving in wide range of speeds this MTZ model is equipped with mechanical multistage gearbox with closed clutch. All spare parts of these units are made of metal alloys with high moisture resistance.

High stability of this mini-tractor from MTZ company is achieved due to reinforced locking with all-wheel drive chassis. The track width can be changed for specific agricultural works.

The hydraulic system of the device is represented by a productive mechanism, equipped with a 3-second dealer and a gear pump.

Parameters of this MTZ model include:

  • Power – 13 hp;
  • Fuel consumption – 313 g/kWh;
  • Number of speeds – 4 front / 3 rear;
  • ground clearance – 27 cm;
  • Weight – 457 kg.

This mini-vehicle is equipped with an upgraded frame, which allows it to work in harsh off-road conditions. If necessary, the model can be used to tow a trailer with a total weight of 600 kg.

Power for electrical equipment and generator of this model is provided by a 12-volt battery. The battery lasts for 6 hours of operation of the device with all lights.

The delivery set of this MTZ mini-tractor includes an instruction manual, a set of keys for self-service and a reliable grit cutter.

Low power tractors

Low-power machines include a traction class of 0.9. Demand for these machines is growing every year, driven by small and medium business needs and the development of new markets. Attention to customers’ requirements and improvement of the operational characteristics of the machines from base models MTZ 320, MTZ 421 became the base for development of the number of modified brands and designing of the new tractors with 30-50 hp power.

Review of MTZ Min i-Actionors Belarus. models and modifications. Attachments and maintenance

MTZ is the Minsk tractor factory, from which about four million units of large and small garden equipment, including tractors and mini-tractors, forestry machines and equipment for agriculture came off in 1946. The enterprise was founded in Minsk in May 29, 1946 and became one of the largest in Belarus. Today, MTZ employs more than 17,000 people.

In 2014, MTZ was renamed MTZ Holding. In addition to the main production facility in Minsk, the package includes eight other companies that produce agricultural equipment, spare parts for tractors and mini-equipment, as well as mounted implements, gearboxes, hydraulic equipment and tooling (offices in cities such as: Bobruisk, Bobruisk, Bobruisk, Bobruisk, Bobruisk, Bobruisk, Bobruisk, Bobruisk, Bobruisk, Bobruisk, Bobruisk, Bobruisk, Bobruisk, Bobruisk. Vitebsk, Minsk, Smorgon, Lepel, Khoiniki, Huny Narovlya, Mozyr).

MTZ assembly was produced in fifteen European countries, namely Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Tajikistan, Ukraine, Romania, Hungary, Serbia, Cambodia, Lithuania, Egypt, Venezuela and Pakistan. The tractors and mini – proctors models such as Blarus 80.1; 82.1; 892; 920; 920.2; 922.3; 1221.2; 3522; 1523; 2022.3; 3022dc.1; 3522 and others are produced in these countries.

The main date of issue of the Mini is the production of MTZ Belarus:
  • All types of soil work (plowing, plowing, flattening, loosening, removing weeds, cultivation);
  • Grass and hay mowing;
  • Harvesting of potatoes;
  • Planting potatoes and other root crops;
  • Samensaat;
  • Working in greenhouses or on the ground with low-growing plants;
  • Tillage between the rows;
  • Plot irrigation;
  • Harvesting in different seasons (removal of leaves, snow);
  • Treating the site with fertilizer (spraying, spreading);
  • Harvesting or transporting goods;
  • Working with bulldozer devices.

Miniter Belarus MTZ 132H


Popular models of mini-tractors produced by the MTZ plant and presented on the official website are Belarus 132H, Belarus 152. Also among the buyers of agricultural machinery are in demand such models of Belarus: 320, 311m, 422, 550, 80.1, 622, 923, 1220, 1221, 2022, 3522 and others. In general, the system offers a mini-tractor and tractor with power from 8 to 355 hp to perform various tasks – from plowing and cultivation to complex works on sawmills, forestry, construction, etc.

Belarus’ MTZ 422 minitractor Belarus’ MTZ 421 minitractor Belarus 112n minitractor Belarus’ MTZ 132H

The most popular mini-tractor models are Belarus’ MTZ 082, Belarus’ MTZ 112H, Belarus’ MTZ 320. You can get more detailed information on all of these machines from the corresponding articles on our website.

Read more: Belarus MTZ 152H. Model description, basic equipment, features of application

Review of the MTZ Belarus attachments

Attachments from MTZ Belarus are suitable for almost all models of tractors and mini-tractors. To choose the appropriate devices, it is necessary to know the pulling class of the machine and choose or pick up attachments, focusing on the pulling power and carrying capacity of the device. One of the most popular attachments for minicars are plows.

The factory creates different models of ploughs: for rocky soils, for ordinary soils with variable or unchangeable soil skeleton, the number of bodies is produced from 3 to 8, and the preservative (usually retired) is not generated.

PKMP-3-40R plug plow PO 4-40

Available models: PO 4-40, PO 4-40, PKMP-3-40R, PKMP-6-40R, PLN-4-35P, PN-8-35-U. You can also use an ordinary single-arm cutter for MTZ, if the soil allows you to work with these cutters.

Cultivation tiller

The vertical tiller from MTZ is one of the most popular devices for tillage. For large-sized machines it is more than a great size. For small tractors, milling machines of the FR-00700B type are preferred. You can order tillers directly from the manufacturer or supplier. Online stores are also engaged in the sale of protective devices.

Fire extinguisher FR-00700-B

Harrow, ripper

The harrow is another indispensable device that is used on large dacha plots. Without a harrow, it is difficult to get weeds out of the ground and increase the colored layer of soil. Popular models from BOR: BDN-2.5M hard disc, BDN-3M hard disc, bdn-3a, there.

Weakened disc harrow.

This category also includes devices of the weakened type. For example, RDP 4 productivity, with which to prepare the soil for planting, clean the ground from weeds, as well as shred residues from the street.

Suspension, dolly.

When selecting a trailer, adapter or dolly, the main consideration should be the carrying capacity of the mini-tractor or tractor. The vehicle (trailer) is also chosen according to the carrying capacity. The minimum carrying capacity of the MTZ Mini Tractor is usually 300 kg.

Do not exceed this weight to avoid equipment slipping and engine damage!

Recommended trailers and carts for aggregation with MTZ mini-tractors: dump trailers 2PTS-4, 2PTS-6; semitrailers PPTS-5, PST-6, Athlet 520; suspension OZTp-8572, PSTB-17. It is also recommended to use adaptive placer of fertilizer or sand mixtures, such as B. RZT-4M or PRK-3.

As a cart for MTZ-Minister quite possible to use the pants for staggered engines, such as carts Hyundai (model TR 1200) and other manufacturers, such as PSM-450, PMS-0,4 , Motor others.

Supporting device PPTS-5


The mower is a popular equipment for a minitractor. Recommended models of mowers for connecting MTZ-mini: Rotary or segment mower from bometta, ok.

LR-09 mower

Potato mower and potato diggers

Recommended models of potato harvesters for MTZ-mini: KSK-2 production Melitopol, with a funnel for tubers; Hingarted KSN-2 two-row; Individual series DTZ KS-1; Einerheit AGro-3 suitable for MTZ-mini. Two-row “Volodarsky” KSN 2-T and others.

Recommended potato planters for MTZ: DTZ 1B, Zira-61, chain ditch “Poltava”, DTZ 2B, vibrating ditch “Schiff”, KM-6, DTZ 1B, km-5 “Pins”. Suitable for mini – tractors and simple fan diggers.

Potato digger KSN-2 potato cutters Zirka-61 Poltava Poltava potato digger.

Snowplow, shovel

Shovels for MTZ Belarus: production Bulachka, Mechanicus, mini-agrarian devices, Paritet-Spetsii, Kentavr, Volodar, dtz. The size of the shovels can be different: from 1.5 to 2 meters.

Snow attacks are heavier mounting equipment, they are rarely provided on mini-agras with low productivity. I mostly use this type of sticking when working on tractors up to 30 hp. Snow plows are also installed on high-powered motos. Available options snow guards (snow deflectors) for MTZ Belarus: Kovako production – models 88 XXX, 94150, 94210, 64213 and others.

Other types of snow guards and follow-up devices

Other types of attachments include such devices as rakes, cygnets, segregators, beams, mobile platforms, pumping devices, devices for spraying of fertilizers, field sprayers, branches, utility brushes, silkworms, garlic press, device for work in corridors (2 or 2 or 2 or 2 or 2 or 2 or 2 or 2 or 2 or 2 or 3 lines). Due to universal coupling devices, MTZ MTZ Belarus can work with all tools of Polish, Ukrainian, Russian and Chinese manufacturers.

Food-arm double spiked brush Otteral

User manual

Read the manual before using the mini-tractor. The main guarantee of safe and durable operation of the device is fuel and lubrication, as well as the timely observance of the rules of the device operation.

What oil and what fuel to choose for my mini-tractor?

Depending on the type of engine (gasoline or diesel), choose engine oil. Oil can be of any production, viscosity grade and quality of the product are important. The recommended types of engine oils for gasoline engines are SG (1989), SH (1993), SJ (1996), SL (2001), SM (2004), SN (2010). Diesel engine oils: 5W-40, 10W-40 and others.

10W-40 Oil SF Oil SG Oil

Gasoline: grade A92, 95; Diesel: good quality produced diesel fuel (not to be confused with diesel fuel!). Before filling the canister with diesel fuel must stand for 48 hours.

Maintenance rules of MTZ Belarus models

Maintenance of the minotor machinery must be carried out in accordance with the operating instructions. An important stage in putting the machine into operation is the first day of operation, especially the start-up and running-in period.

First start-up and running-in

The first start-up is carried out after assembly of “Belarus” and filling with fuel and oil. For the first 15 minutes the engine should idle, then you can gradually enter the operating mode and do not load the tractor with full power. The time for working off the main components of the engine is called the operating time. It usually takes at least 10-20 masts. Some Mini tractor owners reduce the running-in time to 5 hours of continuous operation.

After the running-in, the operation of the mini-tractor is also connected to the device at full power.

Winter “preservation”.

Minitractor “Belarus” does not always work during the year. If the device is not used in winter, it should be “mothballed” until the spring season. During winter storage the minitractor should be in a dry room, preferably on an elevated position, so that the wheels do not touch the floor.

Miniter Belarus MTZ 132H

Before the start of the working season it is necessary to check the pressure in tires and inflate them up to normal. Drain all flammable liquids (petrol, diesel fuel, oil) from tanks. The body of the mini-tractor is cleaned of dirt and dust and covered with a waterproof cloth, for example, a tarpaulin.

Main violations and their elimination

Failure to comply with the instruction manual of the MTZ Belarus minitractor


Video evaluation of work

Video of the owner of MTZ Belarus Mini Vector 132n

Owners reviews

Ruslan, Mozyr:

“I chose a mini-tractor Belarusan MTZ 152 for myself, primarily because of the size and price. More powerful machines are too expensive for me. The advantages of the technique are obvious: I do all the work in the garden with this machine. Sure, we plant potatoes, dig and pull in the wheelbarrow. It’s quick and easy! I won’t even compare it to manual labor.

Disadvantages: There is an analogue of Chinese production and they are cheaper, but I do not dare to take them. As long as it works, I will operate Belarus. “

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